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  1. We live in times of seemingly unending progress – and yet somehow things still always go wrong: trains are late, broadband speeds suck and the promotion always goes to the wrong person. Well, it turns out there’s an explanation for all this – and progress itself is the problem. Meet The Peter Principle.

  2. fittingly, this just in from business insider:

    Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar resigned earlier this week, using his departure letter to strongly criticize President Trump over his role in inciting last week’s violent riot at the US Capitol.

    In the formal resignation letter, which dates to January 12 but was obtained by NBC News on Friday, Azar wrote that the attack – which left five people dead – was “an assault on our democracy and on the tradition of peaceful transitions of power that the United States first brought to the world,” according to the Guardian.



  3. ‘nuf said when one looks at today’s COVID statistics
    United States cases
    Updated Jan 16 at 5:43 AM local
  4. also on last night was mrs. conway

    kellyanne: “I mean, you can’t deny that many people are better off.”

    maher: “Well, they’re not better off now! A lot of them are dead.”

  5. i read that Peter Principle when i was a kid….like when it first appeared.   At the time i remember thinking that it made a lot of sense and I’ve looked at many things thru that glass since then……………………..    
    it says on wiki that they wrote it to be satire, but it grew beyond itself.   

  6. Kelly Anne Jerkoff:    “Many people are better off.”        Uh, yeah…..shall we take a gander at exactly WHICH people are better off, you slimy sludge……

  7. Kelly Anne – what a fuckin’ waste of a human. As the old locker room joke goes, “not with your dick…”. I wonder what her hell will be?  I hope it’s worse than any of us can imagine. 

  8. Her hell will be and is her husband and her daughter.    But I’m sure there will be more.
    if you watch the bill mahar at the end when other things come up to watch, be sure and watch John Oliver on the Confederacy…..there is a great surprise at the end.   

  9. sturge, you’re right about that.

    from insider:

    The outspoken daughter of Kellyanne Conway, Claudia, called out her mom, the former counselor to President Donald Trump on TikTok after the insurrection at the US Capitol building in Washington DC on Wednesday. She captioned the video, “This video is for Kelly and if you aren’t Kelly, keep scrolling.”
    In the video, Claudia, 16, addressed her mom directly and asked, “How do you feel about your army becoming rioters?”
    She continued to say, “Because I remember when I was going to protests in the summer, you weren’t too happy with it.”
    Claudia has been a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and has shared multiple videos directly opposing her mother’s viewpoints. 
    Ever since she started posting anti-Trump videos on TikTok, Claudia started to gain a massive following. In June, on her @datjerseygirl account, she had 31,000 followers. Now, she’s boasting over 1.4 million followers and 57 million likes. Conway has been written about for major publications such as New York Magazine, Vox, The New York Post, and MEL Magazine.

  10. Poobah, that doesn’t make me think even an iota more highly of her. She sold a pile of shit that she said was gold and 42% of our fellow citizens still believe it. My fear is that we haven’t heard the last lie from her yet. 

  11. Late last night funny from Patd courtesy of Bink posting:  “Fun, Flirty, and Fascist at 40″

    bink wins the agnew award of the day

    Have we missed the negative nabobs of negativism? 

  12. jamie, they’re still alive and well.

    BTW, did you see this about one of your fav families of foment?

    the guardian:

