Fauci Unplugged

Loved this from Dr. Fauci in yesterday’s WH briefing: “One of the new things in this administration, if you don’t know the answer don’t guess. Just say you don’t know the answer.” Hallelujah!

More Fauci at WH briefing: “The idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know, what the evidence, what the science is and know that’s it. Let the science speak. It is somewhat of a liberating feeling.” Hallelujah!


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  1. craig, was that F-auci U-nplugged a subliminal message to Rant beyond-the-Pale? 

    you wouldn’t be the only one.  for instance this as reported in newsweek via msn last week:

    Kentucky Senator Rand Paul on Friday night urged Americans to “throw your mask away” if they’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine or were previously infected with the virus. But a wide of swath of critics on social media instead ridiculed the GOP lawmaker and demanded he stop giving public health advice on national television.
    Paul ridiculed Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, during a Friday Fox News appearance, and blasted any public health expert who is in favor of continued pandemic “lockdowns.”
    The GOP senator, who is also an ophthalmologist, said it “defies the science” that some doctors are telling people to keep social distancing or wearing masks after receiving the vaccine or having had COVID-19 in the past. Physicians including Fauci have reiterated for months that vaccines are “not going to be a light switch” and that no vaccination provides 100 percent protection.
    Paul told Fox News viewers that lockdown measures and masks have not “done anything” to slow the virus trajectory and Americans should tell Fauci to “take a leap.”
    “Throw your mask away and tell these so-called experts who say lockdowns work to take a flying leap because there is no scientific evidence the lockdowns have done anything to change the trajectory of this virus,” the senator told Fox News.
    Critics immediately pounced on Paul’s controversial coronavirus claims.
    “Rand Paul is the example of how dangerous it is to have people in positions of authority who speak loudly but have no clue what they’re talking about. He thinks he is profound for telling folks don’t wear masks, but hear me…He doesn’t know what the hell he is taking about,” tweeted Charles Booker, a former Democratic Kentucky Senate candidate, in response to Paul’s Fox News interview with Laura Ingraham.
    Attorney Max Kennerly noted that Paul is up for re-election in Kentucky in 2022, and he urged vaccine developers including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) not to donate to Paul’s political campaign.
    “How about we keep the masks and throw away Rand Paul instead,” replied FanSided founder and progressive entrepreneur Adam Best.

  2. excerpts from article in wapo on the doc’s new day:

    The doctor’s repeated references to there being a new sheriff in town did not go unnoticed.
    “You’ve joked a couple of times today already about the difference that you feel in being kind of the spokesperson for this issue in this administration versus the previous one,” a reporter said. “Can you talk a little bit about how free, how much different do you feel? Less constrained?”
    “You said I was joking about it. I was very serious about it,” Fauci replied, laughing. “I wasn’t joking.”

    and this

    “The idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know, what the evidence — what the science is and know that’s it, let the science speak, it is somewhat of a liberating feeling.”
    “You were basically vanished for a few months there for a while,” the reporter replied. “You feel like you’re back now?”
    “I think so,” Fauci said with a laugh.
    He then turned the lectern back over to press secretary Jen Psaki. She assured the room that he would return for future briefings.

  3. They need to get ahead of this “throwing away your mask” thing.  A coworker told me the same thing yesterday.  I told her, no, we need to keep wearing masks and social distancing. 

    Another coworker and family at home with the virus.

    BF of a California cousin had it this fall, but their family didn’t get it. Now, months later, they are all sick and two are in the hospital.

    We don’t know and better-safe-than-sorry go hand in hand. Don’t listen to the congressional eye doctor. He’s an idiot and a liar; those also go hand in hand.

  4. in addition to dr rant, there’s dr simone and her gang

    from today’s the guardian:

    ‘Wilful ignorance’: doctor who joined Capitol attack condemned for Covid falsehoods

    Experts denounce Simone Gold, charged for participating in riot, who leads conservative group America’s Frontline Doctors

    A key conservative doctors’ group pushing misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines faces growing fire from medical experts about its woeful scientific grounding, while its leader, Dr Simone Gold, was charged early this week for taking part in the 6 January attack on the Capitol.


    Gold and her fledgling group attacked policies advocated by top scientists like Dr Anthony Fauci and other national experts on the pandemic, and they promoted misinformation at rallies in Los Angeles and Washington and on rightwing media outlets owned by Salem Radio and Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network.


