63 thoughts on “Santa Trump Lied Again”

  1. Have yourself a merry little Christmas
    Let your heart be light
    From now on our troubles will be out of sight

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas
    Make the Yuletide gay
    From now on our troubles will be miles away

    Here we are as in olden days
    Happy golden days of yore
    Faithful friends who are dear to us
    Gather near to us once more

    Through the years we all will be together
    If the fates allow
    Hang a shining star upon the highest bough
    And have yourself a merry little Christmas now

    Merry Christmas, everyone.


    [Songwriters: Blane Ralph, Martin Hugh]

  2. The countdown continues.  Funniest story from 12-24 is that SFB expects bobble-head to just say he is announcing a second term for the idiot and imbecile.
    Merry Christmas.

  3. so you think your weather today is bad?


    Christmas in Florida: Cold temps, falling iguanas & no surfing Santas
    ORLANDO, Fla. — With unexpectedly cold weather in the forecast and pandemic-related curfews in some places, Florida is about to have a Christmas unlike any other in recent memory, and it may involve falling iguanas.
    The National Weather Service earlier this week warned that South Florida could experience the coldest Christmas Day in 21 years. Morning lows on Saturday could drop into the low 30s and 40s degrees Fahrenheit, the weather service said.
    ” Brrr! Much colder temps expected for Christmas,” the National Weather Service in Miami tweeted earlier this week. “Falling iguanas are possible.”
    Because they are cold-blooded reptiles, iguanas living in South Florida trees often become immobile in chilly weather, causing them to drop to the ground when the thermometer plummets, though they are still alive.

  4. the stimulus/gov’t funding bill flown to Florida.

    probably in a glitzy photo op certain to get widespread coverage and the attention he craves, D’ump will make a big deal about how magnanimous he is and signs it.

  5. Well, he’s got the fat part down. All that’s missing is the red suit, white beard, empathy, generosity and good will. If I could give him a gift it would be an AF1 trip back to Andrews – without him.

  6. patd – although I doubt SFB would think about doing this I am sure someone in his cult might think it is a great idea.  Sit on the golden throne and show off that stupid scribble while waiting for applause and accolades.  Yup, says it all for the spirit of the day.
    No going to Mom pod today.  Sitting at home with stuffed up head, cough, general feeling of a head cold – while reviewing COVID symptoms.  Chicken soup, very tasty, for breakfast and a nice hour nap to prepare for another nap.  At least I do not need to go anywhere today, or tomorrow or . . .  And, there is the possibility of being furloughed Monday to make me feel even better.

  7. You all go ahead and grump but Santa brought me a dozen  home made Christmas tamales.
    Life is good!
    Merry Christmas all. 

  8. What I’m listening to today. 
    I have put together some of my favorite Christmas music in a play list , we will see if it works. If it does I will keep adding to it as the days goes by. 
    Enjoy Jack

  9. Youtube wouldn’t let me add this one to the list, evidently it is not for children.
    But put a little rum in your eggnog and get down, it is Christmas time to party.

  10. tRUMPsky asked Santa for a second term via lawsuits.  Nope.  SFB has been naughty his entire life.
    jack, on the other hand, got homemade tamales!  
    BB and Pogo, I hope  those are just head colds, though miserable.
    Merry Christmas 🎄 

  11. Merry Christmas everyone!
    We dodged the bullet.  Lots of rain and wind…  but the worst is over and we still have power.   From what patd posted, we will be warmer today than southern Florida.
    ps…  no iguanas falling outta trees here…

  12. Yep, the polar express blew through KC yesterday.  Headed to Florida,  It is 9 degrees this morning but will swing back to the 50’s in a couple of days.  
    Welcome to Kansas City, 

  13. Jack thanks for the excellent Christmas gift. Keb’ Mo’ is one of Clapton and Vince Gill’s absolute favorite artists. I just downloaded a Christmas album that he did and it’s playing in the background. Again thanks for the Christmas gift.