    James Murdoch has condemned the US media for “propagating lies” which have unleashed “insidious and uncontrollable forces” that will endure for years.
    Questioned about whether Fox News – founded by his father Rupert Murdoch and run by his brother Lachlan – had played a role in the riot at the Capitol last week, he said media groups had amplified election disinformation, which successfully sowed falsehoods.
    Providing his sternest reproach yet of the US news industry since stepping away from the family business, Murdoch stopped short of naming Fox News but the comments will be seen as a thinly veiled rebuke.
    “The damage is profound,” he told the Financial Times in an interview. “The sacking of the Capitol is proof positive that what we thought was dangerous is indeed very much so. Those outlets that propagate lies to their audience have unleashed insidious and uncontrollable forces that will be with us for years.
    “I hope that those people who didn’t think it was that dangerous now understand, and that they stop.”
    He added that the media would inevitably face “a reckoning” after being “co-opted by forces that only want to stay in power, or are manipulating our discourse from abroad and are only too happy to make a mess and burn things down.”
    In a subsequent statement issued jointly with his wife, Kathryn, they added: “Spreading disinformation – whether about the election, public health or climate change – has real world consequences. Many media property owners have as much responsibility as the election officials who know the truth but instead choose to propagate lies.
    “We hope the awful scenes we have all been seeing will finally convince those enablers to repudiate the toxic politics they have promoted once and forever.”
    Murdoch resigned in August 2020 from the board of directors of News Corp, which also ultimately controls the Times, the Sunday Times, the Sun, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, a host of Australian newspapers and a number of other media outlets and entities across the world.
    He said at the time he was departing over “disagreements over certain editorial content published” by its news outlets and “certain other strategic decisions”.
    Murdoch, who donated to Joe Biden’s successful presidential campaign, told the New Yorker in 2019: “There are views I really disagree with on Fox.”

  13. Patd

    James Murdoch is interesting.  He is proof positive that birth is not destiny.

    BTW all, If you have been using WhatsAP to message friends and family, you might want to try Signal as a more secure form.    Signal >> Home

    I just started using it when our Australian contingent switched.  


  14. from carl hiaasen’s miami herald oped today:

    He tweeted all the time, freakishly obsessed. His verbal incontinence in the middle of the night rattled his own staff; the man was addicted.
    And now he’s cut off, wretched and raging like a gored warthog.
    You can’t blame Trump’s millions of supporters for being stunned by the Twitter ban. He got away with so much for so long that he figured there were no boundaries, and no sanctions beyond the tepid content warning that the company began attaching to his wild lies about election fraud.
    A fair question is why Twitter and Facebook didn’t act sooner. The answer is probably more about profits than free speech.
    Until the Jan. 6 riot, Trump’s large online following was valuable to advertisers. Social media companies greedily indulged his incendiary propaganda and let it spread. They were hauling in money.


    really really liked carl’s wretched warthog wreference  🙂

  15. Freddie Trump and his daughter also proof that birth is not destiny.   

    And me, for that matter…..I should by birth have been a homophobic numbskull racist. I mean, one of me ancestories actually had a honest to goodness plantation in west georgia. Instead I’m just a regular old numbskull.

  16. Great new book, and very timely , CBS Saturday  just interviewed the author –

    Wilmington’s Lie: The Murderous Coup of 1898 and the Rise of White Supremacy Hardcover – Illustrated, January 7, 2020

    Yes Virginia, this has happened before, and it succeeded. 
    The interview  isn’t up yet at CBS , worth a look when it get’s posted. 

  17. It was led by an old Confederate General. 
    We should have hung a lot more generals after the war. 

  18. The list of dumb ass is parting gifts to the US is pretty incredible. The capital is in lockdown and set up like aMiddle eastern green zone. Covid deaths are at a new high and rising. Gasoline went up 10% in the last week. He’s done everything he can to prevent continuity of our government when Joe Biden takes office on Wednesday. Thanks a lot asshole.

  19. There are a  couple of big differences that our time has,  that make all this more tricky.
    In 1858 the conflict was  very regional , the battle over Kansas was about expanding territory . There were very sharp lines being drawn on maps.  
    Now these guys are sprinkled all across the country. 
    The other thing is , Lebron & Beyonce’ ain’t gonna just roll over. 
    My favorite  Civil War factoid. 
     By 1861, 22,000 miles of track had been laid in the Northern states and 9,500 miles in the South.
    The Union Army built several thousand  more miles as the war dragged on, the South never laid another foot of rail.

  20. The Trump era did more damage to the Republican Party in Arizona than almost anywhere else. Over the past two years, Republicans lost both Senate seats. In November, the state flipped Democratic in a presidential race for the first time since 1996. The GOP state party chair is currently at war with the governor.
    President Donald Trump’s fingerprints are on all of it, yet the state party will likely pass a resolution next week to officially “support & thank” the president. It’ll also vote on measures to censure three prominent Republicans who were deemed insufficiently beholden to Trump: Gov. Doug Ducey, former Sen. Jeff Flake and Cindy McCain, the wife of the late senator.