  5. It sounds like someone needs to lose her license to practice medicine.  And, a hard look should be taken at all docs with membership in that group. 
    IDK if Rant tweets, but anyone in Congress who does should be shut down if they start spreading lies…because the virus has used lies to jump to the next host.   
    The sooner everyone gets on board with masking, distancing and, eventually, vaccinating, the quicker we won’t need to mask up or distance.  
     Can Rant be censured for endangering public health with his lies?

  6. one of my friends loves to say:  “It’s ok to say ‘I don’t know’ “.

    He started saying that when we had this mutual friend who found it impossible to say. He had an answer for everything. We remember him fondly even though he was a trumper-goper because he moved back up home to Greenville and got murdered last christmas. He had a good heart even though he was a whacked out republican. His brother actually worked in the Bush 2 white house.

  7. republican dickheads keep getting elected because there are so many out there in voter-land who are just like they are or pretend to be.

    Thus Spake Zarasturgestra

  8. Never had a problem with coke because the only time i ever did it was if it belonged to someone else.   lol
    It always seemed to me that the only thing it ever did was make you want more.

    I was able to quit the cigs because i had a particularly nasty tooth which needed extraction and it was so horrendous an experience that i turned to opioids to sleep for 2 days and nights and when i came to i figured it’d been so long without one that maybe i could quit. I really needed to quit cause those bastards are more expensive than gold up in the Catskills.

    Come to think of it, drugs is how i got over my divorce in 75. Slept for 3 or 4 months and when i woke up everything was O-K. lol

  9. mediaite:

    Lincoln Project co-founder and never-Trump conservative Rick Wilson told Y’all-itics, a Texas-focused political podcast, that now that Donald Trump is no longer president, the super-PAC will shift its focus to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).
    But now that Trump is out of the White House, the super-Pac needs to find a new target, and Wilson claims he’s already placed a bullseye on Cruz’s back.
    “We all know Ted Cruz is sort of a political force of nature. He is what he is. You either hate him or you hate him,” Wilson told Y’all-itics hosts Jason Whitely and Jason Wheeler. “And he is a guy who went so far over the edge, not just to appease Donald Trump and Trump’s base, but because he felt like Josh Hawley had gotten out ahead of him on it.”
    Wilson slammed Cruz as a member of the “sedition caucus,” condemning him for trying to steal the election victory from President Joe Biden.
    “We saw that action as something that was overtly seditious. It was overtly part of an insurrection seeking to overturn a free and fair election,” he said. “And for as much as everyone sort of cordially hates Ted Cruz, this also about the fact there is a caucus of these guys right now.”
    Wilson noted that Cruz is not stupid and knew exactly what he was doing while attempting to overturn the election, accusing him and the rest of the “Jim Crow caucus” of “flirting with insurrection.”
    “I think there’s a third party that will come out of the schism inside the GOP,” he added. “And I’ll be very blunt with you. I don’t think it will be the largest of the two factions. I think the traditional Republican, economic, social and fiscal conservatism is basically dead.”

  10. will this be one of those factions rick is talking about?


    Trump Reportedly Considers Exacting Revenge On Republicans By Forming His Own Party
    The Wall Street Journal reported that it’s not clear how serious he is about creating the “Patriot Party.”

  11. bill kristol tweet:

    The president said he would want to call the new party the ‘Patriot Party.’” Truly the last refuge of the scoundrel.

  12. Congrats Sturg!
    It was wonderful seeing such a happy Dr. Fauci at that press conference yesterday.
    Today is the first day to sign up online in the state of NH to get your covid shots if you’re over 65.  The state opened up for business this morning at 8am.  Took Rick several tries…  but he had both of us signed up by 8:20.  Now we wait for the email that will give us a date and time.  I feel relieved!

  13. Hallelujah and pass the taters.  WV is finally getting its act together.  The state will go live with a a statewide virus online vaccine appointment system Monday Morning, and it’s opening a vaccine center in a vacant department store space in the East Bumfuck Mall sometime in the next couple of weeks – both of course subject to the availability of the vaccine.  There may be hope yet that I will be able to get vaccinated sometime reasonably soon.

  14. Good on ya Sturg – damn things killed my mom and my father-in-law, and both had a rough go of it for a few years before they died.

  15. sturgeone – congratulations on quitting.  The first five years were the hardest for me.  After that is was less hard.
    Watching the professional victims (greedy old perverts) doing every thing they can to keep power is as disgusting as every thing else they have done. 

