111 thoughts on “Nazis In The Rotunda”

  1. And as all this is running ……….The entire EMT fleet in LA County is running under guidelines , that instruct them to not transport  people they believe will not survive their illness or wounds.  Make America Sane Again. MASA

  2. Congress could always finish electoral debate and vote in undisclosed rooms tonight without cameras. Cruz and the objectors would have no reason to go forward if they’re not on TV.

    Don’t let the terrorists win? 

  3. It’s clear the country is not safe if Trump stays in power one more day. You’d think Pence should now be in a mood to invoke the 25th Amendment.

  4. …tried watching some coverage, it’s like an outdoor rendition of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, kind of boring

  5. Pence is the one who ordered out the DC National Guard.  Has the 25th been exercised without letting anyone know?


  6. Trump just tweeted: “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!’

  7. Yeah…  The Producers was one of the best summer theatre plays I have ever seen.
    Craig… your father is one smart dude!

  8. Something very important happened tonight.  It is just one of those little things, but I think it is going to be very important in the near future.  Bobble-head, aka Pence, authorized the D.C. National Guard to be activated to protect the Capitol.  First SFB refused to activate the National Guard earlier in the day.  Bobble-head stepped in.  I am not sure what this means other than someone is completely out of this world and universe, and someone is looking to the future as 48.

  9. Rep. Mullin “loves” the protestors, too.  F EVERY REPUBLICAN.   Every, single one of them.  

  10. Isn’t it time for Twitter to block SFB in the interest of national security, if nothing else. Yes, 25th or impeachment should be implemented ASAP but that won’t happen.
    I don’t see ’68 so much as footage of Kristallnacht and Reichstag fire. I hope they do a very thorough search for IEDs and incendiary devices. Looks like terrorists did major damage to inauguration preparations. 

  11. There would’ve been black bodies everywhere if the BLM had breached the Capitol.  White privilege.   I hope they all get caught, charged, tried and convicted of domestic terrorism.

  12. Nobody can outrun consequences. The Greeks were dead right about that being the basis of all tragedy

  13. The  year  1968  was the year I left Monterey HS.  I had already been in attendance at riot the summer before in June , in LA.  I saw people being pushed off a freeway overpass, next to Century City.  LBJ was holding a fundraiser  in a  crescent shaped hotel , each room had it’s own small balcony .
    They were filled with black ties , and gowns  , all with a drink in their hands  watching the LAPD  go to work on thousands of hippies  in the streets. 
    And in 1967  the LAPD did not fuck around. 

  14. What can be done to unseat Ted Cruz and the rest of those trying to overthrow our government?

  15. They are going to have to fumigate the Capitol for COVID, too…you know, after they finish sweeping it for IEDs.   

  16. BiD

    A vote to expel, but I doubt could be passed in a 50/50 Senate.  

    Some idiot MAGAt woman was complaining to media about “tear gas being used on American citizen”.  Just how dumb are these fools?


  17. Ah the Greeks , once again our classical magic man on Jon’s Island  put’s a very fine point on it. 

  18. So I guess the proudbois have decided the time to stand back and stand by has passed.  It’s now DC curfew time – how will the police and NG handle this?  Oh, and the idiots who broke into the Capitol, vandalized the place and made their way into the House chamber and somehow weren’t arrested better hope Capitol Police don’t know about facial recognition and friends ratting their buddies out.

  19. Today’s events are honestly nowhere near as bad as i expected, the white trash brigade will get cold and hungry soon.

    i estimate 200 meth-heads, 200 or so Karens, and 500-700 angry retirees… in a country of 330 million

  20. Not everyone is going to get on the spaceship now .  It’s one thing when a mob attacks  some small mom and pop store,  it’s another when old white men fear for their lives. 

  21. Romney blasted Trump for inciting the violent insurrection at the Capitol, calling him “a selfish man” who “deliberately misinformed” his supporters.

  22. Will Ivanka be starring in a production of “Mourning Becomes Electra”?  The family tree of Oedipus equals the Trumps.


