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  1. and of course the update

    Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Mitch McConnell criticizing Marjorie Taylor Greene for her extreme conspiracy theories.

  2. Joe:

    “But one thing we learned is, you know, we can’t do too much here; we can do too little. We can do too little and sputter.”


    45 didn’t just sputter: 45 scored 0 vs. covid’s 465861 

  3. jack, thanks for the kick off.  let the game, the gaming and the games people play begin – – – blues so apropos

  4. Ah, I used to hear him on Prairie Home Companion. Great, Jack.  I’ll listen to the whole thing this afternoon, as I’m heading back to bed.  SNL, you know.

  5. I hope the UK variant isn’t at any of the super-spreader events this weekend, but we know that it will be there.  

  6. Blues to me is like jazz and bluegrass……nice place to visit, but I wouldnt want to live there…….

    The Bluesman’s Epitaph: I Didn’t Wake Up This Morning

  7. Jack….   only listened to about 5 minutes of it….  but it was great!
    Tonight…   my heart is with Tom Brady….   but if I were a betting person…  I’d put my money on Mahomes.  Either way…  I’m looking forward to a good game!

  8. renee, sounds like you’re not the only one who thinks the goat will lose to the kid but will root for him anyway

    gaffigan on CBSnews:

    If you’ve been in a coma for the past couple decades, you may not know that Tom Brady is considered by many to be the Greatest Of All Time. The GOAT! And Patrick Mahomes is amazing. He was in kindergarten when Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl, so therefore he is the Kid.  Anyway, that is the match-up. The GOAT vs the Kid. 
    So, who am I rooting for?
    Well, I can’t root for Tom Brady. I’m from Indiana, and I still have the scars from witnessing Brady and the Patriots snuff out the dreams of the good, kind Indianapolis Colts year after year.
    Tom Brady is the major reason I’ve avoided discussing sports with anyone from New England for the last 20 years. And if you’ve ever met a New England sports fan, you know that’s virtually impossible
    I can’t root for Tom Brady. I’m a New Yorker! I’ve lived in New York City for 30 years, and one of my favorite New York moments is how my apartment building physically shook from excitement after David Tyree’s helmet catch during Super Bowl XLIII. This led to the underdog Giants beating the undefeated Evil Empire of New England!
    I can’t root for Tom Brady. During just these playoffs, Tom Brady beat a retiring Drew Brees – that’s rude! – and then he went on to beat the MVP (and my close personal buddy) Aaron Rodgers. 
    I can’t root for Tom Brady. Patrick Mahomes is the most exciting player in the NFL. He is the future. The Chiefs have too many weapons. Also, Kansas City has … Kansas City BBQ!
    So, I can’t root for Tom Brady. But … today I’m rooting for Tom Brady.
    He’s the underdog! I have to root for the underdog. 
    I hate when they turn the bad guy into an empathetic character. They did that in “Game of Thrones” all the time. Anyway, don’t tell anyone I’m rooting for Tom Brady. Unless he wins, then I picked right.

  9. another day, another parody

    The Divine Bette Midler and MeidasTouch have a message for the treasonous Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

  10. My friend in Boston is still ticked off at the way Brady left and will support KC, as will I since my family lives near KC.  

  11. sounds like a good show — one for the history books at least

    the guardian:

