Lindsey Graham Is So Nuts

“The biggest winner, I think, of this whole impeachment trial is Lara Trump,” Lindsey Graham told Chris Wallace. “My dear friend Richard Burr, who I like and been friends with a long time, just made Lara Trump almost a certain nominee for the Senate seat”

Graham on Fox says he spoke to Trump. “He’s ready to move on and rebuild the Republican Party. He’s excited about 2022. And I’m going to go down to talk with him next week, play a little golf in Florida. And I said Mr. President this MAGA movement needs to continue.”


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  1. the big mystery is why?  lindsey’s just been elected. safely employed with best benefits in the world for 6 more years. he doesn’t need the approval of the magaT in chief  – or does he?  what scandal lurks in the shadows?

  2. meanwhile, we have a pandemic to think about. here’s john with more than we want to know as usual

    As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.

    however, if you are still hung up on the disciples of the seven-headed beast, daily beast zeroed in on oliver vs cruz in another part of the show NOT in the above video:

    The HBO host cited Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who was also complicit in the Capitol coup and who was somehow allowed to consult with Trump’s impeachment attorneys.

    “Ted Cruz even met with Trump’s lawyers while the case was still going on, and told them this,” offered Oliver, before cutting to a clip of Cruz on his podcast confessing, “I said, ‘Look, you’ve gotta remember you’ve already won.’ There are not 67 votes to convict. There are 55 votes to convict, plus-minus two.
    Oliver proceeded to mock the spineless Cruz for shamelessly choreographing the GOP Senate’s plan like a Bond villain, and called the impeachment trial “a complete charade.”

  3. lest we forget today is president’s day.  this time last year SNL revisited some of them

    Celebrate some of the United States’ most influential presidents with SNL sketches like Ask President Carter and Clinton Apology Cold Open.


    back in 2012 CNN ran a story on another SNL reunion of presidents. this time (a more innocent time) without you know who.

  4. so far so good but ice everywhere and this area is to get more sleet, snow and perhaps enough wind this afternoon to topple the ice-laden trees which may cause outages.  last time this happened, there was no electricity for 11 days.  soooo don’t be surprised if i suddenly go dark for a few days. not to worry: plenty of wood for the wood stoves, plenty of food for all the animals including me and plenty of good books yet to be read or reread. 

  5. SFB learned nothing from being let off by the Senate for us first impeachment, so why wouldn’t Republicans vote to convict the second time around? Because Republicans are fascists.

    C’mon, Georgia. C’mon, NY. Someone send the Don and his crime family away. Like, let them scurry away to hide out in a foreign country.

  6. Everything in Dallas is socked in with snow and bitterly cold temps.  Rolling blackouts, as the power grid can’t keep up with demand.  A sparrow was huddled in my patio. I put a cardboard box and newspapers outside to try to help it survive, and, sprinkled uncooked quinoa under the bushes. Overnight, the quinoa vanished under a couple of inches of snow.

  7. When Florida is getting hit with sub thirty-two degree weather there are announcements to watch out for falling iguanas.  Is Texas issuing similar warnings?

  8. Poobah, I hear ya on that comment about feeling good saying happy president’s day.  
    So Mrs. P & I braved glazed roads in our community to get to the main roads into East Bumfuck this morning.  Sidewalks and parking lots were coated with ice and were absolutely hazardous.  Nothing like freezing rain to make a morning commute exciting.  We’er under an Ice Storm Warning and while there’s a gap from now until the afternoon, if the radar projection is correct we could be in for one hell of an afternoon and evening.
    So now it’s time to turn our backs on Dumbass (keeping an eye on legal developments against him of course) and move on to Biden’s agenda and appointments.  Time to start rolling back Dumbass’ bullshit at every opportunity.  I’m thinking Covid response and vaccination efforts and economic relief should be first on the agenda.
    Oh, and Lindsey – moron.  Lara Trump my ass.  

