Sunday Serendipity

A little something to start out Christmas week

Enjoy, Jack

And to all you Pagans out there celebrating the winter solstice have a Cool Yule


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  1. jack, wow, a whole week’s worth of wassailing and winter wonderment. thanks, good background music for wrapping presents.  

    BTW, all packages are tracked and accounted for.  thank you, USPS, in spite of what de joyless did to you, you came through sleet & snow & rain & dark of night once again — AND a pandemic.   🙂

  2. more snl from last night

    Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.


  3. tony, thanks for that K.O. post last night.  this in NYTimes appears to back up his story:

    President Trump on Friday discussed naming Sidney Powell, who as a lawyer for his campaign team unleashed conspiracy theories about a Venezuelan plot to rig voting machines in the United States, to be a special counsel overseeing an investigation of voter fraud, according to two people briefed on the discussion.
    It was unclear if Mr. Trump will move ahead with such a plan.
    Most of his advisers opposed the idea, two of the people briefed on the discussion said, including Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer. In recent days Mr. Giuliani has sought to have the Department of Homeland Security join the campaign’s efforts to overturn Mr. Trump’s loss in the election.
    Mr. Giuliani joined the discussion by phone initially, while Ms. Powell was at the White House for a meeting that became raucous and involved people shouting at each other at times, according to one of the people briefed on what took place.
    Ms. Powell’s client, retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser whom the president recently pardoned, was also there, two of the people briefed on the meeting said. Some senior administration officials drifted in and out of the meeting.
    During an appearance on the conservative Newsmax channel this week, Mr. Flynn pushed for Mr. Trump to impose martial law and deploy the military to “rerun” the election. At one point in the meeting on Friday, Mr. Trump asked about that idea.

  4. Take one for the team.  Have yourself a shitty little christmas.

    I’ll be here for christmas, if only in my jeans.

    Bells will be ringing, but I won’t be home for christmas, and not by New Year’s Eve.

  5. Jack, thanks for the pagan music contribution – we get so few seasonal songs.

    Rex, sorry to hear about Mrs. Dex’s implant infection. I’ve had one knee and one hip with no problems, but best friend in Bama had complications following some sort of tendon repair a year after a knee replacement and had an infection that he had trouble shaking after that surgery. Any surgery presents a great opportunity for bugs to get in and grow in our fragile bodies. Hope they get it under control quickly and she returns to a comfortable life in the Dexter household. 

    patd,  thanks for the cold open clip. I was busy making sure Bama finished off Florida when it ran last night. (Yep. Roll Tide). Game was too close for my liking. Anyway, loved the clip. 

  6. I think I’ll just proceed with the shaky knees. What’s the pernt of having decent knees when everything else has already started turning to mush.   Suffer them knees and be glad for the pain.  🙂

    Or not…….

  7. mediaite:

    Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) bashed President Donald Trump for his reported flirting with the possibility of declaring martial law to upend the 2020 election results.
    Multiple reports emerged over the weekend detailing Trump’s recent meetings with numerous allies, including former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell. The common theme of these reports was that Trump’s inner circle have encouraged the president to try enacting martial law, have the DHS illegally seize voting machines, and launch other attempts to undo his defeat to President-Elect Joe Biden.
    Jake Tapper led an interview with Romney on Sunday by asking the senator to respond to these events.
    “What will Senate Republicans do to make sure none of this madness happens?”
    “It’s not going to happen. It’s going nowhere,” Romney answered. “It’s really sad in a lot of respects and embarrassing because the president could, right now, be writing the last chapter of this administration with a victory lap with regards to the vaccine.”
    Romney went on to say Trump “could be going out championing this story. But instead, he’s leaving Washington with conspiracy theories and things that are so nutty and loopy that people are shaking their head wondering in the world has gotten into this man? I think that is unfortunate because he has more accomplishments than this last chapter suggests he’s going to be known for.”