  16. Well, probably 20 yrs too late to do any real good, cept for being able to hang out with the grandbaby…… but not buying cigareets is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying them, I’ll tell yas.  Figure a carton every 6 days at $33……that’s a lotsa jack, jack……..wow, that’s 2000 smackers. You can buy a lots of Edibles with scratch like that.

  17. I had to learn the opening of that Rikkard Strauss piece on the sympathizer for a stage show I was doing which had an Elvis actor coming out to  it….I loved doing that thing……

  18. Some insight from Greg Sargent’s column today at Wapo:

    It seems very unlikely that the needed 17 GOP senators will vote to convict, though with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) not ruling it out, such an outcome is not entirely impossible.

    A key tell that this might not be all that easy for GOP senators to dodge is that Trump’s most stalwart allies are frantically warning that a vote for conviction could damage the party.

    Indeed, as CNN reports, a faction of GOP senators who oppose impeachment is now suggesting that McConnell cannot remain minority leader if he votes to convict. Note this from Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.):

    “For the party to move forward, we got to move the party with Donald Trump,” Graham said in an interview. “There’s no way to be a successful Republican Party without having President Trump working with all of us and all of us working with him. That’s just a fact. And I think we got a decent chance of coming back in 2022. But we can’t do it without the President.”

    The new spin from Trump GOP Senate allies, then, is that the party’s hopes for a comeback depend on keeping both Trump and his voters happy, and that holding Trump accountable for inciting a violent assault on their own branch of government puts that in peril.

    It’s worth stressing that point: For the simple act of doing their constitutional duty, Trump incited a mob to wage a violent attack on them.

    You’d think a vivid retelling of this assault on them might jog their priorities to the point where they would prioritize accountability over assessments of how it might impact the party’s electoral fortunes in two years, assessments that are probably wrong in any case. But let’s face it, even that probably isn’t enough to do it. This party just can’t quit Trump.

    Idiots.  Utter idiots.

  19. Hank Aaron Passes Away at 86

    Hank Aaron, one of the greatest players in baseball history, who smashed Babe Ruth’s all-time home run record in defiance of threats to his life, and who used his Hall of Fame baseball career as a platform to champion civil rights, died Jan. 22 at 86.


  20. If Repugz don’t vote to convict AND block tRUMPsky from ever running for office, that will kill the party.  Letting him go after inciting a riot to overthrow the government is worse PR for them.  Heck, Ted Cruz wants him out of the way, too.

  21. Work with Moscow Mitch (asshole-Kentucky)
    I think he had made it clear you cannot negotiate with a snake

  22. bid – KO just tweeted this:
    I was asked to write a brief tribute for Hank Aaron’s page in a baseball book 20+ years ago. Right after it was published, he sent a thank you: it was the book, and on his page was his handwritten note of thanks. It was longer than what I’d written. That’s how kind he was.

  23. Good on Joe for removing the 1776 Misstory piece from the WH website and dissolving the commission that produced it.  

  24. Again I think we need to support those people who have paid the biggest price for combating the pandemic.  
    We owe them.

  25. The President needs to convince the GOP that right now at least that pumping money in at the bottom is needed to save the economy.  In at the floor makes every dime go to work.  The rich will still get richer, they just have to wait until it gets up to them.

  26. It’s too late for that, KGC, although fundamentally i agree- we need shots in arms ASAP before pandemic gets completely uncontrollable, thanks to the previous administration’s utter ineptitude 

    17 million half-doses in a country of 335 million, pathetic

  27. it’s so weird how there won’t be a post for hours and then me and someone else will try to post at the exact same time, happens to me all the time🤔

  28. There was an older, overweight woman, very nice, who worked at my local grocery store, and last time i saw her, she had that deep COVID cough (i was terrified to hear it from 12’ away, of course)- haven’t seen her since, and that was months, ago

  29. i can just say from much experience that if your comment won’t load, it may be because someone else is posting at the exact same time

  30. these are the guns found in “zip-tie guy” Eric Munchel’s abode- the gun on the left is a fully-automatic submachine gun that probably holds 30 rounds, it’s only good for indiscriminate murder- one looks like an ACR, which is another fully-automatic assault weapon, designed for hot, war-zone combat.

    Point is, there is no good reason for private citizens to have access to this kind of weaponry, you don’t need mass-murder capability to defend your home and family

  31. So here we are,   parked  in some nameless galactic cu-de-sac  because the shuttle engines for “Operation Warp Speed”  have cardboard dilithium crystals.

