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  1. Mellissa Carone, Giuliani’s star witness has received a cease and desist letter from Dominion! In the letter Dominion states that Mellissa overstated her position, because she was hired for 1 day…. TO CLEAN THE GLASS ON THE MACHINES!



    Dominion Attorneys Send Brutal Letter to Trump Campaign’s ‘So-Called Star

  2. for sure let 2020 go, bye bye D’ump and mitch, bye bye COVID, bad economy and hopefully bye bye hateful

  3. Well, anyone can stumble upon info, but given that it’s SFB, it’s a put-up job and she’s been promised something to lie for him because she happened to have proximity.

  4. That’s a great tree. We always had a tiny tree (smaller than that one) in a Folger’s can of driveway gravel).  When I was 23, before I move to TX, I bought us a $25-dollar, Scotch pine.  I made little bundles of baby’s breath tied with skinny, velvet ribbon to set in front of the lights.  It was beautiful, but I’d give anything for a tiny tree with the family. 

  5. My parents liked larger trees- 6 or 7 feet. Took an evening to decorate them. I remember when dad (an engineer – go figure) bought a silver aluminum tree. Used it inside maybe 2 years, with only red balls, before it became our outside decoration. Man was that “tree” ugly. 

  6. any news on X-R and sweetie?  sure miss his punny posts.  the trail just isn’t the same without him.

    we need all the wit and humor possible to get us through the rest of this annus horribilis

  7. It was a shack when my dad bought it in ‘42   By the time I got there he’d turned it into a cottage.

  8. We lived in a 3 bedroom 1 bath ranch (moved into a 3/2 after a few years) – the ones people pay ridiculous prices for these days and gut to make into “open concept” homes on HGTV and DIY. Loved the neighborhood – everything from truck drivers to salesman to engineers in the steel and power industries. Lotsa kids, walked to school and had a Creek we spent the summer roaming up and down.

  9. our haunts were shades mt.  vestavia hills, montevallo rd and the park, and homewood…..all within striking distance of red mt. with WYDE and vulcan……..doug leyton and tommy charles on the radio, with some other cousins we got to hit eastwood mall

  10. I guess if you had to pick one song to best express my feelings this Christmas it would have to be this one 

  11. The big news from Moscow is George Blake died and not by someone throttling his neck.  I wonder what SFB would think of heading to Russia and staying there.  He might get a medal from his BFF Putin, and his picture on a wall (or two).   For you youngsters, Blake is/was a traitor.  He gave the KGB the names and locations of hundreds of U.K., American and other countries agents, many of whom were killed by the KGB.  He was from the same era as Philby, Burgess and McClain.  All traitors who caused death to many people.

  12. I hope they do go after tRUMPsky for defamation,  and, I hope they get every cent he has grifted from his base.  It would serve them all right. 

    Growing up, we had no hot water or flush toilet; ice on the walls in winter.  We got full plumbing in ‘79, I think.  We got insulation in the ‘90s.

    My grandparents were hard workers, but had little to show for it. The house belonged to my great-grandparents; my grandparents got it by paying the back-taxes.

  13. BiD
    We’ve  got something in common.
    We both know what it is like to run out to the outhouse when it is 10 below. 
    When I went to college I had a roommate who did long sessions in the bathroom just sitting on the toilet. I never understood it. 
    When your toilet is an outhouse you get you business done quickly and get out of there. It is the hotest place in the summer and the coldest place in the winter.

  14. jack – My grandparents had custody of me so, coupled with the lack of plumbing, I was raised like it was the 1940s/50s.   

    There was a blizzard one winter and my grandpa came in and that the privy was a-rockin. Grandma looked out the window and said it had already blown over. She and I laughed until we cried. He was pretty disgusted, but just got a 2×4, a block of wood, and, his friend to help him tip it back up and brace it.

    We lived on the edge of town, so there were all of these nice, new houses next to us. Not mini-mansions, just midwestern, ranch-style houses. I have no idea why folks have mini-mansions with zero lot-lines.

  15. Concerning info about the vaccines (plural) on NPR.

    1) The Astra-Zenica vax doesn’t work the same way Pfizer and Moderna works; different mechanisms. 

    2) Vaccines are designed to treat lower-lung infection.  Sime may not offer as much protection for upper-respiratory or nasal infection.  So, we may still be wearing masks and social distancing.  However, it’s the lower-lung infection that’s the killer.


  16. jack & BiD, you guys left out the unforgettable fragrance – particularly that which emanated from 2 holers.

    one was sure not to linger longer than necessary

  17. memorable visits to my sister & her game warden husband in the idaho mt area entail the nights spent in their “guest room” which was many paces back from the house in a work shop and its outhouse accommodation even more paces back from that.  given the bears, cougars and such in the neighborhood it was quite an adventure and a major decision to make if one had to go in the middle of the night.  i would have opted for the safety and convenience of a thunder mug if they’d had one.

  18. We just had a flashlight.

    There was a heavy snowstorm the day the commode was hooked up. The plumber drove up into our yard and it was the best early Christmas present.

  19. Sturg.  You were really cute
    We did not celebrate Christmas in any way.  My parents thought it was wrong.  We would have been celebrating the commercial aspects and they thought it was a bad idea.   As an adult, I have had trees but most notable was one had with people I owned a vacation property with    One friend put chili peppers lights on it and my mother wanted to know why we had little penises on the tree.  Needless to say a conversation stopper.

  20. You can tell a lot about folks based on how they decorate their trees.   Melania’s, I can only describe them as bloodbath,  Christmas trees a few years back were in poor taste, but incredibly telling of her momentary mood, I think.   Kind of like whether she smacks away the tiny hand or lets him hold hers on any, given day. Or, maybe it’s all just a part of the SFB sideshow to distract from what they want to hide. 
    You know, look at those ugly trees she bought with taxpayer dollars.

  21. In case you have not heard about Mark Rober and the glitter bomb box it is time you do.  A few years ago he got a bur under his saddle blanket and decided to use his education, training and just general “let’s do it” attitude to create a real nasty, but nice, glitter box to discourage porch thieves.  The first generation was a wild success, he is now up to the third generation and it is still working well.  It is fun watching the criminals deal with multiple surprises.  These bring nice meaning to Happy Holidays.

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