Brave Enough

Came across this art in the neighborhood just as the painter was finishing. “For there is always light if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.” – Amanda Gorman


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  1. the boss turns up the wattage with this one

    Bruce Springsteen performing “This Little Light Of Mine” Live in Dublin

  2. Beautiful!   I hope you gave the painter an atta boy/girl for their work.    Atta boy to you for capturing it and sharing it on the trail.

    Congress needs to brave enough (and reasonable enough) to do something about gun control now.

  3. from little lights in song to big lights in poetry, I always think of this snippet from james weldon johnson’s “The Creation”

    Then God smiled,
    And the light broke,
    And the darkness rolled up on one side,
    And the light stood shining on the other,
    And God said: That’s good!

    Then God reached out and took the light in his hands,
    And God rolled the light around in his hands
    Until he made the sun;
    And he set that sun a-blazing in the heavens.
    And the light that was left from making the sun
    God gathered it up in a shining ball
    And flung it against the darkness,
    Spangling the night with the moon and stars.
    Then down between
    The darkness and the light
    He hurled the world;
    And God said: That’s good!


    click here for the entire poem as read by james earl jones

  4. Ted Cruz should be quiet and go back to that beach in Mexico.  Life and death isn’t “theatre.”

  5. NEWSFLASH – Sen. Rafael Cruz engages in ridiculous political theater to criticize ridiculous political theater he engages in. Oh, and in other news, rain is expected in Seattle today.

  6. PatD – Thx!

    Hi Blue Bronc! 17th and Q St. NW in DC

    BlueINDallas – I confess I did not chat up the painter. He didn’t seem to be looking for feedback, plus I was afraid I would cause him to mess it up, plus I thought he might be the person filling in the red at the bottom, and not an artist. But you raise a good point! Next time I will be more thoughtful before I move on for soy sauce at the grocer, LOL

  7. David…   beautiful work whoever is the artist!
    So glad that Amanda Gorman is getting so much attention…  well deserved!

  8.  “Every time there’s a shooting,”  Cruz says, like “every time there’s a thunderstorm”  or something.

  9. Sometimes irony wears a very cruel face –

    Home to world-class outdoor recreation and great weather, it’s no surprise that a Colorado city is found on top of U.S. News & World Report’s list of ‘best places to live for quality of life in the U.S. in 2020-2021.’
    Tucked on the edge of the Front Range foothills, Boulder was ranked as the best place in the country to live for quality of life during the U.S. News and World Report ‘best places to live’ analysis.
    The ranking came with a high score on the U.S. News’ ‘Quality of Life’ index, on which Boulder scored an 8.3. This index includes factors like crime rate, quality of education, quality of health care, well-being, and commute experience.

  10. Ha, ive been strolling down memory lane, just thinking about the time Dad shot and killed a wild boar that was charging toward me in Ocala forest, bullet went in one ear and out the other, beast dropped like a rock maybe 10 feet away from me. Asked later why not aim for his body, larger target. He said, “Didnt want to ruin the meat“

    Now that’s multi-tasking. Saving your son’s life and preserving dinner with one shot. 

  11. Barely a year after devastating bushfiresburned through tens of millions of acres in Australia, the country is grappling with one of its worst-ever floods after weather systems converged over Queensland and New South Wales, dumping more than 20 inches of rain in a single day in one area north of Brisbane.
    Meanwhile, one area of New South Wales received nearly 40 inches in a week — which Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology said had already exceeded the average autumn rainfall less than a month into the season.

  12. Since there would still be a Federal enclave within the area supported by tax payers i.e. Smithsonian, Congress, White House, various monuments etc, what would the new state be called?



  13. Starting to solicit stories about Dad. A lawyer friend writes, “I remember attending a depo he gave when he was a road construction contractor in a case where I represented his co-defendant engineer. Fortunately, I wasn’t asking the questions. He had the poor bastard who took the depo knotted up into a pretzel in no time at all. And the hell of it was that everybody liked him. He mastered the art of being non-responsive without pissing anyone off. When my turn came, I smiled and said, “I have no questions.”

  14. “what would the new state be called?
    Columbia?“ -Jamie

    …Columbus ain’t too popular, these days

  15. From a friend today: “Had a nice visit with your dad. Saw some birds in his feeder today. He was excited about that.”

    Ha, like the Pope, greetings from the balcony.

    (His bird seed hint: Safflower. Squirrels hate it.) 

  16. Cedar Waxwing
    A whole flock of these guys just landed in my pecan trees. And from there they flew down to the shrubs under my window , and cleaned up on the  new  berries .

    With thin, lisping cries, flocks of Cedar Waxwings descend on berry-laden trees and hedges, to flutter among the branches as they feast. These birds are sociable at all seasons, and it is rare to see just one waxwing. Occasionally a line of waxwings perched on a branch will pass a berry back and forth, from bill to bill, until one of them swallows it. This species has a more southerly range than the Bohemian Waxwing, and is a familiar visitor to most parts of this continent south of the Arctic.

  17. Nothing like a bird feeder  outside the window where you drink your first cup of coffee every morning. 

  18. A bird story –
    ‘The Camp Robber” ………….. The Canadian Jay 
    A bold, large grey bird with a fearless attitude  toward humans. 
    So Al Jensen , the lead founder of the Slaughterhouse Creek   Commune , was talking to a forest ranger one day , and a Camp Robber landed on his head. 
    They both just froze in place , and Al slowly raised his eyes, then looked at the ranger, and said, ” They think I’m a tree. ” 
    Which was even funnier , because Al was pretty “mossy”  back then. 