  8. “…he has more accomplishments than this last chapter suggests he’s going to be known for.”

    mitt, what accomplishments of D’ump’s could offset his negligent manslaughter of over 318,499 (as of today and counting) fellow americans?

  9. Will there be an insider-trading investigation into Loeffler dumping stock based on private intel?  
    I’m not sure how Purdue and Loeffler have any support from any except those that frequent the same rarified air as do they.  Their unethical/possibly illegal stock activity should have more traction with most folks.

  10. tRUMPsky said he took no responsibility…and he didn’t.  Therefore, he does not get credit for a vaccine, either.  Besides, he had nothing to do with its creation, but he did manage to screw it up by not procuring more when he had the chance.   

  11. We finally got a new Biden on SNL.  The taped piece (mom gets a robe) was spot on.  My grandma used to buy herself a new broom for Christmas.  

  12. Ode to Joy performed by a rolling ball on a very long xylophone in the middle of the woods.
    If I had seen this yesterday It would have been my Serendipity post because it is so cool.

  13. Dexter
    Just saw your comment from last night
    Hang in there.  Dealing with illness at our age is rough in the best of times but with covid restrictions, Aaiiee. Have you been able to see your wife while she is in rehab or is your contact all by phone? 
    Good thoughts coming your way.

  14. tRUMPsky is a trapped animal (loser status/jail time), but he’s too egotistical to chew off his own appendage to escape the trap (flee to another country).   Never, in his privileged life, has he had karma bite him his behind.  
    This is uncharted territory for him.  So, yeah, the madman is going mad. 

  15. When ya feel like ya gettin’ pretty good at that cookie stuff, check out some recipe or another for “Divinity” and try to make some.   

  16. jack, “so cool” is an understatement.   that ball of Joy in the woods sure beats the heck out of singing chipmunks. 

  17. Cool xylophone but that’s Bach (“Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”) not Beethoven
    …dig the festive pentagram, i should put one up for the neighbors

  18. Most of my neighbors are from India.  They leave the Diwali lights up for Christmas.
    Christmas came early for Purdue and Loeffler in the form of intelligence briefings that let them know which stocks to dump and which to buy.   Just unethical or illegal?

  19. Flights from UK canceled as health minister says new coronavirus variant is ‘out of control’

    London (CNN)A growing number of European countries on Sunday halted flights from the UK following the discovery of a new variant of Covid-19, said by officials to spread faster than others.

    The new strain of coronavirus, which prompted the UK government to impose a Tier 4 lockdown in London and southeastern England and tighten restrictions for all of England over the festive period, is “out of control,” Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Sunday.
    The United Kingdom on Sunday broke its daily coronavirus case record, recording 35,928 new cases.

  20. In a hastily called Saturday press conference, Johnson said that the strain of the virus appears to spread more easily, and may be up to 70% more transmissable than the earlier strain.
    Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said on Saturday that the new variant is responsible for 60% of infections in London, which have nearly doubled in the last week.

  21. Funny that the plot of every Xmas movie is “saving Xmas”.  No amount of stop-motion animation or CGI will do it, this year

  22. On CSPAN I listened to a few minutes of Hugh Hewitt (gag) interviewing Arnold. Arnold thinks Nixon was a great president (gag); however, Nixon did create the EPA. Arnold believes in climate change. He said dems should call it pollution. Ask someone if they favor pollution. No one likes pollution. 
    A repube example of taking a complicated issue, climate change, and making it simple, pollution. Now all Biden’s administration needs to do is beat everyone over the head with the notion of POLLUTION! 
    ~KISS~  keep it simple stupid

  23. My aunt & uncle used to make divinity every Christmas.  It is somewhere near impossible and it actually takes two people, one of them with muscles that would rival Schwarzenegger.  The syrup has to be cooked to the right candy temperature and then poured slowly into the stiffly whipped egg whites while the muscle person keeps whipping and the syrup is poured.  

