Serendipity for St Paddy’s week

The pandemic has changed how we listen to music and perform it.

Patrick Dexter was stuck at home but still had to practice everyday to keep in shape. He started recording his cello practice and sharing them with friends. Things I love, one the cello but also the wind accompanying it. Of course the dog.

I’ve created a play list of several Celtic tunes and end it with Mozart

Enjoy, Jack

The quote below is from his video including(as I promised him on twitter) the donation links.

Irish folk song ‘Spancil Hill’. Music from my cottage on the West coast of Ireland. Spancil Hill is a traditional Irish song written by Michael Considine. It depicts the plight of Irish immigrants who were living in America, many of which moved to California during the Gold Rush, and the longing for their homeland.

Music from my cottage on the West coast of Ireland.

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74 thoughts on “Serendipity for St Paddy’s week”

  1. thanks, jack.  hope you escaped the storms.

    also hope for the best for cbob, tiptoe, BiD and all our other trail friends along the bad weather front

  2. Beautiful selection Jack.  A truly great mix for listening.  Thank you.

    Here is Roger Whittaker’s tribute to both Ireland and the country that welcomed them.


  3. jack, that 2nd tune, “the isle of innisfree,” was used for the haunting theme of “the quiet man”

    whitaker above sings the original lyrics i think. here are the movie’s lyrics:

    I've met some folk who say that I'm a dreamer 
    And I've no doubt there's truth in what they say 
    For sure a body's bound to be a dreamer 
    When all the the things he loves are far away
    And precious things are dreams unto an exile 
    They take him through a land across sea 
    Especially when it happens he's in exile 
    From that dear lovely Isle of Innisfree
    And when the moonlight peeps across the rooftops 
    Of this great city, wondrous though it be 
    I scarcely feel the beauty or the magic 
    I'm once again back home in Inisfree
    I wander o'er green hills and dreamy valleys 
    And find a peace no other land could know 
    I hear the birds make music fit for angels 
    And see the rivers laughing as they flow.
    And then into a humble shack I wander 
    My own sweet home and tenderly behold 
    The folks I love around the turf fire gathered 
    On bended knees, their rosary is told
    But dreams don't last though dreams are not forgotten 
    When we are back to stern reality. 
    And though they pave the footways here with gold dust 
    I still would choose the Isle of Inisfree
    I still would choose the Isle of Inisfree
  4. Weather?   It looks like it’s up near Jack. 
    I do wish folks would check in once a week.

  5. “Less than an hour after the gathering began, officers moved in to inform people that they were breaching Covid-19 regulations and had to leave.     Then, a predominantly male cluster of officers moved in, using containment and corralling techniques — where officers surround demonstrators to keep them in a particular place, making social-distancing impossible — ordering people to leave, or face arrest and fines.“

    It didn’t happen here.

  6. Lt. Gov. Duncan of Georgia didn’t answer the question.  Why close voting on Sundays, when that impacts the black community?    His answer was that he wants more folks to votes because he thinks they will vote for Republicans who are better in the economy.  

  7. Jack… wonderful selections!
    I forgot today was pie day…  I do have some cookies… they’ll have to do.

  8. Love extra daylight in the evenings after work; I’d like to leave it this way.   The back-and-forth is nuts.

  9. We love pie. All kinds of pie.   For savory pie ham cheese and tomatoes really a summer pie. But good canned whole tomatoes work
    Dessert pie. Chocolate puddin pie with whipped cream
    And of course pizza pie. Almost anytime 

  10. Craig, I was late, went down to Springfield to look at some houses. I thought I would be back in time. I found one so that was why it took more time. Looks like I’ve got a project. Interesting fireplace has a black glass mantle, very midcentury modern. Which has me looking up midcentury modern color palette , which in turn makes me remember the avocado green appliances, which makes me wonder if the leisure suit is making a comeback………
    OK  Maybe we won’t go completely Midcentury Modern. 
    Any way

  11. I agree with BID
    Whatever the original reason for daylight savings. The switching back and forth is stupid 

  12. I made me a pot of veagan chlli, 5 different kind of beans, cow peas, lentils, split peas 3 kinds of rice.  a hot pepper, onion garlic celery. portabella mushrooms. Flavor it up with like regular chilli and tomato sauce. Turned out pretty good. It is to get my body cleansed for the 4lb slab of cornbeef  I plan to consume Wed. 

  13. Just had one of those “hmm, what happened to James Whitmore?” moments.  Now I have some more searching to do to find his works on DVD for movie night.  It is fun to remember those who were important back in the day.

  14. Yeah, Whitmore hit a lick or two.     Another guy i’ve once more rediscovered again is John McGiver, cause he’s the uncle of this fellow who makes a kind of wine from apples and has his own outlet we always go to down the street from where the uncle lived in West Fulton, New York, up in the Catskills.   The uncle was a mean old dodger who hated all the kids (probably “stage hate” as he had ten) and had a few local cronies about to keep the whiskey and cards going on.   He’d go off every now and then to work on some kind of movie-or-tv thing and then back to the Skills.   Enlisted 1942, was officer in 7th Armored Division.

  15. James Whitmore in “Kiss Me Kate.” A musical isn’t the first thing that probably comes to mind when thinking about Whitmore, but it does to my mind.

