Sunday Serendipity

Not being religious I’m a little hampered coming up with music for Easter.

Todays selection was posted for Easter by Jace, 5 years ago. Google is a marvelous tool.

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. thank you, jack, and thank you, Jace.

    here’s another ditty from that Mendelsohn thingy – just to get us in the right frame of mind for the SNL  that follows 

    The Messiah – George Friedrich Handel (Frideric) Songs: All we like sheep Performed by: the choir of king’s college cambridge brandenburg consort Conductor: Stephen Cleobury Pictures of the internet

  2. easter message from pensacola news journal’s Marlette probably won’t sit too well with the FL panhandle evangelical maga crowd


  3. courier journal:

    Kentucky’s passage of landmark legislation to increase voting access bucks a trend of GOP-led legislatures pursuing controversial voting restrictions in the wake of President Joe Biden’s victory.
    In the Bluegrass State, however, lawmakers of both parties united to give House Bill 574 — which will make widespread, no-excuse early voting a regular part of the commonwealth’s elections — final passage Monday night with almost unanimous support.
    “They stand out as a positive outlier,” Sarah Walker — executive director of the nonpartisan nonprofit Secure Democracy, which supports HB 574 and recently did lobbying and polling work in the commonwealth — said of the election changes the General Assembly approved. “… In this moment, it’s still pretty exceptional, given that Kentucky is a deep-red state.”
    As long as Gov. Andy Beshear doesn’t veto it, HB 574 will make significant changes to state law, including: 
    Establishing three days of in-person early voting on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Election Day;

  4. Letting people “cure” their absentee ballots if a problem, such as a mismatched signature, would otherwise cause it to be thrown out;
  5. Making the online portal through which Kentuckians requested — and government officials tracked — absentee ballots in 2020 a standard feature of future elections;
  6. Letting counties offer vote centers where residents from any precinct can cast their ballot;
  7. Allowing for secure drop-boxes where people can turn in their absentee ballots;
  8. Requiring counties to gradually phase out electronic-only voting systems and switch to equipment that can process paper ballots.
  9. […]
    It’s important to note Kentucky’s election rules, under current state law, rank among the most restrictive in the nation. Some other Republican-led legislatures that are looking to make their election laws stricter already offer more voting access than the commonwealth does.

  10. My happy story for today is that I have finally dropped the 2020 blubber gain.  A lot of fat from eating somewhat normally and not moving out of the recliner for a year.  The last six weeks of increasing activity is doing the job.  Now comes the hard part, getting rid of twenty years worth of fat gain. There is no polite way to state what has happened to my body, some of it is from medication side effects, some from not being active, and some from just being old with the metabolism of a rock.  With the current success and finally finding a way to win and still eat much of what I like I look forward to this summer and autumn to be very active.

  11. sturgeone – I had to delete the first version of Marching Across the Nice Bridge, it had a serious failure in the upload.  The replacement version is here.

  12. Scary bridge of Charleston, prior to demolition, with new bridges #2 and finally #3 shown also.

  13. Grace Memorial Bridge, commonly known as the old Cooper River Bridge.
    Highway 17, the Ocean Highway, I think Maine to Florida

  14. Thanks to Jack (and Jace) and Jamie!
    I don’t usually enjoy the vocal interludes, but that soloist has an amazing voice.

    The KO piece was spot on.   I didn’t realize that August National has only been de-segregated for 30 years.  That’s crazy.  

    Ad time was probably sold long ago, but I do hope they don’t air the tournament.  Is it too late for companies to pull their ads?   

    On a baseball tangent, my cousin-in-law has moved from the Mets to the Yankees.  Maybe I’ll get to see him pitch this year.

    For now, the rest of MLB should not allow their teams to play in Texas, as a full stadium is not what we need.  Not yet.

    “For their home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays on April 5… Globe Life Field will be open for up to 100 percent capacity.“ “After the home opener, the stadium will be open at a slightly reduced capacity…” (slightly?)

