54 thoughts on “Jimmy Calls Out Jim Crow”

  1. joe taking the same humble path as does jimmy and heeding his old friend john’s motto about fighting for causes greater than self

    from the hill:

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday that President Biden’s name will not appear on stimulus checks that will be sent to many Americans after the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill is passed.

    The decision represents a break with the previous administration, as former President Trump‘s name appeared on stimulus checks sent by the Internal Revenue Service to millions of Americans.

    “We are doing everything in our power to expedite the payments and not delay them, which is why the president’s name will not appear on the memo line of this round of [stimulus] checks,” Psaki told reporters at an afternoon briefing. “The checks will be signed by a career official at the Bureau of Fiscal Service. This is not about [Biden]. This is about the American people getting relief.”

    Psaki said that the president did not believe it was “necessary” to have his name printed on the checks.

    “He wanted to get them out as quickly as possible,” Psaki said.

  2. in re bye bye mitch

    from intercept last week:

    SENATE MINORITY LEADER Mitch McConnell has compiled a short list of successors in his home state of Kentucky, preparing for the possibility that he does not serve out his full term, Kentucky Republicans tell The Intercept.
    The list is topped by his protégé, state Attorney General Daniel Cameron, and also includes former United Nations Ambassador Kelly Craft, whose billionaire coal magnate husband is a major McConnell donor, as well as Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, a former McConnell Scholar.
    Under current law, the power to appoint McConnell’s replacement falls to Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear. But new legislation McConnell is pushing in the Kentucky General Assembly would strip the governor of that power and put it into the hands of the state GOP. 
    The new legislation, Senate Bill 228 — dubbed by some inside the state Legislature as the Daniel Cameron Election Bill — was filed on February 10, 2021, during the Kentucky General Assembly’s 30-day “short” session. The bill alters current state statute that allows the governor to appoint a replacement in the event of a vacancy to the U.S. Senate. If the bill becomes law, the appointment to fill a vacancy will be selected from a list of three names submitted by the state executive committee of the same political party as the senator who held the vacant seat. According to the bill, the appointee from that list will then serve until a successor has been elected by voters. The legislation goes on to list instructions on when elections take place in the event of a vacancy.
    Multiple sources say it is McConnell who is pushing this bill, but the claimed reasons for why he is pushing the legislation vary from health concerns to the makeup of the upper chamber.
    McConnell’s health has been a concern since boyhood. In 1944, he contracted polio and with his mother’s persistence, the young McConnell recovered and learned to walk again. In 2003, McConnell underwent a triple bypass heart surgery. In late October 2020, McConnell dismissed concerns over his health after appearing with bruised and bandaged hands days before his reelection. The previous year, the Kentucky Republican spent weeks recuperating after a fall which forced him to have surgery for a shoulder injury. 
    Other Republicans in the Kentucky Legislature, who asked not to be identified over fear of reprisal from their party, see this move as less about McConnell’s health and more about hand-selecting his replacement and giving that successor the benefit of incumbency. One frustrated Republican elected official, who declined to be named for the same reason, referred to the bill as McConnell’s “escape hatch.”

  3. I could never figure out why a guy like Mitch, who is old and in ill health, would still fight for the wealthy and behave like a hateful asshole doing it. He can’t take his wealth and power with him. Apparently, it’s a terminal case of white supremacy. Lindsey has it, too. It’s very contagious and has infected many.

  4. A bit more of federal observations from the cheap seats.  Each department, along with a few agencies, have media groups.  My department, a very large department, has one.  The press group has radio, television and social media to present information to the public.  Due to a possible misplaced check mark I get the press releases.  During the reign of SFB you could count on seeing its name several times on each release.  Even taking credit for trying to reduce meals to children.  Under the Biden administration there are no names used even if something came from the WH.  The dailies no longer are propaganda sheets for using in the bird cage, these are information pages with good information, even science.  Quite a change.

