The Republican Party is Dead

What next? Back to the Whigs?

A party shrinking itself to racist white grievance defying democracy to maintain power has no future. Ignorant backlash is never a long term winning strategy. That’s what makes America great.


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  1. nawlins version of  fate hands lemons make lemonade adage:  Yardi Gras

    fate hands you pandemic make pandemonium

    click here from nola for more views



    and here for last night’s story at CBS news:


    laissez les bons moments rouler!

  2. gallup:

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans’ desire for a third party has ticked up since last fall and now sits at a high in Gallup’s trend. Sixty-two percent of U.S. adults say the “parties do such a poor job representing the American people that a third party is needed,” an increase from 57% in September. Support for a third party has been elevated in recent years, including readings of 60% in 2013 and 2015 and 61% in 2017.
    Meanwhile, 33% of Americans believe the two major political parties are doing an adequate job representing the public, the smallest percentage expressing this view apart from the 26% reading in October 2013.
    The latest results are from a Jan. 21-Feb. 2 poll. The survey was conducted before recent news reports that dozens of government officials in prior Republican administrations were in discussions to form an anti-Donald Trump third political party.
    The survey found Americans’ favorable opinion of the Republican Party has declined to 37%, while 48% view the Democratic Party positively. The poll also shows 50% of U.S. adults identifying as political independents, the highest percentage Gallup has ever measured in a single poll.
    Independents are usually much more likely than Republicans or Democrats to favor a third political party, but in the current poll, Republicans are nearly as likely as independents to hold this view, 63% to 70%. That represents a dramatic shift for Republicans since last September when 40% favored a third party.
    Republicans’ current level of support for a third party is also the highest Gallup has measured for Republicans or Democrats in Gallup’s trend. The previous high was 54% for Democrats in 2018. Currently, 46% of Democrats endorse a third party, down from 52% in September.
    Republicans’ record desire for a third party comes at a time when they are deciding whether to remain loyal to Trump or to move on from him.
    Currently, 68% of Republicans prefer that Trump remain the party leader, while 31% want the party to have a new leader. Republican-leaning independents, however, are divided, with 47% wanting Trump to continue leading and 51% preferring a new voice.
    Republicans’ preferences for a third party are similar among those who want Trump to continue to lead the party and among those who prefer a new leader.
    An analysis that takes into account preference for a third party — and preference of Trump leading the party — finds that 41% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents both favor a third party and want Trump to be the leader of the GOP. Meanwhile, 28% favor a third party but want a new leader for the GOP. The remaining 31% of Republicans and Republican-leaners either don’t want a third party or don’t have a preference on Trump’s future role in party politics.
    The possibility still exists that a pro-Trump or anti-Trump third party will splinter off from the Republican Party before then. However, that is something that party leaders like Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are trying to prevent.

  3. …also, not sure how reasonable people meet in the middle with people like Adam Kinzinger’s cousins.
    i appreciate Kinzinger👍🇺🇸

  4. You meet those people in the middle by telling them “GOOD-BYE” and tearing them out of your contacts.
    Life’s too short for dancing with nasty people.

    Actually, you don’t tell them a damn thing, you just disappear from their ken.

  5. below the most recent trend from that latest gallup poll showing 1/6 impact maybe:
    In politics, as of today, do you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat or an independent?
    Trend since 2004
      Republicans Independents Democrats
      % % %
    2021 Jan 21-Feb 2 25 50 25

    2021 Jan 4-15

    24 45 30
  6. Unfortunately since we have the Electoral College, third parties really foul things up.  You need direct popular vote or a complete switch to Parliamentary to have them make sense.


  7. Yep, Jamie. I’ve always wondered how we would handle switching to a popular vote if no one wins a majority. Bill Clinton was a plurality winner, but handily won Electoral College, so no problem. Would we say the top vote-getter wins? If there were 4 or 5 candidates with significant vote, we could end up with a president elected by 1/3 or less of the voters. That’d be weird. I guess the only solution would be a runoff, meaning two national elections, also weird. Or toss it to Congress to pick, even more weird. I dunno. Abolishing the Electoral College is more complicated than some think.