    She made three batches White, green, and dark pink (couldn’t ever get red fromt he food dye).

    She also made fruit cake, fudge, and enough cookies to feed a nation.


  24. What happened to the Colorado Republican Party?
    Out of power in a changing state, the GOP is in soul-searching mode

    The Jefferson County GOP began its annual assemblies in the 1990s by asking all elected Republicans in attendance to say a few words.
    “It was not uncommon for it to take an hour to get through all of those speeches,” said Rob Fairbank, the former state representative from Littleton.
    Now, said Rob Witwer, former attorney for the Jefferson County GOP and also a former state lawmaker, “It would take five minutes. You could fit all the elected officials in a phone booth.
    “And that,” he adds, “in a nutshell is the trajectory of the party over the past 25 years.”
    This is a low point for the Colorado GOP, now with less electoral power than at any time since World War II. Democrats control both chambers of the statehouse by comfortable margins — 41-24 in the House, 20-15 in the Senate. The governor, attorney general, treasurer and secretary of state are all Democrats. Next year, both of the state’s U.S. senators and four of its seven U.S. representatives will be Democrats. In November, the University of Colorado Board of Regents, previously the last statewide body controlled by the GOP, flipped blue for the first time in 41 years.
    Just 18 years ago, roughly the opposite was true.


    What happened to the Colorado Republican Party?


  25. Let the purges begin !

    Rift Between Georgia Republicans Grows As Runoff Elections Approach

    December 20, 20208:05 AM ET

    President Trump’s pressure campaign against officials in Georgia has caused a major rift within the Republican party. It could have major implications if the Senate runoffs don’t go the GOP’s way.

    4 min listen – NPR

  26. Bring on the civil war- i enjoy watching clips of antagonistic diabetic middle-aged white guys getting knocked out, funny every time

  27. “Scrooge” is on TV.  Eb has been transformed.   Can’t say the same has happened for Moscow Mitch and company.  They don’t have unlimited funds to hand out to folks?  Do you mean from the taxes they’ve been paying in?  How many pay raises have congressional critters voted for themselves?    Salaried folks in my co have had pay cuts; hourly have lost OT, but are expected to produce the same.  

  28. Six months ago, $1,200 was supposed to tide folks over.  Now, $600 is supposed to do the job?  Has anyone on the hill seen the food lines?   Most Republicans in Congress call themselves Christians, but I see no evidence of it in their behavior. 

  29. The Code of the Real West –
    If  you were a nomad  when the day came  to strike camp, and move on , if you couldn’t answer the call , everyone knew the deal. 
    If you were lucky enough to still have a mate they might choose to stay with. you.  Otherwise, the bear came along and took care of your problem, and your mate as well .  And his in the bargain.
    Of course this was way back,  when dogs were pick-up trucks, and 34 was really really old.  And the ” scientific method ” was still 20,000 years in the future. 
    Civilization  solved that problem , or so we thought.  This week we learned that  Trump’s plan involved setting all of us “who can’t keep up” out by the trail so the Covid bear could come along and thin our herd . 
    Given how the badly they have screwed this pooch , the next time you see a health care worker , you will be looking at a Democrat.  

  30. Of all wars , “civil war” is the most poorly named,  there is nothing about them that is “civil”. 

  31. The Colorado greedy old perverts decided in the late 1990’s to purify the party.  No more left of center repubs.  No more women repubs.  As time went on they were SFB before he was on the political scene. Some of the more fruity of the fruit cake filling were the Colorado gop.  Each year they went further into wing nut hell.  Those who were elected did weird and stupid stuff.  Now they are getting their votes from securely Area 51 thinkers.  I left Colorado ten years ago and keep up on what is going on and the same idiots doing stuff then are now the “leaders”.  Chuckles the Clown would be ashamed.

