21 thoughts on “Dems Stick It”

  1. House Impeachment Manager Ted Lieu (D-CA) to Senate: “You know I’m not afraid of Donald Trump running again in four years. I’m afraid he’s going to run again and lose, because he can do this again.”

  2. “Good luck with your deliberations.” It’s too bad that most Republicans don’t have a conscience with which to wrestle.

  3. If they weren’t both from CA, I could imagine a Harris/Lieu ticket in 4 years (Biden presumably being willing to serve only one term b/c of his age, but who knows!)

  4. I found an AM station in Morrisville Pa.  plays nothing but old radio content.  That’ll be home for a spell.

  5. I’ve spent time with someone from near there.  It’s lovely to listen to, even if I miss a few words.   The reels and jigs run together, but I like it. 

  6. And as anyone who has watched Olympic events that are judged can tell you….  biases can be very much part of the score no matter how great the performance.

  7. A shame that witnesses aren’t being called – I’d call the ”Hon” Lindsey Graham first out of the blocks and ask him just exactly what the hell he wa doing on February 11, 2021 when he went in to meet with the President’s counsel after the House managers closed their case.  Fucking moron.

  8. Why I favor acquittal: Dems can savage GOP in midterms and Trump remains viable to rip the party apart.

    Keep the GOP’s biggest loser in history in charge of the party.

  9. So the tres amigos, Cruz, Lee and Graham conspire with dumbass’ lawyers before their presentation?  Move to disqualify them fuhchrissake. 

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