When You Hate Government You Don’t Govern

I blame Ronald Reagan for the mess in Texas. He turned a generation plus of Americans against government, who’ve elected his acolytes ever since, Republicans who can’t govern because they don’t want to govern, because they hate government. And when there’s a crisis, be it COVID, a foreseeable and deadly utility tragedy, or whatever, we find out what happens when an anti-government political party is in charge.


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  1. when you hate gov’t you don’t govern. you  go to cancun

    the hill:

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz‘s (R) wife invited a number of friends and neighbors to join them on a last-minute Cancun getaway this week as winter weather left millions without power in the Lone Star State.
    In group messages obtained by The New York Times, Heidi Cruz stated that her house was “FREEZING” and invited an unspecified number of people to join her family for a trip to the Mexican vacation spot until Sunday.
    The messages, which were verified by a second, unnamed person in the thread, invited the friends to join them at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun and noted the room price this week at $309 per night. She added that her family has stayed there “many times.” 

  2. from politizoom:

    This is great. Comedienne Blaire Erskine did a wonderful parody of a Ted Cruz spokesperson. It’s just just the right touch of sanctimony. This is a woman who could take over for Hucky Boo Boo Sanders or Kayleigh McEnany at the podium in the White House briefing room.
    Now the comedy is one thing, but the reaction was something else.
    [shows some tweet reactions here]
    It doesn’t speak well for either Cruz nor Texas Republicans that this could be thought to be real. But on the other hand, we have listened to things said on a daily basis that are so far out there that they boggle the mind and they’re real, so we’re conditioned for this. What is odd about Cruz “needing an eat, love, pray day like everybody else?” It sounds very normal.

    I can’t wait to see this woman do one for Louie Gohmert. Or Matt Gaetz. Or Jim Jordan. That ought to be something, too.

  3. Martian Tribune, Trumpuary 5th, 2164:

    ”Despite Replacement Mars Colony Also Destroyed by Stray Gunfire, 2nd Amendment is Clear, Gun-Rights Advocates Say”

  4. Senator Ted Cruz decided to hop on a plane to Cancun with his family for a vacation while fellow Texans are freezing and without power, pictures of him at the airport went viral and backlash was so severe that he had no choice but to immediately book a flight home, United Airlines put out a new video in an attempt to distance themselves from the controversy, Ted released a statement claiming that he was just trying to be a good parent by taking his kids on vacation, the Mexican tourism industry is getting a big shot in the arm thanks to the news coverage, COVID scammers are running wild, Jimmy has a new idea for getting Americans to trust the vaccine, NASA’s Perseverance rover completed its journey to Mars, and an exclusive interview with Ted Cruz! If you want to pitch in and help those who need it right now in Texas, our local affiliate in Houston, ABC 13, has teamed up with the Houston Food Bank. Just text “ABC13” to 41444. For every $1 donated, 3 meals will be given to those who need them.

  5. Bink & patd are on fire this morning. 
    By the way, Goobernor Gregg Abbott got four Pinocchios for his frozen windmill lie.

  6. Welcome back to the real world.

    The United States has officially rejoined the Paris climate accord. That was the easy part.

    Friday marks the first day the country is again part of the international agreement meant to stop the world from warming past a critical climate change threshold — a global average of 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.

    Now the Biden administration will try to make up for lost time and repair the country’s standing among nations in the global fight against climate change after President Donald Trump made the United States the only nation to drop out of the accord.

    From his first moments in office, President Biden signaled he is serious about curbing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and prodding other nations to do the same, repeatedly calling rising temperatures a crisis and an “existential threat” to civilization. Hours after being sworn in, he sent a letter to the United Nations kick-starting the 30-day process for rejoining the landmark 2015 accord that had been brokered under his old boss, President Barack Obama.

    As Gregg wrote, “I ain’t wastin’ no more time…”

  7. Bob Dole never seemed to hate government. I guess Ronny didn’t get to him?
    With Ted Cruz, it’s the avalanche of lies. His kids wanted to go with friends. Nope, it was planned with adults. He was going to drop them off (his giant suitcase, in tow). Nope, he was going to stay the week. He re-booked his return flight yesterday morning. He’s a worthless liar.

    Where is John Cornyn? A tweet here and there, but no actual help. He’s just worthless.

  8. Hell….  I think one can blame the election of trump to the presidency on Ronald Reagan.  The right has been building toward total bat shit crazy since RR.  Let’s hope that trump is the last gasp of what’s been accumulating on the right since the 80s.

  9. If they planned to go for a week, they would’ve had a pet sitter, but if no power????   He claimed it was a rescue, but I haven’t been able to find if that’s true.  Normally, folks give a little publicity to the rescue organization.   The dog is white and his/her name is SNOWFLAKE, if reports are true.

  10. My favorite thing about Cruz story is how “friends” and neighbors his wife texted quickly gave them up to media. Says a lot. 

    It’s like a saying I heard in 2016 campaign, there are two types of people: those who hate Ted Cruz…and Ted Cruz. 

