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  1. perfect words from maxine to jim :

    “shut your mouth”

    second runner-up, from fauci to jordan: “You’re ranting again”



  2. pogo, if little pogo is still a new yorker, think he could qualify for the extra cash if he comes back home? 

    this is a 180 degree twist on the states that were paying indigents free bus tickets to leave their state.


    West Virginia really wants you to move there. So much so that on Monday, Governor Jim Justice announced the launch of the Ascend WV program, designed to lure remote workers to relocate to the Mountain State. As part of the program, approved applicants who move to West Virginia will receive $12,000, as well as more $1,200 in free outdoor gear rentals for a year.

  3. NBCLx:

    Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, facing allegations of sexual misconduct and illicit drug use, has tapped into a reliable source of funds to subsidize his legal tab: campaign donors’ contributions.

    According to Gaetz’ newest campaign disclosure, filed Thursday, the congressman has spent $85,626 of donors’ dollars on legal consulting since last July, with the first payments coming just weeks after the initial indictment of his friend and associate, former Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg.  More Greenberg charges, related to sex trafficking, came in August.  


  4. aww heck, we missed it

    International Be Kind to Lawyers Day, falling on April 13 this year, is all about showing the lawyers in our lives the love and respect they deserve. A 2018 poll by Gallup found that lawyers received pretty average ratings for their honesty and ethical standards (51%). Yes, lawyers find themselves in the middle of many sticky situations but that’s part of their job! Let’s take a moment today to recognize the great work they do to help us out of the messes we get ourselves into.

  5. i just heard some good ones:

    Everybody’s angry
    Everybody’s lonely
    Maybe it’s hopeless
    And maybe love is not enough 
    But let’s not rule out the possibility

    …some chill AM rhythms✌️

  6. Gym Jordan was definitely on the receiving end of a barrage from brains and decency.  His usual loudmouthed idiocy just wasn’t equipped to handle the onslaught.


  7. LOL – International be kind to lawyers day. Right, like that’s a thing. I think that all it takes to satisfy that would be someone somewhere saying to some lawyer, “Hey, you’re not really as big an asshole as I thought you were.”

  8. Listening to satellite radio stations around the world this morning.  Guess what tops their headline news.
     1) Mass shooter at FedEx in Indiana.  
    2)Thirteen-year old killed by police.  
    3) Covid 

    Yep. Our main export, news-wise, is gun violence.  ~We’re number one~

  9. the hill:

    A majority of Americans — 59 percent — approve of President Biden‘s handling of his job nearly as he approaches 100 days in office, according to a Pew Research Center poll released Friday.

    The poll found Biden’s job approval is up 5 percentage points from 54 percent in March, while 39 percent of those surveyed said they disapprove of his work thus far.

    Biden’s 59 percent approval rating is 20 percentage points higher than that of former President Trump‘s in a Pew poll from April 2017 and is similar to the approval ratings of former presidents Obama and George W. Bush in April of their first terms.


    The Pew poll found 72 percent of Americans believe the Biden administration has done an excellent or good job managing vaccine production and distribution

    Forty-six percent said they like how Biden conducts himself in the job, compared to 27 percent who don’t, and 44 percent of respondents said they believe Biden has changed the tone of political debate for the better, compared to 29 percent who said he’s made it worse.


  10. Can you imagine POTUS Joe’s approval rating if folks didn’t listen to Faux Noise spewing lies?  Even with all of the Republican/fascist propaganda, folks can still see he’s doing a great job.

  11. 6,000? What a nightmare.  The circus would always be in town.   It’s too bad the Second Amendment isn’t further down the list, perhaps coming in at number eleven. Some of the gun-toters can’t count that high without taking off their shoes.

  12. BiD
    6000 would be good, you could walk down the street and knock on your congresscritter’s door  and say “Hey you, WTF”

  13. Yeah…   we’ve got 9 inches of freshly fallen snow so far…
    Springtime in New England….   gotta love it!

  14. Story behind that song as I heard it is that one of the two producers, Scott Matthews, of the John Hiatt of the same title album it appears on is that Matthews had a dream about being on the same flight as Elvis Presley on  a charity trip to I believe somewhere in Africa and Hiatt wrote a song reflecting some of what Matthews remembered from the dream.  I thought it was brilliant that Clapton and BB King recorded it with BB doing the talking part at the end of the song – it really was if it was written for him.
    I saw that exchange between Fauci and Gym yesterday – just when you think Jordan couldn’t get any worse he does, and the smackdown from Maxine was priceless.
    And really, Poobah is right – need to quarantine to avoid getting shot.  Jesus H, will we never learn?

  15. And the shoes begin to drop.  Wapo

    A founding member of the Oath Keepers arrested in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol pleaded guilty Friday and agreed to cooperate against others in the case — the first defendant to publicly flip in the sprawling domestic terrorism investigation that has led to charges against more than 410 people.

    The plea comes exactly 100 days after Jon Ryan Schaffer and hundreds of other supporters of former president Donald Trump stormed the Capitol, allegedly in an effort to prevent Joe Biden from being confirmed as the next president. Prosecutors hope Schaffer’s plea spurs others to provide additional evidence in hopes of avoiding long prison sentences.

