Overcoming. Yes.

What is a word worth? A word like Yes. We overcome. Klansmen in suits, no hoods required, plantation portraits overhead, they spit up the past in one last gasp of dry heaves. Soon gone with the wind, finally and forever. Pass along the water. Yes. Yes. Yes.


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  1. AI takeover now having successfully starting to invade the middle class and wiping out middle management we are getting closer and closer to a guaranteed survival income.


  2. Minneapolis police chief Arradondo drives a stake through Derek Chauvin’s defense. WaPo

    MINNEAPOLIS — Derek Chauvin “absolutely” violated Minneapolis Police Department policies and his sworn oath to serve and protect when he knelt on George Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes, the city’s police chief testified Monday.

    During one of the most anticipated moments in the trial, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo unequivocally told the court that Chauvin had failed to follow policies on de-escalation, use of force and offering medical aid to those in need when he ignored Floyd’s cries for help while the man lay pinned beneath his knee.

    I can’t imagine more damaging testimony to a policeman on trial for murder’s defense, particularly when the defense of “he was doing what he was trained to do” was front and center in the opening statement. 

  3. a new motto “white lies matter” and a new way to protest


    A group claiming responsibility for the theft of a Confederate monument in Selma, Ala., laid out ransom terms in emails to local media Monday.
    The price for the relic’s return? Not cash, but a demand that the headquarters of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in Richmond hang a banner quoting a Black radical on Friday, the 156th anniversary of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee’s surrender at the end of the Civil War.
    The Jefferson Davis Memorial Chair, which was first reported missing from Live Oak Cemetery in Selma last month, is an ornately carved stone chair that was dedicated in 1893 to the Confederate president’s memory and is estimated to be worth $500,000.
    Calling themselves “White Lies Matter,” the group sent a message to the Montgomery Advertiser and AL.com that included a proof-of-life type photo of the chair, a ransom note styled to look like it came from the 1800s and a photoshopped image of what their banner might look like hoisted above the UDC headquarters more than 700 miles away.
    “Failure to do so will result in the monument, an ornate stone chair, immediately being turned into a toilet. See enclosed photograph,” the group said in the email to 
    AL.com, with the photoshopped image below.


  4. ya know, ya quits smoking and your gut expands……it’s the law of the jungle…….I looked down at my gut this morning and my thought was,  “Well, ya just gonna have to cut that thing aloose and let it run free”. 

  5. Mitch just says whatever he has to, sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t.   

  6. You  may think it’s weird to have the GQP strike back at corporations, but they know they can’t win elections if there’s a level playing field.   They have been backed into the proverbial corner.  

  7. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/04/06/texas-greg-abbott-covid-vaccine-passport/

    Greg Abbott’s reckless, bone-headed move of the day. 

    “Texans are returning to normal life as more people get the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. But as I’ve said all along, these vaccines are always voluntary and never forced,” Abbott said in a video announcing the executive order.”

    “Government should not require any Texan to show proof of vaccination and reveal health information just to go about their daily lives. That is why I have issued an executive order that prohibits government-mandated vaccine passports in Texas.”

  8. Moscow Mitch threatening businesses like a mobster.  Any retribution on the part of the GQP will be met with lawsuits…oh, and kiss that lobbying money buh-bye.  How are Republicans gonna fund their campaigns when all of the money goes to Dems? Mitch is a sick, sick man.

  9. Mitch McConnell Reminded of Citizens United Backing After Warning to CEOs (newsweek.com)

    A number of commentators reacted to the Republican leader’s remarks by reminding him of his support for the Citizens United ruling that permitted corporations, unions and other outside groups to spend unlimited sums on elections.
    “Mitch McConnell knows corporations are not people—that’s why he’s so quick to silence them,” the End Citizens United campaign tweeted Sunday. “He only considers them ‘people’ when cashing their checks and watching their dark money ads in support of his campaign of voter suppression and gridlock.”
    Lawyer Ted Boutrous similarly said that the Citizens United ruling backed by McConnell gave corporations “full-throated First Amendment rights in politics.”
    “Mitch McConnell is basically saying that actual corporate political speech on important issues can and should be muzzled by the government but corporate cash contributions to him and others is speech that should be protected by the First Amendment,” he tweeted. “That is nonsensical.”
    Former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D) also said it was “funny” that McConnell opposed corporations being involved in politics after backing a Supreme Court ruling that allowed them to spend unlimited funds on elections.
    “He desperately wants corporations to be people (see Citizens United) with First Amendment rights when it comes to campaign cash… just not for any other type of speech,” she tweeted.

  10. a song about corporation personhood –  as zimmerman sings “citizens united put the mock in democracy”

  11. So according to  Michael Schmidt, Matt Gaetz (asshole) sought a blanket pardon from Dumbass as the end of the Dumbass “administration” drew near.  No charges pending, no knowledge at the time of the FBI investigation.  Just wanted a pardon for anything he happened to have done illegal in his past – like underage sex trafficking perhaps?  How’d that Dumbass sycophancy work out for you?  Too fucking rich for words.

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