  8. from axios:

    NAACP sues Trump for inciting Capitol riot
    The NAACP filed a lawsuit Tuesday against former President Trump and far-right extremist groups in connection with the Jan. 6 Capitol riots that killed five people and injured dozens of officers.
    The federal lawsuit filed on behalf of House Homeland Security chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) shows that Trump continues to face legal problems stemming from the riot, even after he was acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial Saturday.
    The lawsuit — filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., by the NAACP and civil rights law firm Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll — accuses Trump, his attorney Rudy Giuliani, the Proud Boys, and the Oath Keepers of conspiring to incite a riot at the Capitol with the goal of preventing Congress from certifying the 2020 presidential election.

    • The lawsuit alleges that Trump, Giuliani and the far-right groups directly violated the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act by trying to prevent Congress from carrying out its official duties.
    • The insurrection forced members of Congress to hide under desks and in secure rooms as rioters damaged the building and shouted violent threats.
    • The NAACP said U.S. Reps. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) and Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.) intend to join the lawsuit as plaintiffs in the coming weeks. 

    The 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act allowed President Ulysses S. Grant to declare martial law, impose heavy penalties against terrorist organizations, and use military force to suppress the Ku Klux Klan right after the Civil War.
    Former Confederate soldiers had organized under the Ku Klux Klan to terrorize newly emancipated enslaved African Americans and stop them from gaining political power.

  9. The law was aimed at protecting against conspiracies. 
  10. What they’re saying: “The insurrection and coup attempt was really motivated by white supremacist behavior and domestic terrorists. The NAACP thinks it’s important for us to pursue a course of action on behalf of members of Congress,” NAACP President Derrick Johnson told Axios.
    “The attempt was to prevent the certification of the election and invalidate African American votes.”

  11. “We must hold (Trump) accountable for the insurrection that he so blatantly planned. Failure to do so will only invite this type of authoritarianism for the anti-democratic forces on the far right that are so intent on destroying our country,” Thompson said in a statement.
  12. Don’t forget: Some of the insurrection participants waved Confederate flags, wore racist and anti-Semitic clothing, and called for Vice President Mike Pence to be lynched,

  13. abcnews:

    The insurrection was the result of a carefully orchestrated plan by Trump, Giuliani and extremist groups like the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, all of whom shared a common goal of employing intimidation, harassment and threats to stop the certification of the Electoral College, said Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi.

    “The Defendants each intended to prevent, and ultimately delayed, members of Congress from discharging their duty commanded by the United States Constitution to approve the results of the Electoral College in order to elect the next President and Vice President of the United States,” the lawsuit said. “Pursuing a purpose shared by Defendants Trump and Giuliani as well as Defendant Proud Boys, Defendant Oath Keepers played a leadership role of the riotous crowd and provided military-style assistance sufficient to overcome any Capitol Police resistance.”

    With the benefit of not having to prove criminal allegations beyond a reasonable doubt, the civil lawsuit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., on behalf of Thompson in his personal capacity by the NAACP and civil rights law firm Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, sought unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. The lawsuit is suing Trump in his personal capacity, alleging that he acted outside the scope of his office when inciting the rioters.

    The lawsuit alleged violations of the Ku Klux Klan Act, which was passed in 1871 in response to KKK violence and intimidation preventing members of Congress in the South during Reconstruction from carrying out their constitutional duties. The statute was intended specifically to protect against conspiracies, attorney Joe Sellers said.

  14. note this important phrase from the above:

    “benefit of not having to prove criminal allegations beyond a reasonable doubt”


  15. BOOYAH!   whoopee! 

    if nothing else, it’s gonna cost the defendants a lotta time and money.  just think of the depositions and the resulting perjury cases. 