  21. I missed a few of Dumbass’ gifts to us.  Dana Milbank didn’t.

    It has been four years since Republican elites sanctimoniously derided the liberal “coastal elites,” the “libtards” in pink hats, the media and urban dwellers generally for failing to “listen” to the “real Americans” in “flyover country” who voted for Donald Trump.

    Well, I’ve been listening.

    I’ve heard about the net loss of 3 million American jobs — the worst economic record in modern American history — as stock markets deliver greater riches to billionaires and ordinary Americans go hungry.

    I’ve heard about a record-shattering $7 trillion added to our national debt and the three largest trade deficits in U.S. history.

    I’ve heard about the abject cruelty of the administration gratuitously (and often permanently) tearing migrant children from their mothers’ arms and warehousing them in cages.

    I’ve heard about wanton government violence against peaceful citizens in Lafayette Square, and about support from the president for violent white supremacists in Charlottesville and Kenosha.

    I’ve heard about Iran and North Korea advancing their nuclear weapons programs and Russia executing a galling cyberattack on the United States, while our president withheld U.S. military support from a Russia-threatened ally to extort political benefit.

    I’ve heard about a self-dealing president using his office to try to overturn a free and fair election, and then incite a mob of QAnon followers and white supremacists to launch a deadly insurrection at the Capitol against the people’s representatives.
    …   …   …

    I guess I did miss a few.

  22. Trump Is on the Verge of Losing Everything

    But now, finally, the end is at hand. Trump is suffering a series of wounds that, in combination, are likely to be fatal after Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20. Trump is obviously going to surrender his office. Beyond that looming defeat, he is undergoing a cascading sequence of political, financial, and legal setbacks that cumulatively spell utter ruin. Trump is not only losing his job but quite possibly everything else.
    One crisis, though the most opaque, concerns Trump’s business. Many of his sources of income are drying up, either owing to the coronavirus pandemic or, more often, his toxic public image. The Washington Post has toted up the setbacks facing the Trump Organization, which include cancellations of partnerships with New York City government, three banks, the PGA Championship, and a real-estate firm that handled many of his leasing agreements. Meanwhile, he faces the closure of many of his hotels. And he is staring down two defamation lawsuits. Oh, and Trump has to repay, over the next four years, more than $300 million in outstanding loans he personally guaranteed.

  23. pogo, looka this from the hill:

    Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said the Senate should consider removing Sens. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) via the 14th Amendment over their objections last week to the Electoral College results. 
    Speaking to PBS’s “Firing Line” on Friday night, Manchin said the Senate should explore the option after a violent mob, riled up by President Trump and convinced by Republicans such as Hawley and Cruz that the election was fraudulent, ransacked the Capitol in one of the darkest points in American democracy. 
    “That should be a consideration,” Manchin responded when asked if the 14th Amendment should be triggered. “He understands that. Ted’s a very bright individual, and I get along fine with Ted, but what he did was totally outside of the realm of our responsibilities or our privileges.”
    “I’m totally convinced it was done because of political reasons. This was all politically motivated. This was calculated,” said Manchin. “I believe that all my colleagues truly made a decision that was politically best for them and expedient for them. It was not what they believed to be true or false.”
    Last week’s rioters unsuccessfully sought to stop a vote to certify the Electoral College results showing President-elect Joe Biden with a 306-232 victory. While the vote ultimately passed, lawmakers were temporarily sent fleeing to a secure location, where Manchin said he spoke with Hawley.
    “I looked at Josh, and I said, ‘Josh, you have a right to do what you’re doing, but think of what’s happening, what you’re seeing on the monitors. Think about, basically, our country,'” he said. “There wasn’t much conversation back and forth on that. He listened to me, and I could tell it was weighing on him, and I was hoping that we were able to maybe change his mind to go up there and stop his objections.”

