Sunday Serendipity, Jazz

Something to blow all that Christmas stuff out of your brain and get ready for New Years Eve.

Miles Davis: Blues for Pablo on the Miles Ahead album in 1957.

Blues For Pablo isn’t important enough to have it’s own Wiki page, I ran across it as I do a lot of stuff on youtube, played it and liked it. I hope you do too.

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. jack, that was enough to blow us all the way to summer –  past new years, MLK day, valentine’s, easter and on.


  2. no SNL to post but this from the guardian via msn:

    The US presidential election may be over but another keenly watched contest is just beginning. Who should play Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live?
    Jim Carrey quit the role last Saturday after poor reviews. Alex Moffat, a regular cast member, stepped in for that night’s episode. But it still remains uncertain which actor will portray Biden on a show that helps define each American presidency in the popular imagination.
    It is just one example of the new challenges facing political satire as Donald Trump leaves the presidential stage. The 45th president offered endless material for late-night TV hosts, standup comedians and cartoonists. His Democratic successor appears to be a less obvious target.
    On one level it is entertainment, but SNL’s cultural significance should not be underestimated, argues Michael Cornfield, a political scientist at George Washington University in Washington. “The central angle of approach to a president’s character is through the Saturday Night Live caricature,” he said.
    SNL has already found its Kamala Harris in Maya Rudolph, but Biden is proving a tougher nut to crack. He has been played by cast members and guest stars including Jason Sudeikis, Woody Harrelson and John Mulaney. Carrey signed on for this year’s election campaign but his manic performances arguably missed the mark.
    “Jim Carrey was doing Jim Carrey,” Cornfield observed. “He didn’t communicate Biden.”
    So Moffat, who has previously played Trump’s son Eric, took over as Biden for an opening sketch in which the vice-president, Mike Pence (Beck Bennett), received a Covid-19 vaccine. But Moffat is only 38, less than half Biden’s age, leaving next year’s all-important casting an open question, along with broader questions of where to find humour in the coming presidency.
    Cornfield commented: “To me, the comedy of the administration shapes up as one of these workplace sitcoms where the central character, Biden, has to be carrying on gamely while everything around him is going nuts.
    “Biden’s personality is tough because you don’t want to make fun of his stuttering. You don’t want to make fun of his tragedies. What you want to make fun of is he’s going to pretend that everything is right: ‘Oh sure, I’ll negotiate with the Republicans. No problem. Oh sure, I’ll make the federal government work. No problem.’ That’s his pretence and that’s up for lampooning because it won’t.
    “Now having said that, I don’t think it will be what we’ve lived through the last four years. We don’t need [Armando] Iannucci-level viciousness because I don’t think that’s called for. But there is a need to make fun of the president. That’s very American.”
    Trump’s departure, however, is also coming as a relief to comedy performers and writing. There are have been moments when he can seem beyond satire and when it is easier to cry than laugh. A novelist might find him frustratingly two-dimensional.
    Trump was a Falstaffian figure but the consequences of his actions, especially during the deadly coronavirus pandemic, were anything but funny. Biden’s own life has been scarred by personal loss and he inherits a country facing multiple crises – and where Trump is likely to remain a political player.
    Sidney Blumenthal, a former assistant and senior adviser to President Bill Clinton, said: “The larger-than-life element about Biden is tragedy. Making fun of his speech is making fun of someone who through immense willpower overcame the disability of stuttering.”
    “The fundamental problem is that we have yet to reckon with the immensity of the mourning and grief of what will likely be a half-million dead, which should have been largely preventable by the clownish sadist who provided so much fun before he ushered in a reign of death.”

  3. Biden will be a difficult character to cast. He’s not quirky enough to be an easy parody target. Be interesting to see what Colbert does with him on Our Cartoon President. Should help SNL find out how to spin him. 

  4. Very nice.  I like the 50’s and 60’s Jazz.  If you watch the television program Jazz you will notice that it literally skips over Miles Davis, Herbie Mann, and Ramsey Lewis, to name just a few of the performers.  They had great acts in person too. 
    I bit of a surprise is how the pocket veto of the COVID relief and government budget bill is being handled or not presented by the media.  The kick to jump start a depression is a big deal.  And, yet nada.  I have been preparing to be furloughed and feel comfortable about making it to the end of February without hardship.  That is very different than the millions of people who will become homeless in a few days.  It is stunning how little is being made of this.  We cannot be done with SFB for twenty-five days.  We cannot be worn down, we have to be stronger and make the greedy old perverts scared enough to tell him to sign it or they will vote for impeachment this week.