    Masks will be required when fans aren’t actively eating or drinking…so, never.

  15. jamie, thanks for linking KO

    would be nice if MLB or some other nat’l sport would give KY a pat on the back for going from one of the most restrictive states to a more enlightened one in contrast to what’s happening in GA, TX etc.

    altho’ we still have the burdensome duo of mitch and rant making noise that dims some of that enlightenment shine.

  16. meanwhile in floriduh

    Evacuations expand as Manatee phosphate plant collapse ‘imminent’ (

    Evacuations expand as Manatee phosphate plant collapse ‘imminent’
    The governor declared a state of emergency after an effort to fix a breach failed. More residents are being told to leave the area.
    PALMETTO — Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency in Manatee County on Saturday as officials fear an “imminent” collapse at the old Piney Point phosphate plant could release a rush of polluted water into the surrounding area — and then into Tampa Bay itself.
    The flood could be several feet high and move through the immediate area, he said, before it would flow toward the bay, where environmental advocates fear it could pose consequential harm to the ecosystem.
    The governor’s emergency order also includes Hillsborough and Pinellas counties due to their proximity to “an imminent hazard.” The DeSantis administration began sending pumps, cranes and other heavy equipment, Hopes said, because the county might need those tools in the event of a collapse.[…]
    The governor’s emergency order also includes Hillsborough and Pinellas counties due to their proximity to “an imminent hazard.” The DeSantis administration began sending pumps, cranes and other heavy equipment, Hopes said, because the county might need those tools in the event of a collapse.

    “I don’t think we’re talking about a 30-foot tidal wave like when (Hurricane) Katrina went on the shore of Mississippi,” Hopes said.

    But an engineer working at the site has previously described how an uncontrolled discharge could damage surrounding properties and a nearby highway.

  17. If Jesus had been killed 20 years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses.
    –Lenny Bruce

  18. The Biden Infrastructure plan is pretty extensive.  What are your top three things to make sure are in the bill?

    1.  Coast to Coast high speed rail 

    2.  To get the lead out of all pipes

    3.  National grid impervious to hacking



    “Georgians and all Americans should know what this decision means. It means cancel culture and partisan activists are coming for your business,” Kemp said Saturday. “They’re coming for your game or event in your hometown, and they’re coming to cancel everything from sports to how you make a living, and they will stop at nothing to silence all of us.”

    Hmmm, except that it’s Republicans like Kemp who are silencing voters.

    “…telling his supporters to punish companies that the former President said are caving to “woke cancel culture.”

    So, Republicans in GA enacted law to suppress the vote. Companies were threatened with boycotts and spoke out, some actually backing up their press releases with action. Now, Kemp is bitching about loss of business, and, he then tells his supporters to boycott businesses.

    That presser was a klan rally.

  20. This is the kind of civil war i can get all up into…….war of the boycotts…….ok, jerk-off republican assholes…..the money is going where the mouths are.   Let’s just see who’s got the clout, shall we;  you bunch of dim-witted jesus-hatin’ shit-weasels.

  21. I heard Matt is about to release a new hit 45 rpm record……..”Looking for Lust in all the Wrong Places”.

  22. For some reason christians really hate to see somebody trying to help the downtrodden.  It’s like a contest to see who can be the most Non-Jesus.   

  23. kenneth copeland, franklyn graham, little falwell, joel osteen……lotta jesus running around in that bunch, jesus of sandusky, or something……

  24. I think a   certain amount of infrastructure jobs should be set a side for the chronically under or unemployed over the age of 50.  To me the folks in this category are heartbreaking and they need help

  25. jamie, i like that must 3 list of yours for the final infrastructure/jobs act.  i’m assuming you mean those 3 are in addition to repairing the thousands of bridges about to fall down.

  26. Patd

    Definitely repair work, but with the main money going to investment in the future and new technologies.  China already has a high speed rail as do several nations.  The US is falling desperately behind.  


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