  16. I’m not all that hopeful about the NAACP lawsuit.  I think it may fall on a Motion to Dismiss for lack of standing, although the inclusion of Bennie Thompson may save it, but I’m really not familiar enough with the KKK Act to opine on the merits. But I say go for it.  Anything that has the potential of fucking with Dumbass, Giuliani and the A-holes who did Dubass’ bidding on January 6 is all right by me. One caveat – in federal court if a suit is found to lack merit federal judges are not all that reluctant to require the party bringing the suit to pay the defendants’ legal fees incurred as a result of the suit.

    And I don’t see anything at all surprising in the AEI survey results. Stupidity runs deep in the RW world these days.

  17. We should go to a voting system of ranking candidates, and, have a direct election. Time to ditch the EC.

    “…or whatever.” There’s your campaign slogan for the fascists aka Republicans.

  18. 80% of the Republicans, hmm do tell *insert chuckle*.
    Just from the links posted this morning about polls. 
    Gallup has Republicans at 25% of the people they polled.  So 80% 0f 25% is 20%, A much less scary number than the headline. The world is running scared of 20% of the electorate. 
    Other fun number, 40% of Republicans believe that political violence is necessary. That is 10% of the electorate and so far none of those 10% have risked any penalties or jail time for those actions. A little jail time for the idiots could easily cut that number in half.

  19. As to voting reform, For the primary
    1. do away with party affiliation voting. Most areas of this country are one party rules  so give the regular voter a chance to select the party candidate they most favor. Pick the top two.
    Parties are not constitutional.
    2 ranked choice voting. Lets you build a majority candidate.
    3. National qualifications to run in the primary. If you qualify then you run in every state.

  20. That 20% is armed and dangerous, and, there is a larger, unarmed/quieter number of folks who will side with the domestic terrorists and their orange monster of a leader…or Ted Cruz…or whatever. 
    Yep, it’s always lying under oath that gets them.  If they think their digital trail has bern deleted, they are wrong.  I truly hope Cruz is implicated in the planning and carrying out of the attack. He’s just evil.

  21. The evangelicals are running an ad about their religious freedom disappearing under the new administration.  
    Meanwhile, the tRUMPsky administration was the most un-Christian acting if that’s what they are basing their feelings on.  It is not.  They want to cling to racism and homophobia and misogyny.    Love one another.  They can’t even do that.  Strip them of their tax-exempt status is they are gonna talk politics.  An ad against a political administration seems like it proves they’ve crossed the line. 

    Work is shut down the rest of the week. More snow/sleet tonight, plus, power outages have made it impossible. Maybe this will slow down the virus a little if folks are stuck at home.

  22. pogo & craig, would any of the black voters* joining in from wisconsin, pennsylvania, georgia whose votes were put in jeopardy provide the standing you don’t think the NAACP & the congress critters (who were traumatized as well as kept from their constitutional duty) have?

    *particularly those who had to fork over money for lawyers to challenge any of those 60 lawsuits trump & co eventually lost

  23. Republican on NPR: Don’t  pay $15/hour to anyone under 26, because if they get a living wage, they won’t continue their education.  Yeah…but maybe the money would help pay for a certification of some sort, plus luxuries like food and rent.   Who in the hell thinks poverty is an incentive? A Republican. Who thinks $15/hour is sufficient for a lifetime and that folks will get complacent? A Republican. Make Republicans all live on less than $10/hour and listen to them whine. This is pure racism. They wrongly assume minimum wage will only lift up POC, and Republicans just can’t have that.

  24. patd, Poobah is correct – I do agree with him on the standing issue.  In its most basic terms standing requires a showing that the plaintiff(s) suffered harm as a result of the defendants’ actions in violation of the law relied upon as the basis for the suit. Like I said, I’m not familiar enough with the 1871 KKK Act (Also known as the Enforcement Act of 1871) to know whether the plaintiffs in this suit would appear to fit under its protections, but my recollection is that it was passed to keep the KKK in the South from terrorizing black folks to keep them from voting. It was one of 3 acts passed in 1870 and 1871 to enforce provisions of the 14th Amendment, but as to the details of that act – I don’t know them.