  9. BB, texas already has a problem with frozen armadillas.   see this from findlaw blog in 2011:

    Frozen Armadillo Assault: Man Attacks Woman With Roadkill
    A 57-year-old Dallas woman fell victim to such a crime late last month, according to new information released by police. She and her assailant met in a parking lot to negotiate a price for a frozen armadillo.
    Their haggling turned dangerous, and the man threw the dead animal at the woman.
    Most of you are probably inclined to ask the following questions:
    Why was the armadillo frozen?
    Why would anyone want a frozen armadillo? Or any armadillo at all?
    Luckily, this blogger has some answers.
    Texas’ unofficial state crime is the frozen armadillo assault because the state has prohibited the sale of live armadillos. They are known to carry mycobacterial leprosy, which can cause leprosy in humans.
    The bacteria is transmitted through contact with the armadillo’s tissue and blood. The law’s intent is to limit contact with the infectious creatures.
    Which brings us to the next question. The victim wanted to eat the armadillo, according to KDFW-TV. Yes, she wanted the frozen armadillo for food.
    Though its popularity has waned, the Department of Texas Parks & Wildlife explains that some people still eat armadillo meat. Anyway, Dallas police have yet to catch the man responsible for the frozen armadillo assault, but may file charges when they do.
    So be on the lookout for any strange men wielding a deadly armadillo.

  10. for those on the trail who think BB & I are just kidding you, here’s a vid run last year in wapo:

  11. speaking of armadillos, the best sculpture i ever created in college art class was a life size paper mache armadillo which i kept and displayed proudly for decades until it sadly disintegrated.
    sic transit gloria 

  12. Well…  at least the gqp is providing plenty of comedy…
    Snow is fine….   ice sucks!  Please everyone here in the path of bad weather stay safe!
    It’s amazing that Texas is colder than we are here in NH.  BiD…  if you have any millet….  birds love the stuff.

  13. BB – The TX warning is for power outages.  They were going to do rolling blackouts of an hour or less, but now they say outages will be “significantly longer.” Made tea and a lot of oatmeal. Keeping devices charged. Wearing layers since it’s in the mid-60s inside my apartment. Faucets are dripping and cabinets are open. I hope the upstairs neighbors are with the program, too.

    No, to the frozen ‘dillos…leprosy on a stick.

  14. This is what we need on this President’s Day….  one of the best rock songs ever done at the Kennedy Center for Barack and Michelle Obama…

  15. I caught that Heart performance of Stairway – it was a singular performance by a great band, well two of the band anyway, fronted by what more than a few critics have called the greatest rock vocalist.
    Frozen Armadillo – what a concept.  Can’t imagine eating armadillo, but I’m guessing those who do claim it tastes like chicken – like every other strange meat.  Do you cook it in the shell and eat it like a lobster? And what spices go best with it?  The mind reels.

  16. there’s kooks and fruitcakes everywhere, but I swear, florida and texas……….whoooo0-eee.

  17. It was -4 degrees at 10 am, it is a -4 right now in Kansas City. I don’t think we are going to get to the forecasted 1 degree. The weather man is all giddy hoping the clouds will move out so the cold can plunge and in the morning we could have the coldest day ever recorded. 
    But I’ve got money for the gas bill(not all people in the hood do) . 
    We have been getting about 1/2 inch of snow everyday for the last 4 days. It is light so I sweep it with a push broom, just watch it get covered a few hours later. I gave up yesterday didn’t even go out which is a good thing because it is snowing again.
    I’ve been having trouble with uneven heating in the house, The back bed rooms are hot and the livingroom/diningroom are cool. I think I just discovered the problem. I just walked through the dining room ,where the thermostat is, on one heat vent curled up sleeping is one cat across the room on the other heat vent is the other cat. They are warm and happy.

  18. haha i threw a harris tweed jacket over the floor heater vent and the cat has become a Sleeping Machine.

