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  1. We can get a rover (and a chopper) to Mars, again, but we can’t heat homes in TX, nor secure safe drinking water, nor get either of our senators to care…or even to stay in the country.

    Ya think W didn’t care during Katrina? Get a load of Ted Cruz during the winter of 2021.

  2. Exploration –
    When Vasgo  made it around the Cape of Good Hope, and he got to Mumbai he caught two fishermen in the bay , and hung them from his yard arms. 
    Just to make a point.

  3. Ted had a giant suitcase in the airport (not an overnighter), so he planned to stay in Mexico.  Blame it on your daughters. Say you had to go with them to be a good parent.  It’s all BS, Ted.  Was he going to check that thing or be one of those a-holes that takes all of the overhead space for everyone in the section?

  4. And then we have John tits-on-bull Cornyn.  Man, I  wish MJ had won.

    OM – If you google his name, his tweets show up in the news feed. He’s still lying on behalf of the 1%.

  5. I saw a tweet expressing how the man felt good about watching the NASA control rooms cheering on a successful landing.  Many people spend years, even working lifetimes, planning, building, testing, building, retesting, launch and then something.  That can be a landing or orbit.  But the relief is so intense at knowing your work did something you planned it to do is huge.  There is actually a big cheer and happiness earlier which is usually not seen, that the rocket or spacecraft left the pad and did not explode.  Space travel is risky.  Then there is another point, usually only known to those in operations when the rocket is left behind and the whatever is first put to its paces to do something.  Work towards an orbit, or find a route out and off to a distant location.  There are many private cheers too, such as fixing a problem from Earth.  Many of the birds are not designed to be fixed once they leave the pad.  The job satisfaction of putting the new Mars rover in place has to rate as one of those things only a few people will ever experience.

  6. I’ve spent most of this day on zoom meetings and running around for this and that.  But I did manage to watch those elated scientists as that Rover touched down…  it was glorious!

  7. All joking aside, it is a spectacular accomplishment. 
    I still want to know how flies a drone with an 11 minute lag between the “pilot” and the drone, or am I reading this 11 minute thing wrong? 

  8. This Texas  rotten egg , is going to be as big as the defeat of Trump, the Georgia runoffs ,  the assault on the Capital, et al.
    The liberals have not been running Texas for a very long time , and like Trump, when a black swan  landed on their lawn , a lot of yada, yada, yada. 

  9. Pogo –
    Mimi has 30 Martinian  days to run 6 tests . All set in the drone  brain, all of it designed to test if they can do . That is pure engineering. 
    That’s the entire flight program.  If it’s still flying after that , ….. gravy. 

  10. I have  experienced  what Mimi is up against.  When you  take the helo above 8500 feet.  In the morning the air is cold and thick , by One o’clock it’s burning a lot more fuel just to stay in the air. 
    This thin air problem  is a really big deal , her teams answer ?
    A lot of horse power with a skinny design .
     This thing needs a nickname. 

  11. Ted lied.  He was scheduled to come back NEXT Saturday.  He re-booked his return trip this morning! 

  12. Pogo – there is a lot of history of landing on Mars.  It is well mapped and the surface 3D mapped too.  The new crafts have great radar and sensors to pick up where the thing is and what it is doing.  Plus, the full flight and landing is already planned and in memory.  The eleven minute delay is built into the flight plan, basically all that the bird is sending back is confirmation of where it was and any condition codes.  Once the command to land is sent this type of system executes it, there is no turning back.   Once the rover is operating then loads are sent to it to route it and run experiments.  The craft and rover have failure response modes and safe modes to handle problems which are not in the memories.  That is when commanding from Earth is necessary.

  13. A word on investing money –
    Corning Glass  invests in what they call , “patient money” . They made Edson’s  first bulbs .
    With they first produced  fiber optic glass , there was zero need for it.  And no one had any idea what to do with it. 
    NASA is “patient money”.

  14. Mimi had a baby, and   after six years   they named it “Ingenuity’. 
    She is a Mother of Invention. 

  15. By the way all, I have twice in the last month emailed both Flatus and X-repub to their address on file and gotten no response. Don’t want to borrow trouble but very worried. 

  16. Seditious Ted Cruz went on vacation to Mexico during a massive crisis in Texas, blamed the trip on his daughters, claimed he was being a good parent and just dropping them off,  re-booked his return trip this morning when he had originally booked his return for next Saturday.
    Lies, lies, lies.

    Lies lies lies yeah (They're gonna get you)

  17. The JPL shots  ……………
    Every team we see there is a fresh group , devoted to their mission , and their mission only .  It is a thing of beauty how they flow through those chairs.  Jupiter , Pluto, Mars. 
    I am reminded of the old SNL joke about Voyager and it’s gold  sound  track on the side. 
    Steve Martin reporting the first interstellar answer back –
    “Send more Chuck Berry”


  18. Sorry  CC 
    Cabin fever  here. 
    This woman is going to join Wiley Post,  two  French guys who flew chickens, Yager,  the Wright Brothers,  Greeks with wax wings , Lindbergh and  Amilia,  Count Zeppelin ,  John Glenn , etc. 
    But she is going to do it on another world ! 
    And she is perfect for our times.   I’d work myself to death if I was on her team. 