  32. Deniers –
    Obama is not  a US citizen,  climate change,  Covid , the election ……. etc, etc, etc.  
    And now , at this late hour , a gun fight breaks out in the GOP , over who is more crazy .  In Georgia !  
    Sherman is smiling somewhere. ” I intend to make Georgia howl. ”
    This is not “a rabbit hole ” they are following .  It’s got a  wolverine at the bottom of it. 
    This fealty test to the Don  they have chosen has just begun.  And it will not be pretty for a very long time.  
    This is now a cult , thank – you Rush  and Newt,  your work is done. 

  33. mortonie
    ” A Child is Father to Man ”
    Best album cover art  ever . Al Kooper dropped by the studio when Dylan was recording ” Like a Rolling Stone ” , the keyboard   man failed to show up ,  Al played  organ on that one.  He was Lydard Skinners  producer .

  34. One of the current data gathering things going around on FB is something about the number one hit on your fourteenth birthday is the guide to the rest of your life.  Other than pure BS and something I do not bother responding to, it is interesting to do a deep search on Billboard for those times of decades ago.  I searched Billboard a bit I did come across this week and the top hits.  Good grief I remember them all, and can even remember the songs enough to sing a few bars. 
    What is also interesting is that the mix of tunes is so different from what the top one hundred today are.  Melodies from orchestras, Fifties melody groups, English Invasion, American Folk, and so many more.  There was a mix of everything to make up the top one hundred.  Yes, I have problems with todays hits – they all sound alike.

  35. …just taking my cues from our President 🤷‍♂️

    He’s a pathological narcissist, you on the other hand  are a rather witty ,  &  clever voice on a wire. 

  36. Ah, thanks for the kind words.  Hopefully, trump’s supporters realize the cost they’ll pay for a civil war started to keep him in power.  Mo Brooks might do well- will you?

  37. Marjory-Taylor Greene is so excited for your house to burn down so she can feel important, for two years at a time!

  38. Blink –
    I am currently molting the last of my  teeth.  And I am dreaming  about eating hot cashews  in the Sears store where my mother worked. 
    I loved cashews. 

  39. Music is different now because tech means easier accessibility to a “studio,” and distribution is completely different.   Hear a song you like, go to Apple Music, etc., and find that song, as well as everything else by that artist.  It allows some great stuff to see the light of day but, yeah, there’s some redundant stuff out there.  Although I love the rich sounds that come from multiple tracks and loopers, it’s not enough to just program music. Unfortunately, that’s what many are doing. Music requires musicians who play music, not just program machines.

  40. i eat a lot of soup so i can get an extra few years out of my choppers, God willing🤷‍♂️

    Tonight i made vegan lentil soup, was yum (pretty easy, i used a bag of dried lentils with a seasoning packet, but started with a roux of onion, celery, carrot, and garlic in olive oil)

  41. A word about this too many comments  in a certain time , and being sent into the the never ending load mode. 
    It freezes all my other open windows .  And seems all the old warfare that drove it’s adoption here is gone. 
    Maybe time to release that beast.  We are long time gone from that birther  world.  Nobody anymore  is fussing with  the passing hobos. 

  42. Blue –
    Music found a loophole  with tech.  Punching keys, replaced  learning  where your fingers go on a keyboard .  After that  it was all down hill. 

  43. It’s not just that Purdue and Loeffler enriched themselves with privileged information, it’s that they SHOULD HAVE WARNED people about the impending disaster they KNEW was coming.
    Informing the public would have nullified their unfair market advantage and cut into their profits, so they stayed silent at the cost of lives.   If that’s not evil, what is?

  44. Craig, good video and true.  BiD,it’s just too soon to know anything about the virus. Will it be like influenza needing a vaccine each year? How long are the antibodies around? Etc.  No one knows, yet.

  45. Yes, old man, god bless Al Kooper, and Mike Bloomfield. I wore that album out. Albert’s Shuffle and Season of the Witch were my favorites. 

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