Who Elected Parliamentarian?

Senate can overrule anything parliamentarian decides. No mention of a parliamentarian in the Constitution.

Senate overruled parliamentarian decades ago to create 60 vote filibuster bust. Parliamentarian had ruled it takes 67 votes to beat filibuster.

Majority vote can set aside any parliamentarian ruling.

Both parties have used parliamentarian rulings to duck for cover. It’s a joke to claim they’re hands are tied.


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  1. who elected her?

    senate majority leader appointed her and the US vice president/ Presiding Officer can overrule her advice. both of them were elected by a big majority of their state and country respectively.  the senate rules (via const. auth.) are adopted by an elected body.   why not ask why those same folk don’t elect but just confirm judges?

    tidbit from wiki:

    An important role of the parliamentarian is to decide what can and cannot be done under the Senate’s Reconciliation process under the provisions of the Byrd Rule. These rulings are important because they allow certain bills to be approved by a simple majority, instead of the sixty votes needed to end debate and block a filibuster. A meeting to screen a draft bill by the Parliamentarian Office staff in the presence of Republican and Democratic staff is sometimes informally termed a Byrd Bath.

  2. on another senate issue, those pesky confirmations.

    interesting oped in wapo by Julian Brave NoiseCat  (Secwepemc/St’at’imc):

    Alexander Stuart, the third interior secretary, once declared that the United States’ mission was to “civilize or exterminate” native people. The Interior Department has done much to carry out that terrible mission, with the seizure of tribal lands, forced assimilation of Native American children and much more. So it is impossible to understate the significance — particularly to Native Americans — of the fact that President Biden has nominated a Native American woman, New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland, to head the department that manages much of the land and resources taken from native nations and maintains relationships between those nations and the U.S. government. If confirmed, Haaland would not only be the first Native American to serve as interior secretary — she would also be the first Native American Cabinet secretary.
    At her confirmation hearing this week, Haaland, a tribal citizen of the Laguna Pueblo, introduced herself in her family’s Keres language, which today has only 13,000 speakers. She acknowledged that the land upon which the hearing was taking place once belonged to the Piscataway people — a rebuke of Stuart and the countless politicians and bureaucrats who dedicated themselves to the cause of Indigenous annihilation.
    Perhaps as a consequence, Haaland’s nomination has proved particularly contentious, as Republican senators, many from Western states, used the hearing to attack, sometimes with remarkable animosity, what they misleadingly portrayed as her extreme views on fossil fuels and national parks.
    What Haaland actually brings — and what the Republican Party seems to consider so dangerous — are experiences and perspectives that have never found representation in the leadership of the executive branch. In fact, Republicans’ depiction of the first Native American ever nominated to the Cabinet as a “radical” threat to a Western “way of life” revealed something about the conservative id: a deep-seated fear that when the dispossessed finally attain a small measure of power, we will turn around and do to them what their governments and ancestors did to us.
    This is not, in fact, some sort of continent-size conquest in reverse — but Republicans should fear antagonizing Native American voters. These Americans played crucial roles in the 2020 election on both sides of the aisle: Menominee and Navajo voters helped Democrats win Wisconsin and Arizona’s electoral votes, as well as the latter state’s Senate seat.
    With moderate Democrat Joe Manchin III of West Virginia publicly backing Haaland, her path to confirmation is clear. It would be unwise for the GOP to stand athwart Indian country’s chance at history.

  3. pogo, senators byrd & manchin & gov justice have really put WVA  in the catbird seat power map lately.  must be something in that mine-polluted water there.

  4. The slippery down slope of the Baby Boomer generation gets another rider.  ELO arranger, conductor, member Louis Clark leaves the stage.  Enough of these people go and I will start to feel my age.

  5. My past is dropping dead all around me.   It started some time ago and continues unabated.   Soon there’ll be nothing left but the moon and the stars and the sun and the bright blue sky.   And that stupid cat.

  6. axios:

    John Boehner has been going off script while recording the audio version of his new memoir, using expletives and asides not in the book — such as the former Republican House speaker saying, “Oh, and Ted Cruz, go f**k yourself.”
    Why it matters: The book is appropriately titled, “On the House: A Washington Memoir.” It promises to share “colorful tales from the halls of power, the smoke-filled rooms around the halls of power and his fabled tour bus.” Two sources familiar with the tapings told Axios about the asides.
    Boehner, 71, was one of 12 children and worked in his family’s suburban Cincinnati bar as a child. He went into plastics sales after college before turning to politics. He served as a state representative from 1985 to 1990, before being elected to the House.

