72 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Dies During Black History Month”

  1. bury that past leaving the horribles to their dismal fate and  move on because….

    today’s the day!

    ACK ACK ACK  Mars attack

    we come in peace (and hopefully not in pieces)

  2. beware the next invasion — not from mars — but just as crazy by the Q-a-nuts

    Washington (CNN)Nearly 5,000 National Guard troops will remain in Washington through March 12 due, in part, to concerns about potential violence stemming from online chatter among QAnon supporters who suggest former President Donald Trump could still be inaugurated on March 4, according to the top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee.

    “Some of these people have figured out that apparently 75 years ago, the President used to be inaugurated on March 4. Okay, now why that’s relevant, God knows, at any rate, now they are thinking maybe we should gather again and storm the Capitol on March 4 … that is circulating online,” Rep. Adam Smith, the panel’s chairman, said Wednesday during a hearing with defense officials.
    “Stuff like that circulates all the time, does it mean it’s going to happen, probably not, but if you want to help, tell them not to do that, tell them that the election is over. Joe Biden won. It was a free and fair election, and let’s get to work, that too would help reduce the well I don’t know fear/paranoia that people feel that requires everything that we’re seeing around here,” he added.
    The request for 4,900 National Guard troops to stay in Washington through March 12 was made by US Capitol Police, defense officials said Wednesday, adding that the Pentagon is working with relevant law enforcement agencies to determine what an appropriate force presence looks like now that the threat landscape has changed in the weeks since Biden’s inauguration.
    The request for 4,900 National Guard troops to stay in Washington through March 12 was made by US Capitol Police, defense officials said Wednesday, adding that the Pentagon is working with relevant law enforcement agencies to determine what an appropriate force presence looks like now that the threat landscape has changed in the weeks since Biden’s inauguration.
  3. I am very content about Republicans having to see how far they can stick their noses into the orange buttcleavage.  That’s all they deserve. 

  4. I demand that Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and every other seditious critter in Congress make a public statement denouncing this March 4th nonsenses.  What? You mean they won’t say it because they want to keep stirring the pot/feeding what they hope will be their base? ~I’m shocked.~

  5. Russel Honore is an honorable man, as the name suggests.  Josh Hawley is a little piece of shit, as Lt. Gen. Honore suggests.  Heed the suggestions.

    We had another cute snowstorm last night – 3 or so inches of the forecast 3-5.  I swept it off the back deck and steps for the dog and shoveled it from the office steps and sidewalk.   Must have taken me 3 minutes at home and 10 at the office.  What little snow is still falling isn’t worth paying attention to.  Of course the streets are a mess and there are way too many idiots driving around in small light cars and in cars and trucks they have no idea how to drive in snow, so it’s a jungle out there, so to speak.

    Found out that my niece and her family in Houston were affected by the power outages.  They do have a whole house generator (powered by natural gas) which kept their heat on, but they of course have the same woes with water as everyone in that area.  They have it, but they’ll be under a boil water order for a while.  All told, they did alright. 

    I hear that of the 3M that were without power, 2.5 now have it restored.  Hmmm, I wonder if the wind turbines are spinning yet. I’m guessing not – but that the coal/oil/gas producers got around to getting generators working and pipes thawed.  

  6. OMG Craig…  the irony of that escaped me yesterday!
    What???…   was Tucker trying to tell the truth with that graphic???

  7. This may surpass hurricane Harvey.  First comes the freeze, then the thaw and flood, then comes the mold. 

  8. if you’ve got cable and don’t want to livestream on computer, NASA tv channel starts at 2:00 est with perseverance coverage 

  9. bink, the former prez wasted far more than that the past 4 years just on grifting the gov to pay for all his trips including making entourage stay at his properties.

    spending gov $$ for perseverance rover and ingenuity drone is a bargain comparatively

  10. Texans, Where was Ted Cruz when you were freezing in your own homes, when store shelves were empty, when the water wasn’t safe to drink, when frozen pipes were flooding your homes and businesses?    Campaign on THAT!

  11. The Texas grid was designed to avoid federal  regulations , stuff like “winterizing”.  They got away with it for  years.  Then it  bit us in the ass.
    This has  officially become “Unfun” . 
    Ted Cruz is coordinating relief efforts from Cancun . 

  12. jamie, i liked the photo of your neighborhood winter scene. i’ll trade you one.  here’s what it looks like a little further east of you:  

    this morning’s view off my north porch looking at Laverne, Shirley & Ethel’s old kenCLUCKY home at Fort CHICKamauga. 

    they’re getting coop cabin fever but still laying an egg now and then.

    Image preview

  13. Saw a story on the drone team leader.  Plucky young woman , really hard job flying in that thin “air”.
    Hope it works. 

  14. Kennedy-era propaganda

    …not trying to be contrarian for its own sake, this Mars zeitgeist makes me angry. Even if we completely destroy THIs planet, it will still be more habitable than that one.

    i found value in the recent solar probe, although, to be fair, i didn’t make any cost analyses of it. The sun affects us all, Mars is a dead rock

  15. if they find a living bacterium (they won’t) what would be the implications?  Religious kooks will finally respect the scientific method?  Do we get to justifiably thumb our noses at them?  if so, i might be persuaded.

    i simultaneously think it’s neat, and a waste. Enjoy👍🇺🇸

  16. And the electric  drill that runs on batteries , that one invention has saved zillions in man hours. 

  17. …must be why cordless drill batteries are so expensive, the cost of escaping Earth’s gravity is priced-in

  18. We got Teflon and Velcro out of the deal, too.   And, Space Food Sticks!  Plus, landing on the moon crushed the Soviet psyche.

  19. I’m no geek, but I thought the Space Pen I had that would write upside down was pretty cool.  I do happen to think that scientific endeavors have intrinsic value whether or not a pen, advances in computers or velcro result. Just as an example, Hubble may have been (still is?) a colossal waste of money, but regardless of anything else that may have come from it, we got some great pictures. I think the Mars Rover is cool, and I’d rather see my tax dollars spent on that than on another 3% of the Pentagon budget (although the rover itself is only 1/10th of the budget).

  20. According to the fount, we’ve named a number of things mistakenly attributed to spinoffs from NASA – they would be Tang, cordless drills, Space Pens, Teflon and Velcro, but we missed a crapload of cool stuff that WERE developed for the space program that we use all the damn time, like dustbusters and solar cells (OK, I could use the Dustbuster more often, but you get the drift).

  21. 130 million miles?   Wow.    That’s a fer piece, ain’t it…….

    And I hate just having to go to the corner.

  22. The Eygptians  just announced they uncoverd  an industrial size brewery  …..  
    Archaeological team co-led by Princeton’s Vischak identifies world’s oldest industrial-scale brewery at Abydos, Egypt, ca. 3000 BCE
    A team of American and Egyptian archaeologists excavating at the site of Abydos in southern Egypt has uncovered evidence of the world’s oldest known industrial-scale beer production facility. The ancient complex, more than 5,000 years old, had the capacity to produce enough beer to serve thousands of people in a single batch.

  23. With a 22 minute information exchange round trip it  kinda goes with out saying that responding to the unexpected won’t be terribly easy or effective unless the unexpected is a lot more patient than I am.

  24. I dragged  our “portable”  black and white TV  in my red wagon  to my 6th grade class to watch the first Mercury missions. 
    I knew , and my teacher did as well that this would eat up a lot of time , and fire our our little minds along  the line. 
    Hard to believe I lived to see all this. 

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