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  1. Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including the upcoming CPAC convention and Sen. Ted Cruz’s much-maligned trip to Cancún

  2. walter: “Say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.”.


    “Forget it, Donny bernie, you’re out of your element!”. …

    [above quotes from big lebowski or a variation]

  3. While reading the many posts on social media, and a very small number of article in the mainstream media, the “my number came up and I am apprehensive about getting my shot” whine is irritating me.  Even after multi-millions of doses have been injected with a minuscule number of bad reactions many writers have doubts about the safety of the vaccine.  It looks like the anti-science, anti-vaccination idiots have made inroads to normal people who understand that vaccines have saved lives, but now they do not trust it.  “They made it so fast”, well, many advances have been made over the centuries and especially during the last seventy years in vaccine development and production.  The stunning success of so many versions of the vaccine within months time, not years or decades, has but one conclusion – Science Works!

  4. craig, cbob had a great idea 9:36 last night:

    The campfire at the fish camp
    There’s your book title  about all this ,
    Do you have every thread  since  05′ ?
    Please say yes. 

    followed by:

    This place is your wealth , like a “Gold Rush”  diary on the Road Show.


    however, if you do take his advice, please be kind to us trail mixers*

    *(we who now regret some of the mean things we might have posted about joe, barack, mitt or hillary and perhaps some of those positive posts at the time  about john e., lindsey, bernie etc.).

  5. bb, they’re wrong about the “They made it so fast” whine.  there’s a lot of work & lotsa years of research behind those modified nucleoside vacs.   some of it going back to the HIV aids  early years.

  6. Heard the Moderna CEO yesterday. Apparently mRNA is a developed technology that was applied to the Covid 19 virus so the technology development was already done making the timeframe short. 

  7. pogo, interesting how they got the name Moderna.  it’s a composite of the words “modified RNA.”

    also i remember seeing something about it’s genesis coming from stuff the good doc fauci’s group was doing way back when.

  8. kinda interesting polls re party


    the hill about the above:

    Overall, voter favorability was down from last year for both major political parties.

    The poll was taken after President Joe Biden‘s inauguration and the second impeachment of former President Trump, which showcased divides among GOP political leaders in the wake of the Jan. 6 mob attack on the Capitol.

  9. Norm has this bit:
    ”Ever see a picture of your Great-Grandpa?  You probably only saw one, and it was black-and-white, grainy… he’s standing in overalls, the shade from his hat obscuring his face…

    …100 years from now the Facebook Generation will ask their kids, ‘Hey you wanna see a picture of your Great-Grandpa?  We have 100,000 pictures of him!  We got one from every waking moment of his life”

  10. Got one of the great in his little confederate uniform with sword and pistol by his side but not handy at the moment.

    Haha, I know, that ain’t the pernt, but what the hell, eh? Gramps just happened to be sitting right there waitin’ for the light to shine.

  11. A family group of my White surname has been showing pictures of the men going back many years.  The majority all have this long, lean face even though the various families are spread over five continents and back to the 1800s.  We are  now using DNA to track down relatives previously unknown.



  12. BlueB…  Rick and I are getting our first shots later this afternoon….  we are psyched!
    I’ve never seen this movie that so many here love…  I’ll have to check it out sometime.

  13. the mRNA COVID vaccine is a variant of the one developed for the original SARS virus in 2000-whatever
    Some guy at BioNTech designed it in an hour on his PC

  14. Fave chilly Bernie meme is him in outer space with a laser-emitting menorah aimed at California.  
    I sure hope I can get a 2-shot vaccine at some point.   I won’t feel safe enough with the J&J.

  15. i’ll take the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  One dose, 100% effective against hospitalization and death: good enough for me

    i’ll take it today🙏

    if you can’t get Pfizer or Moderna, but can get J&J, you’re a fool if you don’t (rhetorical)

  16. But Stoffels says that Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is very effective where it matters most: preventing hospitalizations and deaths.
    “We showed that there was an 85% efficacy against severe disease and a complete protection against hospitalization and complete protection against death. And that’s across all the regions, including in South Africa,” he says.


  17. J&J just seems less likely that I’ll be able to ever travel, again.   I’ll take what I can get, when I can get it, but the thought of J&J is depressing me.  The light at the end of the tunnel seems dimmer. 

  18. Since vaccines brands can’t be mixed, if someone gets the J&J this year, does that mean they can’t get the other type of shot(s) next year?

  19. I’m not reading anything other than the efficacy rates.   Prevention v preventing severe disease.  Maybe I am misreading it.

  20. Get the answers and share them instead of sowing doubt.  i could do it for you, but why?
    Vaccine snobbery will prolong this pandemic non-lifestyle.

  21. Given the new variants, it looks as if all of the current vaccines are going to need annual boosters much like the current flu vaccines.

    On the good news front, thanks to masks & social distancing, the normal flu season is really diminished with much fewer deaths.


  22. “ I feel like I feel.”
    Not trying to give you shit- it’s a common concern, and one i experienced, but i’ll reiterate: “complete prevention of hospitalization and death” works for me🤷‍♂️

  23. Craig

    That CBob idea would probably make a good book if you were up to writing it considering that included a whole lot of arguing over the space of at least five presidential campaigns.


  24. They are re-uniting the cast of the first season of MTV’s “The Real World.”   That was the birth of reality TV.  It should’ve been put in a gunny sack and thrown in the river, considering what sprouted from it.  I loved it, though, that first season.

    The trail has been a different kind of social experiment; more successful/less harmful,IMO. 

  25. BiD, to calm your fear if all you can get is J&J take it and go back later (whenever a 2nd is okayed) for a booster and you’ll be just as if not better protected than the other shots.   or so they say.

  26. all the nasty epithets thrown by the CPAC speakers need to be listed and rerun for questioning the senators who railed against the mean tweets of the omb nominee.   also those speakers calling for ousting cheney, kinzinger, romney, et al from the party need to be grilled on their “cancel culture” harangues,   


  27. I like the Dominion lawsuits.   A friend of mine is interested in bringing back the Fairness Doctrine as a way of combating all the misinformation in the media.  But I think widening the scope of people of who can sue for damages might be a better way to go.

  28. Pat,
    because with Edwards the makeup worked,
    they don’t make enough makeup  for  Gaetz to either be or feel pretty. He is ugly to the bone.

  29. BiD, Fauci and Bink agree. Take whichever vaccine is offered. There’s no real data on how long the protection from any of the vaccines lasts so worrying about whether you can take a different one when it’s time to re up is just speculation and causes undue stress.  So take whatever is available to you and worry about the next one when it’s time to get another. If other vaccines are any indication (think Shingles here) you are not limited to the one you had last time. 

  30. Jack ain’t that the truth. Gaetz is just one funny looking guy. Of course he thinks he’s stunningly handsome. 

  31. He’s an odd duck.

    Ted Cruz seems odder than usual.
    CPAC is a gathering of personality disorders.

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