  7. Boehner was between Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan as speaker, and was famous for wearing his emotions on his sleeve — and not being too proud to cry.
  8. Cruz (R-Texas) has been a longtime target. During one of his first appearances after leaving the House in October 2015, Boehner branded the Texas senator “Lucifer in the flesh.”
  9. What they’re saying: “I can confirm there were some off-script moments during his recording of the audiobook,” Boehner spokesman David Schnittger said. “He pretty much just let it fly, as he did when he was working on the book itself. He’s not really interested in being anything other than himself these days. That is kind of the spirit of the entire project.”

  10. Doesn’t have to be put on Harris. A simple majority vote change the rules, or just abolish the filibuster all together. Time to start dangling some roads and bridges Manchin’s direction.

  11. some goobers in SC have a bill to allow the former guy to be buried on statehouse grounds.   If it’s soon, I guess I’m all for it.

  12. I’m thinking……..Kick out the jams……..bust down the walls, and get stuff passed.    

  13. I am of the generation which used a potato, or some other vegetable, with the Mr. Potato Head kit.  When we had the Mrs. Potato Head kit we would dump all the parts in a box and pull out random pieces to jab into the vegetable (not fruit – tomatoes could get real nasty).  I do not know when a potato was no longer needed, but that is one of those sad dates in childhood history.  It is a strange thing when a political party gets their consolidated drawers in a twist over a childrens toy kit.  It is also why I feared for my job and life for four long years.

  14. Manchin’s proposed minimum wage compromise works for me – – $11 in 2 yrs instead of $15 in 5yrs. That could pass as a standalone bill, and still an improvement over the current $7.25

  15. The trouble with getting to an advanced age is that there is nobody left who “knew you when”.  

    Outside of my cousins whom I never see and the two children I raised, there is no one left who knew me before the age of  35.  

    It’s nice to have the on line acquaintances if only for the remembered commonality of experience.

  16. No boost in the federal, minimum wage.  There’s your ad against every Republican up for election. 

  17. Big business claim increased minimum wage depresses total employment, but those same companies used the trump corporate tax break to make stock buy-backs.  
    $11/hour doesn’t even cover rent, nevermind utilities and food.
    Inflation resulting from stimulus is going to crush low-income earners, but i heard Yellen say she isn’t concerned about it🤷‍♂️

  18. It also, somehow,  de-incentivized folks to get an education.  Republicans are all a-holes, as are the Democrats who dude with them.

    If I can find last eek’s chart, I’ll link it, but it showed that folks should be making in excess of $20/hour to keep up with inflation.

    Consider, also, all of the jobs that will never come back. Outside sales reps? Don’t need ‘em. Bank tellers? Don’t need ‘em. There are thousands of types of jobs that can/have been partially or completely automated.

  19. Sounds like Ted made a bad joke.  Males who act like Karens, would be SFB supporters.    I’d say he should stick to his day job, but I really wish he’d give that up, too.

  20. Males who act like Karens (entitled racists) would all vote for SFB.  Even his hypothetical math is wrong. 

  21. Sturgeone

    I’m starting to think the cats new habit of waking me in the middle of the night is just them thinking “just in case” to make sure they get fed by morning. lol


  22. Ok, so i’m reading Cruz mocked triple-maskers, of which i am one.
    i don’t wear three masks to virtue-signal, i wear them so i don’t get a potentially-fatal highly-contagious novel illness while a  highly-effective vaccine is being distributed.   Durrrrrrr🤪
    Oh, and N95 masks smell terrible: it is known.

  23. While we purse the whereabouts of French bulldogs,  freezing Texans, and Tiger’s foot –
    The Russians were shipping  LNG out of their terminal  on Yamal peninsula :

    Never before has a commercial ship crossed the Northern Sea Route in February.
    The 299 meter long carrier operated by Sovcomflot was on the 3rd of February located off the coast of Kamchatka. The powerful ship has a northbound course and is due to arrive in Sabetta, the LNG terminal in Yamal, on the 17th of February.
    The tanker set out from the Chinese port of Yangkou on the 27th January, data from ship traffic service MarineTraffic shows.
    At the same time, nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy was on early Tuesday sailing eastwards towards the East Siberian Sea. The two ships might ultimately meet near the Bering Strait, and the tanker subsequently escorted westwards through the thick sea-ice.

    Tanker embarks on first ever mid-winter voyage on Northern Sea Route



  24. I keep the BBQ sauce hidden away so the cats can”t find it.  I am sure to always have lots of cat food in the food bowls.  One of them does wake me up around two or so to let me know the dog food bowl is empty, I don’t like to think to much about that.

  25. Josh Hawley in full fascist at CPAC says “in this moment of crisis our country needs us to take a stand … what we need is a new nationalism, a new agenda” to “give America back” to the people.

