Hypocrisy is thy name Manchin?

Joe Manchin, effective swing vote in the Senate, is taking a lot of shit over his refusal to approve all of Joe’s opening appointments like Neera Tanden for head of OMB. 

Well, I happen to know Joe. He ain’t perfect, and some could (do) argue that he’s not even a Democrat. I’m not sure that I would disagree with that at this point. However, he voted twice to convict Trump of the charges brought against him in impeachment. And of what I know about him, he tends to do what he believes is in the best interest of West Virginia. That may not always be simpatico with the policies being pushed by the administration or the Democrats and the Senate. Doesn’t help the administration with Democratic Senate, but Joe’s not a bad guy, but he’s not a Republican. I cut him a break.


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  1. Image result for manchin haaland


    WASHINGTON — Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said Wednesday he’ll vote to confirm nominee Deb Haaland to be Interior secretary, a significant boost to her prospects.

    In a statement, Manchin said that “while we do not agree on every issue, she reaffirmed her strong commitment to bipartisanship, addressing the diverse needs of our country and maintaining our nation’s energy independence.”


    The centrist senator touted Haaland’s bipartisan credentials.

    “Her colleagues on both sides of the aisle, including Republican Congressman Don Young from the energy rich state of Alaska, spoke to their productive working relationship, her bipartisan accomplishments and sincere willingness to work collaboratively on important issues,” Manchin said.

    “In addition, she reiterated the position of the Biden Administration that our country will continue to use fossil fuels for years to come, even as we transition to a cleaner energy future, through innovation not elimination,” Manchin continued. “Further, she made clear her commitment to working to extend the critical Abandoned Mine Land fees set to expire this year that impact countless states.”

  2. trevor:

    Republicans really saw record numbers of people voting in 2020 and said, “yo, that s**t can’t happen again.”

  3. Apologies for the disjointed first part of the post. Product of mumbled dictating into the phone and failure to proofread. It should have said:
    Joe Manchin, effective swing vote in the Senate is taking a lot of shit over his refusal to approve all of Joe’s opening appointments like Neera Tanden for head of OMB. 

  4. Why shouldn’t record numbers of Republicans vote?  Isn’t that exactly what Republicans are trying to prevent Democrats from doing?   Everyone who is eligible to vote, should vote.   No voter suppression on either side.  

    Based on the remarks of Pogo about Manchin, and Craig about Neera, I’ll give him a break.

  5. I really want the two-shot vaccine.  I think the Johnson & Johnson shot is the fake Rolex of COVID vaccines. 

  6. TT – If you want to drive all the way to Corsicana, CVS still has vaccine appointments available.  Everything closer is fully booked.  I feel discouraged. 

  7. pogo,  the thread now shows your correction posted at 6:48. 

    given the early hour at 5:20 a.m. the original wording made perfect sense.  no need to apologize.  the words “oceans” and “opening” both start with “o” and have similar concept of vast void or vacancy.   🙂

  8. TT & BiD, are there walgreens in TX?  here in KY even in podunkvilles, that chain has available vaccine.

  9. well, at least jimmy & rosalynn got theirs according to the hill:

    Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn returned to in-person church services in Georgia this month after receiving coronavirus vaccinations. 

    The announcement was made Sunday at Maranatha Baptist Church in Georgia, where the Carters have been attending services for more than 30 decades. 

    Jimmy Carter, 96, and his wife, 93, were acknowledged by pastor, Tony Lowden, during end-of-service announcements. The couple waved from their front-row pew, according to The New York Times, which first reported their return. 

    In a Facebook post, the church said it will put new protocol in place to keep everyone at the church safe. They include strict social distancing, temperature checks and reduced capacity for in-person services. 

    The Secret Service will reserve the right to inspect anyone who enters the building, the church said. 

  10. Manchin has been playing this game for a while now and has seen the Dems flailing all over the place trying to keep him in the party.  My concern is he turns into the Susan Collins of the Dems, but the leadership fails to keep him in line.

  11. BB, manchin is a heck of a lot more reliable for dems than sanders IMO and he also seems more in tune with POTUS joe’s efforts to solve problems rather than does bernie to make points.  

  12. That’s true, Poobah.  Joe is certainly not a wild eyed liberal and won’t vote for bills, etc. that are.

  13. Pogo and patd…  I’m with you.  I’d take Manchin any day over Bernie.  But hey…  the reality of a Senate so close in control by the Dems is that people like Manchin and Bernie are going to have an oversized influence.  It really is a miracle balancing act at this point to get the two wings of the Democratic Party to compromise.   The Republicans….   meh….   let them eat each other.

  14. If i get appointed by Biden, the headline will be:
    ”Newly-Resurfaced Online Mars-Mission Contrarianism Imperils Top Biden Nominee”
    Tanden’s mortal sin was deleting posts.  Poor form.

  15. Heard someone on the teevee say that before the election Schumer said his worst nightmare wasn’t losing the senate majority but a 50-50 split with Manchin in control

  16. I heard somewhere that people are saying that denigrating the mars mission was like hating apple pie.  And moms.

  17. So long as you’re not up for head of the NSF you should be OK, Bink.
    And, hey, don’t forget to be an  asshole to people who don’t wear masks – they deserve to be treated badly.

