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  1. sturge, who needs cable? get your news from a-holes and compost for free at same time.

    btw, is that an old 70s TV depicted there? 

  2. guess the alternative facts news can’t find anything more about joe then his poor old dog to fuss about.  here’s msnbc taking up for champ

    Why did Newsmax’s Greg Kelly decide to go after the Bidens’ dog? MSNBC’s Brian Williams takes a look. Aired on 02/20/2021.

    not surprising kelly reminisced about every other past prez dogs except obama’s Bo. RW cancel culture even when it comes to dogs.

  3. There is a lot of good stuff on TV, like science and genealogy shows on PBS (or cable channels if you’ve got ‘em).
    There is also a lot of cheaply-produced garbage on TV, like crime shows and so-called reality shows.
    That’s just my opinion. Ultimately, it’s to each, his/her own.
     Art (or sh\+) is in the eye of the beholder.  

  4. Just briefly acquired HULU in order to watch NOMADLAND.  For those who like quiet, sensitive, brilliantly acted films, it is worth it.  Frances McDormand is a national treasure.


  5. I get a lot more done if I listen to music than when I have the TV on for background noise. Those pictures pull focus. 

  6. Ha!  Shows Zappa as a cat person….   love it!
    and yes…  I too watch tv…  and gonna keep on doing it…

  7. also on the good side,  more journalism than opinionating in 70s TV news 

    and there was no Fox in the hen house

  8. Melting and falling ice/snow.  Some landed on a neighbor’s car.   Some broke the lamp outside my garage.  The metal is dented, it’s listing to one side, and two panes are broken out of the lantern. 

  9. Bad side of TV now:  constant multi commercial interruptions with show dialogue in two minute clip scenes.  Shows used to have only one or two sponsors with beginning and end and one middle break for ads.  

    Shows in the 70s were about 25 min per half hour.  Now they are 21/22.

    You have to pay for no ad network streaming to maintain continuity of the stories.


  10. yeah, even pbs is having to throw in a commercial now & then.  republican congresses are to blame for that – — no fed $$ anymore. they attempted to close it down altogether just like they’ve done with usps and the nat’l parks in their pursuit of the almighty privatized dollar.

    also there was better service and more of it for the common folk when they could more easily get around with subsidized rail service to even the smallest podunk train stops.   but

  11. Cable was supposed to be free of commercials.  Then they put a Dr. Pepper machine on the set of the MTV studio.  Before you knew it, Martha Quinn was doing live ads for feminine hygiene products between videos.  Commercial chaos ensued.  The price of having cable went up and we had to put up with ads, too.

  12. I first got cable around 1975. Got 12 broadcast channels as I recall. Also ordered HBO, which I thought was wonderful. No commercials, movies all the time. Beat shit out of the 4 channels we had before that – and no static. 

  13. Saw The Mothers of Invention in Cheviot Hills  Park  June of  1967.  We all attended a riot later that evening. 

  14. I thought it was invented in the 80s.  I don’t remember much programming beyond MTV, HBO, and Nickelodeon. We didn’t have cable, but some houses where I had babysitting jobs did, and, we had cable at college.

    There were ~interesting~ cable access shows.  Anyone could have a show, it seemed.  The precursor to YouTube, I suppose.

    There was a guy in St. Louis (I think) who had cats named Caffeina and Nicotina.  He would pretend to play them like a saxophone.  And I would watch, fascinated that he had a TV show.

  15. Well, I didn’t fall and break my hip, and the water pipes rode it out. 
    Funny how good that makes me feel. 

  16. Johnson speaking at a DNC fundraiser  just across the I-10  at Century City.  We were supposed march past the hotel  make a loop and march back to the park.  The LAPD had other plans. 

  17. The speakers that day were Dr. Spock  , and Mohammad Ali .
    I shook Ali’s hand , it wrapped around mine and it disappeared in his.  They were huge. 

  18. CC –
    I’d like to add my name to the list  of  supporters of the last post. 
    Here’s the Trump platform  going forward ……………
    “Government doesn’t work , elect us and we’ll show you how bad it can get” 

  19. Former President Donald Trump is slated to speak at next week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, according to two people familiar with the appearance.
    Trump will “be talking about the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement,” one of the people said. “Also look for the 45th President to take on President Biden’s disastrous amnesty and border policies.”


  20. Harvey   was our most costly disaster  yet , this storm is going to run over it like a crosstown bus.  And insurance companies are going to pick up a huge tab, on this one. 

  21. I watch , “This Old House” ,  they wrapped a house today,   redone during the during the past year. 
    Tom Sliva  said this –
    “The price of lumber used in an average has gone up by $10,000 since one year ago. 

  22. Zap was the guy……saw him and Tim Buckley upstate oncet……. listened to all of Lenny Bruce’s concerts which were on Zap’s record label.   
    “Whoooooooo could imagine……..that they would Freak Out in Minnesota……”

  23. tRUMPsky at CPAC will take the focus offa Ted.   Still hoping for a rogue lightning bolt on his golf outing. 

  24. The one big thing in my life is to avoid that  electric  shopping cart . 
    I crossed the western deserts  with 25 cents,  I jumped the trains  out of San Berdo.  I kissed all the Mormon girls. 
    And no I have not  been looking for a shot.  I am ready to go. 
    When this thing hits me , I’ll fold like a cheap tent.  

  25. The most expensive  humans on the planet  are people like me,  in America .  We have made this entire system that keeps  old white guys  like me alive,  and let’s little kids  in South LA  breath diesel  soot. 

  26. Poor Ted , his balls are in a vice, ……………… 
    I saw a clip of Matthew  Dowd, when they went for a short meeting , they invited  Ted.

  27. Pence is not going to CPAC.
    He knows it’s just a KKK rally since tRUMPsky will be there.

    Will it only be sponsored by the pillow jerk?
    Anyone else sponsoring CPAC should realize they would be condoning domestic terrorism.

    CPAC will show us if there is anything actual Republicans can salvage from tRUMPsky’s dumpster fire.

  28. Our new world is being forged  in this mess.  Plagues have always  over thrown the old order.  Every time,  hell of a time to be alive.  This is the fall of the   feudal system.
    I am really pissed I will miss it. 

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