  23. i’m just making the point that trump made a nation-wide call for a popular army, and he got a mix of about a thousand miscreants and obviously mentally-unstable folks.
    Disturbing, but i’m not terrified🤷‍♂️

  24. The best thing about 2021 so far ……………. Old cartoons are being shown again at 6 AM on ME TV.  Over the air. 
    Now , to watch Family Guy . 
    Look for a Laugh  where ever you fine it. 

  25. From a friend…


    Your father’s description of today’s hateful, domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol resonated with me. As both a student and teacher of military history (at the Naval Academy), over the years I asked myself how a nation like Germany during the 1920s and 1930s could give rise to the autocratic dictatorship of Adolph Hitler. Yes, German had but a very brief experience with democracy during the Weimar Republic from 1918 until 1933. But the German population was well-educated, largely religious, with a rich cultural history. How, I asked, could they succumb to the appeal of Hitler.

    I learned about his sophisticated exploitation of racism against the Jews, gypsies, and other minorities; the “stab in the back” by Bolsheviks in the Fatherland during World War I, and the clever application of the “big lie” tactic in domestic propaganda and disinformation (tell a lie, however outrageous, often enough and people will believe it). Wehrmacht soldiers had to swear allegiance to Hitler as “Führer des deutschen Reiches und Volkes”–the leader of the German Reich and people. Backed by armed thugs, political opportunists, and like-minded autocrats, he developed a base of devoted followers who supported his rise to power. Sound familiar?

    It is worth recalling that the tertiary definition of base is “lacking moral and ethical principal.”

    I learned how it was that Hitler came to power. I have a much better appreciation of his success having witnessed the same process underway in our own country over the past four years.

    But I never dreamed I would observe what transpired at the U.S. Capitol today–an armed insurrection, sedition and treason–incited by Trump, his family members, and numerous Republican members of Congress.

    It is a day of shame.

    You have my permission to post this on your chat room.

    Sincerely, Gordon

    Gordon I Peterson

    Captain, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

  26. Romney’s statement was meant for Cruz and the other seditious members of Congress.   
    As soon as they finish their EC business and the count IS confirmed for Biden, it’s Article 25 time.  

  27. Remember the name of the worst president ever, tRUMP, and let this keep any one of his his evil spawn out of any elected office, ever.

    Remember the names of those who propped up a tyrant and those who continue to do so. They should lose their seats, and, as they have broken the oath office, should be prohibited from running, again, ever.

  28. Corey

    Just heard about the Trump suspension. Now that POTUS has been tossed, does that mean despite being a major danger to the US,, I could get reinstated?  lol


  29. Poobah, I’ll never forget that. 
    Dumbass is getting spurned even by repugnicans but is getting support from the rabble. 

  30. Sez the avowed atheist, God bless Chuck Schumer for being the only person speaking to the American people who called out dumbass for inciting the violence we saw today.

  31. Today’s events are honestly nowhere near as bad as i expected,”

    bink, the day is not over yet and then there’s the 20th, an opportunity for more mayhem especially if those on the inaugural scaffolding today left a few mementos.

  32. It looks as if the Senate will wind up Arizona and go straight to certification.  Given statement by Capt. Peterson and insults of Trump without protest, I wouldn’t be surprised by a resignation or exercise of the 25th

  33. Loefffler has seen the light.  She’s not objecting.  Cruz may be out on that limb by himself now.  Someone hand him a saw.

  34. The real story for me is the terribly insufficient security, especially considering that everyone knew what was coming, today

  35. Even if they didn’t know anything was coming.  After 9/11, why isn’t security better every, single day?  

  36. Bink, that’s a story, but in my humble opinion that is not the story. The story is that the President of the United States incited his followers to test the security provided by the Capitol police for the senators and representatives of our nation.

  37. Does anyone else think that if Loeffler had had that type of ballsiness during the campaign, she may have won?  And also that Cory Booker and Ben Sasse gave great speeches?  The funny thing is that the day may have a silver lining after all.

