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  1. jack, thanks again for starting our sundays off with class and classics and a sorta calming closure on the chaos of the days prior.  

    and then, i screw it all up by posting last night’s SNL cold open

  2. Kate McKinnon interviews Rep. Greene (Cecily Strong), a GameStop investor (Pete Davidson), Jack Dorsey (Mikey Day), Mark Zuckerberg (Alex Moffat), O.J. Simpson (Kenan Thompson) and Tom Brady (John Krasinski) to discuss current events.

  3. and then there’s this d’ump dumped story in the guardian:

    Donald Trump has abruptly parted ways with the two lead lawyers working on his defence for his Senate impeachment trial, a source familiar with the situation said, leaving the former US president’s legal strategy in disarray.

    Butch Bowers and Deborah Barberi, two South Carolina lawyers, are no longer on Trump’s team, the source said, describing the move as a “mutual decision”.


    Three other lawyers associated with the team, Josh Howard of North Carolina and Johnny Gasser and Greg Harris of South Carolina, also parted ways with Trump, another source said.

    A third source said Trump had differences with Bowers over strategy ahead of the trial. The president is still contending that he was the victim of mass election fraud in the 3 November election won by Joe Biden.

    It leaves Trump’s defence team in turmoil as he prepares for a trial starting on 9 February to consider an article of impeachment passed by the House of Representatives charging him with inciting his supporters to storm the US Capitol on 6 January.

    It was unclear who would now represent the former president at the trial.


  4. A normal and thinking person might think they have a serious problem if all their attorneys left them a week before a trial.  And, those were the only ones in the country who even talked to you. 

  5. Since Donald lies constantly with impunity, he can’t quite grasp the concept that perjury by an attorney would cost them their license .  

  6. BB, there is one lawyer who still speaks to him, but he’s got his own problems that are in need of counsel right now according to law & crime:

    Attorneys for the Lincoln Project on Saturday issued a three-page letter to Rudy Giuliani which ordered him to “Preserve All Relevant Documents, If Any” regarding alleged “False and Defamatory Statements” made against the organization.
    Demand letters are standard precursors to defamation lawsuits; they are required in certain defamation actions in some states.
    The letter immediately took a shot at Giuliani’s credibility.  Its opening line is as follows:  “You were once a respected and respectable figure.”  The letter went on with citation-laden laundry list of events from Giuliani’s past several years (we’ve omitted the footnotes):
    [excerpts from letter]
    The legally important missive continues by levying a caustic rebuke of Giuliani’s recent statements and activities — and it partially lays blame at his feet for the Jan. 6th siege on the U.S. Capitol Complex:
    [more from letter]
    The slams rolled along before the letter arrived at its ultimate legal point:  Lincoln Project Attorney Matthew T. Sanderson said Giuliani defamed his client during an appearance on Steve Bannon‘s online program War Room: Pandemic.
    On a recent broadcast, Giuliani claimed that the “Lincoln Project ‘planned’ the January 6th insurrection ‘in order to hurt’ Donald Trump,” the letter explains:
    [more letter]
    Giuliani bewilderingly claimed he got his information from an “anonymous” person whose name he could not “reveal,” the letter recounted. Even Bannon said Giuliani couldn’t just “throw a charge out there like that” without clear attribution. Giuliani continued pressing the “fantastical claim . . . for the remainder of [his] appearance,” the letter says.
    You committed a textbook act of defamation. You publicly accused The Lincoln Project of an infamous and criminal act that it had nothing to do with, as you very well know,” the letter then says.  “You lied.”
    The letter demands that Giuliani retract his comments and fully apologize by Wed., Feb. 3.
    “Refuse at your peril,” the Lincoln Project attorney warns Giuliani.  “In the meantime, you are hereby notified that you should retain any and all documents, including emails and other electronic files, relating to this matter. You will never again be America’s Mayor, but there may still be time to save  some of the cash that you pawned your credibility for, should Dominion Voting Systems ultimately leave you with any.”
    The letter cites thirteen contemporary news reports about Giuliani’s recent activities, including one from Law&Crime.  The cited report recounted Giuliani’s attempt to explain his comments preceding the Jan. 6th siege on the U.S. Capital Complex as being derived from the “Game of Thrones” — which he called a “very famous documentary” about “fictitious medieval England.”  (Documentaries aren’t fictitious.)
    Prior to the Jan. 6th siege, Giuliani said, “let’s have trial by combat.”  Shortly thereafter, Trump supporters said they left the rally and went to the capitol.  Chaos ensued.