    The plea marks a new stage in the historic investigation, as prosecutors seek to work up the chain of defendants to gather evidence and better understand the full scope of any planning and organizing of the violence — particularly among groups like the far-right Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys. Dozens of members from both groups appeared to act in concert to storm the building, prosecutors have alleged.

    Peter Skinner, a former federal prosecutor, called it a “huge” development, saying such cooperation deals are “what the government needs to investigate and possibly prosecute the leaders of the organization.”

    Mr. Skinner is apparently blessed with the gift of understatement.

  16. “…member of the Oath Keepers… agreed to cooperate against others”

    He loves freedom

  17. https://reasonstobecheerful.world/4-clever-ways-were-getting-more-shots-into-arms/

    Pogo – WV gets a shout-out for administering the vaccine.   

    How it’s not done is the path Dallas county has taken. There is no more waiting list. The county judge in charge is pleased. Hmmm. Then why are less than 50% even partially-vaccinated? Because it’s too far for some of us to get to by safely driving to mass vaccination sites.

    I’m hopeful that April 19th will be a magical day; 90% of us will have a vaccination site within five miles of us. Well, I already do have one (finally), but wasn’t able to secure an appointment. It was J&J anyway, so now there’s nothing there.

  18. Hey, Jack! Welcome back.  
     Corey, Please check in.  
    Michigan sounds like a cofeve hellscape. 

  19. BiD, lets not be too hasty with those kudos – throw too many out and you won’t have enough when you need them.  You know how sometimes you read something about your community and it doesn’t quite seem right based on what you see around you?  Well, WV vaccinations is like that for me.  While WV may have gotten kudos about partnering with mom and pop pharmacies instead of CVS and Walgreens, the numbers tell a different story.  While it is 1 % above the national average for fully vaccinated people (25.6% v. 24.3%) it still is 4.2 points behind for single dosed folks (34.3% v. 38.5%).  

  20. Much appreciate post contributions such as Pogo’s today.  Never has to be complicated, just conversation starters. Important to mix thoughts and voices. That is why we call it Trail Mix!

  21. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/04/16/texas-1115-waiver-medicaid-biden/

    “Republican leadership in Texas — which has the nation’s highest rate of uninsured residents — has stood fast against expanding Medicaid…”

    “The Biden Administration on Friday rescinded approval of changes to a federal funding agreement, known as a 1115 waiver, that would have extended for 10 years Texas’ health care safety net for uninsured residents.”

    “The Washington Post, citing two federal health officials, said the decision was a bid to push Texas toward expanding Medicaid to cover more low-income adults, a move the state and eleven others have resisted.”

  22. So our spring city elections are  coming , there is a well funded  campaign  to declare Lubbock fetal refugee city. 
    The efforts  are tagged “Vote Life”,  yards signs in churchyards , and large fore mat  postcards on heavy stock , really slick graphics, clean and simple.
    I am wondering if this is not going on in other cities.   The whole effort drips with money.  More court cases to attack Roe. 
    There is Church  near me that has 6 yard signs .
    The header says, ………. VOTE LIFE . In blue green, and white.
     The details      take the bottom half .
    I would love to slap , “Ban Assault Weapons!”    Over that lower half. 

  23. I got my shot from a Lubbock  Fire Man.  I told him about my Polio shot 66 years ago. 
    Both he, and his helper leaned  in . I told them about the fear of summer, when your 5 years old. 

  24. Braised lamb shanks for dinner.  Wonderful, delightful and very tasty.  And, a big reminder of why I rarely do ” Wonderful, delightful and very tasty” anymore.  Now I have to clean up.
    Bobblehead gets wired up for a heart beat.  What a waste of a good pacemaker. 

  25. OM, while you’re at it  slapping that  “ban assault weapons” on that vote life sign add another that reads “get  vaccinated and wear a mask”  

  26. Fear of Polio  gave me a push  to look at viruses  .
    This one has been waiting  a very long time , it’s kin,  Have already made the crossing. 
    That’s  why we  have these  New Strains.  
    Think of this,  why are they so good ? 
    They swap spit  .
    They do not drop their drawers.

  27. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/04/16/ted-cruz-asian-americans-hate-crimes/

    “The bill was ultimately advanced for further debate Wednesday after a bipartisan 92-6 vote, breaking an early filibuster, but it remains unclear whether Republicans will oppose it in the future.“

    Ted Cruz is still carrying water for you-know-who, but 92-6 sounds promising. Or, maybe it just seems completely heartless and ludicrous not to support this bill. Ted gotta be Ted, I guess.

  28. That’s great!  My dad got his second shot today, too.  Had to talk him into it, as he had convinced himself he was immune. 

  29. The Second  Amendment.
    Flit Locks  are not  A-R  15’s. 
    I like this line  of  attack , 
    If the  the Constaution  is fixed 

  30. Bob, I loves me them great Hiatt songs. Thanks.  And the song that follows on YouTube- Bonnie Raitt’s version of Stevie Winwood’s “Can’t Find My Way Home” with Lowell George , Freebo and a host of other rock legends – is really fucking good, too. Good stuff. 

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