Why The Senate Might Convict

If Nancy Pelosi makes good on her threat to impeach, whither the Senate?Republicans there have reason to convict. If forbidding holding future office is included, Senate Republicans ambitious to run in 2024 would love to join along. And other Republicans eager to prevent Trump’s aim to keep control of the party might also fall in.

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  1. 2 theories upon waking:

    1. recent cabinet resignations by those who don’t want to face their responsibility under 25th amendment?

    2. D’ump going to camp david & pence nowhere to be seen might mean secret service intel believe more violence underway and targeted at more federal buildings, particularly WH to deny joe’s transition?

  2. in any case, most of those maga militias are still lurking in D.C. ready to do more damage.

  3. potted plants unite! you have nothing to lose but your leaves. 

    the guardian:

    They’ve provided us with companionship and purpose during the darkest days of lockdown, not to mention brightening our Instagram feeds. But the potted cacti, yucca, and swiss cheese plants we’ve welcomed into our homes are entirely passive houseguests. Aren’t they?

    Research suggests that at least one type of plant – the french bean – may be more sentient than we give it credit for: namely, it may possess intent.



    Image result for cartoon evil plants

  4. not that i would dare to compare sturge’s elizabeth with a potted plant.

    gross insult to our leafy friends

  5. Camp David is also a way to keep him out of sight.  Is he being sedated?  Is Pence already in charge?

    Congress should not be afraid to use the 25th, nor Impeachment and removal, if the action of the tRUMPsky’s mob is their fear.   That will happen unless they allow SFB to stay forever and that’s not going to happen.  

    What tRUMPsky has formed around his sick personality is the chicken-fried Taliban at its worst. 

  6. “Have fun stormin’the castle, boys.” -The Princess Bride
    Elizabeth should now imagine being a peaceful protestor, standing across the street and still getting maced because she’s black. That is, of course, impossible.

  7. He incited the most disturbing riot of my lifetime- impeach on principle, actions have consequences

  8. i’ll venture that every single invader of the Capitol was a victim of child-abuse, in some form- that’s the core American problem

  9. Pence had been planning on leaving immediately after he did his Constitutional duty and announced the count.  And, it seems he has at least cut the phone line, Speaker Pelosi got a busy signal when she called him.  I am guessing he has decided to wash his hands of the whole thing and go on vacation.

  10. Junior should be indicted for sedition, too.  He was at the rally, fomenting violence.
    Elizabeth from Knoxville admitted she stepped foot inside the Capitol for the purpose of a revolution.  On tape.  Idiot.  A terrible public education system  is also to blame, as well as preachers who spoon-feed ideology rather than inspiring personal insight into one’s spirit. 

  11. Capitol mob — how the press spent years glorifying Trump voters Deplorables

    When Hillary Clinton told the truth about Trump Voters in 2016, she was widely condemned in the press. In September 2016, she suggested half of Trump supporters fit into a “basket of deplorables.” The baskets included, “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic.” The press elevated the throw-away into a major campaign story, as a Beltway full of commentators, following the GOP’s orchestrated lead, offered up ceaseless tsk-tsk analysis.
    Note that back in August 2016, when the Times newsroom assumed Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton, the daily did post an unvarnished compilation video of Trump supporters at his campaign rallies as they wallowed in racist, sexist and anti-Muslim rhetoric. (“Fuck those dirty beaners.” “Fuck political correctness.” “Fuck you, Hillary.” “Kill her!”) In that piece, the Times held up an unfiltered lens and revealed Trump supporters in their own words, and it wasn’t pretty. After Trump won though, that ugly side of Trump Voters quickly got flushed down the memory hole.

  12. “Pence did his duty”

    bink, he still has more to do.  i would think that he would not continue with his overseas travel plans given at any second he may have to act as president for the remaining 12 days..

    most likely he has been squirreled away by security and is heavily protected but incommunicado

  13. Today could bring news of one of three events

    Pence & cabinet call for 45.

    Pelosi brings impeachment to the floor

    Trump resigns in exchange for some sort of pardon

    It is Friday and all of the above  may hope the weekend will cool the need for immediate action but some form of international event could make the above blow up in our faces before the inauguration.

