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  1. colbert last night on death & youknowwho’s taxes

    Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court will allow state investigators access to the former president’s tax returns, potentially setting up felony charges against the former leader and his family. #Colbert #Impeachment #Monologue

  2. a hint of schadenfreude in the air

    the hill:

    Vance’s office wouldn’t say explicitly when it would execute its subpoena in light of the Supreme Court development on Monday when contacted by The Hill.

    But earlier this month his office hired a prominent former federal prosecutor, Mark Pomerantz, to help investigate Trump’s business dealings, which some experts took as a sign that the investigation was escalating.

    “He’s clearly gearing up,” Steve Rosenthal, a senior fellow at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, said about Vance. “I think he’s got the experts and the resources to pursue ex-President Trump.”



    Statement from Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance, Jr. on U.S. Supreme Court Order in Trump v. Vance – Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

    FEBRUARY 22, 2021

    “The work continues.” 

  3. lol, the Mars rover is essentially expensive trans-planetary litter.  Junk on a rock.

    We did it! One planet trashed, one to go!

  4. Glad to see the Biden admin. is re-defining “small business”, in terms of PPP loans, to mean “20 employees or less”, which everyone intuitively understands is a small business, not the trump-standard of “500 employees or less” which is complete nonsense and allowed the looting of that program by big business.
    Good job, Team Biden👍🇺🇸

  5. That hurts my company, which has about 30 employees.  We were counting on that. We may end up with 20 employees if they have to cut anymore. 
    BB – My laugh of the morning was hearing that TX power is “not unregulated, it’s just differently-regulated.”

  6. Will the opening of the tax records cause the crime family to flee or will SFB just throw his tax attorney under the bus?  

  7. Hardly knew that taxman……used to bring me coffee and shit.  It’s obvious he was just out to get me.  

  8. Big Retail and Service business should be offering discounts for mask-wearing, especially considering they’ve made a killing off of pandemic; i should have suggested that a year, ago, and so should they have

  9. space junk on mars makes me somehow feel better about my back yard.

    lol, that’s what it will look like in a few more missions

  10. Today’s good news story.  He was found unconscious by the side of the road due to damaged beak and heavy lead poisoning.  Now he strolls around the rehab center.  Still flightless but will be soon placed in an aviary and they hope eventually released

    Our daily cleaning routine gives the lead case Eagle warrior patient a chance to wander the clinic floor space. He definitely feels “special” as he gets to eye all the other patients and perhaps even rub it in a little. Tomorrow is another blood test to see where lead levels are now. As soon as weather breaks, this boy will get to go outdoors!! A real bath is needed.


  11. There are what, 5 rovers that are on the martian surface?  Shit, I can show you places in WV where you can find half a dozen trailers with half a dozen broken down trucks around each of them with another within a couple of years of joining them and the people 5 miles away don’t even know they’re there.  Some enterprising martian may see the potential for an interplanetary salvage yard.

  12. I hear ya Poobah. Not sure Cy Vance feels as constrained as Mr. Mueller did, though. He’s got no messy constitutional issues or DOJ memos to deal with.

  13. Mueller was a mess.  Too old!
    Hawley sounds like a choir boy with his questions on the capitol hearing today.

  14. NONE of the witnesses know why there’s still a police presence at the capitol today.  Another headless beast.

  15. TT, josh just wants to be sure everyone forgets about this photo of him on jan 6th when the word “conspirators” comes up

    See the source image

  16. guess who said this today:

    “Here’s a suggestion,” he said. “Just don’t be assholes. Just, you know, treat each other as human beings, have to some degree some modicum of respect.”

    hint: it takes one to really really know one

  17. Here’s what they need at the capitol and the WH.  Stylish medieval doors, and the info on how to lock them. Stylish bulletproof glass would help too.

  18. The last time I posted a covid number here it was 68,000.  Now it’s over 500,000.  LOOSER trumpity has their lives, deaths, & blood on his little hands.
    Repubes:  day 8 no water.  NO further info on the covid vaccine here. 

  19. Austin is taking vaccines from North TX, per Dallas County Judge, Clay Jenkins’ presser today.

    “North Texas should not be punished’: Dallas County judge chides state for cutting COVID vaccines as feds boost local doses
    Dallas County’s supply of state doses is getting slashed because it will become a federal vaccine site next week.”

    State Cuts Vaccine Allotment to Zero at Dallas, Tarrant County-Run Hubs

    ERCOT is a sovereign entity and immune to the lawsuits being filed. Resignations fix nothing.


    DFW has a high of 81 today.  

  20. Whelp, so much for 500,000 dead and a TX-sized, natural/manmade disaster.  An athlete has had an accident and nothing else matters. 