  24. perchance a pardon party  per politco:

    President Donald Trump is considering granting a pardon to Steve Bannon, his former White House chief strategist and top campaign aide, who was charged with swindling donors to a private crowdsourcing effort to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to two sources familiar with the matter.
    The potential pardon would follow a wave of reprieves the president has recently granted to political allies who have been convicted, charged or reportedly under federal investigation. Two additional batches of pardons are expected — one on Friday night and one Wednesday morning before President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office, according to one of the people.
    Trump also has been considering giving preemptive pardons to as many as 20 close associates and family members, including his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, and his children, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump, none of whom have been charged with a crime.

  25. Pardoning the unpardonable.  May the entire tRUMPsky crime syndicate be cast into the abyss where they can do no more harm.  

  26. Mary Trump tells SiriusXM radio’s Dean Obeidallah: Donald enjoyed every minute of the attack on the Capitol because while he’s “a physical coward, he’s perfectly happy when other people commit violence on his behalf.” She also believes Donald helped plan and coordinate the attack.

  27. now how did we miss this story in wapo – must have been distracted by that little impeachment event:

    Many U.S. Secret Service agents have stood guard in Washington’s elite Kalorama neighborhood, home over the years to Cabinet secretaries and former presidents. Those agents have had to worry about death threats, secure perimeters and suspicious strangers. But with the arrival of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, they had a new worry: finding a toilet.
    Instructed not to use any of the half-dozen bathrooms inside the couple’s house, the Secret Service detail assigned to President Trump’s daughter and son-in-law spent months searching for a reliable restroom to use on the job, according to neighbors and law enforcement officials. After resorting to a porta-potty, as well as bathrooms at the nearby home of former president Barack Obama and the not-so-nearby residence of Vice President Pence, the agents finally found a toilet to call their own.
    But it came at a cost to U.S. taxpayers. Since September 2017, the federal government has been spending $3,000 a month — more than $100,000 to date — to rent a basement studio, with a bathroom, from a neighbor of the Kushner family.
    The episode in Kalorama is unusual because of the lengths to which the agents’ exile took them. In addition to their reliance on the restrooms used by fellow agents assigned to the Obamas and Pences, the detail occasionally popped into neighborhood businesses to avail themselves of the facilities.
    “It’s the first time I ever heard of a Secret Service detail having to go to these extremes to find a bathroom,” said one law enforcement official familiar with the situation.
    The agents’ bizarre odyssey played out in full view of a wealthy enclave in Northwest Washington, where many deplore Trump’s presidency and have expressed frustration over what they view as the Kushner family’s disregard for their neighbors. The community also includes multiple embassies and a house owned by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post.
    “They sort of came in with the attitude, like, ‘We are royalty,’” Dianne Bruce, who until recently lived across the street, said of Kushner and Trump. “When they put the porta-potty right outside on the sidewalk we weren’t allowed to walk on, that was when people in the neighborhood said, ‘That’s really not acceptable.’”
    Bruce said she felt sympathy for the family’s protective detail as she watched agents trying to balance the call of duty with nature’s call.
    “These poor people,” she remembers thinking when the porta-potty was hauled away. “What, are they going to have to get in their cars” to go to the bathroom?
    They were, and they did.
    On a recent Tuesday, some quiet seemed to have returned. There was no sign of activity at the Kushner family’s residence, with its gray exterior shutters and white walls of brick. Black SUVs were parked in front.
    A door to one of those SUVs opened, revealing what was, for the moment, the street’s only sign of life: A man wearing a dark suit, badge and crimson tie. He walked purposefully across the street, arms straight at his sides, and disappeared behind the house whose basement is being rented by the U.S. government. Five minutes later, he reemerged, recrossed the street, and stepped back into his vehicle.

  28. Viking Boy is sitting in jail until his trial –

    The following day, prosecutors say Chansley called the FBI Washington field office, admitted his involvement and described Pence as a “child-trafficking traitor,” but said he did not intend the note to be a threat. When asked about the meaning of the note, he launched into a “lengthy diatribe” describing current and past lawmakers including Pence, former president Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President-elect Joe Biden as “infiltrators involved in various types of wrongdoing.”
    “Although he stated his note was not a threat, the government strongly disagrees,” the prosecution’s court filing reads.