  32. Oh, I know of several people who own more guns than they have hands whom I trust – (by a twist of fate – my dad’s passing – I’m one of them although I don’t live in the state where my guns are stored).  Three are military style weapons – but none are newer than from WWII.  (One British Enfield .303 carbine, a Colt Model 1911 and a 9mm German Luger). I only ever shot the two pistols and haven’t shot any of them in over 50 years.  A would be bad guy would have been pretty safe if either of those was what I was trying to protect myself with – unless they were close enough for me to throw the damn things and hit them – at that range I might have even been able to hit a man-sized target.  The other dozen or so are various sporting guns or cheapish pistols, which my dad seemed to have a thing for.  Only one of the lot I ever really had any interest in is a Winchester 1200 12 gauge. Now there’s you a home defense gun.

  33. Sturg –
    Here’s yer “Atta Boy” 
    When I started smoking  JFK was still alive , and they were 35 cents a pack. 

  34. Didn’t Trump turn down the opportunity to acquire more vaccine from Pfizer?  Now we are in short supply and can’t manufacture enough for the need.  

  35. One more reason that this has been a great week, ………….. 

    ISTANBUL >> A devoted dog has spent days waiting outside a hospital in northern Turkey where her sick owner was receiving treatment.
    The pet, Boncuk, which means “bead,” followed the ambulance that transported her owner, Cemal Senturk, to hospital in the Black Sea city of Trabzon on Jan. 14. She then made daily visits to the facility, private news agency DHA reported on Wednesday.
    Senturk’s daughter, Aynur Egeli, said she would take Boncuk home but the dog would repeatedly run off and return to the hospital.

    When that old man rolled out of the hospital ,  Boncuk’s  reaction was priceless, 


  36. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/22/politics/senate-republicans-trump-impeachment-case/index.html

    tRUMPsky sullied the Republican brand. The best thing they could do for themselves is to disown his treasonous ass by convicting him.

    He could’ve had them all murdered, if not for one, quick-thinking officer. Yet, the seditious critters seem beholden to racist asshats. That’s the side on which their political bread is buttered. The Republican Party is an abomination and a bad joke rolled into one.

  37. Guns  –
    Guns are like  diamonds , gold, or silver –
    They can be converted into ready money  very easily , and they ride  the inflation train  with a first class pass.
    Try pawning grandma’s pink Vista china ,  then see what Pogo’s  9mm Lugar pistola will bring.  See which fills up first. 

  38. Yes, SFB did turn down procuring more Pfizer vax.   
    How do you de-program 74 million white people?  
    BB – Thanks for the KO post.  

  39. that guy i was speaking of earlier…….the trumper-goper friend of ours who couldn’t say “I don’t know”……he was also a gun fetishist, owned bunches of really high powered guns, but he still got murdered in his own house.  Ironical, huh……

    To be of any practical use, a weapon needs 5 elements…..A)You must be aware that you need it WHEN you need it B) You can get to it immediately in your hour of need, and C) It’s fully loaded and ready to go. Underlying of course is that one is absolutely positive that one possesses the will to shoot it. Oh…and luck. Lack any one of those facets and they will kill you with your own gun and dump yer carcass down by the railroad tracks.


  40. As a rule , I seldom  post Fox News  articles. But this is instructive =

    Alberta premier: Biden disrespected America’s closest friend by canceling Keystone Pipeline
    ‘We’re a safer source of energy to fuel your economy than OPEC dictatorships,’ Jason Kenney tells ‘The Story’

    To call the Tar Sands  “safe” , is yet another attempt to re-brand this “tarbaby”  mess. They succeeded  in changing “Tar” to “Oil” in the press. 
    You know you have a hard sell whe the word “Oil” sounds better than the name   the geologists  gave it. 
    As fossil fuels go, this is the most expensive , nastiest  thing we have ever dug up.  
    All the while , that coal mafia that runs Australia  is seeing their assets  being written down daily . Along with the state of Wyoming .
    This overall trend in fossil fuels is called , “Stranded Assets” .
    This plea for sympathy  from Alberta.  Is rather weak .
    The world has rolled over , any they are headed to the final chapter of every other hole in the ground. 

  41. *****APPLAUSE*******

    On the OIL TAR comment

    I sent it verbatim to someone who messaged me this morning about how Biden had screwed up and was about to be sued by the Alberta guy.

  42. as for the texas realtor specimen……it’s entertainingly predictable how these nasty capitol-storming crackpot crazy people turn into blubbering witless goons when their own fat actually hits the fire.   