    The Grammy Awards start in a couple of hours.  Looking forward to a couple of the musical performances, Brittany Howard being at the top of my list. 

  16. Ha ha, I played my ass off and probably never got within 800 nautical miles of a grammy.

  17. The concept of “Best Song” is nonsense, but the list of nominees is a decent sampling.  The “Weeknd” has a point, though, he should have at least been nominated for something

  18. I guess Dua Lipa is a group or something?   Ok, I’ll google it.


  19. Yeah, those are irritating tweets when they put up, “Best Led Zepplin Song”    and there’s like 400 comments from people who have the answer, or some sarcastic wisecrack or other.

  20. She only makes good songs.
    84 separate Grammy award categories, wow, they’ll be there ‘til next week giving them out

  21. I move the Fish Camp have but the ONE CATEGORY:
    That Category is:
    BEST SONG. ever.
    Admin is taking votes now for Best Song, Ever.   One song.    Top of the historical heap. One vote per Fishcamp member.


  22. haha

    i think i already unilaterally declared it was “Age of Aquarius”

    …you could talk me into “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, though🤷‍♂️

  23. Gimme a head with HAIR!  Grow it, Show it, Loooooong as I can grow it: My HAIR!
    There was a lot to think about in ’68.

  24. That was a funny thing when the Radio version of gimme da head with hair was by the Cowsills……..

  25. Voting will be held April 27, 2021.  In the Auditorium.
      Any mentions prior will be treated as “Nominations”.

  26. “Hair”, like “Jesus Christ, Superstar”  busted thru the roof with multiple splendorous rapturings.

  27. Purely as a nomination……a nomination, mind you……..I most proudly must throw in “Mustang Sally”  in the field of Greatest Song, Ever. Perhaps not my final vote…..but running at the head of the pack for the moment……

  28. The refrain reverberated thru our poor but tightly-knit community…….”What do they take us for, a pack of Fools?”

  29. If we’re stumping for our choice, “Whatever Gets You Through The Night” is upbeat/danceable, has a great message, a great sax solo, and,  Elton John on back-up vocals. 

  30. But to his credit……John foresaw a day where it wouldnt make a tinker’s dam that “Revolution #9” was on that side of the album……

  31. The Wicked Pickett………gave birth to Sally and Duane Allman…….and throw in Hendrix as a passing planet……

  32. OMG… the effing Cowsills! When I was 17 and my sister was 12… she just adored the Cowsills.  They were coming to a local Civic center.  My father bought 2 tickets and told me he’d give me the car keys and I had to take her to the concert the following week.  I complained to a friend about it.  The next day at school, she gave me a joint and said… smoke this out in the parking lot once they start singing and you won’t care.  I did… and she was right… I didn’t care being surrounded but teeny boppers digging the goddamn Cowsills!

  33. It’s like Lennon is thinking, let’s see, we have this solid side…..what could I add that would REALLY muck it up

  34. I must bring this great series of songs to a SCREECHING HALT.   Thank you, carry on.

  35. RR – I had to google it:   What is a cow sill?   Ha!
    I have heard the theme to “Love American Style,” so it seems I am familiar with them after all. 

  36. I think it’s a pretty song, and considering the vivid and often nonsensical dreams I have, I get it. 

  37. “Power To The People” and “ Instant Karma” are great songs, but “Whatever…” is more uplifting.

  38. Yeah, John wrote a good song here and there.  Imagine has to be pretty high on the list.  And I gotta give a shout out to George – While my Guitar Gently Weeps – but in the end I’d have to go with Imagine.

  39. Recording of the white album was a midsummer’s night dream…….those guys were all crazy by then…….

  40. They were Master Song Crafters.    They were Masters.
    In my Life was a beauty because George Martin played the harpsichoird on it…….but holy shit….a wellcrafted song.

  41. A perfect storm. Everly’s, Little Richard, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Ricky Nelson, Roy Orbison……..  Epstein.  Lennon-McCartney……John, Paul, George, and Ringo…..Ed Sullivan…….George Martin……Billy Preston……..the sixties……..Perfect storm……

    Those 4 liverpool puddle jumpers guys got to what’s known in show business as ” The Top”.

  42. Pogo – I realize that.  Sturge said are  Revolution #9 which was The Beatles, not solo Lennon, and yes, quite dissimilar. 

  43. I’m not sure it would be possible to ID a best song.  How would the best of Dylan, Carol King, Paul Simon, Prince, Berlin, Brian Wilson, Oscar and Hammerstein, Burt Bacharach, Townes van Zandt,  Richard Rogers,Peggy Lee, Gershwin, Kern, etc., etc., etc. stack up? Sturg, what the hell were you thinking?

  44. Smoke on the Water. They are coming to take me away, ha ha.  Ode to Joy. Hot August Night. Cabaret.  String of Pearls. Another one rides the bus.

  45. It’s simple, really, Pogo……the Number one….The World’s Most Astounding……The Greatest Song….Ever.

  46. Like i say, final vote is sometime late in April and all votes are final, One all-time Greatest Song, Ever.   

  47. Yeah, I may just be sticking with Mustang Sally.   Though there can be myriad forms of perfection that song is… of them.

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