    He really has to go today to put somebody with capacity to make decisions  in place immediately.


  14. “some form of international event could make the above blow up in our faces”

    jamie, very likely that and another domestic terror incident

  15. wash. examiner:

    President Trump abruptly canceled plans to travel to Camp David on Thursday, instead opting to hunker down at the White House amid a growing backlash over the protest violence in Washington a day earlier.

    White House officials did not give a reason for the canceled weekend getaway, which was first reported by Reuters.


  16. wapo via msn:

    The White House on Thursday told thousands of political appointees — from ambassadors to schedulers — to resign on Inauguration Day, a formality the Trump administration had stalled for weeks as Trump disputed the election outcome.

    A directive was emailed to agency heads that political appointees must resign effective Jan. 20, the day Biden takes office, a White House spokesman confirmed. The order was issued by Chris Liddell, the deputy White House chief of staff who has been leading transition arrangements with the Biden team, and was first reported by Politico.

    The call for resignations came within hours of Trump’s statement early Thursday that there would be an orderly transfer of power and as a wave of senior political appointees quit in protest over Wednesday’s storming of the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob.

  17. Invoke the 25th Amendment: Donald Trump forfeited his moral authority to stay in office Our View: By egging on a deadly insurrection and hailing the rioters, the president's continuance in office poses unacceptable risks to America

    Ever since Donald Trump lost his bid for reelection, Americans have wondered to what depths he would sink in his efforts to overturn the results and cling to power.   
    On Wednesday, they got their answer: The president of the United States incited a mob of supporters and sicced them on the Capitol, just as Congress was about to count the states’ electoral votes and affirm Joe Biden’s victory. In the ensuing chaos, the hallowed chambers were desecrated, the ceremonial process was disrupted, one woman was fatally shot and four others died, including a Capitol police officer.   
    By egging on this deadly insurrection and hailing the rioters (“We love you, you’re very special.”), the president forfeited his moral authority to hold the nation’s highest office, even for 13 more days. More urgent, he reinforced profound questions, and raised new ones, about his judgment and ability to fulfill his most minimal responsibilities to the country he is supposed to lead and protect. Trump’s continuance in office poses unacceptable risks to America.

  18. So there were multiple accounts yesterday on social media dedicated to naming the (nope can’t say protestors) — idiot terrorists. And it looks as though they’ve been shut down. 
    And of course the differences are VAST but wow, after spending a summer watching and being told at protests to cover tattoos, wear inconspicuous clothing and most importantly — Keep your face mask on. Namely because of covid but also to not be recognizable. Horns and Holocaust Merch! Elizabeth has that vibe that the “revolution” is a theme park attraction and she’d waited in line for five minutes. 
    On a personal note, as someone who is Jewish — concerning the first identified Brooklyn Jew of the bunch — Could he not read the room?
    (They don’t like you.)

  19. Wonderful week for the Dumbass administration:
    1. President urged idoitic supporters to go to the Capitol, where for the first time in 206 years the security of the Capitol was breached by invaders (Thee have been other attacks, but they were shootings and bomb plantings that did not result from a breach of the Capitol security personnel);
    2. Jobs report shows the economy lost 140,000 jobs in December 
    3. New single day record of 4027 deaths set in Covid-19 pandemic
    4. 2 cabinet secretaries and former chief of staff (now Scottish ambassador) resigned
    5. Joe Biden’s electoral victory confirmed by VP Pence and US Congress
    6. Speaker of House threatens impeachment (2nd) if VP and Cabinet do not invoke 25th Amendment
    7.  British PM decries Dumbass’ invocation of violence 


  20. Craig…  why wait indeed.  If Pelosi needs to get her ducks in a row…  I’ll give her the weekend. If she doesn’t do something by Monday…  I’m with Jack.
    OTOH…  there were still some trump signs around this town.  Yesterday…  most of them were taken down.

  21. Dominion  should sue!
    You watch, nuttin will be done about trump!
    They’ll never get to the bottom of the lack of police at the capitol.

