25 thoughts on “A Message to you and me on Earth Day 2021”

  1. speaking of one more way to avoid another stupid-human-caused sickness, 

    Johnson & Johnson trial shows vaccine effective, even against variants | TheHill

    Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot coronavirus vaccine protected against symptomatic and asymptomatic infection, and prevented hospitalization and death in all participants 28 days after vaccination, according to new clinical trial results published Wednesday.
    The vaccine was 67 percent effective on average against moderate to severe–critical COVID-19 at least 14 days after administration, and 66 percent effective at 28 days after vaccination, according to data published in the New England Journal of Medicine
    The vaccine was about 77 percent effective against severe/critical COVID-19 at 14 days after administration, and 85 percent after 28 days.
    Additional data collected since the announcement in January found no evidence of a decline in protection over time, after following approximately 3,000 participants for 11 weeks and 1,000 participants for 15 weeks, the company said.
    The results come from the company’s massive clinical trial that spanned three continents and enrolled a total of 43,783 participants.
    Importantly, the vaccine also showed effectiveness against rapidly-spreading variants, including the B.1.351 variant, which was identified in 95 percent of the COVID-19 cases in South Africa, and the P2 variant, which was identified in 69 percent of COVID-19 cases in Brazil.

  2. I only caught it in passing while trying to crawl out of bed at 3:30 AM to feed cats, but some idiot guess on Morning Joe recommended increasing supply of oil and gas to bring down the price in Europe as a way to thwart Russia’s cash flow.  Even if it weren’t Earth Day, this is a dumb idea.  The sooner we get off the fossil fuel teat, the better off societies all over the planet will be.

    Recommended reading:  Rachel Maddow’s Blowout



  3. Well, Mother Nature is playing her April Fools joke on East Bumfuck three weeks late this week – snow yesterday and freezing temps last night – a month after the arrival of spring. I for one am not all that amused. 

  4. Jamie, that was Richard Haass, president of the Coucil on Foreign Relations. He’s a pretty smart guy but his focus is on global security and was talking about Russia’s economic instability as a result of the poor performance of its oil and gas sector, which its economy is based upon. 

  5. Thanks for the info Pogo

    It is still  short term thinking with a better solution to the Russia problem that would involve reducing the need for oil and gas globally

  6. Amazing space stuff

    Hubble Deep Field : This photo was taken by focusing the Hubble Telescope in the emptiest part of space for 10 days. Every blip in this photo is not a star, it’s an entire galaxy.

  7. Hubble humbles.

    “lord, what fools these mortals be” (as willie the shake would say) to think they are the end all and be all

  8. White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy says US needs to be humble going into Earth Day summit – ABC News

    “There’s no question that that we have to come back with a lot of eating a lot of humble pie,” she told ABC News’ Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee, saying the U.S. has not been engaged with our allies the last four years.

    But she said other countries want the U.S. back at the table.

    “They know the leadership that we can provide, and as long as we continue to listen to them and learn from some of the work they’re doing, I think we’ll do just fine,” McCarthy said.


    “We do have a leader that understands that this is an intersectional issue,” she said, adding that the pandemic, economic development, climate change and racial issues are all intertwined.


    “You have to send the signal at the federal level about where we need to go and what values we need to apply to those decisions. And then when we do, we go to the 10-yard line. All of a sudden, the next 10 happens because the private sector starts investing because they know you can’t go back. And I think climate change is exactly that type of issue,” she said.

    “We’ll get the ball rolling,” she continued. “We’ll work internationally with Sec. Kerry when the summit happens. And I think President Biden’s plan is going to deliver the momentum we need to really get across the finish line.”

  9. in case you stopped watching above climate summit because of the bumpy start with annoying echo, they fixed it.

    looks & sounds good.  cross fingers it continues that way and delivers what it promises.

  10. The first Earth Day was so hippie like at Michigan State University.  Tents and chalk drawing on the sidewalks.  Sleeping in the middle of campus to show something or other.  It was cool like Michigan spring weather can be.  Sunny sky and lots of weed helped those participating.  I walked through but was more interested in getting to work or back to my apartment.  It was interesting, but there was no way to know it would last this long.

  11. Yeah…  as I sit here typing….  it’s 32 degrees outside and spitting snow…

  12. Wouldn’t China buy Russian gas/oil anyway?    It’s a short-term option.   Goober Poo-tin won’t have a very lucrative gas station if the entire world starts to turn away from fossil fuel.  

  13. Delayed reaction.  I can’t see the words “what fools these mortals be” without starting to  hum Perfidia

    but I really need to learn it in Spanish (and grow up to be Linda Ronstadt)


  14. Ms. Linda was possessed of an exceptional set of pipes.  And Julie was no slouch either.  

  15. This cold snap is my fault for trying to game Mother Nature by planting my garden too early.  Sorry.

  16. amazing, they actually passed it with only 1 no vote. truly amazing.  hope this signals a turning point

    the hill:

    The Senate on Thursday passed legislation aimed at combating a rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic in a 94-1 vote, with GOP Sen. Josh Hawley (Mo.) the only “no” vote. 
    The bill now goes to the House, where Democrats are expected to soon take up their version of the legislation.

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