    He doesn’t like jail food.

  29. The air feels different, the sky is brighter and the stench is under control.  Time to change the order of a hogshead of gin to a dozen boxes of red wine.  The countdown continues.
    Any of the staff and secretaries resigning, either of their own volition or being pushed, at this time is meaningless.  They were going to be out of a job noon 1-20-21 no matter what.  I am guessing an orange idiot and imbecile found their phone number and was demanding they declare him dictator for life.  It scared them enough to pack it in early.

  30. Well he finally did it , the last week in office.
    Pond scum  is more popular than  Trump. 

  31. Here we go… US Capitol Police just arrested a Virginia man as he attempted to pass through a police checkpoint in downtown Washington Friday with fake inaugural credentials, a loaded handgun & over 500 rounds of ammunition, CNN reporting.

  32. So, my idea was cannons loaded by drums of thickened corn-syrup for crowd-control of Trumpistanis, would jam the mechanisms of their guns and make the people all sticky and uncomfortable.  Can just hose down the sidewalks and fascia after a riot. Plus, supports American farmers👍🇺🇸

  33. Bought 4 Powerball tickets. Yes I know the odds.  1 in 292,000,000 .
    But I love those hours before the drawing  when the mind can run wild with what if’s. 

  34. I get Powerball fever when the pot is over $500M and love playing the what if games, too. I also know the odds, but wtf? It’s a few bucks and is almost fun. 

  35. i’ve heard it said that the risk/reward ratio for a single ticket is in one’s favor when the jackpot is really high🤷‍♂️
    Good luck

  36. Are any of the crimes committed by the domestic terrorists not federal crimes?  Can they be charged with something non-federal so tRUMPsky’s pardon won’t help?  What of those caught and charged after he’s out on his fat ass? 

  37. yeah, weapons and trespassing charges in D.C. municipality 

    Some talking head on CNN said he doubts dipshit has the necessary staff remaining to write a bunch of pardons

  38. I’m getting really good at the conversational pivot when the Republican relatives call.   

  39. Civil War ? 
    Yes  , it’s in the GOP .   
    Big business has been their mother’s milk.  Well it just dawned on all those tits  that this monster they have been fashioning  in their “think tanks”  sent  this guy out to get a brain , and he came back with “Abby Normal’s Bell Jar”. 
    And this knife fighting coming up in the  GOP ain’t gonna be good for business.  The purges coming up inside that  unit will make the coming of Stalin seem like a spring picnic.  

  40. So much of this , has it’s roots on a far away mountain top in Idaho  called Ruby Ridge.  The irony of that name  is coming into very sharp focus. 

  41. The governors  of AZ. ,and GA.  are in far more peril than  Nancy or OAC. 

    Nursing wounds is big part of whole mindset , Bill and Hillary are long gone , but these new traitors within the tent , that’s another matter.

  42. Capitol Attack Could Fuel Extremist Recruitment For Years, Experts Warn

    An ideological jumble of far-right extremists and hate groups flourished under President Trump and claimed new energy after the attack on the Capitol. Now they are debating their next moves.

    Their are young men that have been swimming in this swill  for 30 years.  All being led by  an assortment of would be tin pot  dictators .
    I take the comfort that most of them , can’t pour pee out of a boot if we stamped the directions on the heel. 

  43. I hear the NFL in the next room. 
    Time to raise hell about back pay for cheerleaders .
    Those girls work for free. 

  44. Watching an old age die , and the birth of another.  Is pretty amazing. 
    Like watching that first plague ship limp into the harbor at Genoa.  And knowing an invisible killer was on board.  The merchants  of Italy  knew it was coming.  And they knew they had no clue what it was. 
    The invisible killers have two goals , reproduce and mutate , they go hand in hand.  This is why Trump failed  to understand the #19 . 
    It’s evolution , and that is denial in overdrive.  Ever since the “Monkey Trial”. 
    Now we are seeing the #19  really go to work.  It has reproduced enough to get down with some seriously large gene pools of other close cousins. Where everybody is swapping parts.  And it is doing it in a brand new ocean of hosts , that have never seen it before.  
    These new strains  show that  in spades.  It’s one thing to move in bats , or  some endangered creature most have never seen.
    It’s quite  another to be running around the world on jets  among 7.5 Billion human hosts. 
    Joe should call for the UN  to call a session to set up,  A Virus Nerve Center .
    This is only the first one  of many coming our  way.  That managed to breakthrew our defenses. 

