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  1. Trump once more the “greatest” by becoming the only President to be impeached twice.  Will those 10 GOP push on McConnell hard enough to bring it to the senators before the 19th?

  2. The 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach: 

    • Meijer, MI

    • Katko, NY

    • Newhouse, WA

    • Rice, SC

    • Gonzalez, OH

    • Upton, MI

    • Cheney, WY

    • Herrera Beutler, WA

    • Kinzinger, IL 

    • Valadao, CA

  3. 197 Republicans, even though they were in the House chamber or in the House complex when the attack occurred on January 6th, voted not to impeach President Trump. Pitiful.

  4. Punt!

    McConnell says Trump’s trial will not happen until next week. “In light of this reality, I believe it will best serve our nation if Congress & the executive branch spend the next 7 days completely focused on facilitating a safe inauguration and an orderly transfer of power.”

  5. I-2.  Beautiful. Ironically enough, I-2 is a partially completed Interstate Highway running through the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. Like his fucking wall.

  6. 10 GOP votes for impeachment constitutes the highest number from the president’s own party ever, and 231 overall votes is the highest number in history. In other words, this is the strongest and most bipartisan repudiation of a president by the House.

  7. Only 10 Republicans had the balls to vote to impeach.  F the rest of them.  Keep tabs on the money and make sure to shut it off.  Bastards! 
    ”Our movement” -tRUMP   So, he admitted that his base has a movement.  A white supremacist movement that keeps him and his evil spawn in power.   Bowel movement.

  8. Moscow Mitch is full of empty words.  He is a foul, foul creature. 
    Just wait until the midterms.
    Blue tsunami!!  

  9. I thought members of Congress had been vaccinated?     Some of them are sick from last week’s lockdown during the attack. 

  10. Day 1 – Biden should sign EOs undoing every boobytrap  that tRUMPsky has been busy laying.   I want that F-er frog-walked out of the WH and thrown in jail with the rest of his criminal operation. 

  11. Seriously, Biden should just sign EOs undoing 4 years of crap on day one.  It might take a bit to unravel the knots, but day one just start disappearing tRUMPsky’s presence. Expunge anything orange.

  12. Jeezaloo!  No, he shouldn’t pardon tRUMPsky.   Who in the hell got to Comey? Poo-tin? 

  13. Thinking Mcconell is going to try and gavel in the Senate, call a vote, and gavel out the Senate on 1-19.  Dems need to find a way to drag out the show until 12:01 1-20. 

  14. i subscribe to the “‘Senatorial collar of restraint’ in which McConnell now holds the insurrectionist” perspective 

  15. Trump’s ponzi pops.  Noon 1-20-2021 
    The banks come after him . 
    Let them chew his ass for a 100 days. 

  16. If one counts bumps on other peoples heads  there this out there for  strange 
    12:00 1 – 20 – 2021 

  17. The  GOP is now in a life boat  with Trump at the teller , and most of them drinking sea water. 
    This will not end well for them 

  18. Those words are still bothering me. “Our movement.”   Republicans had better get on board now.  He shouldn’t be able to run, again.  
    Junior needs to be brought up on charges of sedition and inciting the riot, as well. 

  19. Costco has announced that it will be closing the Photo Centers in all its locations by February 14, 2021. The announcement was made known to Costco Photo Center patrons via email early this morning.

    Trump failed  to bring back   Kodachrome , and coal mining. 

  20. bet that letter by pence of not invoking 25th was the cost of D’ump having to make that little speech

    and i bet that was what lindsey was doing on the plane to tx, crafting that swap (letter for speech) as well as writing the speech.  i can see his little paw prints all over such a thing convincing D’ump that was the only way he could ensure senate wouldn’t convict at the impeachment trial.

    seems to me senate GOP would vote to deny D’ump ability to run again so he wouldn’t be competition fund raising and taking all the air from primary.

  21. Pelosi Drops The Hammer and Will Fine House Republicans $5,000-$10,000 For Disobeying Safety Precautions

  22. Two years to get SFB’s bone heads healthcare and jobs that pay a living wage.  It won’t make them any less racist, but it will take away their will to topple the government.   Well, except for the lunatics. But it will help with marginalized white folks who see every other group as competition for resources.

  23. This is the real juicy  part knives come out ,  this battle on the right is about to  last for years. 

  24. Hitler had the , “Night of the Long Knives”  coming to power . 
    Trump has the endless months of stabbing  his allies in the back with an ice pick.  At the end. 

  25. And now let’s all have another round of sea water. 
    That’ll clear our heads ,and slake our thirst for 11,720 votes in Georgia. 

  26. With this vote the Dems need to stop, history is about to grind his ass to a fine plup. 
    Let the stew simmer  on the stove.  They made their point. 
    And Trump’s unknown  sins  are about to hit the  auto-rotating device. 
    Let’s see where that manure lands. 

  27. The entire  wing nut  movement  trains  the woods  in Mich.  12 or 18 at a time . There are 20,000 Nat. Guard troops in DC. 
    Bring it . 

  28. The entire MO  of right , is whiney  tittie baby’s , and tough  talk . warped in flags. 
    The right  needs to be punched  directly in the nose  on 1-21-2021 . 
    With a flood of new ideas. 