  19. Al was a Peace Corps guy from Sleepy Eye , Minn.  When he got out of the Corps he spent a year driving  a motorbike around India, looking for the “Lost Hash Valley”.  He sent  8 kilos back to relatives  hidden in carved wooden figures .  The Feds caught  one of them , and by the summer of  70′ he was off probation , he sold enough  to buy the 10 acre  claim  that was  Slaughterhouse Creek. 
    The rest we smoked  round supper time,   in a big fat Chillum.  At 10,800 ft.  you can smoke cardboard boxes , and get high . India hash mixed with tobacco  is a whole other ballgame.   

  20. Bird watching while drinking my morning coffee…. makes my heart sing.  Also listening to their mating calls at this time of year.
    Jamie… that name ain’t happening as long as Dan Snyder owns that football team.

  21. God Bless Del  , and this band that will out live him . ….. 
    Del and his boys made the grass even ” bluer ”


  22. The real crime of our times , is that we have  a better future at our fingertips. 
    And the people fighting this , are just as mad about the sex of Mr. Potato Head. 
    Have another glass of seawater. 

  23. We could save the Monarch butterflies  if every golf course in America  just made a little room for them,  and planted  what they need.  A hand full  seeds , and the will to change. 

  24. The will to change .
    There’s our fight . 
    There is nothing about living in a “holler” , with a outhouse, ………   that is worth keeping .  It has no virtue , or romance .
    Only flies, and smell  in summer.  
    The green people need to go after  Joe Manchin,  West Virginia  has a chance  to stop being  an extractive  whore to the rest of America’s desires . 

  25. Lubbock  turned it’s dead K-Mart  into the YWCA  ,  And it is pretty sweet .

  26. That’s great!  That tomato farmer really has something there.  Centrally located, they will give California some competition. 

  27. This site  was first developed  as the  4 Sixes  drive in  , 2 screens . I saw . “Sink the Bismark ” there. 
    Dana Winter  what a babe. 

  28. Blue –
    A hell of alot of the future  is going to be really  cool , tough and hard but really cool. 

  29. You want mostly wealthy folks who chase a ball with a stick for fun to care about flying worms enough to not have perfectly manicured surroundings?   Luckily, the flight path isn’t over nuthin’ but golf courses.  I’ve seen more Monarchs in 2019 and 2020 than in all of the years I’ve lived down here. 

  30. And, bees.  The bees are back already.  The blooming trees have been covered.  Oh, and there was one stray, ragged-looking Monarch with the bees last week.  

    Time to batten down the hatches for a bumpy night, but tomorrow is gonna be something else to the East of here.

  31. if manchin turns R there’ll be big problems…….you know they’re trying
    to lure him.

  32. I  fell out here  years ago , after I  went off the deep end  posting climate stories here.  Our keeper of flame had enough , and asked me for solutions. 
    I replied we were screwed , and our cake was baked. 
    Our cake is still baked , but we are not screwed. 
    After watching  green energy be strangled  in the crib for decades ,  the tide has begun to run out . 
    America has no idea  how far we have come.  All these issues looking at solutions  have leaped far a head. 
    Take the vaccines , that science  was on the drawing boards for years.  It  didn’t  just flop out of the sky. 
    Solutions  –
    When we tackled  polio , we used two methods ,
    A.  A dead virus
    B.  A weakened  virus
    This was how we stopped smallpox , the greatest killer of humans.
    These # 19 vaccines  are a very different animal , we read it’s code  and made from scratch  an alarm to our bodies.  We told our bodies , watch for this  virus . heres it’s calling card.  This is why they all came in with those big numbers for being effective. 
    A small pox shot had the virus in it , polio did as well .
    The #19  shot  has zero virus in it , just the  part of life that makes up it’s keys to our cells.
    Viruses  pick locks. 
    This is like printing that German Bible  and that crazy monk. 

  33. I’d take the vaccine if I could find it near me.  It all seems to be downtown at the Convention Center, but I can’t drive down there.  Next, they’re opening it up to 16 and up…I’m never going to get vaccinated.  I give up.  I contacted my doctor today, again.  Nada.

  34. We live in a world  without SmallPox.  Except  for  the lab.  ( Fingers crossed )
    Now  read about the history of  this virus , it  cut  tens of thousands down  in months all over the world. 
    How did it disappear ?
    Jesus  didn’t do it , or Voodoo . 
    Science  did it.  The human mind did it. 

  35. Don’t rub it in. I’m starting to get really angry that I can’t get vaccinated.

  36. About that bit in teeth line ……………… 
    I have 3 left. 
    “Take the Bit in Your Gums”  is not one to go with .
    I am am a real  Cowboy Rocket Doctor !
    If I am awake at 6 AM , I am watching  ME TV .  The golden age of cartoons. 
    It floats on the vapors , of  that great  Warner opening – ( This is the first  appearance of  Elmer Fudd )


  37. That’s the problem, I can’t drive on highways so I’m stuck in this area.   Pre-pandemic, I would just Uber wherever I wanted to go. I’m not getting in a shared ride now until  I’m vaccinated.  Catch-22.

    CVS has openings in Lubbock, Lufkin and Palestine. Walgreens has nothing within 25 miles for the next 5 days; check back later. It’s all downtown. Oh, well.

  38. Watching “The Real World” reunion, I can’t believe how much has changed.   It was the only good reality show because it was the first.  That should’ve been the end of the line.  The first cookie is always the best. Eventually, they’re sickening.

  39. I came across this  today  …………… 
    “Taking the bit in your gums ”


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