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  1. caption:

    “don’t worry, mama, as soon as i find a wire cutter, i’ll bust you and the  boys outta here”

  2. going postal?  haven’t gotten that package ordered a month ago? probably those pesky russians hacking it up.  today’s messages on usps tracking page:



    Sorry, we’re currently experiencing technical difficulties with our tracking application. We thank you for your patience while we work to resolve the issue. Please check back.


  3. ann’s great cartoon at wapo naming names (hope it’s the first thing  the bastards see over their morning coffee)

    All the Republican rats

    Ann Telnaes

    Editorial cartoonist

    December 18 at 5:36 PM

    All of the state attorneys general and U.S. Congress members who collaborated with President Trump in his attempt to subvert the Constitution and stay in office.

    [above said rats, each and everyone, named & depicted]

  4. Hahaha…..after fierce battles and much wrangling they’re gonna pass the $1200 and then they’re all gonna stand around and act like they’re all not fuckers.
     The Fuckers.

  5. patD – Don’t lose hope if there’s no movement on a package.  That doesn’t mean it’s lost.  Had something ship 12/2 and moved around the country for a week, then nothing.  It showed up on Thursday. When you look at the tracking history, there’s nothing from the 11th until the 16th.   A friend had the same thing happen.    I didn’t order much this year  (zero from Amazon- sorry, but I went for small businesses/individual artists), but I expect some won’t show up until 2021.

  6. If Republicans protect employers from liability due to COVID instead of protecting workers, won’t  employers just be even more lax in protections?  What about OSHA?

  7. wonkette:

    Nobody puts Brad Parscale in a corner! Mostly because that arrogant sumbitch has a little trouble staying upright lately. But also because Ol’ Chin Pubes is not about to take the fall for Kush and the Trump kids after getting unceremoniously dumped on his ass for Bill “The New Hotness” Stepien.
    And now, after the Trump campaign launched an internal audit to find out WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO A BILLION DOLLARS, somebody is chatting up Business Insider about all the inside dirt on Team Trump’s alleged efforts to keep $617 million in spending off the books.
    BI reports that Jared Kushner established a Delaware shell company called American Made Media Consultants, LLC (AMMC) in April 2018. He tapped his sister-in-law Lara Trump as company president, made Mike Pence’s nephew John Pence the VP, and installed Trump campaign CFO Sean Dollman as treasurer and secretary. Cozy!
    And the money kept rolling in and out.

    From January 2019 through the middle of November 2020, the Trump campaign and an affiliated political committee together spent $617 million through American Made Media Consultants.

    It was almost half of everything they spent in the failed effort to reelect Trump, according to an Insider review of Federal Election Commission records and analysis provided by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

    Some Trump advisors have long accused Parscale of trying to hide money from the now-outgoing president, occasionally citing AMMC as an example of his obfuscation.

    But the campaign actually spent the bulk of the money at AMMC — $415 million — after Trump fired Parscale as campaign manager on July 15.

    So don’t even think about blaming Brad, you guys. Just kidding, think real hard about it, then come back and enjoy this pack of jackals tearing great chunks out of each other.
    See, campaigns have to disclose all their expenditures in quarterly filings with the FEC. So if you’re, say, carrying the candidates’ extended family on the payroll, you have to tell Uncle Sam that you’re writing a $15,000 check every month to Kimberly Guilfoyle. 

    [continues – with more colorful details]

  8. Delays in shipping stuff – in the week before Christmas?  Who could have predicted that?  I sent LP a box of stuff on 12/16 that was scheduled or delivery on 12/18 that has been delayed until 12/21,  It’s Christmas week and there was a snowstorm in the northeast. Go figure. I ordered some stuff to clean the sole plate on our iron and to try and get the burned on carbon off our pan bottoms – due for delivery yesterday.  Haven’t seen it yet.  It’s the spirit of the season.

  9. looks like usps tracking back on track: shows my order is on its way today
    tucked safely in
    the SUV-driving rural postlady brenda’s mail pouch.   

    hurrah! last gift to wrap! after that, some egg nog and peace & good will to all.