  26. binks, i appreciate the condolences but I’m afraid it’s gone way past that into “Another One Bites the Dust” territory….if you live long enough all your old pals start to disappear and you’re left with the damn cat; but you know, ya kinda get used to it.

  27. So the WSJ has been digging into the 1999 deregulation of the Texas energy grid.
    The entire theory was it would save consumers money . Not true  , some parts of Texas didn’t dive into the new system , my part of Texas  to be exact.
    All though we are about to join it.
    It turns out that over the last 22 years those parts of  Texas that joined , have paid out around $ 28 Billion more on their bills , than the “regulated”  parts.  

    Texas Standard For February 26, 2021
    The deregulated electric market was set up to save money for Texas consumers. So why did Texans end up paying $28 billion more? That story coming up on the Texas Standard. A Wall Street Journal analysis shows the Texas electrical grid not only failed during the storm, but failed consumers for decades by leading to higher bills. We’ll hear what happened and why. Plus the latest on hearings by Texas lawmakers. And: With a disaster declaration in Texas, what comes next? The nuts and bolts of accessing federal aid. Also: The University of Texas-RGV is in hot water for turning away eligible people seeking vaccines. Plus: The week in Texas politics and much more.

    Texas Standard For February 26, 2021


  28. That is the real problem that increasing the minimum wage will face.  Prices will be jacked up, not because everyone is paying folks a tiny bit more, but because everyone will want their cut of the increase.

  29. “Hey, who died and made YOU parlementarian??”
    It’s a hereditary title , you got to kin to a guy named Robert.  

  30. The most persistent theme at today’s CPAC conference among speakers was attacking “Big Tech”, rallying crowd to believe Facebook, Twitter etc in cahoots with government and Democrats to deny free speech. Josh Hawley summed it up saying “God gave us our rights, not Google”. I don’t get it but it has become a right wing anthem. 

  31. it used to be that the gop were just gaming the system and whatnot, but now these bastards just really want to kill us.

    They fail to realize that if you got rid of everyone on the other side, your side would split in half, and then if one half got rid of the other half, that side would split into two pieces, and so on and on until you’d just wind up with Jimmy and Jack throwing rocks at each other across a ditch.

    Dumb fuckers.

  32. Here’s thing about our disaster news,  a story pops up and we see it .
    Take what happened in India this month , the satellite eyeballs  have been looking at it  ………………… 

    Months before the landslide, satellite images showed a crack opening on an ice-covered flank of Ronti, a 6,029-meter (19,780-foot) mountain peak. On February 7, 2021, a huge chunk of a steep slope broke off from the peak, bringing down part of a hanging glacier perched on the ridge. After freefalling for roughly two kilometers, the rock and ice shattered as it slammed into the ground, producing an enormous landslide and dust cloud. As the accelerating rock and ice raced through Ronti Gad and then Rishiganga River valley, it picked up glacial sediments and melted snow. All the materials mixed into a fast-moving slurry that overwhelmed the river and churned wildly as it rushed through the river valley.



  33. Well, we’ve established that the gop now are ’bout as dumb as a box of dogshit, but what the hell to do about it?  It’s not like they’re going to learn anything any time soon and everybody else is suffering like hell from their abysmal malevolent ignorance.

  34. So now we’ll have two bills for 2022 Dem ads showing Republicans against stimulus checks and raising minimum wage, both popular with most voters. Sweet!

  35. We are seeing this same thing in Europe.  On their highest peak Mont Blanc.
    These  very highest mountains are “glued” together with ice.  And their    millennia on millennia of the freeze / thaw cycles have shattered them . Ice is the only thing holding them together in many cases. 
    That chunk of Ronti fell 1.2 miles  before  hitting a glacier  at around 14,000 feet.  In winter. 
    All of this was predicted ,  the news from the cryosphere was really bad this week.  The fresh water melting  off Greenland is indeed slowing the Gulf Stream .
    The wider world will never hear any of this . 

  36. https://reasonstobecheerful.world/cahoots-eugene-oregon-police-harm-reduction/

    I’ll be talking to my brother about this article. He’s a psychologist who deals with patients with substance abuse and mental health issues in a clinical setting. I wonder how he would feel about going out on a call to someone in distress, but without anyone to back him up? The chances of the situation escalating would be lower without a police presence. However, if someone is unbalanced and armed, that’s not a situation I’d want anyone in, either.


  37. Melancholy ……  This is why we invented  the “Blues”. 
    A fair trade in the long run. 

  38. As I have said  to my baby sister …………… “The Golden Years” was “coined” to sell adult diapers.  There is nothing Golden  about being old, and alone . 

  39. Monday  will be the annv. of my dad’s passing , he died on the 29th of Feb.  Next year , he will have been gone for just 2 years and not 8. 
    Somehow I found this hat trick as a tonic. 