  18. Everybody around here seems to be just wearing the mask and shutting up about it.   But I have seen isolated cases of young heathen hot heads becoming decidedly irate about trying to pay for something without being masked, even when they’re offered one.   Those are usually just refused and some big guy or other will step up and suggest they move along to the next station on their agenda.  Most of those guys  sound downright ignernt when they open their yap to protest the mask.   It’s mostly sad.   Just shut up and put on the stupid mask.

    I’ve been double medicine-poked so I wear 2 masks, just in case some fair damsel should wish to think Im a really cool old goat.

  19. WaPo’s reporting that Mazars has complied with the grand jury subpoena and has turned over to Cy Vance’s office millions of pages of Dumbass’ tax returns and other financial documents. Nyuck, Nyuck.  

  20. Manchin and Bernie may both be a Pain in the A for the majority leader, but Manchin will get something out if it. He understands his power. Bernie will just blow more hot air.
    One other thing, Manchin lets both the majority leader and Biden tell the left, “I’m with you but what can I do?”
    In some ways it is a win win for both of them. If they pass the legislation they claim victory, if not… It is Manchin’s fault.

  21. Tanden should not apologize, it won’t do any good. So she just needs to grit her teeth and recognize that she is the sacrifice that gets the rest of Biden’s picks through the Senate.
    Above all keep her dignity. 

  22. jack, too late. she’s already donned the hair shirt, done the mea culpa and kissed some rings (so to speak)  wapo says:

    Tanden’s selection has fueled Republican complaints about the direction of the administration, particularly due to her insults of GOP lawmakers on Twitter. She called Sen. Susan Collins (R-Me.) “the worst” and referred to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) as “Voldemort,” among other epithets. Tanden deleted many of these tweets before her confirmations hearings and apologized for them repeatedly during her hearings.


    Tanden surprised skeptics by working hard to assuage the concerns of lawmakers. “She really did reach out to everyone and apologize, and busted her tail, and said all the right things,” one senior Democratic official said. “What’s happened is deeply sad in a lot of ways because she’s thrown herself into the work. She took time to really dig in and learn about Republican priorities and the work of OMB. Recognizing the challenge, I think she has done almost twice as much as other nominees.”

    Tanden has engaged with at least 44 Senators, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki. Her allies also believed that Manchin was going to be supportive before the West Virginia announced his opposition to her nomination, two senior Democratic officials said.

  23. also in wapo about the tax returns turnover to NYSD:

    A team of analysts in the district attorney’s office, including some from an outside forensics accounting firm, FTI Consulting, have been at the ready for months to dissect the records and scour for any evidence of criminal activity at the Trump Organization or by its executive employees. That group includes Trump, three of his adult children — Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump — and Allen Weisselberg, the company’s longtime chief financial officer.

  24. Millions of records, eh?  Much depends on how much is paper versus electronic.  The paper can be scanned, and depending on many things, it can be scanned for characters.  There are many software products which can sort through the mess and put it into some sort of order for the legal staff to review and prepare for the lead attorneys.
    I worked on class action law suits with millions of paper records.  Those were hell to handle.  It took teams of file clerks and paralegals to get the pages prepared for scanning, scanned and the electronic versions prepared for the attorneys.

  25. BB, I am pretty certain that it was millions of pages on a series of thumb drives or an NAS or the like. Much of it was tax returns for Dumbass and his businesses, which you know Mazars prepared electronically and would have scanned all the underlying documents in the event of an audit (how’s that for irony?) And forensic accountants know where to look for discrepancies.  Dumbass’ pucker factor has got to be off the charts.  And I saw in WSJ that Weisselberg had an immunity deal from 2018 in the Cohen matter, and he’ll be front and center in this one so he’ll get the same deal again and have zero, zip, nada incentive to lie to a grand jury, in fact he will have just the opposite – every reason to tell the truth to keep his ass out of jail.

  26. Abbott really works his ass off to make sure nobody forgets he’s an idiot, doesn’t he?  He really doesn’t need to work that hard at it – it’s obvious enough.


    Elizabeth C. McLaughlin, Esq.


    For everyone thinking millions of pages of docs is a big, the last case I worked on had a document production that was 11 million pages. The volume is meaningless if it’s full of crap. On the bright side, electronic doc production tech makes finding the good stuff easier.

  28. https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/25/politics/ted-cruz-greg-abbott-texas-power-grid/index.html

    “…it is Abbott who has collected more than $26 million in campaign contributions from the oil and gas and oil industry. And it is Abbott — along with the rest of the Republican elected officials in the state — who ignored recommendations to winterize their energy operation following a 2011 winter storm that seized up a decent chunk of the state’s power grid.”

    It sounds like Greg owes Ted a cookie bouquet for distracting us.

    I hope POTUS Biden really gets to Abbott and melts his cold, Republican heart. 

  29. Good on Granholm. She may even be a better energy secretary than Rick Perry was. BTW I’ve been home watching CNN for 40 minutes and haven’t heard a word about Tiger. 

    So the minimum wage increase can’t be included in the Covid relief bill. Ok, it’ll be in another bill. It’s coming. 

    Oh, and we bombed Iranian troops in Syria.

  30. wow, today joe’s done more in one day than the former guy did in one year for the good of the country.

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