  25. Oh, and bear in mind, Federal District Courts do not use imagination to keep cases before them alive – just the contrary.  If they can find a way to bounce a case, they will.

  26. So what that Politico/MC poll tells me is that the base that was at 37-38% (arguably at 47% around election day) has shrunk by at least 4 points, but likely by more than that.

  27. Good to see you both BiD and CBob.  It sounds atrocious in Texas.  Ice sucks (we awoke to it, but it wasn’t that bad… no power outages around here)…  and you guys don’t have the stuff needed to deal with single digit temperatures.  Everyone around here has a wood stove as either their main source of heat or as back-up.  A good many of us have generators too.  I hope you continue to stay safe.

  28. Pogo: “If they can find a way to bounce a case, they will.”

    I learned that the hard way. Judges throwing me out for creative theories partly why I left law for journalism. My editors more tolerant. 

  29. phooey. you guys are party poopers. i was so enjoying the fantasy of all those depositions and discovery requests.

    if they haven’t a case then why would counsel not advise them accordingly and save some time and money?    can’t imagine their lawyers haven’t thought of every angle in re standing

  30. One of my coworkers has been without power (heat) since yesterday at 3am.  Today, it was treacherous walking where cars have ventured out, but I had to get out and move around.  More frozen stuff on the way.  There will be a huge ice storm south of DFW; we should get a mix with snow.  Hope TT is OK.  The power grid is stressed. 

  31. Just got 2nd Moderna dose at Dodger Stadium. It’s wide open and they didn’t check to confirm our appointments. All they checked was our 1st dose cards to make sure we were due for shot.  In and out in less than 4o min.  Hope this info helps someone.

  32. patd,  don’t cry in your beer yet.  This isn’t a run of the mill personal injury case, and the plaintiffs aren’t going to be footing the bills.  It’s something the NAACP wants to pursue because of the issue involved – which sounds like it may be their attempt to get back into the voting rights arena now that Dumbass and his DOJ are out of the way.  And I can’t say they don’t have a case, but I just tend to be realistic having swum in that pond before.  Haven’t seen the complaint and haven’t read that act (or any cases based on that Act) or the enabling regulations so there could indeed be a case out there with some legs.  I suppose we’ll see.  There is an alternative to dismissal at the outset assuming NAACP gets past the standing hurdle, and that is for discovery to proceed and see whether  the facts developed in discovery are sufficient that it survives the inevitable Motion for Summary Judgment that the defendants will file and supports a trial of the matter.  Let’s see how it plays out over the next month or two before we start laying bets on this one.

  33. i called my doctor’s office to see when i could get a vaccine, and their reply was, essentially, “don’t hold your breath”
    …so i will continue to😶

  34. BiD, glad I’m not in Dallas or anywhere north of there and west of the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys.  It’s definitely winter here, but not like what you, CB & Jack are dealing with.  Stay warm and safe.  

  35. Bink, I’m in a divided household.  My 2nd dose is scheduled on the 24th, but Mrs. P, being a few years younger than I am, is not eligible for the vaccine yet.  So getting the vaccine is nice in that I feel like if I go to Kroger and get the bug it won’t kill me, but since I can get it even after completing the vaccine regimen, I still have to act as if I haven’t to keep Mrs. P – who wouldn’t go to Kroger on a dare right now – safe.

  36. American Experience  last night did  one on Marion Anderson, and her snub by the DAR,  her tagline at the time was, ” The Voice of the Century “. 