  22. There is not going to be an impeachment
    3 people were killed and no person of importance is going to pay. Like always Trump is going to waltz away from his mess. 
    This is one they could quick step easily if they have the f**king guts but they don’t. 

  23. Jesus, Pence kept Pelosi on hold yesterday for a half an hour and then hung up on her.  What more does she need to get moving. 

  24. Next Monday is too late, All we are going to get is talk. They should have been voting today. 
    Situation normal

  25. Thanks Jamie for Randy Rainbow.  I’ll be politically active here as soon as it’s not deadly & will work to get rid of Cruz, Abbott,  et. al.

  26. There should be a boycott of all Faux News and NoiseMax sponsors.  They are responsible, too.  Yep, you’re part of the terrorist propaganda machine, pillow dude. 

  27. The Plague Year.  You can listen to it.  It’s long, like a book. The history of Covid.  He talks about events that I wondered about but never knew the inside story like the doc who committed suicide, Birx info, etc.  Of course Texas is mentioned a few times and not in a good way when it comes to this or anything, actually.

  28. OK here is the deal, the Senate is in recess until the 19 and under Senate rules the only way to change that is for every Senator to agree to the change.
    BTW all of the Democrats signed on to this. It was get out of town quick before we have to do our job and do something besides bloviate. 
    So impeachment is off the table, except for a meaningless exercise in Kabuki theater. You just got to hope that somebody keeps Trump entertained so he doesn’t decide to nuke the world.

  29. Call them back to DC.  If they don’t show up, they are siding with the terrorists and violating their oath.  The no-shows should then be unseated.   

  30. So bobble-head did not blow town, he showed up at the WH and was let in.  Reported by Jim Acosta.  That must be one awkward kiss and make up meeting going on.

  31. I had seen some calls for a redo by MAGAts on the 19th.  The Maryland guard is still in the district, so the crazies  might think twice about being shot.  I’m terrified that something might be in the works to assassinate Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer/Blinken/Yellen/Austin

    They might want to consider a Designator Survivor.


  32. Thinking about anything else.  David Bowie birthday.  Here singing an old classic “Wild Is The Wind”.  If you haven’t seen the movie, hunt for it.


  33. This might be interesting.  Can a Supreme Court judge be impeached because of his wife’s actions?

    On the morning of Jan. 6, Ginni Thomas—wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas—endorsed the protest demanding that Congress overturn the election, then sent her “LOVE” to the demonstrators, who violently overtook the Capitol several hours later. She has not posted since.


  34. Craig
    First it has to be delivered, that can’t happen until the 19th. officially there is nobody home until then.

  35. jack, it doesn’t take the senate to accomplish tagging D’ump as the only prez ever impeached twice.  the senate just decides whether or not the house’s impeachment deserves acquittal from or applying a penalty such as kicking him out the door, locking  and slamming it as he goes out.

     if it gets out of the house by next week which it could quite easily, that’s sufficient for the history books.  a few more days later he’s bait for the prosecutors anyway and juries can decide what punishment he deserves. 

    IMpotus redux

  36. The threat of impeachment keeps dipshit in his lane, jack, lest he lose post-presidential perks and immunity- he is still sending out dog-whistles, i just read one he posted, today

  37. Hey… if you’re not into Kabuki theater… you can’t be a real political junkie.  After all…  politics… Kabuki is thy middle name.
    Besides… this all ends very shortly…. maybe…

  38. with regard to inaugural plans

    from OPB:

    Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will take the oath of office from the Capitol’s West Front, one of the locations where a violent mob overpowered police and stormed the building. They also scaled and occupied the scaffolding and bleachers in place for the ceremonies.
    Plans for the Jan. 20 inauguration were already scaled back because of the coronavirus. But the brazen attack raises new questions about preparedness for the event that welcome the new administration after a bitter election.
    “The safety and security of all those participating in the 59th Presidential Inauguration is of the utmost importance,” the Secret Service said in a statement Thursday. “For well over a year, the U.S. Secret Service, along with our NSSE partners, has been working tirelessly to anticipate and prepare for all possible contingencies at every level to ensure a safe and secure Inauguration Day.”
    Authorities will have the same military and civilian footprint to handle a crowd of more than a million people for an event expected to draw a fraction of that because of restrictions to combat the coronavirus, according to a person familiar with the security planning.
    Those who have worked on previous inaugurations said that while this year’s events will look different, the tradition of passing power from one administration to another will continue.
    “Is it as impactful? You don’t have a photo of a million people lined up, so you don’t have that sort of powerful image. But I think you will still have the feel there,” said Bill Daley a former commerce secretary and White House chief of staff who helped organize President Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2009. “The aura of change will be there.”
    Inauguration organizers had already urged supporters not to come to Washington in person because of the pandemic. Viewing stands built to hold crowds of onlookers in front of the White House were recently dismantled.
    There also won’t be the traditional inauguration luncheon and the parade will be virtual, similar to what the Democratic Party did during its all-online convention in August.
    The inaugural committee has announced that Biden would receive an official escort, with representatives from every military branch, for a block before arriving to the White House from the Capitol.
    The presidential motorcade usually rolls the mile-plus journey with the new president and first lady walking part of the way and thousands of cheering supporters lining the streets. While final details are still being worked out, it’s unclear any of that will occur this time.
    Still, Daley said Biden, who first ran for president in 1988, may be uniquely qualified for an inauguration that’s mostly void of traditional pomp and circumstance.
    “I think it’s less needed for someone who’s been around as long as he’s been. And his whole thrust has been, ‘I can hit the ground running because I’ve been there, I know this stuff,’” Daley said. “I don’t think he needs to stand there on the podium celebrating himself very long.”

  39. Thinking of pulling out my dogeared copy of  Shogun.  That might be long enough to get through the next 12 days.


  40. I found my wordpad program .
    Working on my railroad proposal  it looks pretty spiffy so far.
    Again , thanks for letting me write on the napkins here. 
    Trying to follow Dylan’s advice –
    “He not busy being born……………… Is busy dying”

  41. Yaaaaaaaaaa!  UPS finally delivered what I bought with some of my stimulus money… an oxo coffee maker.  Gonna brew some wicked awesome coffee tomorrow morning!

  42. Can they impeach and convict AFTER he leaves office, if the process were started before he does?🤔

  43. RR-
    On behalf of the readership here , I am sure that coffee in NH smells a lot better than anywhere else in the Cosmos .
    My Colorado radio guy wants to walk down memory lane , not the future .  I suspect he only has 3 Aces in his deck.  I did pull one nugget for him.
    When I got to Salida ,  the DRG&W  was still  changing freight crews at Salida.  A beer at the Office Bar was 25 cents  for a mug .  You could walk into the Office at 11:15 AM and be troughly drunk at 1:39 PM , and have never spent a penny.    

  44. Spoke to a coworker on the phone and they feel sorry for the terrorists.  They pointed out that they can’t just blame SFB when both parties have let the terrorists down for 40 years.   I do not feel sorry for them and SFB should shut his pie-hole. 
     This isn’t about poor, white folks being left behind. A TX attorney has been fired for taking part in the attack. An elected official from another state is being charged, as well. Nope.

  45. Sturg, it’s ok to pass on Saturday posts, I’d rather not spend my Friday nights waiting for them, especially since I have no way to contact you by email.

  46. I had some replies to all y’all, but I had to log in, again. Don’t remember what.
    The good news is that the maga rioters are being doxed online!  YES!  And they’re being fired from their day jobs as should happen.
    maga’s are confused.  They’re happy they stormed the capitol, but it’s not them who did it. It was antifa dressed like them!  F’ed up or confused.
    I remember, yes, can he be impeached after he’s gone?  

