Sunday Serendipity

In March of 1721, Johann Sebastian Bach carefully inked six of his best concertos into a book for the Margrave of Brandenburg, Christian Ludwig. The original title, “Six Concerts à plusieurs instruments” is now known as the “Brandenburg” Concertos in English or “Brandenburgische Konzerte” in German. These six concertos represent the summa of chamber music in the high baroque period, and the third concerto (BWV 1048) is noted for its rich texture of three violins, three violas and three cellos, with a continuo part for the harpsichord and violone. The original title is as follows: “Concerto 3zo [terzo] a tre Violini, tre Viole, è tre Violoncelli col Basso per il Cembalo”. On the continuo part, Bach has written “Violone & Cembalo”, and this is how it is performed in the video, just as it is indicated in the original manuscript.

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. jack, love it!  you know, that sprightly piece would be just the thing to have playing in the background for next convening of senate.  might get them moving again.  hard to nod off or even be stolidly obstinate with such musical encouragement in the air. 

    thanks, but of course next comment will spoil the mood ’cause…

  2. they’re baaaaccckkk!!!

    Vice-President Kamala Harris (Maya Rudolph) and her husband Doug Emhoff (Martin Short) host Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant) and Joe Biden (Alex Moffat) for a friendly Passover dinner.

  3. and following up with

    Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Trump claiming capitol rioters were “hugging and kissing” police.

  4. jack, back to your excellent choice today. here’s sheet music for our trail moos-icians who want to join the happy string band and play along. altho not sure it’s same place in score.

    See the source image

  5. There are calls to boycott Coca-Cola after the business largely stood by as its home state, Georgia, passed severe voting restrictions. The boycott is being led by the AME Sixth Episcopal District of Georgia, which includes over 500 Black churches.

  6. sorry about those snl vids not working earlier – fixed them so scroll back if you missed snl last night – 

    and finally found the cold open.  little late but here ’tis

    Three contestants (Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, Chris Redd) take guesses about a spring breaker’s physique based on clues.

  7. snl looks like they’re not holding back on the old folks joe jokes. 

    soooo, question is how will joe respond.  my guess is that he’ll make jokes of his own and be humbly self-deprecating.   

    also how will the dems & GOPers respond?

  8. Another interesting observation from the red hole in the ground.  Last night talking with a handful of the locals one changed discussion to how insane and inept President Biden is and what a disaster the presser was.  Of course I stayed quiet so as to listen intently to the alternate universe.  A little “education” about SFB just being a bit of a goofball and how much good he was doing.  Then the discussion slithered over to a discussion about how the Democrats are not the Dems of the seventies.  I agreed, and added that the republican (gqp) party is not even a shred like the party was in the seventies also.  I talked about how anti-communist and anti-soviet and were the party of diversity and big tent.  And, how today’s party members to go Russia to spend the Fourth of July with Putin.  “I never head this, who went there?”  I gave a list and he indicated extreme surprise “I will need to look this up, it is hard to believe”.  Yup, hard to believe the anti-democracy party would prefer Putin to America.

  9. jamie, thanks for sharing joan with us.  just hope he has gone as obsolete as she said:

    well that’s my little song

    about a nasty man gone wrong

    he’s nasty from his head to his feet

    and when the dirt on this man finally hits the fan

    and no one give’s a damn about his tweets

    he’ll be finally and forever obsolete

  10. new ABCnews/ipsos poll:

    • Three-quarters approve of Biden’s coronavirus vaccine response | Ipsos
    • […]
    • Overall, around three in four Americans approve of how Biden is handling the distribution of coronavirus vaccines (75%) and the response to the virus itself (72%). Sixty percent approve of how Biden is handling the country’s economic recovery.
    • At the same time, Biden is underwater on both gun violence and the situation at the border, as a majority disapprove of his handling of those issues (57% each).
    • Most Americans, 54%, believe the situation with migrants and unaccompanied children showing up at the U.S.-Mexico border is currently a crisis. Forty-two percent characterize the situation as a serious problem, but not a crisis. Just four percent say it is not a serious problem.
    • […]
    • By a two-to-one margin, more Americans say enacting new laws to try to reduce gun violence is the higher priority at the moment.
    • There is widespread agreement on this issue, with Americans of all ages, education levels, racial or ethnic backgrounds, and from all regions in agreement.
    • However, just over one in three Republicans (36%) believe enacting new laws is the priority. Instead, 64% say protecting the right to own a wide variety of guns should be a higher priority.
    • Here, too, there is a significant partisan divide, as more than nine in ten Democrats favor enacting new laws to reduce gun violence (versus 36%).
    • [continues]

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