  38. MJ, possibly.  Thank god she did not show that kind of ballsiness but rather chose obeisance over courage.

  39. Today’s events are honestly nowhere near as bad as i expected,”
    See the attack in the winter of 1890 on the followers of “Big Foot”  by the 7th Calvary with Gatlin guns. 
    I have stood next to one of these  as they fired. , it is the loudest bang you will ever hear. 
    Bad is a sliding scale. 

  40. Hawley is up. Will he rise and leave Cruz alone out on the limb? Nope. No surprise there. Romney is behind him with a profound WTF look on his face. And Hawley said irregardless. Ignorant fucker.

  41. Some cabinet members are holding preliminary discussions about invoking the 25th amendment to force Trump’s removal from office, a source familiar with the matter tells CNN. It’s unclear whether the effort would ultimately be successful at this stage.

  42. Sleepiness is winning over my FOMO.  Maybe nothing weird-bad will happen tomorrow. Maybe I’ll wake up to news of prez pence.

  43. It appears to me on the basis of video evidence that the US Capitol Police have been infiltrated and compromised. There is a fifth column within their ranks. They have surrendered the US Capitol to insurrectionists without a shot fired. It may be the greatest law enforcement

    Failure in American history. The US Capitol Police abs their leadership have disgraced and dishonored themselves. There need to be a full accounting of their cowardice. Incompetence, malfeasance and complicity. #totaldisgrace

  44. Someone else posited that idea.  Where were the police?  They were the terrorists.
    Romney: Hey, Ted! I’m talking to you! 

  45. Pence is the key to the 25th being invoked, and he was in the middle of that mess.  So he is wearing a new pair of underware.  

  46. Maybe I missed the point of this whole exercise. I thought this was to debate and allow the objectors to present evidence to suggest that fraud existed in the (at present) electors chosen in the state of Arizona. Did I miss something? Not one senator or representative that I’ve heard has suggested or presented evidence that any such thing exists. 

  47. Claude Taylor
    It’s not just that they were let in…it’s that they’re being let out

  48. Signing off …………….   buying a new tire yesterday,  and the assault on the capital  today have left me spent. 
    Luckly , I have found another cause. 
    Creating the largest tourist attraction in the world.  In the heart of the Rockies. 
    As Dylan said –
    “He not busy being born is busy dying”. 

  49. An assault on our Capitol by domestic terrorists was all it took to get folks to quit talking about tRUMPsky’s piss-poor handling of COVID.
    Junior was whipping up the rioters, too, so his goose is cooked.  Ivanker staying out of the fray to run another day, sadly. 

  50. This very thin sliver lining …………..
    Americans are thinking very deeply  about our country.  I for one have never seen this idea before at this scale , let alone so fast. 
    Jesus did come to CBS.  

  51. I bought a pizza at Dominoes  tonight. 
    I drove to the store to fetch it.  Maybe 15 people working their asses off . 6 in the plant and drivers coming and going. 
    There on the counter , was a box masks  free for the taking. 
    This is the first time I have ever seen this . 

  52. One of my happier days lately was being able to go down and buy 4 cheap new tires….no more sweating it out for awhile.

  53. Pogo –
    I am happy about the idea of  democrats kissing gop butts  is the key to get things done, that idea is as dead as Billy the Kid.  
    Biden showed his hand with the AG pick of Garland.  It was perfect timing .
    And a silver stake in the liver of Mitch.
    I don’t who is running the Democratic Party. But it’s like nothing I have ever seen.
    They got Bernie and OAC to shut up during this whole a fair.


  54. My car is 22 years old, it was my older sister’s.  I just put 2 new steer  tires on it. 
    There is a law that states a tire man cannot fix a 20 year old tire,  in addition  reading the sizes on the things  is one level above learning to read  the old Greek on the  Rosetta Stone.

  55. It has 91,350 miles on it .
    I did that the first six months when I stepped out on the road.

  56. OM, dems kissing goop butts?  What U talkin’ bought, Willis?  Criticize the MFers for their perfidy. Congratulate the ones on hi came to their senses, but no illusions that their epiphanies are anything other than self interest. 

