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  1. about the above from Fauquier Now:

    Carole and Rob Tessier’s brood has talent and lots of experience with Fauquier Community Theatre productions.

    So, the young Tessiers — ages 5 to 20 — put their creativity to work around the 10-acre homestead near New Baltimore.


    click there for their earlier parody “For the The Longest Quarantine”

  2. Not going outside of my normal fence lines.  Land Pod is it for most of the time, Sea Pod for almost all the rest, and Mom Pod for a few hours on Christmas Day.  Isolated and trying to stay that way.  I may have to go to a grocery store, but not wanting to.

  3. For more than 70 years, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” has been the holiday song for those far away from home. In this year of coronavirus, it takes on an added meaning.

  4. Sorry to be so harsh but anyone traveling for Christmas is a suicidal murderer. Why aren’t we closing airports like after 9/11? COVID death rate is a 9/11 EVERY DAY! 

  5. You want the trump admin to try and foment civil war AND govern, like, at the same time?!?!
    That’s a lot of work- Donnie doesn’t like to work.

  6. Any average citizen still supporting trump is in on the lie- they’re not unwitting dupes they’re willing accomplices.  

    i refuse to believe anyone is dumb enough to buy his bullshit, at this point 

  7. Things that you used to take for granted that no longer exist:  Telephone Books

    Paul McCartney was asked his favorite Beatles Song.  He answered that his was a B side  (remember B Sides?) called “You Know My Name (look up the number).  He liked it not because it was the best but because they had so much fun making it with all sorts of silly voices.

    Anyway it reminded me of phone books and how you could step into a phone booth (remember phone booths?) and look up a number of a person or business you were trying to locate.  Now we all avoid giving out phone numbers to anyone we don’t trust and block all the random calls we receive.

    Anyway add phone books to the list of things you would need to explain to the youngsters. 🙂


  8. Bid

    Thank you for that article.   Many people are starting to realize that you can’t destroy the rungs under you and expect expect the top to survive.  This latest pandemic is just one of likely and possibly more deadly ones that are possible  as habitat is destroyed and ice is melted.  

    As I mentioned Trump destroyed the Monarch Texas sanctuary with his damned wall (along with a lot of 100+ year old saguaros).  The man is such a total ignoramus and unfortunately the rest of us suffer. 

    Anyway to help the butterflies, plant milkweed and any nectar flowers and if you have room, plant butterfly trees:  Eucalyptus, Cherry, willows, elm, rowan etc.

  9. Jamie – add printed catalogs from Wards, Penny’s, Sears.  Something that is coming back in a way are catalog showrooms.  Amazon has store fronts along with places you can pick up your orders, like grocery stores.  In some areas you can order in the morning and the product delivered in four or so hours to a box or your house.  A couple weeks ago I needed a new hard drive, it was delivered about four hours after I ordered it.

  10. Dumbass can’t think that Vrablic and her assistant’s resignations are good news for him – I don’t think even he is that clueless.

  11. I just had a few minutes watching the planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars on a sunset sky.  It is cool to see the planets without having to search for them.  I took a couple of pictures but I was on a dock and the waves caused some shaking.  You can see Saturn’s rings, which is first for me.  Mars just up from the reds and pinks of sunset and looked perfect as the red planet.  All in all, very deeply satisfying.  It is like there is a section of my brain that has things like this programmed in it.  Could we have evolved with the stars and planets as part of our innate being?

  12. i know people, with COVID, that aren’t quarantining- there’s no enforcement, so i couldn’t rat them out even if i wanted to, but they have COVID, i know it, and they are willfully interacting in the community.
    So, avoid that fucker without the mask.  

  13. Looks like you have some quality optics, bronc
    Thanks for heads-up, getting a last glimpse now

    (Mars is left of the moon, btw)

  14. This is the 1st iteration of THE RUN ON SENTENCE GAME. (It has to start somewhere). 

    It is what it most certainly has been, or at least at times was reputed to have been…..you know, sort of transmogrified…probably not the word, but hardly noticable because as it turns out………….

  15. tRUMPsky, Papadapilous, Deutsche Bank.  Connect the dots and tRUMPsky looks even more guilty.   Just a guy who maybe got him coffee once.

  16. “represents” being to him one of those……things………yeah, that’s right, things……….

  17. So Dumbass is issuing clemency and pardons to anybody who ever kissed his ass. How predictable is that?

  18. i think i read the longest sentence was faulkner………but whar the hell, it coulda been Waskie.

  19. i have thought there were several masters, and that faulkner stretched  for a one time pinnacle of the first degree

  20. wonder how much pardons are going for these days now that deutsche bank loans are no longer available to a certain someone.

  21. well, truth be told, Freud suggested that everything is a penis joke or was it myron cohen…….christ

  22. i just remember my saucy (Anne Bancroft-esque) English teacher was particularly peeved by Michener.  

  23. Bink and Sturgeone

    One of my all time favorite films including the poster on my bedroom wall is 84 Charing Cross Road.  Anyone who loves books probably has a list of all the ones mentioned in that movie.  


  24. there have, of course, been times in my stupid life where ive had to admit to myself that i may have been wretchedly wrong.

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