  47. A test to see if this works –
    The Aakansas and Tennessee Rail Road
    A proprosal to run  solar, gravity, and human powered tourist  carts on the old DRG&W line over Tennessee Pass, Colorado. 
    This proposal is based on several tested   business models the Rafting Industry .  And that industry  runs on gravity.
    And more importantly , the makers of these machines  Rail Explores  they are currently  operating 3 lines all over the country. 
    This proposal is based on the line from Minturn to Canon City, roughly 150 miles.  That in turn is broken up into sections , just like the rail road.
    Tennessee Pass  10,424 ft dawn May 15th. 
    Each station opens at 6 AM , and every 5 mins we load another car. 
    This is the greatest drop,  in 4 hours  30 miles.    I can load one every 5 mins.  Until 11 AM. 
    At  Noon  the Long Haulers  take off . 
    This ride is 150 miles with power and cover  and takes days.  And it’s all down hill.  And is powered  by gravity and sunlight. With zero sound  @ 5 or 7 mph. 
    Then there is the fishing  service  we drop you and your guide off , and pick you up at the end of the day. 
    Meanwhile , at Buena Vista  the Browns Conyon  cars are loading for their run to Salida. 
    When the morning cars reach their noon stop, we load  em’ up again  and  the electric  motor  and batteries  runs back up the hill . This is done by using the electric motor as a break going down hill  to recharge the battery pack , and a canopy over the riders with solar panels on top.  
    This line was abandoned  in 1997 . 
    This proposal is about designing a plan that  puts it back to work,  in a way that puts the most people to work , in the cleanest way ,  at the lowest cost.
    It covers very town from  Pueblo to Eagle.  As economic delevelope  effort,  it has the cleanest foot print  we will see in future. 
    This entire matter is now in flux.
      3 elephants  fighting over 167 miles of prime river front land through the “Heart of the Rockies”
    All three want run trains  as we know them.
      Tank Cars in the Royal Gorge. 
    I would urge the cities and counties  of the upper Arkansas River  Valley to band together .
    And get their seat at the table. 
    “When elephants fight , only the grass suffers” 
    Colorado Bob 
    The graphics don’t carry but the text does , That’s my huckleberry .
    Now the grind of  finding 167 miles of dog catcher emails. 

  48. But he shouldn’t  talk about the bombing of Dresden . He screwed that pooch , good thing no one on the right has ever heard about the fire bombing of  that city. 

  49. Headline of the Day _
    Twitter Cuts Trumps Nuts
    Banned for life. 

    This is a silver stake .

  50. The terrorists are being fired, but they will get unemployment for awhile.  They shouldn’t get the extra, Federal $300.  No stimulus check for you, either.

  51. Well the dumpster fire  finally burnt down the business . 
    The GOP Fire Sale doesn’t have a lot of assets. 

  52. The people that stormed the Capital  are not terrorists , they are fools. 
    And a fool lives his life in fear . From there they become a ready dog in a pack. 

  53. They wanted to be a part of something big.  They could’ve built a house for Habitat fit Humanity or something constructive.  
    Is there any call to boycott ALL sponsors on Faux and NoiseMax? 

  54. We’ll get through this , America is a lot bigger than Dallas.  And nothing in the human experience is bigger than Dallas. 

  55. This entire affair will kill Trump , the fiction is shattered  his power is broken .
    As a Greek play it is text book . 
    Que the New York AG’s.  To chew his bones. 

  56. Did anyone else see the video of Trumpsters harassing Lindsay Graham at the airport today? Those people are a special kind of scary.

  57. Albert Einstein Quotes
    I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

  58. Cory –
    Nazi 101 
    To question is to die , dogma must be enforced . This is why they eat their elders. 

  59. Picking over the ashes of the Zeppelin crash ………………… A Gas Bang Exploded neering the mooring mast . 

  60. Why impeach him again ? 
    If this one turns in a conviction , he can never run again. As for doing after he leaves , the law is mute. 

  61. Don’t let this Trump drama distract you from the insidious kidnapping plot on Charlie’s Angels this morning. Luckily, the man here was protected by 3 angels.

  62. At his core  he is a coward.  This will kill him he has no place to go. 
    “Good Evening , I’m Chevy Chase , and you are not …………. 
    Tonight’s top story Francisco Franco is still dead” 

  63. Trump is not the Shah of  Iran. 
    He is the hottest living  potato in the history of the world. 
    He cannot flee anywhere now.  If he get’s on a ship to sail the oceans  Joe Biden  will send the USS Ronald Reagan  after him.