  19. Folks are getting creative; using melted snow to flush toilets with low water pressure.  

  20. You and I have our mugs hanging  in a  hallway  near Wales , Amigo . 
    We freaked those guys out. 
    There are a great many things you understand. 

  21. BiD…  here in rural NH, we all have septic systems and individual wells.  We lose power… we lose the ability to pump that water into our homes.  Melting snow in order to get water to flush a toilet is considered normal.

  22. CC –
    I ate over 100 acid trips , I dug my own peyote,  I ate good mescaline , I ate ergot  the fungus that drove the Salem Witch trials.  I ate mushrooms  . 
    And I smoked a box car of pot.  
    You don’t have to understand me anymore. 
    I’m just trying to type clever words here. 

  23. Ergot –
    A fungus that grows on rye in storage.  
    It is a rocket to crazy in 10 mins.  Then for the next hour  you float back to Earth. 
    Little wonder these people freaked out. 

  24. CC –
    As Charlie Blaze  said to me,  “Gravity  never sleeps”. then he pulled the collective  on the Lama.  And we rose straight up into the air  in a triangle  of power lines. 
    That was in Rifle, Colorado  we were all in a camp ground , sleeping in tents. 

  25. That job  made me. 
    We had two experimental  drills in the field , both had 2 engines.  Our lead field man , Spiffy and our best helper  crash a Jeep.
    I get the job ,  I  had both of these drills broke down in the hole. 
    Each one had lost hydraulic power.  Split hoses .
    And we had no way to make new ones. 
    I flew  50 gallons  of  ATF to the drills , and I tripped that steel out of the hole.  While those drills sprayed   ATF  all over Colorado. 
    Now we were down to 3 drills , just starting to drill that Volcano .
    There is a tube of glass  in Northwest  Colorado south of US 40 .  It is very very old.  To see it from a far it is just a hill. 
    It is the most amazing thing I ever saw,  the top , lets call it the nipple,  This  a deep Roman Red  with white  milky swirls in it , and Blue balls covered in white shells  are embedded in it. 
    It maybe  a 1,000 feet across. 
    It is the hardest rock I ever tried to make a hole in.  

  26. Thinning the herd , an abstract idea  until till you find yourself in the corral 

    Yep.  As I keep saying, human beings will figure out a way to do it for themselves gracefully or mother nature and general stupidity on a Darwinian level will get the job done.


  27. We utterly failed the contract .
    But I learned what to do , when you’re broke down in the hole.  In this lesson it was $5,000 in down hole rock hammers. 
    I saved the iron.  These were the good ones , Mission rock hammers .  They were  125  lbs each.  They ran so long ,when they stopped working,  it was  a major  effort to unscrew them. 

  28. BiD, couldn’t it have always been worse if you lived through it?  What a bunch of shit. Words uttered by people who were warm, clean and fed or just idiots. IMHO ONLY people who experienced the worst of this or that have standing to say such things. 

  29. “Such an interesting experiment on board is a device designed to convert carbon monoxide into oxygen. If that works humans can live there! “

    craig, and if they tweak the device a tad to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen maybe humans can also live here.

  30. i’ve seen mosquitos in Florida that look like ms. mimi’s Ingenuity.  it also resembles mayflies. wonder if they were her inspiration. 

    Image result for cartoon nasa perseverance

  31. Fuck living on Mars  let’s  us try to live in  South of Dallas. 
    We are not all moving to Mars. 
    There are no 7-11’s  on Mars. 

  32. Patd –
    It is wonderful design , you missed it . Water spiders , so light they walk on water . 

  33. The bed rock  ideas of the right  are as dead as Rush.  Their theory about government  is dead in Texas. 

  34. God am I so sad I can not watch another 71 years.  The fate of mankind.  And I’ll be dead. 

  35. Texas is still  pumping gas to hell to burn that fat bastard in  hell.
    He made $5oo Million , and our nation was  torn apart. 

  36. My entire theory about the American Right  –
    If Rush , and Ann  had a date to the prom , this would be a better world. 

  37. After trawling a shitload of obits trying to confirm my suspicions, a while back, i can tell you that COVID has killed a lot of accomplished, benevolent people that were assets to their communities

  38. headline from the future:
    ”Martian Parents Lobby for School Vouchers, Citing Liberal Bias in Martian School Curricula” 

  39. “Martian Epidemiologists Determine Majority of Covid-57 Transmission Happens in Polycarbonate Domes”

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