  45. I play the same two sets of numbers for Powerball and Mega purely on the basis of they have to get around to them some day.  Now been playing them for so many years that I don’t dare miss a drawing.  lol


  46. “Joe Biden is too moderate”
    1.9 Trillion  is not a timid effort. 
    Joe is going to go big on a lot of things.  

  47. As much as I would like human beings to start counting backwards voluntarily on the 4 billion person excess, it will be a lot uglier if Mother Nature does it for us.


  48. “No one saw this coming” 
    Every pundit that ever said this should slapped in the puss with a sock of nickles in the toe. 

  49. Not enough to break someone’s jaw, but enough to knock them off their pundit’s pillow. 

  50. Think about  Rex Tillerson.  He bet on Trump.  And all those other  stage props he first installed.  Masterson etc. 
    Now think about Sen. Joe  from West Virginia.  And the number of coal mining jobs in the state as of 1-1-2021. 
    One reason Liz voted to impeach , the coal business in WYO.  is in a death spiral.  And she knows it .  The state has cast it’s lot with coal.  A very bad bet. 

  51. And there’s this  “Drilling in ANWAR ” . Remember all those bitter fights ? 
    Trump opened the bids and no one came to the auction.  The world had moved on. 
    That is my metaphor about worlds dying , and new worlds being born. 
     “Drilling in ANWAR ” was an article of faith once upon a time. 
    Now the big boys understand. it’s a “stranded asset”.  Like having a contract for  making harness  for horse drawn trollys in 1898 . 
    An old age dying and a new one being born. 

  52. The only way Joe wins is if everyone that  supports him lobbies congress  everyday in everyway. 
    Not harassing them but telling them in rational words and thinking. 

  53. Rational does not win over the rabidly insane.  Harass, tail, and, restrict.  They may lie and say they’ve seen the light.  Don’t trust them.  Purge them when they come up for re-election, or, sooner if they can be brought up on charges of sedition.  For heaven’s sake, don’t let them have the keys to a committee with security intel.

  54. Rational does not win over the rabidly insane. 
    True da,  but money does. and rabidly insane has seen it’s value drop out of it’s market recently. 
    Putin may invest , but all their other streams are drying up. 
    And that’s how we crack em’ , money   They go back to robbing banks, dealing meth , and knocking over armoured cars. 

  55. Everyone fears Trump’s next move.  He’s  a quivering orange pile of Jello  on the bathroom floor , at 1600 Penn Ave.  
    He’s been sucking his thumb on the White House tiles   for weeks.  His is not a man to fear anymore , when that LED  lights up in the GOP toolshed, buckle your chin strap. 

  56. axios

    Scoop: Comms director for gun-toting congresswoman quits
    The communications director for Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, a firebrand Republican freshman who boasts about carrying a gun to work, has quit after less than two weeks on the job.
    Why it matters: Ben Goldey’s resignation cited last week’s insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, which came amid efforts by Boebert and other Republican lawmakers to block certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. Her rhetoric on the issue mirrored President Trump’s, which has fueled baseless election conspiracy theories and resulting violence.
    What we’re hearing: Goldey said in a statement to Axios: “Following the events of January 6th, I’ve decided to part ways with the office. I wish her and the people of Colorado’s Third District the best.”
    Be smart: Goldey’s resignation underscores larger Republican divisions, particularly in the House, where ten GOP members — including conference chair Rep. Liz Cheney — voted to impeach Trump on Wednesday.
    The same divisions are evident on the other side of the Capitol. Sen. Ted Cruz’s communications director, Lauren Blair Bianchi, also resigned on Monday, reportedly over Cruz’s role in the effort to deny certification for Biden.