    It finally came to a head in 1939 when Marian’s manager, Sol Hurok, and Howard University tried to secure a performance for her at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. The Daughters of the American Revolution, who owned the Hall, refused to accommodate Anderson. The rebuff was widely publicized when Eleanor Roosevelt, herself a member of the D.A.R., publicly resigned from the organization in protest. In her letter to the D.A.R., she wrote, “I am in complete disagreement with the attitude taken in refusing Constitution Hall to a great artist . . . You had an opportunity to lead in an enlightened way and it seems to me that your organization has failed.” Outraged, the “Marian Anderson Committee” formed to petition the D.A.R. and likened the organization’s action to those of Hitler’s racist regime.
    Marion Anderson standing before an audience in front of the Lincoln Memorial. April 20, 1952. Courtesy: Library of Congress

    In response, Eleanor and the Committee arranged for Marian to give her concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with the Mall of Washington as her auditorium.

    Eleanor got Harold Ickes  to ask the President to OK the permit for  the Lincoln gig.
    FDR’s  response was –
    “She can sing on the top of the Washington Monument if she wants.”

    “Symbolically, the concert took place on Easter Sunday, April 9, 1939. The sun was shining as 75,000 people of all races crowded together; the largest gathering to assemble there since Lindbergh’s reception in 1927. ”

  37. i’m still a total COVID loon, but i’ve relaxed my protocol a tiny bit concerning public spaces (that is to say: i’m reasonably confident with double-masks), it’s obviously not quite as contagious as i initially worried it was, but i’d still recommend to anyone else to avoid it like the plague😜💀

  38. i still sanitize my hands constantly, still wipe down cold groceries (ok all groceries), but i don’t scrub my floors constantly, or wash doorknobs 25x a day (maybe thrice).
    i don’t share air, that’s the key*

    *not an infectious disease expert, use all caution for yourself

  39. i’ll assert, also with some confidence, that if everybody just wore masks diligently 9 months ago, this pandemic would have been snuffed out; masks seem to be highly efficacious when utilized uniformly*

    *once again, not an infectious disease expert, exercise all caution independently 

  40. It’s 15 F degrees here @ 4 PM. 
    It’s 24 F degrees  in Anchorage , Ak. @ Noon .
    The Flying Monkey Air Force is running round the clock sorties. 
    I thought “Preacher Pat’s” head was going to explode this morning .

  41. If you don’t want Bill Gates’ Mark of the Beast, then wear a cotton mask, ya friggin’ moron*

    *obviously not directed to any of you wise folk**

    **ok, pardon me✌️

  42. Bink –
    Re Masks :
    The seasonal flu count  is way down.  That right there , is proof of your observation. 

  43. ***…must report that general participation has been pretty good, locally, but there was still at least two assholes, today, struttin’ around sans mask🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄****
    ****hacked account

  44. ‘We have seen nothing like this’: ERCOT CEO says agency still can’t predict when Texas power outages will end during Q&A

    Over 15 years  ago , I noticed is would be the tagline of  the future –
    ” We’ve Never Seen this Before ”  , back then it came every few months , now  it’s a daily dose. 

  45. Greg Abbott just gave a hilarious interview on local news. He’s signed an EO to investigate ERCOT. He sounded like he’d been pounding Red Bulls. Generators are broken and there’s no timeline to fix anything. Natural gas (pumps, I guess) are frozen. It’s a Republican cluster.

  46. As for tRUMPsky going after Yertle, he asked for it.  He had a chance to lead those Republicans who would follow him to convict the bastard and prevent him from running, again.    They eat their own. 

  47. When pavement is not  plowed –
    Our paved surfaces  are now very  ” lumpy” .  The entire outside world  will eat you , if you crack your door. 

  48. bid – cold, eh?  I just saw something about the natural gas freezing down there.  Well, the problem is not the gas, it does not freeze.  What happens is the water and wax in the gas freezes then blocks the valves and then the pipes.  The only way to clear the valves and lines is to thaw and melt the blockages.  The northern fields have trucks that produce steam which is used to heat things.  I don’t think North Texas crude has a need for steam – usually.  If the gas is coming down from Colorado and Wyoming then Texas is still not ready for blockages. 