    [click here to read letter]

  7. He figures if they lose their licenses, he’ll restore them all after the coronation. No biggie. That’s also when he plans to pay them.

  8. will this last hullabaloo give def. drumpf an excuse for delaying the trial?   bet his loyal goper senators argue that new lawyers for defense will need time to prepare.   what will lil lindsey do  now that the lawyers he recommended bailed?

  9. Jack…  thanks for so much beauty!
    He figures if they lose their licenses, he’ll restore them all after the coronation. No biggie. That’s also when he plans to pay them.
    Sturg…  I hereby award you the best comment for the month of January…

  10. Hah – will Dumbass try to serve as his own lawyer?  Old saying- he who does so has a fool for a client. Sounds like his lawyers left because he wanted them to make an argument that would expose them to Rule 11 sanctions by their state bar associations for arguing (stolen election by widespread fraud) without a basis in fact or law or good faith argument for extension of current law. Litigation strategy differences?  How about living in different realities?

  11. Rudee? Rudee? Rudee? Is he the only lawyer still talking to him.

    John Cornyn is a POS.  He still supports tRUMPsky with and uses a ridiculous threat.  If you have an impeachment trial for one of ours, what’s to stop us from going after a Dem prez after he leaves office?   Answer: Nothing.  

    Just like there’s nothing to stop Repugz from doing just that if we don’t try tRUMPsky.

    Just like Merrick Garland was blocked, but Amy Culty was not.

    It’s never “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” when dealing with Republicans, almost all of whom lack any moral integrity.   Nope.  In their world it’s “heads, we win; tails, you lose.” 

    Unity does NOT mean conceding to their every wish.  That is the whining we will hear from Republicans every time things don’t go their way.    
    Get some earplugs and shut out the whining and lies.

  12. My favorite moving experience.   From Third floor one room apartment at 23 Music Square East, Nashville to an acient farmhouse out a ways on Murphreesboro Pike, Nashville.    Backed up a pickup truck off the street under a window…..threw out the mattress first and then everything else.   It was beautiful

    On my way down the stairs with the little black and white tv as the last thing, I noticed a commotion on the first floor. I walked down the hall and peered thru the crowd into a room full of paramedic types and what i noticed was that every inch of floor space except for little trails was filled with brown grocery bags full of trash 3 high. the entire room, and apparenty the rooms beyond. I says whazzat? and they say, they just took a looney old man out of here……I wasn’t so old then, so I didn’t take it personal.

  13. When i did my time in memphis in 69,  every now and then me and a couple of other goof-ass sailors would pile into Detroit Ron’s ford fairlane with a cooler of beer and jut over to Graceland…..it was a surprisingly long way from Millington……but there we’d be going up and down the street for a while peering thru the Gates of Graceland…..One day we heard the Elvinians had gone downtown and bought 40 little pink cat-scooters…..we parked across the street and watched them cavort on the lawn, 30 to 40 Elvinians and maybe the Actual Elvis  was out there cutting it up.
    We don’t know if we ever saw him, but the 69 Elvis was a thing of Astounding Presence.

  14. i heard the worst ‘60s song on oldies radio the other day, by the way.  Some guy screeching “gypsy” over and over, i’m assuming it was called “Gypsy”- wow, was it bad.  
    They weren’t all classics back in “your” day, holy shit

  15. Here’s one more for the Marjory Taylor Greene wing of the GOP- have fun with that, guys👍🤮🇺🇸🔥

  16. no, they werent all classics back then, but our being the whoms we were led us into not picking up on the trash, filler…….just keeping it headed down the road……cause we could do dat……separate the wheat from de chaff as it were……back in the actual day……

  17. Elvis assembled one of the world’s greatest ever Bar Bands……..those guys were killer.

  18. This is Elvis fresh onstage…..he aint yet acheived the Elvisness of his show….he’s cold and scared shitless…..he slowly over the course of this song acheives his Elviousity once more and proceeds to rock…….