  57. “these guys are not that bright ”
    Hal Holbrook  
    All the Presidents Men 
    And thanks to no evolution, they are still as stupid as they were  49 years ago. 

  58. Trump is an exception to the Peter Principle. He got way above his level of a incompetence 

  59. wapo story bodes well for D’ump conviction by senate:

    A man from Kentucky told the FBI that he and his cousin began marching toward the U.S. Capitol Dec. 6 because “President Trump said to do so.” Chanting “Stop the steal,” the two men tramped through the building and snapped a photo of themselves with their middle fingers raised, according to court documents.
    A video clip of another group of rioters mobbing the steps of the Capitol caught one man screaming at a police officer: “We were invited here! We were invited by the president of the United States!”
    A retired firefighter from Pennsylvania who has been charged with throwing a fire extinguisher at police officers felt he was “instructed” to go to the Capitol by the president, a tipster told the FBI, according to court documents.
    The accounts of people who said they were inspired by the president to take part in the melee inside the Capitol vividly show the impact of Trump’s months-long attack on the integrity of the 2020 election and his exhortations to supporters to “fight” the results.

    Some have said they felt called to Washington by Trump and his false message that the election had been stolen, as well as by his efforts to pressure Congress and Vice President Pence to overturn the result.
    But others drew an even more direct link — telling the FBI or news organizations that they headed to the Capitol on what they believed were direct orders from the president issued at a rally that day.
    While legal experts are split on whether Trump could face criminal liability for his role in the events of Jan. 6, testimony from rioters who felt directed to take part in illegal acts by his speech could inform a decision by prosecutors about whether to attempt to build a case. Short of that, the testimony from rioters is likely to be cited in Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate and could become evidence should people injured in the Capitol attack seek to file lawsuits against Trump.
    “I thought I was following my president,” she said. “I thought I was following what we were called to do. . . . He asked us to fly there. He asked us to be there. So I was doing what he asked us to do.”
  60. Trump’s battleship  is sunk, but the  GOP  Aircraft Carrier, has taken many hits as well ,  it’s pumps may not keep up.  And they have have a crew of cowards,   mutinous dogs,  and wanna be Vikings  from Arizona. 

  61. Patd-
    Note how they throw  Trump under the bus to save their own skins. 
    Nothing like talking to the FBI to sober one up. 

  62. The new face of the GOP  for the 21st Century –
    And Bernie is just an old Bolshevik.
    Poor Wall Street.  Who to bribe now ?

  63. They are going full Nuremberg. Morons. They’re too young to have seen the movie and don’t know their history. 

  64. The horned idiot wants only organic food in prison.  Whelp, spit is an organic substance.  Oh, yes I hope someone is “seasoning” his meals.   

  65. “You said forget about  the airlines, let’s take the car and save the fair, we a blew a gasket on the “Grapevine” , and $80 dollars in repair” 


  66. So I drove my car and this was on the radio –
    Shirley Ellis  …………..  And I came home and looked it up once again and this thing is at the top of the pops. 
    I And Love It !  It’s so modern . 


  67. A woman on the radio talks about revolution
    When it’s already passed her by
    Bob Dylan didn’t have this to sing about
    You know it feels good to be alive
    I was alive and I waited, waited
    I was alive and I waited for this
    Right here, right now
    There is no other place I want to be
    Right here, right now
    Watching the world wake up from history
    I saw the decade in, when it seemed the world could change
    At the blink of an eye
    And if anything
    Then there’s your sign of the times
    I was alive and I waited, waited
    I was alive and I waited for this
    Right here, right now

  68. As terrible as this crucible has been  , the alloy being forged is firing a new world. 
    We have just been plunged into the oil , let’s see if we get a new stronger  temper. 

  69. 2 Cat 5  cyclones  hit Honduras  last summer . 
    The fleeing victims  are forming in the parks there . To march North.  They have lost everything .
    We did not lift a finger to help.  And by ‘we”  I mean the world. 
    This is  Climate Change in action . 
    Trust me, when this wave  gets really rollin’  it will cross borders like a cop in a doughnut shop. 