  49. YES !
    They do wear really cool hats !
    But that’s not a world view, it’s what German’s do .
    Now they make really cool cars, and really crazy porn. 

  50. BB – So, Gov. Abbott’s EO for an ERCOT investigation isn’t necessary.  You just answered it.  A rare weather event
    and crystallized water in the mix. He really did sound more animated/amped up than I’ve ever heard him.

  51. Blue B –
    The News Hour just ran with this very topic. 
    A. The wind turbines are running near what is expected 
    B. All other forms of “thermo” energy  are falling down. 
    ( This involves water , and  that it freezes. )
    Then the real nut of the whole thing  came into focus .
    And along with it , a beautiful title for it .
    A National Electrical Architecture
    Our power grid  is man’s largest , and most complex  “patch work quilt “.
    And it’s all old to boot . 
    This is golden moment for Uncle Joe , and the “left” .
    All of this green electric  gets better when we can move it all around .
    Case in point –
    There is a big fat nuke plant setting East and North of  Phoenix.  We cannot crank it up.  There are no wires to El Paso . 
    Texas made it’s self  into an island. 
    One more thing …………..
    Years ago there was , “An Energy Crises ” in the North. 
    Texas was wearing this sticker on her pick-up bumper –
    “Let The Bastards Freeze In The Dark”

  52.  It is events like this week that you plan and build for, Just like  they should be planning on multi days of 100 degree plus weather in July and August with a mega drought.
    If you live out here on the great plains you know these massive cold waves  happen sometimes with frequent regularity. It is not uncommon for cold weather to come flying down the edge of the Rocky mountains locking up the great plains from Canada to Mexico. Don’t tell me they have never seen such problems or are caught by surprise. That is just an admission of incompetence on their part.
    In the last 40 years we have changed the way our grids and backup power work, the new system has fail. I suspect for the same reason our banking system failed in 2008, Too many people cut too many corners. Most days it was never a problem.

  53. This is not a disaster for Uncle Joe , it’s  a golden moment for him,  Texas talks of session .
    Of all the  disaster payments of any state , Texas  is #1 .
    Year in year out. 
    Flooding the “Energy Capital of the World”   is not cheap, and we’ve been doing that more and more. 

  54. I attest to what  the “old pattern” was , and what we see it here. 
    The point is,  the entire system is getting “snakeyer ” and  “blockier” .
    On the edges of this pattern  run really mean lows .
    See typhoons .

  55. Walley –
    I  paraphrase , his words .
    ” The Climate can be a really mean beast , and we are poking at it with sticks “

  56. To understand a good article from WaPo

    What has sent Texas reeling is not an engineering problem, nor is it the frozen wind turbines blamed by prominent Republicans. It is a financial structure for power generation that offers no incentives to power plant operators to prepare for winter. In the name of deregulation and free markets, critics say, Texas has created an electric grid that puts an emphasis on cheap prices over reliable service.

    LOL, just the little things. Like winterize your diesel fuel so it doesn’t turn to jelly. 
    Ha They should have been driving big rigs hauling that produce from California to NYC Just one time setting in a cold truck waiting for a tow and you learn for a lifetime.

  57. Jack –
    It is not a new system , in fact it is no system. 
    It’s a Pollock painting  with new drops on it.

  58. Just life on the great plains, too damn hot, then too damn cold.
    BTW anybody who stuck their head out yesterday knows the wind was blowing,  so don’t blame the wind turbines

  59. Bob, back when we had real hard winters, 78 79, 80 we didn’t have this problem We had local robust systems that came on line. All that has changed You and I are locked into system that goes from North Dakota all the way down to your world. As the article points out they are doing it on the cheap, it is just like the “Just in time manufacturing” which works great until your supplier closes because of covid.