    The three-part BBC series, Trump Takes on the World, by the award-winning documentary maker Norma Percy, reveals extraordinary access to key observers of the president.
    With testimony from a who’s who of world leaders and senior US officials, it offers an unmediated reflection of Trump shorn of political hypocrisies.
    It was not just May who found Trump unsettling: to European diplomatic observers, he seemed a “strange creature”. And he also triggered alarm among some American officials in the room with him, with one defence official noting that the president’s notoriously short attention span suggested a “squirrel careening through the traffic”.
    [… on teresa may’s visit…]
    …Trump hosted her for lunch, where another boundary-shattering episode was waiting. First May was treated to the “full bloom” – one of Trump’s stream-of-consciousness rants, described by Thomas Shannon, then US undersecretary for political affairs, as running “the gamut from his own inauguration to his disdain for the press”.
    Then, keen to raise the issue of Putin, May asked Trump if he had spoken to the Russian leader, which Trump denied. At that point, however, Trump’s chief of staff intervened to tell the president that Putin had actually called, but not been put through.
    Hill takes up the story of the “toe-curling” outburst. “Trump at this point looks not orange but red. He flipped. Furious.” In front of May, he scolded his advisers in what Shannon recalled as “an unseemly moment”. “He said: ‘You’re telling me that Vladimir Putin called the White House and you’re only telling me now during this lunch?… Vladimir Putin is the only man in the world who can destroy the United States and I didn’t take his call’.”
    “Some friends asked me why I was doing it,” said Percy, who has made the documentaries The Death of Yugoslavia,End of EmpireandWatergate, and who filmed the new series under lockdown. “The view was that we knew what Trump was like. He was on the news every night. But this is the inside story of those who had to deal with him.”

  12. Keb may not be a household name but he is the real deal.  The number of influential guitarists and artists – from blues-rock to pop – who love Keb is impressive.  Clapton, Cheryl Crow and Vince Gill jump to mind.  

  13. Sturge, I understand and agree but for me that includes almost all genres out there. I can’t think of anything that I want to listen to all the time.
    For some reason I’m into the blues this weekend. 
    In 2017 Keb’ Mo’ appeared at the San Javier Jazz festival with Taj Mahal. The licks got a little hotter and a little more fun.

  14. Oh, and Super Food?  Prolly leftovers from Friday (Bone-in filet and brown butter trout were on the menu.  Already had BBQ for lunch, so gonna go non-traditional (but delicious) this evening.
    Oh, and maybe Gaffigan’s right, but don’t bet the homestead deed against Brady.

  15. BTW, it was 6 degrees this morning, could be worse(and will tomorrow)  the  Iowegians up in Deluthe saw a -25. just a short drive from here.
    Life on the edge of the Great Plains, gotta love it.

  16. Damn it,  it is snowing out again and it aint warmin’ up a damn bit, still 6 degrees.
    I guess that calls for another Irish coffee. 
    At this rate I may miss the superbowl.

  17. Bid
    Being the radical omnivarian that I am, I make a mean Vegan curry, it is so good that it will make the most determined meat eater fall in love with it. It will turn off those who can handle spicy food but you know can’t please everybody and do you really want to hang around wimps who can’t handle a little spice?
    As to a recipe, I don’t do them, but here is the philosophy. Spice wise, a little Indian/paki with madras curry, spanish smoked paprika, garlic onion ect. your favorite chilis, european veggies(celery carrots), Asian greens, Some kind of beans or cow peas. A couple of variety of lentils. At least 3 kinds of mushrooms. get the Asian ones they give you some texture, salt with soy sauce.  Cook it all together, serve over your favorite rice

  18. Jack….  miss the Super Bowl….   oh sure ~~~~I believe you~~~~~
    We have ordered an appetizer plate from the local cafe…    fried tacos, egg rolls, loaded potato boats, French fries, and onion rings.  The woman who cooks is terrific!  We probably won’t eat again until Tuesday.

  19. Oh I got no beef wit de blues having knocked out more than my share of it, and having spent a lotta yoof time absorbing the old blues men from whence come a whole passel of stuff.   My go to would be 50’s 60’s Rhythm and blues, Rock&Roll. 

  20. Covid vaccine in Tejas is still SNAFU.  They over booked 30% more folks for Thursday.  At the end of Thursday there were 700 cars in line, miles worth, and no vaccine.  
    Can’t begin to tell ya how f’ed up it is here with everything.
    I have cohort friends in NY, FL, CA, and LV who have all gotten their first dose.  Last I hear I’m now 11,000 on the list.