  19. We dug Elvis, but he wasnt out go-to direction, by the way……but he was among the first of our ilk.

  20. i would have enjoyed that song with less, preferably none, of Elvis.  Great band, though- concur 

  21. The warm up opener….world wide satellite broadcast……world wide…..that was big for a singer dude

  22. Elvis is as much an entertaining cultural phenomenon as he is entertainer……..And once he realized that the shit was going bad, he checked out.    

  23. he reminds me of trump, let’s hope they have that last attribute in common

    lol you refer to him in present tense #frodolives

    …phone’s dead✌️

  24. Sometimes it’s hard to assimilate with those who didnt see Don and Phil Everly, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Jerry Lee, Little Richard, Ricky Nelson, Fats Domino, Elvis, and Roy Orbison in their original 50’s encarnations……
    Not a complaint……

  25. Elvis lives as long as his contract with Col Tom Parker lives.  One of a kind mountain of a contract…….

  26. 1950’s “Hound Dog” era Elvis is decent- whatever drugs he was on later really killed his voice

  27. Yeah, the leather suit 3 piece first performance since way back etc   Very Strong Elvis Factor

  28. I was 8 years old when Elvis, with Big Mama Thornton’s song “Hound Dog” made a whole bunch of us want guitars for christmas……

  29. That was the year that Ed Sullivan promised America and the world to not show Elvis, the Pelvis, from the waist down.   

    I’m eight years old, I’m thinking, what the fucking hell is a pelvis…….

    The parents won’t tell you, they just laugh goofy and make goofy dance moves…….

  30. Ed Sullivan was a man of his word.   He did NOT show Elvis from the waist down, and my life thereby was not inclined towards frivolous pursuits.

  31. Except for the piano guitar parts…….those were a great waste of time……

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Me da risa.

  32. Collins is part of the Republican BS brigade.     Don’t trust them.   51 it!

    My dad said he saw saw Elvis when he was a teen.   The band was eating in a cafe.  Elvis came in and said they needed to go.   Then, when I was a kid, my dad asked the guy in the Graceland guard hut if we could go inside the gate for a minute.  Nope.  I was so embarrassed.  Elvis wasn’t dead and it wasn’t a museum yet. 

  33. But…. I saw…….on stage live…….”Big John and Little Sparky radio show”  about the same time as that picture on the side of the white cabinet yesterday……
    If you go out in the woods tonight, you better not go alone…….

  34. “he reminds me of trump”

    bink, maybe the reason why is the young donald probably had a thing for elvis and subliminally took on the pout, gestures and such.  elvis was born in ’35, dt came along in ’46.   he would have been an impressionable adolescent during some of the presley hayday.  

  35. a zing from kinzinger

    the hill:

    Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-Ill.) on Sunday announced the formation of a new political action committee (PAC) aimed at challenging the Republican Party’s acceptance of formerPresident Trump.

    “This is no time for silence, not after the last month, not after the past few years. Someone needs to tell the truth. Someone needs to say what history needs to hear. So here I am, the Republican Party has lost its way,” Kinzinger said in a video posted oncountry1st.com, the website for his new PAC.

    “Today’s Republican Party, it’s not the one I joined. The GOP I signed up for was built on a foundation of principle and it was filled with hope. We believed a brighter future was just around the bend and we fought tirelessly to get there,” Kinzinger continued.

    Kinzinger was one of 10 House Republicans to vote to impeach Trump for his role in inciting the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol breach and has become an outspoken critic of the former president. He has since said his vote has led to him being isolated among his party and has said his decision may be “terminal”to his political career.

    “My goal in launching Country1st.com with the number one is just to say, look, let’s take a look at the last four years, how far we have come in a bad way. How backwards looking we are, how much we peddle darkness and division. And that’s not the party I ever signed up for. And I think most Republicans didn’t sign up for that,” Kinzinger toldChuck Toddwhile appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

  36. Unstuck in time.    In the hands of a vonnegut it’s a beautiful concept, but in the hands of a bad 2nd rate drummer with an attitude it can deflate the whole enterprise

  37. Q-Anon is not Q.  It’s P.  P Anon.  Proof = 17, eh? 
    Putin’s birthday = October 7, 1952  = 10 7 =17 and 1 9 5 2 = 17.
    Q Anon is backed by Putin.

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