  11. That level of  ~friendship~ will come in handy in sinking his presidential run.   He’s as horrible as SFB, but smarter.  This week shows that his hubris can cloud his decisions.  Not hard to be smarter than SFB.

  12. I like Ted Cruz better than most of my other colleagues like Ted Cruz.
    And I hate Ted Cruz.
    —Al Franken

  13. “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends… I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life”

    John Boehner calls Ted Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh,” “miserable” SOB

  14. Why hate Cruz as soon as you meet him? To save time. 
    I still can’t imagine how Beto didn’t beat that evil garbage heap. 

  15. ERCOT says the power grid is back, but want folks to conserve energy.  So, it’s back if we don’t abuse it.   It’s 30 degrees! 

  16. Local news.  The food/water lines are massive for those venturing out, which you do if you’re hungry and have hungry kids.

  17. I can’t figure out how Cornyn beat MJ, either.  There’s no there, there. 
    Texas has two of the worst senators, at the moment. 

  18. the hill:

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday ripped Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) for flying with his family to Cancun, Mexico, as Texas was hit with a devastating winter storm, specifically responding to reports that the senator left his dog behind. 

    Don’t vote for anyone you wouldn’t trust with your dog,” Clinton tweeted Friday, without explicitly naming Cruz. 

    Reporter Michael Hardy on Thursday took a picture outside Cruz’s Houston home, in which the family’s poodle, Snowflake, can be seen looking through a glass door. 

    The image quickly went viral on Twitter, with Hardy later adding that a security guard at the home was left to take care of Snowflake. 

    Hardy noted that the power in Cruz’s home was out when his family left for Mexico, and that it came back on while he was gone, adding “Snowflake was in the cold for part of a day, but it could well have been longer.” 


    Snowflake quickly gained notoriety and sympathy from Twitter users, with one parody account, @TedCruzPoodle, gaining more than 2,500 followers by Friday afternoon. 

    The account’s Twitter bio reads, “Hi! I’m Ted Cruz’s poodle, Snowflake, living my best life while Texas freezes over & my a-hole dad is in Cancun. #Justice4Snowflake #TedFled.” 


  19. BiD & TT, uncle joe to the rescue according to the hill:

     “I had planned on being in Texas the middle of next week, but what I don’t want to be is a burden. When the president lands in any city in America, it has a long tail, and they’re working like the devil to take care of their folks,” Biden said when asked at the White House about plans to visit the state after giving remarks to the virtual Munich Security Conference.

    “If in fact it’s concluded that I can go without creating a burden for the folks on the ground while they’re dealing with this crisis, I plan on going,” he said, adding that he hoped to make a decision on timing early next week.


    Biden spoke on Thursday with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), and he “expressed that his administration was at the ready should the State of Texas or any other impacted region need additional federal disaster support or assistance,” according to a White House readout.

    The federal government has already signed disaster declarations for Texas and other affected states. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has supplied 60 generators to support critical sites in Texas including hospitals and water facilities, as well as 729,000 liters of water, more than 10,000 wool blankets, 50,000 cotton blankets and 225,000 meals.


    was this a faster response than former administrations in past to disasters?  and was the aid offered prior to gov’s declaration (if one had even been declared that is)?

  20. back in 2016 CNN reported:

    South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham thinks his party has gone “bats—” crazy, and joked Thursday that it’s possible to get away with murdering Ted Cruz if it happened in the Senate.

    “If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you,” the former presidential candidate said at the Washington Press Club Foundation’s 72nd Congressional Dinner, referencing the Texas senator’s unpopular reputation on Capitol Hill.

  21. It seems to me that SFB didn’t want to help our blue states.  President Biden is a bigger man.    He’s right, too, a presidential visit pulls a lot of resources (traffic, etc.) and focus.   SFB would be here throwing paper towels at us.   Just send FEMA aid to those in need and make sure store shelves are restocked for those with money.    There are many hurting from the pandemic for whom full store shelves mean little. 

  22. Move On has a petition to get rid of Abbott and Cruz, and, embrace the green, new deal.   

  23. I get Manchin’s point, sorry. I knew her, think she’s a hot head who could be trouble, a lone ranger likely to veer off the reservation. Biden better off without her. 

  24. They can’t all be home-runs🤷‍♂️
    Hey, cruz stood on the tailgate of a pick-up truck, a month and a half, ago, and issued thinly-veiled encouragements for insurrection, and then, yesterday, scurried home ASAP the instant twitter took him to task🙄

    …if “veiled” at all

  25. Bink – The Mars rover is collecting soil samples that will be picked up in about 8 years and will find their way to Earth in 10 years.  

  26. …prolly not smart to heat the atmosphere with rockets trying to colonize a planet because of the warming atmosphere, but what do i know🤷‍♂️

  27. BiD, yes. Same thing you see when jets fly at high altitudes. Contrails. Still a lot of carbon, but the visible stuff is water vapor for the most part. 

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