  29. Democrat House reps are afraid of some of their Republican colleagues murdering them, in cold blood.  Republicans allegedly conducted reconnaissance for the benefit of domestic terrorists. Rep. Pressley’s panic-buttons were preemptively removed.  Mo Brooks incited insurrection from Trump’s stage as much as the coup-leader.  Republican reps are documented to have been in league with online coordinators of terrorism.  How deep does this conspiracy go?

  30. Why would Marjorie Taylor Greene and pals be SO comfortable as to smile and laugh with each other while in lockdown during a terrorist siege?  Did they not believe themselves to be targets?  Why not🤔

  31. Smiles all around- certainly don’t look like people who perceive themselves to be threatened, but what do i know🤷‍♂️

  32. Now the FBI is about to set a lot of fools  in a room alone.
    All of them cowards   by nature .
    Que the  Law and Order  don da. 

  33. i honestly didn’t know that congressional offices had panic-buttons (never really thought about it), nevermind knowing exactly where they are to remove them.  So, who did it pre-emptively, and how did they know? 

  34. “not very bright” 
    No, but mere seconds away from assassinating members of Congress.  
    i had no idea how violent the riots were the day of because i didn’t realize the reason the available footage was from the other side of the building was because journalists were being assaulted

  35. I’m guessing the plan (whose plan? i dunno) was murder until Pompeo (conveniently overseas at the time) was next in line, insurrection act, martial law, installment of loyalists, followed by a never-ending “transitional period” while a hobbled congress would be unable to check Executive branch power

  36. The Parlar  files have been saved.  80 terabites , right down to your phone’s location . 
    This is very bad  for this idea that there were targets .  If it’s true ,  heads will roll. 

  37. Oh, and a coordinated effort to find and destroy certifications to precipitate an unsolvable Constitutional crisis

  38. …but yes, luckily the forward line of insurrectionists was composed of leaderless, drug-addled, high-school drop-outs.

  39. Blink they had a plan , just like their Covid plan. ” We’re rounding the corner”. And this gem , ………… ” After election day the virus story will go away”. 
    A steaming pile of bullshit.  Built by fools. 
    I fear the innocent  being  harmed by these  fools.  But in the end , they will lose. 

  40. This is the death of what  Lee Atwater  infected the GOP with. 
    Lying is fine , if it means winning. 
    They made billions of this .  Now they are stuck to that tar baby. 

  41. OM, you are soooo much more optimistic than I. I believe that the Lee Atwater  infection is alive and well. 
    Jack, I loved -LOVED – the Wapo article you linked about Dumbass’ world falling apart. He’s doing the same thing to Roodee that he does – he’s stiffing him. 

  42. I feel like Tyrone Power  tonight .  In a lifeboat like him, except my  boat is full of survivors   , half of which are drinking sea water, and re-roofing your house. 
    I am gripped  by the level of outside crazy beyond my head. 
    We Killed Crazy Tonight  
    We killed the first woman in 67 years, in the same death chamber as Oklahoma Tim 
    If there was ever an American  Heart Ache  her’s was the saddest.  Her name was Lisa Montgomery .
    The world chewed her to a pulp  long before she committed her crazy crime. 
    Thank God with this woman’s sad end we have  finally killed crazy. 

  43. I missed the New Thread  yesterday , and rattled on like “Wiley Coyote ” .
    I am reposting this  ………………… 

    old mansays:
    January 13, 2021 at 5:40 pm

     I just thought of halloween  1957 . The Russians had just rocked the world on the 8th, with an aluminium grapefruit .  And for her halloween show , Dinah Shore  came on the screen as a sexy witch riding her broom across the night sky  with a crescent moon.  And from that shot she broke into her opening trademark song –See the USA in Your ChevroletAs she closed the song ,  a little shiney  sputnik  beeped behind her,  across the shot. It was the most amazing thing my 8 year-old mind had ever seen. (I always had a crush on Dinah .)Since then , my  “most amazing thing” list has grown rather long , and I graduated from high school in 1968. I can’t believe,  I’ve lived  to see where ,  the “most amazing thing” comes every 20 mins. 

    A breath mint for your brain- 



  44. We all hear the granite cracking under our squirrel cage that runs our jamster wheel. 
    That is the sound of the 21st century  being born. 
    The 1953 Chevy is in a death race for the ugliest thing  man ever made,  along with that dress Dinah is wearing.  

  45. When Dinah Shore  grabbed Burt .  That was the birth of the MILF. 
    Screw Helen Ready , Dinah had a day time talk show and a boy toy. 
    Hot stuff . 

  46. Tonight in Georgia , “Hot Stuff” is Stacey Abrams. 
    She flipped  Georgia 3 times in 2 months.  This is not a passing fade.  This has teeth it will bite. 

  47. If guns at the Mich. State House were OK.  Then them standing outside your house is OK  everywhere.  That hangs over every GOP  official  that votes the wrong way now. 
    Mao was right , political power comes from the barrel of a gun. 
    And that fear is in the GOP heart tonight.  Your own people are prepared to shoot you if you cross this con-man. 
    How you like me now ? 
    I’ll put you down for another gross of MAGA hats, and flags. 
    We’ll need the money in advance .

  48. Trial by Combat Rudy Style 
    Rudy vs the Kids the at  St, Judes 
    Rudy vs  all the ICU Covia patients in California
    Rudy vs  everyone in a food line. 
    Rudy vs  everyone waiting for  a shot. 

  49. Trump is now a dying  beached whale.  In 10 days his carcass will explode  spreading  a stink that will test Tucker’s efforts  to label it :
    Minty Fresh

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