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  1. After a violent far-right insurrection of the nation’s Capitol, many former Trump affiliates are finally saying “enough.” How brave! But before you make yourself ill trying to tweet a thank you to Mitch McConnell, remember, these people are NOT heroes! Part 2 of 2.

  2. wapo editorial board:

    President Trump deserved impeachment. The Senate must convict him quickly.
    … though “much more will become clear in coming days and weeks,” Ms. Cheney noted, “what we know now is enough.” The known scale of Mr. Trump’s offense already qualifies him for severe punishment, and the danger he poses to American civic life is too substantial to ignore. The impeachment power must be nimble enough to address a situation like Watergate, where there was time to conduct a deep investigation to ascertain the president’s guilt, and the Capitol raid, in which the president’s obvious culpability and the continuing risk he poses warrant summary removal.
    That is why we hope Mr. McConnell reconsiders his reported reluctance to move swiftly toward a trial. The president’s term ends in any case next Wednesday, but removal first would send an important message. It also would be unquestionably legitimate, whereas some scholars believe the Senate does not have the constitutional right to try, convict and bar from future office a president after his term ends. A delayed or a lengthy Senate trial could overshadow President-elect Joe Biden’s opening days, slowing confirmation of his appointees — with attendant risk to national and homeland security — and derailing his legislative agenda.
    If Mr. McConnell refuses to convene the Senate this week, senators must move with dispatch once they have convened, and split their time between trying Mr. Trump and enabling the launch of the Biden administration. But the nation would be better served by a prompt trial ending in the guilty verdict Mr. Trump deserves.

  3. What is the procedure for moving members of Congress who were in on the Republicans’ attack on the Capitol?  You know they have video of the recon mission in the halls of the Capitol building.  You know they will find digital evidence in emails and texts.   So, how do we purge the seditious bastards???  
    Getting rid of tRUMPsky NOW is the only thing that will not embolden them.   Never in his life has he had to suffer the consequences of his words or actions.    If he remains until the end of his term, he got away with it AND he is still a danger.  

  4. BID, that’s not happening, so no use tilting against that windmill. McMertle has made it clear that the trial of DJT will not occur on his watch, so we move on. 
    OM, I corrected my comment from yesterday. I believe the Atwater movement in the Repugn party is alive and well. 
    Please understand that Democrats in the Senate represent 41,549,808 more Americans than do Republicans, the split being 186.5M (D) to 144.5 M (R), so even a party line vote would represent a 13% margin against Dumbass as a percentage of population represented by Democrats. 

  5. Impeachment is just a word.  It means nothing without actual consequences.  
    Saying don’t make me turn this car around, but never turning the car around, is pointless.  It just shows other Republicans that they can get away with being un-American, racist, fascist, and even seditious, and nothing will happen to them.   
    To hell with Republicans.  None of them should be allowed on any intelligence or other committee with national security intel. 

  6. i do wish the media would stop talking about the senate impeaching.  the house has already impeached. done deal. twice.  the senate convicts and may add non-criminal penalties or the senate doesn’t convict.

    BiD, impeachment in itself has consequences when you look at the pardon power in

    Article II, Section 2, Clause 1:

    The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

  7. hawley future looking dim

    newsweek via msn:

    In a tweet on Tuesday, Steve Schmidt said the Lincoln Project would be “buying full page ads in Missouri papers listing all of the @HawleyMO donors demanding their money back.”
    He added: “We will also be buying advertising focusing on the continuing financiers of Hawley’s insurrection and sedition.”
    The move to target Hawley’s donors spells the latest financial blow to the lawmaker.
    Three Missouri companies that regularly fund Hawley have said they will stop campaign contributions….
    Another Lincoln Project founder, Reed Galen, told St. Louis Public Radio on Tuesday that his group would run attack ads against Hawley until he resigned or was expelled from the Senate.
    A Lincoln Project ad released this week describes how lawmakers such as Hawley and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas had “brought this shame to America,” adding: “You supported this and you will be held accountable. This disgrace is all yours.”
    He added: “We will also be buying advertising focusing on the continuing financiers of Hawley’s insurrection and sedition.”
    The move to target Hawley’s donors spells the latest financial blow to the lawmaker.

  8. Patd, that only means he cannot prevent impeachment of himself or other officials subject to impeachment by pardoning the person facing impeachment. 

  9. For those who try to legislate or rule just as things were in the late 1770’s, the originalist or literal types, I have a question, what would Washington have done if there had been an attack on the legislative branch?  This was before the strong judicial branch.  This would be just as the first years of the Republic operating while not at war.  We know that George was not above hanging troops who did things in camp.  We know that he would punish bad doers.  Would he have had the Army take the insurrectionists and punished them?  Would he hang the leader?  Would he ask the legislative branch to do the investigation and mete the punishment?
    I am concerned that the push to censure the idiot and imbecile or pardon it is too weak.  We need closure, even if that means thousands of arrests and prison time.

  10. @PeteWilliamsNBC: The National Mall will now be closed for Inauguration Day. The National Mall’s closure — from the Capitol to the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial — closes the inauguration to the general public.

  11. Faux Spews sometimes borders on the totally comic.  This morning, probably to avoid saying anything about impeachment, they were up in arms because Nancy Pelosi used “gendered” language in referring to herself as a daughter, mother, and grandmother.  Apparently she authorized a house rule recently that stated all written House communications would be gender neutral i.e Chair instead of chairman etc.  Fox was opining that they guessed it was okay to say it but not to write it and and wondered if in recording her remarks she would be a child, parent, or grandperson.