  19. I would put armadillo right up there with possum, 
    But it does remind me of a story. Back when I was working construction a young Mexican kid I worked with came up in the early ninties when he was 14. His brother knew the route and how to best avoid the border patrol. One of his methods was for them to walk for 2 weeks across Texas. Problem was they ran out of food. They caught, killed and cook an armadillo. I as him how it tasted, he just shrugged and said “It is really good when you haven’t ate for 2 days.”

  20. Omg, Florida is a crazy place at times but when I hear about all the winter weather I’m just fine here 😁

  21. Jack – that snow is just the water freezing out of the air.  It is pretty in moonlight.  I no longer want to see that sight.
    ‘possum is a delight if roasted over a campfire.  Others prefer it slow cooked in the oven.

  22. but first feed your possum sweet potatoes for a couple of days to cleanse him from his garbage diet  before cooking him. 

    warning: the longer he hangs around though the more one can become attached. beware. even possums can be lovable.

    When  I was a youngster right after the War, our mailman was an elderly man, Emil Bossart, a veteran of the War to End All Wars. He hated trudging his route along un-shoveled sidewalks.

  24. It’s 18 F degrees in Anchorage , Alaska .  It’s 11 F degrees here. The Sun is coming out and the winds have laid down. 
    The next one in the pipe  looks to be a huge ice event. 

  25. LOL – because it’s a federal holiday and I’ve done more work than I prefer on a holiday, I googled the taste of armadillo.  Answer – depends on who you ask.  The top 3 answers were pork, possum, and (drum roll, please) chicken.

  26. It’s 14 in Dallas, with a windchill of 2- but the sun is out and the stuff is falling off of the trees. 
    Had an aunt from the Ozarks who made squirrel and dumplings.  

  27. Bob
    Same here with the blackouts. Turns out that all the grids from North Dakota to Texas are connected and they are all doin rollling blackouts. Don’t know if the rural co-0peratives are connected or not. they tend to have a seperate system from the for profit boys.
    Well, warmest part of the day it is up to a negative 2. 

  28. Patd

    warning: the longer he hangs around though the more one can become attached. beware. even possums can be lovable.

    A TX friend who has a kindness for critters went out on her porch where a baby possum ran up with no fear.  She realized she had become Lady God dispenser of Kibble.


  29. Republicans have no shame, no sense of what it means to be an American, no love for personal freedom, no care for the health of their constituents.   They are slime.  Also, no sense of self-preservation, apparently, because they seem to still be following SFB and Tedious Cruz down a hole to hell.

  30. With 40 years behind them of rubbing democrat noses in it, the republicans think they have a total lock on it……mistaken they are, of course, as we are beginning to see the fault lines……..

  31. I baked vegan cookies yesterday. (Vegan butter and applesauce instead of egg.)    Today, I won’t turn on the oven, lest  I end up with a  power outage/half-cooked something or other.
    Oatmeal, it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

  32. i realized i actually grew up vegan, back then it was called “not having enough money for meat”

  33. i do love ham and bacon, and then i saw that news-item last week about researchers teaching pigs to play video games, and i feel like a murderous monster, now

  34. I like my pizza crusts thin and crispy.  And since the owner of our local pizza house doesn’t  bother with a mask, I’ve learned to make my own.  It’s so much better using real fresh ingredients.

  35. Pelosi has patience.  That’s why I have trouble with how she does things. She’s always ten steps ahead with her plans, though. I need to learn patience. 

  36. …don’t understand Dem Pelosi criticism, she used all powers available to her, and even tried some that weren’t (i.e. the 25th)

  37. She’s very good. I just don’t like waiting.  Sometimes it seems like nothing is happening, but that’s not always the case.
    When all of the dirt on 1/6 comes out, it’s gonna look even worse for many in Congress, not to mention SFB.   All of this will make great fodder for the midterms.
    The one to watch out for is Cruz.  He’s like tRUMPsky, but with a brain.  Pure evil, that one. 

  38. Just gonna reiterate POGO’s thoughts on this subject…
    “Oh, and Lindsey – moron.  Lara Trump my ass.” 

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