  5. wapo “Dave Berry’s year in review 2020”

    We’re trying to think of something nice to say about 2020.
    Okay, here goes: Nobody got killed by the murder hornets. As far as we know.
    That’s pretty much it.
    In the past, writing these annual reviews, we have said harsh things about previous years. We owe those years an apology. Compared to 2020, all previous years, even the Disco Era, were the golden age of human existence.
    This was a year of nonstop awfulness, a year when we kept saying it couldn’t possibly get worse, and it always did. This was a year in which our only moments of genuine, unadulterated happiness were when we were able to buy toilet paper.
    Which is fitting, because 2020 was one long, howling, Category 5 crapstorm.
    We sincerely don’t want to relive this year. But our job is to review it. If you would prefer to skip this exercise in masochism, we completely understand.
    If, however, you wish, for some sick reason, to re-experience 2020, now is the time to put on your face mask, douse your entire body with hand sanitizer and then — to be safe — don a hazmat suit, as we look back at the unrelenting insanity of this hideous year, starting with …

  6. Great selection with miles.  He  probably converted many many people to a love of jazz who didn’t really understand it until he came along.


  7. In case I’ve got you hooked, A play list for the whole album. 
    Plus for me if I link it here I can listen to the whole thing commercial free.

  8. BB – Preparing to be furloughed?  I thought the COVID relief bill was separate from the one to keep govt funded. 
    jack – Nice find.   Isn’t digital music a treasure.
    Biden is more than just an old guy.  Jason Sudekis got Biden’s folksy, essence.   

  9. One of these days I might get over being angry that when presented with one of the most brilliant, hard working and decent human beings for the job,, 40% of voters chose to support the human garbage that is Trump and then had the job handed to him by the slave based Electoral College despite the popular vote. Well at least those who didn’t spot it when he was at the top of the escalator, can get a view of him now as he plays golf while crippling the nation.

  10. What about current SNL announcer, and former Clinton and SFB impersonator, Darrell Hammond?  I’ll bet he could do a great Biden.

    Although I don’t think she (hear me out) does impersonations, I think current cast member, Heidi Gardner, might be able to capture Biden’s folksiness.

    Maybe SNL should just have every cast member, past and present, play Biden.

  11. Mitch is laughing at the pain of Americans.  
    Republicans are now only a party of racists and fascists, because they clearly don’t care about life or the economy.

  12. Pogo, Colbert’s Biden during the campaign on Cartoon President was way off, portrayed him as a bumbling dunce controlled by Pelosi and Schumer, did not work at all

  13. bid – the budget and COVID were combined, so all comes to a stop tomorrow midnight.  Tomorrow is to put the “closed, leave a message and I will get back to you sometime” messages on the email and phones.  The whole thing includes renewing various programs which expire at different times.  Unemployment extension ended at midnight, eviction prevention ends December 31.  Budget ends 12-28.  If this bill is signed the missed deadlines are retroactive.  If there is a pocket veto the next Congress will have to create a new budget and COVID bill for Biden to sign.  This is where getting control of the Senate is critical to passing a full bill, versus a stripped down gop bill.

  14. I’m still around for another groundhog day. What can ya say? The loser in chief is burning the country & his people down as predicted. Golfing while the country is a mess.   HE’S FIRED!  And can’t leave soon enough.

  15. Jack…  really nice!
    BlueBronc…  I hope you get on your boat and enjoy your enforced vacation.

  16. how true that book title “everything trump touches dies”

    whether it was intentional or not, D’ump has been responsible for more americans killed in a year than some of our wars combined.

    D’ump damaged the trust and confidence in the rule of law, elections and respect for each other’s opinions.

    D’ump from the beginning figuratively and literally in some cases opened doors of his office and the country’s secrets to its prime opponent russia.  it’s  not surprising he is unconcerned about their extensive widespread hack and it seems likely he may have even allowed it.  

    now, this very day, he is threatening the shutdown of the entire government during a pandemic on top of having already vetoed the defense bill weakening our military.

    is this or is this not treason?

  17. Americans’ acceptance of Trump’s behavior will be his vilest legacy Robert Reich

    Most of the 74,222,957 Americans who voted to re-elect Donald Trump – 46.8%of the votes cast in the 2020 presidential election – don’t hold Trump accountable for what he’s done to America.
    Their acceptance of Trump’s behavior will be his vilest legacy.


    Nearly forty years ago, political scientist James Q Wilson and criminologist George Kelling observed that a broken window left unattended in a community signals that no one cares if windows are broken there. The broken window is thereby an invitation to throw more stones and break more windows.
    The message: do whatever you want here because others have done it and got away with it.
    The broken window theory has led to picayune and arbitrary law enforcement in poor communities. But America’s most privileged and powerful have been breaking big windows with impunity.

  18. “Yo… ever heard of Miles Davis?”
    “Yeah, I heard of Miles Davis. He was that famous runner, right?”