  12. Not only bankrupt and in prison, but he and his entire administration and crime family should be shunned.   

  13. Had to chuckle at the $540/hour argument that AG Paxton is neither a public employee nor a governmental entity of the state of Texas so Texas’ whistle blower law does not apply to his firing of 4 employees in retaliation for reporting what they believe to be the aG breaking the law.  I would hope $540/hr would yield a better argument than that.

  14. pogo, okay i’ll accede to your more learned interpretation.  the language is pretty vague though and, as madison opined according to this passage by brookings, his pardon power is curtailed with regard to perps involved with why he is being impeachment.   here’s an excerpt:

    What can stop him pardoning anyone who was involved in the crimes for which the president is being impeached or whose testimony might put him in jeopardy? The president, according to Madison, still holds office, but he no longer has the power to pardon. The House can “suspend him when suspected, and the power will devolve on the Vice-President. Should he be suspected, also, he may likewise be suspended till he be impeached and removed, and the legislature may make a temporary appointment. This is a great security.”

  15. ‘net sleuthing to ID culprits is one way you can help the effort from the comfort of your own home🤷‍♂️
    i don’t want to link murder videos, here- you know how to use google

    (there are communities on reddit working towards that fyi)

  16. So, as far as i’ve read, the Constitution describes the impeachment of a “President”, but not a former one, and by extension, does not* preclude the continuation of the impeachment process once begun, so have fun with that, Rethugs

    Don’t forget to be “strict constructionists”!👍

    *(edited bc i forgot the most important word of the comment)

  17. I got my first dose of The Vaccine Moderna.  Now how to get the second seems kind of confused.  The second day my arm was sore but no other side effects 

  18. One might think being willing to lie infinitely in service of, cheat for, and get scape-goated by your boss would play well with potential employers 🤷‍♂️

  19. FOX News 6pm broadcast finally reporting white supremacists led Capitol Hill riots, rejecting bogus claims Antifa involved. Welcome to the real world!

  20. They may be trying to hock various and sundry objects from the WH that they are hauling out.
    Did someone take inventory before the tRUMPskys moved in?

  21. crackers – Glad you’re half of the way there.  I kinda hope I get the Dolly Parton vaccine, too, but I’ll take what I can get…and will probably be June.

  22. The ghost writer for “Art of the Deal” was on Melber today with the opinion that Trump oscillates between anger and delusion.  This is something he has been saying since about 2015.  It is a matter of how hard the crash will be if his ever present delusions are destroyed and he is forced to confront his own lies.


  23. He has too high an opinion of himself for that

    Although i won’t argue if one was to assert he in actuality has an abysmal opinion of himself, hence the constant need for validation

  24. Gotta agree with Bink on this one.  We might think this is the bottom of the pit, but SFB thinks he can get away with anything.  Off to the next grift.   If he did get desperate, I’m afraid he’d take out others before he did anything to himself. 

  25. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/14/politics/stimulus-payments-2000-dollars-biden/index.html
    Glad Georgia came through.  Extra overhead for the next $1,400, because Republicans cheaped out/don’t care about  citizens or the economy.  
    Today’s webinar was about the k-shaped recovery.  Some folks aren’t recovering at all; they are still sliding down.  It will be 2022, before the decline stops.  Many will never make up ground.  The hardest hit are black women, followed by all women with young children. 

  26. What is starting to pierce the delusion of Biden being “Socialist” is the absolute fact that on a per capita basis, the Scandinavian countries have more billionaires than the US.  It has been very well known for a long while that if you pump money in at the bottom, it eventually gets to the top and everyone is a whole lot better off financially.  If you put it in at the top, it just sits there making Wall Street look good until the crash that eventually comes.


  27. To add to the mix of SFB questions of mental state is what drugs is he taking?  Some drugs are capable of making things worse for some people.

  28. I suggest you study the case of William Belknap, U.S. Grant’s Secretary of War  He was tried in the Senate following impeachment by the house.  His trial in the Senate occurred after he resigned from office.

    Starting on April 5, 1876, Belknap was tried by the Senate. For several weeks Senators argued over whether the Senate had jurisdiction to put Belknap on trial since he had already resigned office in March.Belknap’s defense managers argued that the Senate had no jurisdiction; the Senate ruled by a vote of 37–29 that it did. Belknap was charged with five articles of impeachment, and the Senate listened to over 40 witnesses.

    Nice try, though. The only thing unique about the impeachment trial of the president is that the Chief Justice presided over his trial. 

  29. in my interpretation, the impeachment process just had to be started while he is President, which it has
    if only he read trailmix, he could have taken my advice and resigned before the House took it up

  30. The one I’m curious about is whether Scotus Judge Thomas can be removed due to his wife bringing about 70 people to the rally that later led to mob invasion of the Capitol.  If any of those people were involved, then it becomes “What did he know and when did he know it?”

    The Constitution states that Justices “shall hold their Offices during good Behavior.” This means that the Justices hold office as long as they choose and can only be removed from office by impeachment. … The only Justice to be impeached was Associate Justice Samuel Chase in 1805.


  31. …and in the ensuing chaos, the government had no functional plan to…

     the failed Dumbass presidency in 12 words. Sad. From WaPo . 

  32. Bink, funny how the omission or inclusion of negatives changes what we intend to say, no?  Actually, if I read the articles about Belknap correctly he resigned, THEN the House brought up the articles of impeachment against him, but I’m not sure. 

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