    It’s like watching an inbred herd of goats with money. 

  41. somebody on twitter said watching cpac is like watching folks on the titanic rooting for the iceberg

  42. A lot of words and phrases pass through our culture.  Some stick most don’t  take “parachute pants”. 
    But “Cool” is something that stuck .  It shaped our world like no other 4 letters in the English language.  Every generation embraced it. 
    Lawrence Ferlinghetti was very , very “cool”. 

  43. That awful moment on the Titanic when the band snaps to the realization that yet another gig has ended in disaster.

  44. Lawrence was pretty hip, he certainly was no square.   I dug him till he decided to flake off and split the scene……

  45. Yesterday I just happened to look at the CVS site and there was an opening in Rockwall.  So today I go the first covid vaccine after an hour’s drive to Rockwall.   So the first deed is done.

  46. Last night, I caught  the Seinfeld  episode  with George , and “Eric the Clown” . 
    Eric the Clown put the fire out with his big shoe. 
    “You’re hung up on some clown from the sixties , MAN !” 
    That bit is nearly 30 years old.  And it is still “cool”. 

  47. Blue –
    The truth is we don’t know yet.  To all your very practical questions .
    Remember …………….. 
    Viruses  have only 2 missions. 
    A, Find a host and “Replicate”. 
    B.  Look around the virus world in the host and swap genes as fast as you can.
    This one is in a brand new world.  Us. 
    It has lots of cousins living here for God knows how long , they are swapping spit as fast as they can.  
    This will be a long very hard road. 

  48. Viruses  have only 2 missions. 
    A, Find a host and “Replicate”. 
    B.  Look around the virus world in the host and swap genes as fast as you can.

    old man, so how is that so different from

    Genesis 9:7 “And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein”?

  49. BiD, I got Moderna.  I’m scheduled for the 2nd one in Rockwall in March.  But I’ll look for a closer location near that date.

  50. Sturg –
    I went home with nearly  every Morom girl , I ever met . 
    I am a combat vet of the sexual revolution.
    When I get old, and alone , I go there.  Lately , I’m spending about 23 hours a day.  

  51. patd –
    I thought you milked  goats from your posts .  Up at 4 AM . 
    Y0u should be in bed.

  52. Craig –
    When I get my “Nancy Check”  , I’m sending all the cream off the top  for back payments , I own on firewood bill here.

  53. Years ago , I rattled on about this “Campfire” .
    I was  fucking  right . 
    This is not a political blog , it is a campfire. 

  54. The campfire at the fish camp
    There’s your book title  about all this , 
    Do you have every thread  since  05′ ?
    Please say yes. 

  55. This place is your wealth , like a “Gold Rush”  diary on the Road Show. 
    COOL never goes out of style. 

  56. It seems that my brother had to go through active shooter drills at his clinic.  (See earlier post.) Maybe going out on calls isn’t more dangerous than having folks come to you.  

  57. From the beginning we are all worm food in the end.  Our arch is about the space  between one’s thumb , and their “Pinky Finger ” .
    This why we started  brewing beer  on an industrial scale  5,500 years ago. 

  58. And when we look at Mars , it gets really crazy !
    We have no fuvking idea where we are .  The Hindenburg crashed in 1937. 
    At that time, it was the future. 
    That was 84 years ago . 
    When they topped off the Great Pyramid , it was the tallest building in the world , until the French made  their  iron tower. 

  59. Ok 
    I remembered “Handsome Dick Stalder”. 
    He was the anchor of the “Slaughterhouse Creek Commune”.
    He spent an entire winter there, we skied up under this very full moon , we see this week.
    He was a Warner Brothers Cartoon , this was 50 years ago , and he had a 100 days on the mountain .  He was in full Mel Blanc when saw us.  

  60. Next winter we had  a Skidoo , and a trailer made out of a up
    side down 39′  Chevy hood .
    It was very “Cool”.

  61. That winter , the love of my life , and I spent the winter . A long  with a rotating cast of characters. 
    We had geodesic dome sauna  at 10,800 feet.  Every new woman that winter ,  ” You’re just in time , Dick just fired up the snuna . ”

  62. When we came off the mountain  that spring , we were broke as a Dakota church mouse . 
    I wouldn’t trade that winter for Apple stock.

    “I, ….. I’m your conscience, I’m the small voice that thunders in the night, I’m your watchdog who howls against the wolves, I, I’m your father confessor! I – I’m… what else am I?”Tom Doniphon: “Town drunk?”

  64. I set out to make a digital  head stone , I have not touched  any of that in years . 
    But if you google Colorado Bob  I’m still at the top of the page.  Me hugging a tree. 

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