  5. I’m still grouching about Mulberry.  Way back in the faded past of this country, Chinesemen wore very long braided queues.  It was a mark of age and honor.  Seuss drew his that way. The white gangs would rough up the Chinese and cut off their braids to shame them.  Then there was a period when men started  assuming western dress and close haircuts to  advance in business while other Asiatics opposed “Assimilation”.  

    Maybe there is something worse in Mulberry,, but I don’t see it.  

  6. Yeah, I didn’t see any problem with the Chinese man as drawn by Suess……didn’t seem disrespectful to me.
    Does, though, serve to remind me of the visiting kid in CANNERY ROW (or SWEET THURSDAY) who taunted the old Chinaman walking down the street.   (Also a pet theory that the kid was autobiographically Steinbeck)

  7. Well…….X and Flate…….I hope things are not as bad as they seem to be…….

  8. Got my second shot yesterday.  One sore arm and short attack of being super chilled.  Crawled under blankets and all is well this morning.  

  9. new poll out by CNN:

    (CNN)The economic relief bill moving rapidly through Congress is broadly popular, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.

    The popularity of the bill comes as President Joe Biden’s approval rating tilts positive around 50 days after he took the oath of office.
    In the new poll, 61% support the $1.9 trillion economic relief bill proposed by Biden and expected to pass in the House Wednesday, and several key provisions of the bill are even more popular. A broad majority of Americans (85%) say they support policies in the bill that would provide larger tax credits for families and make them easier for low-income households to claim, including majorities across party lines (95% of Democrats and 73% of Republicans support it). Around three-quarters favor provisions to provide funding to facilitate a return to the classroom for K-12 students (77%), and sending stimulus checks worth up to $1,400 per person to most families and individuals (76%). Both of those policies also have majority support across party lines (55% of Republicans support each, among Democrats, support tops 90% for each one).
    A smaller majority, 59%, say they back providing $350 billion in aid to state and local governments. That policy sparks the sharpest partisan divide among the four tested, with 88% of Democrats in favor vs. just 28% of Republicans.
    The CNN Poll was conducted by SSRS March 3 through 8 among a random national sample of 1,009 adults reached on landlines or cellphones by a live interviewer. Results for the full sample have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points.
    The methodology and weighting for the poll incorporates some changes to CNN’s polling practices made starting with the January 2021 survey. Interviews conducted on cell phones made up 75% of the total, up from 65% in recent CNN surveys. Dialing extended over six days rather than four days, allowing for more effort to be made to contact those who are not easily reachable. Demographic weighting was adjusted to account for more discrete education categories broken out by race, and a geographic weight was applied to ensure representative distribution by population density.
  10. Craig… Rick loves Jimmy Carter.  Has bought and read all of his books and makes a yearly contribution to the Carter Foundation.
    BBronc…   so glad to know you’re no longer getting propaganda.  Biden’s tone can put one to sleep…  but it’s still a huge relief!

  11. oh… and let’s not forget the other thing the gqp is all in a huff about…

  12. This Mr. Potato Head nonsense must be a cable-news contrivance, because i’ve only seen references to it, but no actual stories with references.
    Conservatives will deflect to anything but issues of genuine importance, i wish they’d hurry up and get raptured

  13. Whaddabunchabullshit.  Hasbro says 

    Posted on February 25, 2021

    Hasbro is officially renaming the MR. POTATO HEAD brand to POTATO HEAD to better reflect the full line. But rest assured, the iconic MR. and MRS. POTATO HEAD characters aren’t going anywhere and will remain MR. and MRS. POTATO HEAD.

    Moron repugs can’t even get the facts behind their false narratives right. It took all of the time it takes to key potato head into a google search to find Hasbro’s announcement.

  14. i’ll be amused that the former guy was pushed out if the news-cycle by a dumb 70-year old toy for toddlers, lulz

  15. Aside from his power play directing donors to give dollars to his super PAC rather than to the GOP Super PACs, is he in the news cycle?  And BTW, I wish the news outlets would stop using images and video of Dumbass getting on and off AF1 and Marine 1 as if that’s still happening.  They should go back to the old gaudy SFBCo jet and copter images.  