  21. Woods isn’t dead and most likely will play again
    This wall to wall coverage is ridiculous 

  22. Well Spring has spring in East Bumfuck – 51 degrees today, forecast of 61 tomorrow, and only two nights below freezing in the next 10 days.  But I’m not naive – we aren’t out of the woods until Easter.

    So Tiger Woods flipped his car and has screwed up his legs.  Well, I think we can say he’s not going to catch Nicklaus’ record.  Oh well.  I hope he does OK and gets back to golf, and I know I’m probably the only one around here who gives a shit. But really, there are more important things to report.

    Heard a bit of the committee hearing on the 1/6 invasion while to pick up lunch today.  Sounds like a massive intelligence fuckup.  

  23. That road  in question is a great one.  I refurbished a set of Spanish Colonial library chairs  in the Palos Verde  Public Library.  I did “Make and Takes”  at the whale watch parties  at the very tip of the peninsula .  The  Grey Whales  swim really close to shore here , and the viewing  overlook is hundreds of feet above the sea.  Your are looking down into the water.  
    Orcas  stamped  out of leather , wet the leather and mold it with your fingers , 15 mins later you got a  little leather killer whale. 
    The one of the stupidest  moves I ever made was to leave  that old Tandy Store in Torrance. 
    I was having a ball. 

  24. CC –
    When Mueller got the call,  he thought , o-shit !
    Vance has the bit in his teeth . 
    And he is going to share with  the other NY  inquiry .
    New York always hated Trump.  This is new, they have his books for 8 years. 
    And the Trumps go waay back with this accounting firm ,   his old scammy German Bank  has left him .
    He has loss his power.   The NY DA’s  have been taking statements for over a year. 
    They have his balls in a vice. 

  25. Bink – 
    You were the only one  around the 1st campfire , telling everyone else that fire is “BAD”. 
    I for one , believes  that living on Mars  is a stupid idea.
    It’s  80 below there  year around . 
    But shipping out on “The Beagle” , you bet . 
    When I saw the heat shield   fall away  above Mars , I saw all those nameless humans that installed the plumbing of Petra. 
    Which much later , leads to the “Broad Street Pump” .
    We are not installing  a landfill on Mars , we are building human knowledge .
    The last time I checked , human knowledge  was not a sin.

  26. Yeah, empty platitudes are the only justifications
    i’ve been reading for this recent Mars mission, so A for conformity!

    They sent the fucking thing up with a superglue and polyurethane engine, for crying out loud. That can’t be good for the environment.

    But hey, what do i know🤷‍♂️

  27. ” When one person dies.  It is tragedy, when 500,000 die . It is a  statistic . ”
    Stalin , the first “Uncle Joe”
    Please don’t use this term for Biden . 
    Too much blood on it. 

  28. What is there, a flag, a derelict lander, and a few mirrors on the moon, 50 years later? The moon is RIGHT THERE.

  29. Back to Mars –
    We flew 137 million miles  and missed the bullseye  by 16 feet.  While  the Texas grid  collapsed . 
    Talk about  dichotomy.

  30. Family trip to Carlsberg  Caverns  –
    We drive to Midland  my uncles place.  His step daughters have Beach Boy 45’s , that was a very big day in my life. 
    They just sold their works , now a change in my life , can sell tires. 

  31. The first time I heard . ” I Get Around ” –
    A tire shop in Dallas with my uncle Monk buying tires . On a little plastic radio. 

  32. Bink, wrong comparison- the moon and Mars. The moon landing was the culmination of a geopolitical scientific and military competition that on the less fatal side of the space race put astronauts on the moon. It was about us, US, establishing our position in the world and the scientific pecking order. More than that it was the result of a 13 year effort to prove Kruschev  wrong as we on the more fatal side of the space race built up an insanely huge nuclear arsenal and burrowed down. The moon wasn’t about rocks. 

    Mars is not that.  It is about rocks, about the pursuit of information about our home neighborhood although it is also about showing we still can send stuff into space.   But it ain’t a competition between two politically and militarily competitive nations in a very dangerous world  so spare me the superficial moon comparison.

  33. Remember  , ……………. ” The New World Order”  ?
    This is  the new. new, new,  order. 

  34. This turns Texas  Blue.  And ends  40 years of their view. 
    Talk about a “Black Swan”. 
    Texas begs for plumbers . 

  35. This last week was  was the most expensive  weather  event in American history .  And it landed on  on the insurance  under riders .
    Good luck with that fight. 

  36. Hark- as silly as my contrarianism is, you assholes arguing with it is doubly-so.
    Just laugh at the jokes, Jesus🙄✌️

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