  60. My bro is part of KC metro area, although he’s kinda in the country, so he may experience rolling blackouts. 

  61. My company had to shut down for the week. With the power going up and down willy-nilly they are afraid it will fry the server if there’s a surge.  Nobody can get to the office anyway, but now no work from home, either.   Whatta cluster.

    TT may be without power.

  62. The world’s largest ship parking lot. 
    Australia bet on  coal .
    What did they get ? 
    A  billion dead animals , and China twisting their cajones. 
    The Rupert Plan is Dead  as well. 

  63. Found it  …………………


    Bohai Bay

    While there have been some reports suggesting China will allow more Australian coal cargoes to dock, mapping data from MarineTraffic today shows Bohai Bay is the world’s largest shipping parking lot. Bohai Bay terminals are where most coal carriers have been held up in recent months.6 days ago

    Aussie coal ban bites, Bohai Bay becomes the world’s largest … › aussie-coal-ban-bites-bohai-bay-become…





  64. I think they turned down the power to our street lights. It is also one of the ways the city saves money, our lights have slowly been getting dimmer. But tonight I thought they were out but they are there it is just really dark out.
    BID so far not in KC innercity but out in Kansas, Johnson county overland park area they did some yesterday. Don’t know about today but the warning was out.
    Everybody is busy passing the buck claiming it is all out of their hands, somebody else is forcing them…..

  65. Sounds like it’s time for electric grid infrastructure week, month, year(s). To apply an old saw, Rome wasn’t built in a day, AND it didn’t fall in a day (more like 80 years – a period that was longer than from the beginning of WWI through the 1st GHWB US war against Iraq, or if you prefer, from the beginning of the age of the automobile to the first internet virus) Time to do some planning, spending and building. 

  66. BTW Joe is doing a great job at the town hall CNN is sponsoring tonight. It’s so nice to have a thoughtful adult discussing the problems we face as a country without demonizing half of the country. 

  67. Young Crawford  –
    Get a grant , and call this place a ,
      ”  Long Term Care Facility “.
    We are a long way from that campfire at the ” Fish Camp “.

  68. Try it , google  Colorado Bob , open the first link, tell me what you see .  I need to know. 
    My plan may have worked. 

  69. Why did Joe have to fly to WI?  I guess more personal if not just a zoom call, though. 

    Jack, He’s just outside of the OP.

    I just discovered this band called the Moody Blues. Listening to “Question” on repeat.

  70. Robert Gambell  gave me my name . 
    A little known blues man  trying for fame. 
    What happened to Robert ? 
    You mean ” Colorado Bob ”  ?
    He ran off to the woods  to become , ” a granola cruncher ”
    That was 51 years ago. 
    His  dad gave the best advice ever. 
    ” Bob, what you want to do is to get to where a whole lot of money is changing hands , and hope some of it sticks to you. ” 

  71. No one ever remembers second  .
     I am one man they are a bar. 
    They were in the lead for years. 
     I have been off this effort for years. 

  72. Jack –
    It’s my electric  tombstone , we are all kings at heart. 
    We want the future to know us.  Even if we lay  in a pauper’s grave.
    I am that asshole who believed that making leather art   was a path to  fortune,  boy was I wrong . 

  73. My work is in the  Autry  Museum of the West .  Little kids touch it . 
    I made a gourd   canteen  for my contact there.  I lined it with beeswax.  It was encased in raw hide  with a  sling , the “stopper”  was a deer antler. 

  74. They found a horse in Utah. It was  just after the Spanish started losing them .
    She was a mare  with signs of wear ,  12 years old , buried in a pit in  a  18,000 year-old  lake.

  75. In 1720  the  Comanche  came in force to the Taos Fair.  All of them were  riding horses , this is a big deal. 
    They had found a game , steal  from weak missions , and sell the slaves, back !
    This  went on for well over a hundred years.  
    Then the  Texans  came . 
    There is a place North of me , where   R S Mackenzie shot every horse the  Comanche  owned. 
    We named a state park after him. 