  14. Jamie, must be. Hit me 2 days ago and isn’t letting up. Who knew a computer virus could give you a cold?

  15. for a non alchoholic cold beverage Hot lemon ginger. 
    At your local Asian market they have instant ginger tea, sugar or nonsugar 
    Heat water in a pan add 3 packets of ginger tea then add 2 packets of lemonade designed for bottled water. 
    You might add a couple of teas of sugar. 
    I’ve been doing this everytime I get the chills and it helps. Also, I don’t have a hangover on top of the cold the next morning.

  16. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock shattered fundraising records by hauling in over $100 million each in the past two months, giving them a decisive advantage over GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in the final stretch of the Georgia Senate runoffs.


  17. I put some beans on last night, I’m going to start a new tradition. Christmas chili. I did this before Santa showed up with tamales. 
    That and a breakfast of eggnog and dark rum. When you first pour them in the glass the rum floats to the top. It looks like a glass of flan, goes good with tamales. 

  18. Craig wasted money, no amount of money will make a racist vote for a black man.  But the media people and their consultants will enjoy the Christmas bonus.

  19. Chili’s kind of an all purpose dish – goes well with anything and on any occasion. I cook up a pot at least 2 out of every 3 weekends. Love the stuff, both red & white. 

  20. craig & jack,  they better use that money to transport folk to the polls and to wherever they can officially drop off absentee ballots for those that got the forms thru the holiday mail mess (can’t be assured they’ll get there if mailed back).  ads by this time are wasted money – market saturated – knock on doors, offer rides, pay for free buses/taxis/ubers  to polls no matter the party. a good old fashioned fish fry or BBQ in several neighborhoods wouldn’t hurt either.

  21. jamie pogo and others with the Christmas cold – we are not alone.  I have seen a couple other posts on social media complaining about this stupid cold.  What is surprising is the timing is almost all the same, coming down with it two or three days ago.  Bah humbug.

  22. Some people bad and some people good,
    Too bad the bad can’t be like the good,
    But everything changes a little and it should,
    Good ain’t forever and bad ain’t for good

    And Lou’s got the flu and he’s laid up, laid up, laid up,
    Lou’s got the flu and he’s laid up,
    Have to get well pretty soon though

    L got sugar in my candy and sugar in my soup
    L’m getting fat from the candy and sick from the soup
    True love is sweet but if it’s mishandled
    A bitter wind blows and out goes your candle

    And Lou’s got the flu and he’s laid up, laid up, laid up,
    Lou’s got the flu and he’s laid up,
    Have to get well pretty soon though

    Now not enough water puts thirst in a man
    And just enough water puts joy in his land
    But too much water will overflow
    And tear the man’s land up, so there you go

    And Lou’s got the flu and he’s laid up, laid up, laid up,
    Lou’s got the flu and he’s laid up,
    Have to get well pretty soon though


    [Songwriters: Roger Miller]

  23. BB, if you’ve got any leftover eggnog around, another traditional cocktail is what wiki describes:

    Tom and Jerry is a traditional Christmastime cocktail in the United States, devised by British journalist Pierce Egan in the 1820s. It is a variant of eggnog with brandy and rum added and served hot, usually in a mug or a bowl.

    Another method uses egg whites, beaten stiff, with the yolks and sugar folded back in, and optionally vanilla extract added. A few spoonfuls are added to a mug, then hot milk and rum are added, and it is topped with nutmeg. Pre-made Tom and Jerry batter, typically produced by Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Dakotas manufacturers, is sold in regional supermarkets during the Christmas season.


    The drink’s name is a reference to Egan’s book, Life in London, or The Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn Esq. and his Elegant Friend Corinthian Tom (1821), and the subsequent stage play Tom and Jerry, or Life in London (also 1821). To publicize the book and the play, Egan introduced a variation of eggnog by adding 12 US fluid ounce (15 ml) of brandy, calling it a “Tom and Jerry”. The additional fortification helped popularize the drink.