  64. on newshour tonight:

    • Judy Woodruff:


      We know that Speaker Pelosi has said that, if Vice President Pence and the Cabinet don’t move to invoke the 25th Amendment, then impeachment could take place. Do you believe it will happen next week?

    • Rep. James Clyburn:

      Well, I certainly hope so.

      We have been talking to members, and there’s strong sentiment, and I might say bipartisan sentiment, for impeaching this president. The fact of the matter is, impeachment will give us a tool, not just for removal, but it will be a tool for protecting the integrity of our democracy. This president needs the scrutiny that impeachment will give him.


      • Judy Woodruff:


        I want to ask you. The president’s only in office about another 11 days. What does it accomplish? I hear you saying it would affect whether he could run again, serve again.

        But might you — might this end up encouraging the people who already support the president to be even more fiercely supportive if they think Democrats are trying to take him down?

      • James Clyburn:

        Well, Judy, I don’t believe we ought to run the country that way.

        I think there are certain norms that we have to adhere to. I think there are certain laws that we have to obey. And we just cannot say, because it may have some political consequences, let’s not do it.

        That is not the way to run the country. I think we ought to do what we think needs to be done in order to protect the integrity of this democracy. And one of those, I believe, right now is to impeach this president.

        Now, there’s something interesting about impeachment. The more I read this stuff, the more things open up to me. One of them is this. When you are issuing pardons, I understand the president’s got all kinds of authority to issue a pardon.

        But if you read down, it says, one of the exceptions he doesn’t have is in cases of impeachment. Now he’s talking about pardoning himself. So, if he’s attempting to pardon himself, and he’s impeached, that might answer the question for us as to whether or not he can pardon himself.

        So, there are a lot of things we need to take a look at in order to determine what we need to do to protect this — the integrity of this democracy. Already, Nancy Pelosi has been talking to the military leaders about what may or may not need to be done to keep us from getting enthralled in some kind of international conflict.

        This president has demonstrated time and time again had that he no respect for the dignity of that office. He will do anything he thinks is necessary in order to protect himself, including taking this country to war. That, to me, is worth us getting involved.

      • Judy Woodruff:

        And you believe it’s worth going ahead with impeachment in the House, which would be a second time, even though the votes are not there in the Senate to convict?

      • James Clyburn:


        It didn’t say, is he convicted of impeachment? It said, to be impeached. The House impeaches. The Senate convicts. So, if I just take the reading, it just says impeachment. And so I think it’s worth doing.


  65. He holds the keys  even now ,  if he would just admit this was all to get more tourists to his hotels. 

  66. Cruz is betting on reeling in tRUMPsky’s base if SFB is ousted and can’t run in 2024.  

    His pitch will be that he never turned on SFB.
    He needs to go away, too.

  67. There is finally a second season of “Dickinson.”   I need a brief diversion from news.

  68. Patd 
    Ford pardoned Nixon, after his first VP, ……………  because he was fond of bribes.  The GOP has morphed  into continuing criminal enterprise of grifters  stealing from everyone they can con. 
    Take the Kock boys , one funds NOVA  they both steal the future blind. 
     A failed DJ comes  along  and shows that nursing petting slights, can make you a Millionaire on AM Radio.  Never mind the end game, just bank the money. 

  69. Running 85 mph down the I-95  nose to tail 
    This was  us , the virus has given us all a lot of flat tires. 

  70. “My wife and I sleep in different rooms,” he said.
    I said, “Yeah, I know what ya mean;  my wife and I sleep in different states.”

  71. Angry blood and bile is all he gave us at the end.   A perfect end to a game show.  Toon in next season , we’ll toss a real living virgin in volcano !
    Your subscription Fee  is going up  by $5 bucks. 

  72. Trump is a wounded animal, alone and   cornered   in the White House .
    This is why I never read fiction.

  73. Strug –
    Now that’s a debate  two gay men fighting on TV.  Long ago , over what we are .
    A very old debate.  

  74. If we hunt him  down like a  dog. 
    His rabid  pack  will foam more . 
    If we let him go 
    The next dog is in the wings. 

  75. Strug –
    I joined  the sexual  revolution .  As well as many others. 
    I was overjoyed  to learn a lot of women  had enlisted as well. 