  57. Let me tell you about    running out of Morgan up stream on the I-80, on ice at 50 , and about to swap ends at any second.  . 
    Hell bound for leather to get to work. 
    Hunting for oil , us against the Allatola . 
    Our peckerwood  driver had this in the tape deck of is  shaggy orange lolly pop van. 

    I understand  this waste of young men , no matter what color, or time.
    Texas has the greatest CCC  art treasures , and murals  and land plantings . 
    Thanks to FDR  killing may birds with one stone. 
    A. Take young idle men off the street , and keep them busy.
    B. Make them send most of their money home to mother.
    C. Send them all over America , fixing things .
    D. From all over America. 
    The first thing Biden  does ………….. a 21st century CCC. 
    At all levels of our country there are things the locals need help with. 
    This is the Peace Corps for us. 

  58. OM, my 6 year old hand me down from Mrs. P has 92000 on it and a $4500 cam chain guide replacement. Tires?  I hate to think about it. 

  59. Back to Tennessee Pass –
    The upper reaches of this valley was where the 1oth Mt. Division trained  to go to Europe.  
    These men who came home founded the ski industry world wide. 
    Another  set of allies  with me.  With deep interests with me , and deep pockets.  That 10th Mt.  is in many of these guys, that run this industry today.
    I did it !
    A.  Organize  the towns 
    B.  Get the rafters  on board  
    C.  Get the ski towns on board 

  60. I am trying to make an elephant  to book a seat at a table of very big elephants. 
    All of the parties  are  thinking  land.  Not running trains 
    I’m thinking of putting thousands of people to work . Very quickly , cleanly , and cheaply . 
    RailRoads are ass holes  that boys and girls  is a very large thread  in the American weave . 
    Tennessee Pass  10,570 ft dawn May 15th. 
    This is the greatest drop,  in 4 hours  30 miles.  In one of these ,  I can load one every 5 mins.  Until 11 AM. 
    At  Noon  the Long Haulers  take off . 
    This ride is 150 miles with power and cover  and takes days.  And it’s all down hill.  And is powered  by gravity and sunlight. With zero sound  @ 5 or 7 mph. 
    Then there is the fishing  service  we drop you and your guide off , and pick you up at the end of the day. 

  61. I think  I got this pitch working .  And I like that working title. 
    Now off to sell  the dog catchers. 

  62. Note the railroad  sitting there.  This is Browns Canyon  above Salida.  Ihis is a piss poor image. 

  63. Wow the city of Pueblo’s Water Department  another elephant .
    Under  the A&TRR  plan,  if one of our cars derails no tank cars burst into flames while crashing into the river. 

  64. The end of the ride.
    The tracks are next to the river.  That bridge is owned by a Texan not a corporation.

    Another elephant.

  65. Now, pick up all the napkins a write a plan  for the A&T RR. 
    Everyone in the valley needs to be a stake holder.  As I see it there are 7 – 25 mile sections  roughly.  Each station opens at 6 , and every 5 mins we load another car.  That’s  60 cars times 7 , or 420 cars   every morning .  When the cars reach their morning stop, we load  em’ up again  an the electric  motor  runs back up the hill .  That’s  840  at say $500 for  a trip for 4,  That’s  $ 420,00  a day.  And lots of local people have a job. 
    Not 3 guys in a cab hauling 60 tank cars full of sulphur .
    I got to find my word processing thing on this machine . 
    I have dumped my thinking here.  I find writing all this stuff down really  burns the thoughts into one’s  recall. 
    I’ll drop these streams from this river. 

  66. “[I] immediately knew it was her but was unaware she was in town so I initially had doubts because she lives in California,” McEntee wrote. “But [I] reached out to a friend and he said she was in town for the rally.”
    Her Twitter account included a photo posted in September of her in a “We are Q” shirt in front of a harbor, with hashtags that included #TrumpBoatParade2020.
    The post also included the initialism WWG1WGA — “Where we go one, we go all,” — used by followers of QAnon, which promotes baseless conspiracy theories.


  67. Drooling Marius, he’s lost his mind; as if he ever had one which wasn’t burned by hate. But now he’s standing on the marble steps—drooling out his hate upon anyone around him.

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