    Tom and Jerry was a favorite of President Warren G. Harding, who served it at an annual Christmas party for his closest friends.

    The drink features prominently in Damon Runyon‘s 1932 short story “Dancing Dan’s Christmas”, beginning with the passage

    This hot Tom and Jerry is an old time drink that is once used by one and all in this country to celebrate Christmas with, and in fact it is once so popular that many people think Christmas is invented only to furnish an excuse for hot Tom and Jerry, although of course this is by no means true.

    Image result for cocktail tom & jerry

  24. this parody project piece was right after mid-election in 2018.  to update it they could change the word “congress” to “cabinet” and instead of the squad name harris, haaland etc.

  25. Pogo – The first cherry was very nice.  But now patd has introduced some other consideration.  This day I have been feeling like my head was a tether ball and the contestants were world class in making me head bounce and twist around.  Which means putting together a decent Tom & Jerry might be less successful than it might be in a couple of days.  I do refuse to go for some of my bar stock neat.  That defeats a festive day, rather rapidly.

  26. I am seeing Microsoft pushing Windows 10 updates, probably in response to the Russian (SFB says Chinese, world says Russian) hack of everything.  Do the update.  Of interest is that MS stopped allowing selective updates until after the official updates.  That means they are using all their power to update all Windows 10 machines as fast as possible.

  27. Nice looking bird. We skipped turkey and went with lamb chops, meemaw’s sweet potato casserole, green beans and croissants. Delicious. And for supper, pumpkin pie. Oh, and naps. 

  28. Christmas with John Wayne , first up, ” True Grit ” .
    I’ve seen it so many times I can act out all the speaking parts. 
    Later ,  Ford’s Greatest work –
    ” The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance “. 
    In living black and white, and shot beautifully . 
    Now we enter one of my favorite times of the year. ………….. 
    The Week of Lists
    The “Hi-lite Reel”  of the past 12 months. 
    At the top of all of them is this ………………. 
    Over One Million Americans spent this Christmas with an empty seat at the table. 
    Saw mine  for 90 mins.   My pot dealer hippie nephew  flew in from Manitou Springs .
    Put a burr under his saddle . 
    There is an abandoned  railroad line  from Minturn , over Tenn. Pass and down the Arkansas River to Pueblo   The tracks are still there .  Sitting in the weeds.  Waiting for this  –


    Only with a modern “E-Bike” design sense, not a railroad design sense.   A roof  with solar cells on top , batteries,  Lite, injection molded  wheels (skateboard tech) , all aluminum frame ,  batteries , ice chest, fresh water, lights , propane burner,  and above all  …………… a set of brakes that make electricity  as you apply the brakes.  
    You wouldn’t  even have to peddle, the   Tennessee Pass is, 10200 ft.  Pueblo is,  4692 ft.  

    3 hr 9 min(166.7 mi)via US-24 E, CO-9 S and US-50 E

    Call it 167 miles  by the road.     Over a  5,700 ft.  drop.
    I am brain storming, and this post is my napkin.  Time to back up.  

  29. This idea is in private hands. 
    Permits  yes .
    Permission  no , 
    A  167  mile path  is now open down the heart of the state.  A gift from our past. 
    If we are clever ,  we will build  small things  that let us glide along these rails.  Down Hill  !
    No motor !   No noise !  Zero  carbon  full stop period !

  30. 10 days out –
    ” Never Mind the Mule is Blind ,  Just Load the Wagon ”
    The Georgia  run-offs 
    This is a song  that has never been written. 

  31. 2:53  AM  rollin’ outa Tulsa , North bound on the “Rolla Rollercoaster”  to beertown and the Governor  on the radio .  Tellin’ me it’s all open don’t  ya know . 
    Just don’t flip your tractor on it’s side “So Slow” , your trip to the ICU is a no go. 

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