  21. Just saw a note that George Schultz has died, he made it to the century mark.  No need for links or anything other to note he is gone and the damage caused continues.

  22. I never liked Overstock.com much.  The head guy is a trumper/maga person.  He was in the WH with trumpski.  Another reason to avoid Overstock.  There is too much competition out there to contribute to a guy like that.

  23. TT – I haven’t even bothered to try to sign up yet. I should be in 1C.

    Jack – That curry sounds good. I’m lazy. Make rice, open a can of chickpeas, and, spoon on a little jarred curry sauce. The hot rice heats up the sauce, so the apartment doesn’t smell like curry for three days.

  24. Go Chiefs! A friend of mine said that she didn’t root for Brady when he played for New England, but she was rooting for him as a Buccaneer. She couldn’t understand it. A friend of her said, “Well, Brady is good friends with Trump. That’s a good reason to root for him!” This jazz artist I like named Brian Culbertson had an interview with Michael McDonald. They shared a story about their touring together years ago. They were doing a show at a county fair. Michael and Brian left the fairgrounds to get food somewhere else. When they returned, Michael McDonald forgot his stage pass. The security guard refused to allow Michael McDonald to go backstage. When Michael told the security guard who he was, the security said, “Prove it. Sing one of his songs.” So, Michael sang one of his songs and the security guard said, “That is the WORST Michael McDonald impression I’ve ever heard!” 

  25. “For some reason I’m into the blues this weekend. “
    …and for some reason, instead of changing the channel, i rocked out to “Radar Love” yesterday.  Strange days.

  26. i must concede that the Capitol riot/insurrection demonstrated the social utility that football provides, as most of those yahoos would have been sated by festivities associated with it, instead of trying to overthrow their government out of boredom 

  27. bink, probably why the caesars held gladiator bouts in the colosseum and the mayan rulers had their human head football.  cuts down on the coup-ing

  28. from historyonthenet about mayan ball game:

    Besides games just for fun and athletics, ceremonial games carried a great deal of religious significance, acting out the creation myth, or keeping the sun and moon in their accustomed orbits. While modern readers may put much weight on at such a reason, to the Maya it was a matter of life and death and one of the reasons for human sacrifice. The gods needed human blood and hearts to keep the sun and moon in orbit. Some ball games were played to resolve bitter disputes between rival cities or as a proxy for war. The Maya also saw the game as a battle between the gods of death and the gods of life or between good and evil. They also saw it as a reminder of the Hero Twins, who overcame death and became demi-gods themselves. Thus, the game symbolizes regeneration and life

    See the source image

  29. Danny Ackroyd as Tom Snyder opening question to his guest, the real Ray Charles:
    Dan, In his Greatest Tom Snyder voice:   Mr Charles…….Tell me, what ARE the blues…..and WHO gets them?
    Ray not knowing what the question was going to be is floored and laughs pretty hard and then actually answers the question.   
    At least that’s the way  I remember it.

  30. That was the same night they did the skit about Ray and his manager being in a basement recording studio, with the manager trying to talk Ray into letting this singing group record his song, “Tell me what’d I say” Ray’s reluctant, and the singing group is due any minute……..It’s “The Young Caucasaions”……all the cast members in dumb cheerleader  costumes come tripping down the stairs and the manager having talked Ray into at least giving them a try, they proceed to, VERY Whitely, sing the song.    Chase Belushi Murray Ackroyd Curtain Radner and Newman.    I think Garrett Morris was Ray’s manager……..you wouldnt believe how badly they whited that song up.
    It was a beautiful thing.

  31. Halloween night.   Old lady asking the little Trick or Treater:  If you’re a pirate, where are your Buccaneers?

  32. My kid’s friend turned me on to The Weekend when he was in high school. He graduated from college 1 1/2 years ago. Do the math. 

  33. Oh come on, your kid put on Tame Impala, and you were like, “yeah, i’ve been listening to this for years”

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