  70. One last bitch –
    Learn this term boys and girls , you are about hear a great deal about it  –
    “Stranded Assets” 
    Buying a multi-million dollar home in the Palm Beaches  is a “SA”.
    Sea Level Rise  will destroy these values. Real soon.   When the turn comes in the market  you are screwed. 
    The entire Powder River Basin coal mining industry. 
    Dead as  Doc Holliday 
    The  Alaska pipeline  another  “SA”. 
    Ship building  ever larger tankers , dead as a boot. 
    All of this is underway.  I’m not using the BBFF.
    “The Butt Based Fact File” 
    Where you reach around , and pull all this crap out of your ass. 
    All the big boys that have a brain know this.  They are terrified about it. 
    If it becomes common knowledge , a lot of houses made from a bicycle playing cards will collapse. 
    Like the city of  Houston , and the entire lower half of Florida. 

  71. The “SA” and “CC” go hand in hand. 
    This is why we just  learned that Bill Gates is the largest farmer in America. 

  72. I am not alarmed  by this , they have been trying to feed people since he had the money to do it. 
    And I believe he’s buying land that needs to be restored.  Why?   He’s  buying across 18  states. 
    He’s on a mission from God.  he’s buying land along rivers.  Places that should have never been plowed. 
    All of this is my guess.  But it’s a good guess. 

  73. It’s exactly like Walt buying land  around Orlando. 
    But with a new direction.  Gates is up to something really big, and his hand has been forced. 
    He’ll tell us all very soon. 

  74. If I was Gates I would expand all the plants along my streams. 
    From there,  Floods would be lessened , rivers would be cleaner, nature from bees to birds, to  butterflies  would gain a helping hand . And we all know they can use the help.  
    Speaking of  butterflies,  if every golf course in America would plant milkweed , that can be a come back to their survival. 

  75. As we all fuss over human matters the crash of Nature goes on. 
    It does not care what we think about it.  It’s like the virus. It just rolls on. 
    We have the power to stop both , but we have little will to change ourselves to stop it,  the really sad thing about all of it.  A golden future awaits us, if we would just do it. 
    It is right at our finger tips.  

  76. While Gates is America’s biggest farmland owner, he’s far from being the nation’s largest landowner in general. That crown belongs to Liberty Media chairman John Malone, who has 2.2 million acres, according to The Land Report.


  77. Back to railroad  talk .  I have added “Trout Unlimited” to my list , and now John Malone.  Billionaire from Elizabeth , Colorado. 
    While the elephants  fight,  the villagers, are at work.  

  78. I have  blasted every Chamber of Commerce  from Eagle to Pueblo. 
    I am now , working up a new pitch to the state of Colorado. 
    This is how one herds elephants. 
    You find an elephant gun. 

  79. My new  plan –
    The state of Colorado  enters the fight  on behalf  of all the interested parties. 

  80. They don’t realize  I have knitted the entire valley with an idea. 
    SomethinI worked all this thinking out here.  Not one of you said , Bob are you crazy?
    Maybe  I am .  But  at this point .  I am about to change the state of Colorado forever.  My sleeves are full of rabbits.  And I will pull them from my hat. g bigger than their own town.  The reason one comes  to Colorado  to ride the Arkansaw and Tennessee 

  81. Vail and Aspen  ……………. 
    The Arkansas and Tennessee  Rail Road.  Is bigger than both of them. 

  82. Hammer and tongs , this  how Stacey changed  GA. 
    Everyday you wake up , and strike your hammer. 

  83. If nothing else , I think have linked all the these towns together.  And above all got them talking  about just how much they need each other. 
    One thing is sure , I have put a burr under a lot of saddles. 

  84. Speaking of  butterflies,  if every golf course in America would plant milkweed , that can be a come back to their survival. 

    In the meantime, if you have any land at all, eliminate the neonicotinoid pesticides and plant a Butterfly Garden.  

  85. And the River , no one who ever sees this River in all it’s states  will ever forget it. 

  86. I tell the girls at the gas station every time out the door,  “Keep Smiling Ladies” . I have said it so much , it matters to them now.  They expect it now. 
     It matters to us all now. 

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