  76. When the Spanish  got  there , the richest  place was Pecos.
    It was the Venice  of the West . 
    Robes , jerked meat ,  flint , slaves, horses.  Coming West.
    Pots, jewelry ,  beans, corn , furs , going East. 
    All of it was built on feet.
    Imus’s  place  is right next to it. 

    Big Medicene  at Pecos

  77. ” Hello Lama ” 
    ” What’s up Bob? ”
    ” We’re  ready to slam steel ”
    ” Rodger that “

  78. I flew with Charlie Blaze .  I water skied  across Yampa River  bare feet , at the end of his long line .
    He then took me out into the river , and made sure I was just as wet as every other one. 
    Charlie  hated ” nose pickers ” . 
    One morning at the LZ , the Amoco  guys  showed up.  
    We all mustered  for the big event. I looked at him, and he  picked his nose with his knuckle.

  79. The Lama  was loud , and very powerful .  It could pick-up it’s own weight at sea level. 
    One time  we were haulin’ ass out of the mountains above  Nephi .
    We were runnin’ a 50 ft , long line . This made the Lama faster, but it was hell under it .
    I’m  sitting  on this rock   watching  the ship fly up stream , and this rabbit crawls  around the base of pine tree.  Making sure that tree was between him and the Lama. 
    I laughed , and asked , ” Whats the matter Bugs ?  You never saw a Lama ? ”

  80. Louis was buying the beer.
    ” Louis  what are you going ? ”
    ” Bob, I’m jumping out of helicopters , and scaring the shit out of the wild life  ”
    ” Can you get me a job ?  “

    Because Tejas repubes don’t want to deal with the Fed., they have their own POWER GRID. They do get power from MEXICO. You can vet what I’m saying,  I don’t have time because Spectrum has been mostly out for days.
    ERCOT manages the power grid. They’ve pushed off to carriers like Oncor and providers like TXU the power problem, of course,
    This is what ya get with repube deregulation. There’s no oversight for ERCOT, et. al.  After the 1988 storm everyone said they should winterize the power plants.  And after the 2011 storm the same thing.  And here we are in 2021, the same thing. 
    The gas, coat, and nuclear plants are all frozen due to no winterizing.  NO power lines are down.  It’s not like the great ice storm of 1991 in Rochester, NY where lines crashed due to the weight of ice.  However, there’s supposed to ice tonight.  ha-ha And then power lines will be DOWN on top of everything else. We’ve had power because we live close to a firehouse.  People living close to hospitals also have power.  The rest, nope. They’re counting in hours how long the area has been below freezing, 32.  Last I hears was 144 hours.
    Warming centers are open for the homeless creating a covid super spreading event.  All the stray animals are dead by now.  Frozen to death.
    The only reports on roads are freeways.  I went to the food store because there’s more storm coming tonight. They don’t report on the roads because there’s nothing to report.  Certainly no salt put down.  And no sand either. The main roads and side roads are pristine snow covered. And driving wasn’t bad if you’re from the north.
    In their wisdom, someone turned off the power to the Eagle Mountain water treatment plant.  Without power, they can’t move nor clean the water.  Genius!  So people are asked to boil water.  Boil if they don’t need electricity to boil anything.
    DART light rail trains have been still for days.  Covid vaccines have stopped for days in an already f’ed up distribution system.
    Hotels with power are full.  Price gouging is running amuck.  One hotel room, the news said, was $900/night.  A women at DFW airport was charged $200 to get home in an adjacent town.  Greed, repube greed at it’s best.
    All this and more due to republicans not wanting to deal with the Fed. This is what no oversight, no government control, free markets, and regulation  gets ya. And when Tejas succeeds from the union, it’ll be even worse than this. I went to the food store. Dairy, produce, meat, and bread were empty.  No transport. Trucks can’t get here. If everything were deregulated, it’d be like a banana republic, more than it is now.
    Keep voting republican.  Keep getting screwed while they get theirs.

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