Matt Gaetz in his 2020 book, “Firebrand: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the MAGA Revolution”:

“I have an active social life, and it’s probably easier in the era of Trump. We’ve had ‘perfect family man’ presidents before, after all, and many of those men sold out our country, even if their wives were happy the whole time. If politicians’ family lives aren’t what really matter to the voters, maybe that’s a good thing. I’m a representative, not a monk.

We’ve got a president now who doesn’t care for puritanical grandstanding or moralistic preening. He is a lot more direct — even visceral, open, and realistic — about his likes and dislikes. So overall, this is a good time to be a fun-loving politician instead of a stick-in-the-mud.”


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  1. that tells a lot about drumpf too.  wonder when the both of them partied with the also “fun-loving”  epstein.

  2. The news just keeps on getting worse for GOP Trumpist firebrand Matt Gaetz! First an FBI investigation into sex trafficking, then Apple Pay receipts for drug-fueled sex parties, and finally allegations that he flashed nude photos of women to other lawmakers. Quit while you’re behind, fella. Here the Beatles update “I Saw Her Standing There” for a less innocent age.

  3. baseball hands atlanta a sad day in mudville.  will golf do the same?

    from golfmagic:

    The PGA Tour and Masters Tournament have both been contacted by the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) to have Augusta National removed as the home of the Masters, following the recent passing of Georgia’s voter bill, SB 202.
    Professional golfers have also been urged by the NBJC to boycott playing golf in the state until the bill is repealed. According to NBJC executive director David J. Johns, the law restricts the voting rights of Black voters in the state.

  4. Secret Service Worry Major Biden’s Behavior Influenced By Time Spent On Far-Right Dog Forums (

    WASHINGTON—Searching for answers in the wake of multiple violent incidents involving the German shepherd, Secret Service agents told reporters Wednesday that they remained concerned that Major Biden’s recent behavior had been influenced by time spent on far-right dog forums. “It starts out innocently enough with following a squeak toy meme account, but slowly dogs like Major get sucked into much more toxic forums, often with rabid anti-veterinarian sentiment,” said Secret Service director James M. Murray, adding that such websites often target pups as young as 6 months old with bigoted messages about the purity of thoroughbred bloodlines and inherent cultural inferiority of mutts. “What’s insidious is these reactionary forums groom their young members with treats, belly rubs, and exposure to other members’ anal glands. That’s the sort of recruiting strategy that makes dogs like Major willing to do anything to prove loyalty to their far-right pack—even give paw. Often, they’re in so deep that only a newspaper to the snout can help them break free.” Secret Service officials went on to emphasize that despite his past actions, Major remained a very good boy.


    Why Biden’s dogs Major and Champ are newsworthy – CNN

    Image result for major biden poops

  5. Perp walk Matt Gaetz…yes!  He’s a pig. He’s probably part of the cabal of trumpity, epstein, and prince andy. 

  6. The Goopers are trying to make M Gaetz an outlier. But he is typical of the Republicans.

  7. Just take me out back and get it over with.  I have been grinding through the federal tax mess today.  Not pretty.  For some reason there are several missing tax forms/statements that have not been sent yet.  So I am still not done. 

  8. BB, had the same problem but the missing forms finally got here.  IRS having a pretty hard time of it this year, they’re overwhelmed and understaffed and using old technology. add to that what De Joyless did to the post office –  oi vey 

  9. looking at an old story at justice integrity project, it’s possible DOJ had gaetz in their sight a lot earlier than just last year:

    As we previously reported, Katie Johnson alleged in federal lawsuits that Donald Trump and his friend, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, raped her when she was 13  in New York City in 1994. Johnson’s alleged also that the two men raped a 12-year old — only identified as “Maria.” Our investigation discovered that Maria had been abducted from Waterbury, Connecticut in March 1993 when she was 11.

    Eventually, Maria ended up at “parties” at a midtown Manhattan townhouse owned by Epstein’s billionaire friend Les Wexner where underage girls were allegedly sexually assaulted by Trump and Epstein.


    However, Katie Johnson’s lawsuits against Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, which mentioned Maria as an alleged underage rape victim of both men, have lit a raging fire under what has been a very cold case.

    As one curiosity, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was the lone “no” vote in the U.S. House of Representatives Dec. 19, 2017 on an anti-human trafficking bill that had unanimously passed the Senate in September 2017.

    Gaetz is pictured at left in a 2008 Driving Under the Influence arrest mugshot. He is shown at right in his official photo as member of Congress representing the Walton Beach region in his state’s far west Panhandle,

    Gaetz has emerged as the chief congressional critic of Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Mueller (shown at right), who has been alerted to the Katie Johnson-Maria story by anti-trafficking activists. 

    To reward Gaetz, Trump has invited the first-term congressman to accompany him on Air Force One to Florida this coming weekend.


    [no idea if above is only another conspiracy fable, but the question still lingers as to what was behind the gaetz’ no vote that day]

    “I am shocked that in an effort to counter Asian-American hate the liberal media is targeting me, an Asian and an immigrant, in an effort to paint me as anti-Asian and anti-immigrant just for speaking against the oppressive Chinese Communist Party.”

    Except that nothing she said was about the Chinese government, it was about Chinese immigrants. She’s got the Republican victim-of-the-liberal-media whine down pat. She’s a tRUMPer.

  11. Gaetz looks like Bevis or it it Butthead. It’s one of the two

  12. kgc, his ridiculous coif seems to be a combination Bevis and an elvis wig. butthead is his middle name, friends lovingly refer to him as that F**king Butthead Git 

    Image result for beavis butt-head

    Image result for elvis wig

  13. Too funny Patd.   Every photo of SFB and Bevis should be resurrected 

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