  76. One thing is sure , women are about to  take over the running of the nation. 
    Right Here Right Now. 

  77. “I was alive and I waited for this , watching the world wake up from history”

    Right now right here there is no other place I want to be.

  78. This is not a time of despair . 
    Science  is pulling hundreds of rabbits out of it’s hats everyday. 

  79. The Great Lesson of this plague , …………….. we need each other more than we ever dreamed. 

  80. Hell is still coming to breakfast , if we think we’ll meet it alone , we are lost . Only with us sitting down over a meal will we solve this. 
    That’s a great idea ,  America’s  chef’s  invite their town’s foes to dinner once a week. 

  81. That’s a great idea ,  America’s  chef’s  invite their town’s foes to dinner once a week. 

    We are down to an empty band-aid box to solve our wounded civic life.  A 3rd party with wine and food,  just might  be the salve our wounds need .  Anything to break the bleeding. 

  82. My God , at the very end of my life ,  in the middle of a plague , …..  I have turned into a fucking  optimist. 

  83. Evil is not that  strong  , punch it in the face.  It fades away.
    Punching early enough is the problem .  

  84. I am really sick of singers  singing sweet sappy songs , or rappers chanting things I cannot hear. 
    That is why I love Miss Fish , and Del so much. 


  85. We are about to open the Buddy Holly Hall of performing arts here .
    When he hit with “That’ll Be The Day”  .  his town saw him as that nigger loving , motorcycle ridin’ poor white trash.  That lasted for nearly 25 years. 
    There is a mosaic  on the building  made of guitar picks.  Each one  engraved  with the buyers name.  3 years ago my little sister  gave me the title  to one pick engraved  …… Colorado Bob. 
    I was passing out picks on Buddy’s grave long before they turned a spade.  

  86. On Buddy Holly Ave. 
    A black and gold  pick .
    Lubbock High school colors  …….. Black and Gold. 
    A gold tornado on one side , and “I picked Peggy’s Garden”  on the other. 
    I made ear rings out of them. I sold nearly a 1,000 at a dollar each.  I paid 17 cents  for every pick.  I used the money to fund Peggy’s Garden. 
    Now it is all gone. But the pick fund rising idea  goes on.  That is why my little sister bought me a pick on the wall under Colorado Bob.
    And she paid a lot more than a buck for her pick.  

  87. I never took this idea  to the Buddy Holly  Center  as a  fund raising  effort.
     The whole –

     A gold tornado on one side , and “I picked Peggy’s Garden”  on the other. 

    Can be replaced  with what ever they want on the front , and the GPS of their location, and his grave.  
    That GPS to Buddy’s grave  on a guitar pick is a very big deal.  That pick will sell hand over fist. 

  88. “That’ll Be The  Day”  on the face , and the GPS  locations  on the back . In a giant fish bowl   of picks some read  “Peggy Sue” , others  a Fender Strat  with “Rave On” below.

    Each one is sold for a buck , but as the volume of this increases the cost drops per unit.   You buy enough picks, they are 10 cents each.
    And that boys and girls is how to turn a dime into a dollar.

  89. A dime into dollar,…………. please note I was/ am raising funds for music , and our greater  good. 
    I will set about  looking for my pick tomorrow, on the Buddy Holly building. 
    I took my CDL  test  where this building is now. 

  90. Lubbock has given up the idea that Buddy was a traitor  to his race.  He is now an economic draft horse.  Hauling the entire downtown into rebirth. 

  91. More picks ,  ………… we have the largest collection  of wind mills  in the world.  Another fish bowl . 


  92. The wind mill  site sucks. It was designed by young fools.  It is about how slick they are , and never touches how cool this collection is.

  93. Some words of wisdom  I have been told –
    “Never let your little head , do your big heads thinking”
    “Shit in one hand etc. etc. etc. ”
    “Keep her between the ditches” 
    Craig   publish a book of one line wisdom , as told to you over 16 years right here.   It’ll make your day .  
    You have a gold mine of really bright gibberish  at your finger tips.  

  94. The world has me by the throat 
    I run from it to save myself
    To where and why 
    I have no clue

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