  10. BiD, not sure the fed can protect employers from liability in state suits, which is where the vast majority of suits are filed, preemption notwithstanding.

  11. Republicans Are Fighting Hard to Bankrupt States

    Why? The official party line is that Republicans don’t want to help Democrat-run states that were fiscally reckless before the pandemic hit—hence their constant railing against “blue state bailouts.” That argument has never made much sense, though, given that plenty of red states are also in deep fiscal trouble. (The answer to whether blue states or red states actually have it worse overall seems to depend on whose forecast you look at.) Florida—whose own senator, Rick Scott, has been one of the loudest opponents of state aid—is staring down a $2.7 billion budget gap next year, thanks in large part to the collapse of its tourism industry. Energy-producing states like Louisiana and Oklahoma have gotten walloped by the fall of oil prices. New York and Illinois clearly aren’t the only states in dire need of help.

  12. Trump’s New Brand Is Loser His post-election tantrum is forcing conservatives to affirm, again and again, that he lost the election fair and square.

    But in politics, and especially with this President, the simplest explanation for something is usually the best one. Whatever the other reasons are for his ongoing post-election temper tantrum, it couldn’t be more clear that Trump is also motivated by the simple psychological fact that he really, really hates being called a “loser.” It’s one of his favorite insults, and a label he would do anything to avoid having affixed to his own name. Just in the course of this election year, he has called Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, “a totally overrated loser,” and George Conway, the conservative lawyer who became one of his sharpest critics, a “deranged loser of a husband” to his adviser Kellyanne Conway. He said that Cory Booker, Chris Cuomo, John Kasich, and John Kelly were losers, too. In September, The Atlantic reported that he had called American soldiers who died fighting overseas “suckers” and “losers.” When the Republican senator Mitt Romney has criticized Trump, the President has responded by reminding the former Republican Presidential nominee of his defeat in the 2012 election. “loser!” he tweeted, after one such episode, taunting Romney by attaching a video of his 2012 concession alongside Trump’s 2016 victory speech. Since November 3rd, however, the word has practically disappeared from his vocabulary.

  13. ”If we give em too much they won’t wanna go back to work.”

    Obscene.   These deadly rich gop assholes up there are debating how many of our own pennies they’re going to allow us to have.   Yeah, billions of dollars of give-away tax cuts for ultra rich jerk-offs….so it’s not even rich folks’ money, THEY’RE not paying the taxes so whose money is it they are debating over how much to let us sweaty swine get our greedy little paws onto. Those bastards are keeping us from being like Canada.
     Buncha fuckers.

  14. Oooooh, scary…..imagine anyone,  everyone being able to go see a doctor when they’re sick without having to pay an arm and a leg. 

  15. Sturg….  thanks for that picture.  Poupon d’ Fleur is the bestest dog name ever!
    patd….  great parody videos….  thanks for the laughs! 
    Fuck the fuckers who are fucking around!





    Windsor Mann




    “I should suffer the misery of devils, were I to make a whore of my soul by swearing allegiance to one whose character is that of a sottish, stupid, stubborn, worthless, brutish man.” —Thomas Paine, “The American Crisis” (published on this day in 1776)

  17. Pogo….  I know someone that works in the USPS distribution center in Nashua NH.  She has said that many workers are out because of Covid.  Last week she said that at this time of year they are usually backed up by 20-30 trucks….  but this year they were backed up by about 100 trucks.  She said the longer than usual wait for packages this season isn’t fake news.

  18. Makes me wanna throw moderation to the wind which rips thru under the bus and then “drink a little beer, and watch a little tee-vee” as Grady woulda put it to Fred.

  19. Renee, didn’t mean to suggest that the delays that are being reported these days aren’t compounded by Covid absences. No question it’s a real thing. And no question that take, say 10%,  of your workforce out of your distribution centers and it’s gonna slow shit down. Just didn’t delve into that factor.

  20. Aside from STUPID FUCK what does anyone need to say anymore?
    So I’m sitting here texting with my Alabama football buddies – my sister and best friend – and try to figure out what would be the appropriate SEC championship game Day dinner. And it just occurred to me we have a new barbecue place in town that I have just got to try. Looks like barbecue takeout for pogo family tonight. 