  16. So many amazing shows, these days (“they” call it “Peak TV”), can’t imagine why anyone would waste screentime on cable news

    My guilty pleasure, lately, is called “Switched at Birth”, which is a 5 year-old show that originally aired on ABC, which centers around a school for the hearing-impaired, so a lot of the show is just in sign-language with little to no sound- it’s a very pleasant show 👍👍

    (Oh, Lea Thompson from “Back to the Future” is in it, and i’ve learned from the webs that she and one of the young female leads from the show were big Biden supporters during the last election, so that made me feel good about my entertainment choice)

  17. Craig – Did you work in Jimmy’s admin or for his campaign?  I’m probably completely mis-remembering that.

  18. Michael Beschloss




    On night of becoming President, November 22, 1963, in his bedroom, LBJ was advised to slow down on civil rights. As I was later told by his close aide Jack Valenti, LBJ’s reply was “What the hell is the Presidency for if I can’t use it for something like civil rights?”

  19. Sounds like a pretty sinister advice message to be getting on that particular night.

  20. The GOoPerz are trying to take credit for the vaccinations, too.   Ummm, “warp speed”  it was not, under SFB.  More like warp speedbump. 

  21. Bink, Ozark.
    Well, it’s sunny, 70, and I just have to go see if there’s still gas from last Fall in the grill. Charred chicken beckons.

  22. https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/10/politics/jim-clyburn-lindsey-graham-reparations/index.html

    Ha! Jim Clyburn told Lindsey to find Jesus. 


    “…I have never seen anything in these United States of America I found more astonishingly seductive & dangerous to the saints of God than Trumpism,” Moore tweeted in December last year. “This Christian nationalism is not of God. Move back from it.”

  23. So Moscow Mitch wants leave the senate but doesn’t want the Dem gov to have the pick.  He is pretty much the most despicable pol on the planet — due to his longevity and many assists to really creepy people.
     Kentuckians should rise up and smite him before the bill passes.

  24. Oh, that smell of barbecue chicken is overwhelmingly delicious. What a wonderful thing to have at the end of what can only be termed a shitty winter. I just love the early coming of spring.

  25. KC, There’s always the hope that the bus with Mitch’s name on the front bumper is out there looking for him. Or maybe just lightning. Something, please.

  26. We are not going to land back to ” Normal” .
    And as I recall , ” Normal ”  was pretty off the rails back then. 
    This latest ” Nancy Check”.  Will cement that . 
    I will be buying $100 in seasoned firewood  for this campfire.  

  27. Season 1 of Ozark is great, gets progressively sillier starting with season 2
    KGC sighting!

  28. These checks with no strings, pose a really great economic experiment.  Along with shots , ……….. Americans have always been optimistic lot. 

  29. Hello Bink
    It has not been a happy time for the Cracker family.  Mr C’s dog died. His treasured companion.  The little tram that runs supplies down and trash up is broken….I have been schleping propane tanks down the hill and groceries too
    I slipped on some steps and for awhile thought I had broken my butt thankfully just bruised. I had a bad reaction to the second Moderna shot and finally no water the last ten days.   We are the water utility.  It took awhile to find the problem.  
    But I try to at least look in everyday
    Also I really miss x-r  and it’s hard to come and not see his posts

  30. The Burn Barrel  –
    Little kids burning masks on the steps of the Idaho Statehouse.  But this goes back years.
    One of the first climate denier moves was attacking where the stations were that collect the data. 
    This site  showed trash barrels  near  weather stations , and labeled them all ” Burn Barrels”.
    This guy made a zillion dollars  in wing nut welfare, with “What’s Up With That” . 
    It was the hub for disinformation  about the climate , for a decade .  

  31. Thanks Bink
    Right now we are looking for a place to spend fire season 

  32. Ms. Cracker –
    Reading you, and Old Sea  were my bookends here , you girls spanned  the map. 
    I loved every key stroke. 

  33. We cannot  hug , but  holding electronic hands  means everything.
    I’d be eating the drywall  if I was alone in the purists  sense. 

  34. I am having these waves  about being ALIVE .
    And all I have learned, and seen.  And setting in the bleachers. 

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