  19. RR- one must plan carefully while furloughed.  I have many new DVD’s of movies for the nightly Movie Night held on Buena Ventura.  I have little jobs to do on her and Sisu, my sailboat, during the day when there is sunlight.  I must work on my physical conditioning, and Gale’s too.  There are the building of lies to use while occupying Liars Corner.  And, most importantly, I need to work on my photography and videography skills.  Never let the pressure of not working damage your daily outlook on life. 
    I also realize that what I might go through is nothing compared to artists, performers, restaurant personnel, retail store owners and staff, are going through.  I will continue to shop at local stores and buy things, because I can and I do want to help those hurting.  Like I said earlier, I am prepared to go for a while, like what we had to do a couple years ago.  I hope my co-workers are too.  I brought this up in late summer as a possible end to the year for the team to prepare. 

  20. back in november D’ump’s niece mary predicted all of this.  GOPers didn’t believe it then and probably still don’t with it staring them in their faces;

    This is what Donald’s going to do: he’s not going to concede, although who cares. What’s worse is he’s not going to engage in the normal activities that guarantee a peaceful transition. All he’s got now is breaking stuff, and he’s going to do that with a vengeance. I’ve always known how cruel he can be. Shortly after the 2016 election, when I’d see him being particularly cruel,….  That is the kind of man he is.

    He’ll be having meltdowns upon meltdowns right now. He has never been in a situation like this before. What’s interesting is that Donald has never won anything legitimately in his entire life, but because he has been so enabled by people along the way, he has never lost anything either. He’s the kind of person who thinks that even if you steal and cheat to win, you deserve to win.


    I worry about what Donald’s going to do in that time to lash out. He will go as far as he can to delegitimise the new administration, then he’ll pass pardons that will demoralise us, and sign a flurry of executive orders. Remember, he will also still be in charge of the US response to the pandemic. There could be a million Americans dead by then under his watch.

  21. SFB’s mental meltdown, and, Biden’s (soon) confirmation in the EC should put Article 25 into play.   Pence might not act rashly with SFB out of the picture.

  22. BID –  yes, separate bills which are combined into one for signature. It is a package of the big group of spending bills.  It prevents veto on one bill but not the others, so one signature is used for everything.  The package includes the budget, somewhere around eleven bills, except for the DoD budget which has been vetoed, and the economic relief bill.  I saw the total number of pages is well over five thousand. 

  23. Craig
    I’ve been catching up this morning on all the groups I want to support. 
    I want to thankyou for your work keeping this forum running. As words are cheap and don’t pay the bills I also sent you a donation, I hope it helps. 

  24. BiD, as BB said it’s ALL in one package and gov’t will shutdown if D’ump doesn’t sign it by monday/tuesday night; however, the House is expected to try for a stopgap bill to keep gov’t running when they come back tomorrow as well as passing a separate bill for the $2000 checks.  who knows what  senate will do.

    the hill:

    Republicans and Democrats on Sunday urged President Trump to sign the massive $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief and government funding package ahead of the midnight Tuesday deadline to avoid a looming shutdown.

  25. geraldo? pigs must be flying.

    the hill:
    “For almost 4 years I’ve supported @realDonaldTrump who was assailed by leftist creeps who conjured the Russia Hoax to wreck his presidency. Nevertheless he prevailed. Sadly he lost a bitterly contested election. Shit happens. However since he has behaved like an entitled frat boy.”
    One week ago, Rivera blasted Republicans who have given credence to Trump’s claims of voter fraud or talked about contesting the election results.

    “Time to stop playing around with the Constitution. Biden won. Trump lost,” Rivera said on Twitter. “Stop acting like spoiled brats. Or worse, the lunatic fringe. Enough. Basta.”

  26. Obama had a mess to clean up but wow, poor Joe has a triple mess. With Republicans, it just keeps getting worse. 

  27. So much for a furlough, the idiot and imbecile signed the bill. 
    I am very happy that those out of work will receive a minimal amount of cash.  Remember that gop think that if you are not rich like they are that is your problem, not theirs.

  28. (CNN)President Donald Trump has signed the massive $2.3 trillion dollar coronavirus relief and government funding bill into law Sunday night, according to multiple sources, averting a government shutdown that was set to begin on Tuesday, and extending billions of dollars in coronavirus aid to millions.

    Aides had prepared for the President to sign the bill as early as Christmas Eve, when it arrived at Mar-a-Lago for his signature. But the plan was scrapped at the last minute, two sources with knowledge of the circumstances told CNN.
    As a result, critical benefits had lapsed for millions of jobless Americans Saturday evening.
    The bill was flown to Mar-a-Lago on Thursday afternoon,…
    In anticipation of the signing, the smaller of Mar-a-Lago’s two ballrooms was prepped for a 7 p.m. ceremony, complete with a desk and chair for Trump to sit, and his customary pens at the ready, according to the source.
    However, as the hour approached, aides were informed the President would not be signing the relief bill that evening. One source told CNN that Trump had “changed his mind.”
  29. Voters will remember that Republicans kept stimulus checks  low and dragged their feet the entire time.   

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