  21. drat! 2 of 3 identical packages I sent by priority mail 8 days ago seem to be somewhere other than where they’re supposed to be. one supposed to go to GA and the other within KY.  the 3rd one was successfully delivered 4 days ago in MN (where it’s snowing blizzards all the time). 

    I blame PO gen DeJoy for taking da joy outta christmas for us as well as the hapless over-worked postal workers. 


  22. I learned that you can write “I hate librls” and not have a problem in FB.  If you write “I hate Russians” you get a slap on the knuckles plus points towards getting tossed from FB.   I do like librls and Democrats so I did not write the first, just read it.
    Right now I am thinking life in the Caribbean would be nice, as long as you do not drift over into other countries. 
    SFB and bobble-head found a way to make recruiting for the comedy show Space Force very difficult, they gave it the real military, blood and guts, killmall, name “guardians”.  That really tops the show list of stupid names.  Hi ya guardian, looking for a good time? 

  23. Wow! Let’s make American Made Media Consultants front-page news.   GRIFTERS!
    tRUMPsky must still be getting something/hiding something with ties to Poo-tin.  

  24. am surprised they didn’t steal “space cadet” from the ’48 heinlein book* or the ’50s tom corbett, space cadet (the TV show rather than the book, probably, it would have captivated a young illiterate D’ump).


    *The story translates the standard military academy story into outer space: a boy from Iowa goes to officer school, sees action and adventure, shoulders responsibilities far beyond his experience, and becomes a man.

  25. About the commies hacking and cracking all the US governmental computers.   It feels to me like we have shitty computer people and shitty cyber-security. Why is that? Biden should look into that. Do we need updated equipment?  It’s a sad state of affairs. 
    I say commies because I just saw Woody Allen’s The Front. It’s all about McCarthyism in the 1950’s and blacklisting.  HA. Now there were commies in the Oval Office!

  26. Head up the tech team with Andrew Yang.  I think some of our systems are archaic.  Did they ever get all of the VA records moved online? 

  27. A [rant] about technology.  I just bought a Samsung Galaxy A 71 fone. It does too much and therefore, it’s a mess. NOT recommended, but maybe they’re all like this now.  Called the carrier’s store to try to find out how to do talk-to-text in a text message. He couldn’t tell me.  Said go into the store.  Called the carrier’s help line.  Same answer. It used to just be available on the last phone. Finally, went to the carrier’s web site and found the answer there.  It takes 14 STEPS to set that up, AND you are FORCED  to sign away your privacy to get it to work.  Horrible! [/rant]

  28. Looking forward to Biden ramping up the Obama Administration way for dealing with Putin, but on steroids: Shut down his precious oligarchs, seize the accounts and assets they’ve parked throughout the western world. Once they see he can’t protect them he’s done.

  29. My great-grandmother was from Denmark.  Best butter cookies, ever.  I’ve found plant-based “butter” I like (Country Crock), but she would not approve.

  30. Tip,  it takes pushing one virtual button on my phone. But I can’t post pictures, so there are trade offs with all the devices and operating systems.

  31. Pogo…  I LOVE barbecue…. eat a rib for me please!
    oh yeah….   Go roll tide….   go!

  32. bid – my guess is the first screening looks for words such as hate and Russians.  That would flag the post.  The second would look at context and see it is a sentence of three words and therefore red flagged.  I think a sentence like “I hate brownies the way my Russian great-grandmother made them.”  would most likely pass the screen levels.  Supposedly the FB algorithms are sophisticated enough to know when a far right wing nut job is writing at least according to frwnj tell it, so I expect FBto pick up the nuances like the sentence above, vs what I got a kick in the shins for.  The screening I have on my websites can handle this which is why I am sure that FB does a lot more.
    The local stores are packed right now.  At least in Sam’s Club there were few people to make it a spreader store this afternoon.