  43. Strug –
    The tar sands  have tailing ponds  like many other mines.  To land on one, if you are  Canada goose is a death sentence. 
    When these ponds fail , and they will, that huge slug of poison will flow down the Mackenzie River, and into the Arctic Ocean.


  44. Sturg –
    The world wide web has opened   the greatest learning opportunity  we could ever have dreamed of. 
    At the same moment , it’s your chance to spend one’s entire life in the 8th grade. 

    Gossiping next to your locker.

  45. I am burnt old biscuit in the oven  of  love. 
    But that little dog today turned me back to a lump of sour dough. 

  46. Ummm, I don’t think the US was getting the fuel from Keystone.  I think they just needed a way to get it from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, so tankers could take it to China.   At any rate, OUR WATER in the Ogalala aquifer and OUR FARM LAND are both more important than Canada getting their fuel to market.   Go, green, jackass.  Leave your garbage fossil fuel in the ground. 

  47. If they fail to convict tRUMPsky, it sends a message to future assholes that they can incite an insurrection and actually topple the government.   This is the end of democracy if the seditious element in the Republican Party festers and spreads. 

  48. Sturg –
    This one’s for you .
    I made a vest for Jeff Hanna  his girlfriend  had fled from Aspen to Estes .  ( I saved her life, but that’s another story )
    At at any rate she was selling leather  at the Dark Horse with me. 
    He drove  his red  Porsche  from Aspen to Estes to see her.  She sold one of my vests  to him.
    I am rather certain  it’s still in his closet  . 
    Jeff Hanna  is first


  49. Blue –
    We all love you ,  let go of this high voltage  line.
    Plan a butterfly  garden this spring , and live.  The monarchs need your help. 

  50. So I  have  landed  at my station  high above  Nephi.
    I scan the valley below.  It is cold .  I instruct my helper to build a fire , and then roll  a joint.  With his weed. 
    I turn to waking the drill.  I always loved this part.  Waking the beast .  A  turbow Chrysler 360 with short stacks. 
    I give her a shot of ether down the throat, and punch the start button. 
    She rumbles to life.  It’s  10  degrees,  the sun is shining.
    We smoke that  joint , next to that fire .
    I stand up , and rail against  the world  for about 2 minutes .
    My helper is fear for his life.  I inform him this  is  top of our lives. 
    I was 29 
    After that ,  we slammed steel . Young Dennis had never seen a world beyond  his. 

  51. One day I took 2 squirrels to the field  , that had no idea of what a crescent wrench is. 

  52. OM – Repugz want folks to forget.  They want to call for unity when what they really mean is to let them slide like they would never do for Dems for a lesser event.   (Pretty much anything that isn’t a violent attempt to overthrow the government would be a lesser event.) F them if they don’t do the right thing and convict tRUMPsky. 

  53. OM – There is a stand of cottonwood trees near me.  More Monarchs in the air last fall than I’ve ever seen before.  
    Do squirrels eat bell peppers?  I thought rabbits were eating them, but I found peanuts.    Oh, I saw a bobcat about a week ago.  It was 8am on a Saturday or Sunday morning.   It walked right in front of me through an apartment breezeway.  

  54. Well, i guaranteed the guy who chased Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman had a criminal record:

    Jensen served a year of probation for a 2015 domestic assault in Minnesota, and he was convicted of driving while drunk in 2007, court documents show. He was also convicted of theft in 2006 and has a conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance conviction in 2005.

  55. Republicans in Congress don’t understand that if it hadn’t been for that officer, they’d be toast.  

  56. I slammed  steel , now I am down  to avoiding the  electric  carts, with a basket. 
    This is not the fate we all dream of. 

  57. “Slamming steel” 
    When  everyone is in tune , and the engines are roaring , and we’re trippin out of the hole. 
    It’s better  than a Russian Ballet. 
    No tights , just pipe dope. 

  58. Greenhorn  –
    The age old term for the new guy. 
    Well on the floor  of a big drilling rig , you are the worm , and you have a spot ,…….. the worm’s corner . If you survive that , they  send your ass 120 feet to the top of the derrick  to catch pipe. 
    Every gallon  of gas you ever burnt came from a worm coming out of his corner.   

  59. It’s all about payin dues. 
    And how best to screw Turd Crews. 
    (This was a typo , and I liked where Turd Crews it was goin’)
    Turd Crews, the shittiest  man in the senate. 

  60. Cruz is a terrible person.  He is who America thinks of when you mention Texas.   Nobody thinks of Cornyn, not that he’s much better; folks don’t really know who he is after all his years in the Senate.

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