  33. mortonie, 

    d’ump might be signaling to putin to use the hacked infrastructure to do just that for him.  expect some sort of announcement that surprise surprise they’ve found all these ballots on line – 7 million of them coincidentally

  34. Craig… if you are a novice cookie maker… IMO, Xmas cookies are usually a bit involved.  That’s why one makes them only once a year. I would suggest buying a bag of Nestles chocolate chips and following the recipe on the back of the bag.  They’re easy to make and who doesn’t like homemade chocolate chip cookies!

  35. If you don’t want to buy all of the ingredients, you can just buy a bag of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix and “doctor” it with vanilla extract.

  36. Danish Butter Cookies (from my Danish great-grandma)
    1 c butter
    1/3 c powdered sugar
    1 tsp vanilla
    1 c flour
    3/4 c cornstarch 
    Cream butter and powdered sugar, add vanilla.  Stir in flour and corn starch.  Chill dough 20 minutes.   Drop (I use a melon baller) onto an ungreased cookie sheet.
    Bake 12 minutes at 350

  37. My other favorites are banana-bread cookies, and, Ranger cookies (oatmeal/Rice Krispies/coconut).  
    A small amount of anise seeds in sugar cookies are amazing. 

  38. Poobah, what Renee said. 
    Renee, alas, ribs aren’t on the menu. Ida gotten em if they were. Have to make do with smoked chicken and pulled pork, smoked beans and creamy Cole slaw, oh, and wings. And I made chili for lunch, and it was a very good batch if I do say so myself. 

  39. From WaPo:

    The inside story of how Trump’s denial, mismanagementand magical thinking led to the pandemic’s dark winter

    I’m not going to try and past a lengthy piece of the article, but suffice it to say Dumbass would not be happy to read this, assuming he can.  But here’s a taste. 

    The doctors explained that the solutions were simple and had long been clear — among them, to leverage the power of the presidential bully pulpit to persuade all Americans to wear masks, especially the legions of Trump supporters refusing to do so, and to dramatically expand testing.

    “It was something that we were almost repetitively saying whenever we would get into the Situation Room,” said Fauci, who directs the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “Whenever we got the opportunity to say, ‘This is really going to be a problem because the baseline of infections was really quite high to begin with, so you had a lot of community spread.’ ”

    On Nov. 19, hours after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised against Thanksgiving travel, Vice President Pence, who chairs the coronavirus task force, agreed to hold a full news conference with some of the doctors — something they had not done since the summer. But much to the doctors’ dismay, Pence did not forcefully implore people to wear masks, nor did the administration take meaningful action on testing.

    As for the president, he did not appear at all.
    Trump went days without mentioning the pandemic other than to celebrate progress on vaccines. The president by then had abdicated his responsibility to manage the public health crisis and instead used his megaphone almost exclusively to spread misinformation in a failed attempt to overturn the results of the election he lost to President-elect Joe Biden.

    “I think he’s just done with covid,” said one of Trump’s closest advisers who, like many others interviewed for this story, spoke on the condition of anonymity to candidly discuss internal deliberations and operations. “I think he put it on a timetable and he’s done with covid. . . . It just exceeded the amount of time he gave it.”

    Criminal neglect. Pure and simple. 

  40. If my 28 years AA coin/token/chip doesn’t get here by the 29th, I figure that gives me the right to break out a jug of Wild Turkey 101 and a dusty shot glass, and go to town without ever leaving home here. Or is that wrongful thinking?  Well, I guess it is a pretty bad idea.  So current headlines indicate my wife and I will each get $600 from this new plan, which is supposed to pass in a few hours.  Christmas family plans in Columbus are dashed, my wife is still battling infection from yet another knee surgery;  she has been in hospital or nursing facility since June.  Yeah, that’s right.  Be damn careful and be sure when you decide on implants into your knees and hips.  It doesn’t always turn out so well.  2020 has been rough.  

  41. Dexter

    Sorry your wife has had an even rougher 2020 than most of us.  Hope that improves with the new year.  

    Don’t pick up that dusty shot glass.  30th anniversaries of anything rarely happen more than once in a lifetime and you only have to get to 2022 to get another coin.


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