How many times have we heard the current occupant of the White House claim that we’ve rounded the corner in our battle with Covid-19?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  I don’t know – I sort of tune it out anymore.  What I do, though, is look at the case and death statistics daily as reported in the Washington Post Covid-19 tracker.  Well, a review of those statistics Monday morning suggests that yes, we have turned the corner – but it appears we’ve turned the corner in the wrong direction.

There are a couple of days each week that tend to be standouts in the data – Mondays tend to be the lowest (or one of the 2 lowest) days with respect to reported deaths and Wednesdays tend to be the highest (or one of the 2 highest) days with respect to reported deaths.  So I thought I’d look at Mondays and Wednesdays beginning on Nov. 2 (first Monday in November) to see what’s happening as we go forward.  Chose that date because we were told (hundreds of time?) by the current occupant of the White House that we would not hear anything about Covid-19 after Nov. 3 – Election Day.  That clearly has not been the case, but it serves as an appropriate starting point.  So here’s the reported death numbers on each Monday and Wednesday in November and December, plus the 7 day average on Wednesday each week:

Dates               Monday           Wednesday     7 Day Average

11/2, 4                 450                    112                  927

11/9, 11               582                   1549                1074

11/16, 18             622                   1849                1220

11/23, 25             871                   2279                1663

11/30, 12/2        1033                 2798                1600

12/7, 9                1324                 3140                2276

The only “bright” spot is that the 7 day average following the Thanksgiving Holiday was down a scosh – a result of reduced reportings during the 4 day weekend.

Yep, corner turned – toward greater numbers of dead Americans. Thanks, “President” Trump. Now, YOU LOST.  GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE.


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  1.  “…we were told (hundreds of time?) by the current occupant of the White House that we would not hear anything about Covid-19 after Nov. 3 – Election Day”

    pogo, at the end of that, you/we just didn’t hear him as he muttered “from me.” 

    incredible that he hasn’t once acknowledged and bemoaned the passing lately of more americans each day due to covid than occurred on 9/11.   perhaps somewhere in that infantile brain he realizes his guilt for negligently causing most of those deaths and can’t face it.    

  2. et tu, vlad?
    how dearly Caesar D’ump lov’d him!
    this was the most unkindest cut of all…


    MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putinon Tuesday congratulated President-elect Joe Bidenon his victory in the U.S. Presidential election, ending weeks of Russian officials casting doubt on the outcome of the vote and entertaining the notion that Donald Trumpcould overturn the results in court.
    The Russian president sent Biden a “congratulatory telegram” that wished the incoming U.S. president well and said he hoped the two could forge a successful working relationship, according to a statement on the Kremlin’s website.
    “Russian-American cooperation based on principles of equality and mutual respect would be in the interest of the peoples of both countries and the entire international community,” the statement said.

  3. the cuts continue

    (CNN)In an exclusive interview, Rep. Paul Mitchell, Republican of Michigan, told CNN that his disgust and disappointment with President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the election have led him to request that the Clerk of the House change his party affiliation to “independent,” and to notify GOP leaders in a letter that he is withdrawing his “engagement and association with the Republican Party at both the national and state level.”

    “This party has to stand up for democracy first, for our Constitution first, and not political considerations,” Mitchell said on CNN’s “The Lead.”
    “Not to protect a candidate. Not simply for raw political power, and that’s what I feel is going on and I’ve had enough.” 
    Mitchell, who is retiring at the end of this session of Congress, says he fears that the House GOP leadership’s participation in the outgoing President’s conspiracy theories and attempts to disenfranchise millions of American voters to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory could cause “long-term harm to our democracy.”
    It is “unacceptable for political candidates to treat our election system as though we are a third-world nation and incite distrust of something so basic as the sanctity of our vote,” Mitchell wrote in his letter, which was sent Monday.
    Mitchell noted that Republican leaders had been “collectively sit(ting) back and tolerat(ing) unfounded conspiracy theories and ‘stop the steal’ rallies without speaking out for our electoral process,” and the last straw for him seemed to be “the leadership of the Republican Party and our Republican Conference in the House actively participating in at least some of those efforts.”

    to which the lincoln project tweeted: “.@RepPaulMitchell, let’s talk.” 
  4. There’s got to be a morning after If we can hold on through the night We have a chance to find the sunshine Let’s keep on looking for the light 
    Maureen McGovern
    We are finally approaching the last struggle and climbing to the exit of these terrible four years.

  5. Vlad’s congratulatory statement sounded more like a veiled threat. It would be good for everyone involved if you work with me. Work with me and maybe nobody gets hurt.

  6. BiD, most likely (if there eventually is one) mitch will mutter his congratulations in the same veiled threat way as did vlad. 

  7. NYTimes best of late night:

    The Punchiest Punchlines (Huge if Still True Edition)

    “Huge news. Just moments before tonight’s taping, the Electoral College officially certified that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election — again. He did it; he’s still the winner!” — STEPHEN COLBERT
    “Great, the guy hasn’t even taken office yet, but his election victory is already in its second term. We’re going to be seeing articles about Biden fatigue before Christmas.” — SETH MEYERS
    “This is a relief. I would hate to start another week of shows without talking about the same election results we’ve all known for the last month and a half.” — JAMES CORDEN
    “At this point, Joe Biden has won the election so many times, he’s our 46th through 51st president.” — STEPHEN COLBERT
    “This is also big news because this means after six agonizing weeks, the election is finally over. Stick a fork in the president; he’s done. Also, keep that fork handy because poking him in the butt might be the only way to get him out of the White House.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

  8. wapo:

    By the end of the week, the United States could have two coronavirus vaccines.
    A vaccine candidate developed by biotechnology company Moderna appears poised for regulatory clearance after a detailed data review by Food and Drug Administration scientists confirmed the two-shot regimen was 94 percent effective in a clinical trial and carried no serious safety concerns.
    The 54-page document positions the Moderna vaccine to follow the same historic track as the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. After the FDA gave a positive review of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine exactly a week ago, the shots were endorsed by a panel of outside experts on Thursday and granted a green light by regulators a day later. The first doses were administered to health care workers on Monday.
    Much the same timeline is anticipated this week, given the similar results from Moderna’s vaccine and the fact that it relies on the same underlying technology.
    A gamble pays off in ‘spectacular success’: How the leading coronavirus vaccines made it to the finish line
    Moderna’s vaccine will be reviewed Thursday by the same panel of independent experts at an all-day public meeting. The data they will consider echoes the evidence that led to a 17 to 4 vote to authorize the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which was 95 percent effective. In addition, the two-shot Moderna regimen was particularly effective against severe disease. There were 30 cases of severe covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, in the trial, none of them in the group that got the vaccine.
    The Moderna vaccine worked well, regardless of age, race and gender. The adverse events associated were widespread, but short-lived, including fatigue, muscle aches and pain at the injection site.
    In anticipation of its clearance, Gen. Gustave Perna, chief operating officer of the federal effort to develop and distribute vaccines, said Monday that the U.S. was preparing to ship almost 6 million doses of the Moderna vaccines to 3,285 locations in the first week.


  9. Well, with Dumbass’ puppet master Vlad congratulating Biden, Dumbass is done.  See Colbert’s fork comment above.

  10. Pogo — and I don’t have much faith people are going to behave any better for Christmas, if anything all this premature vaccine celebration will make them think it’s all over, but most of us won’t get it until at least the spring, maybe early summer.

  11. I managed to get myself suspended from Twitter for something truly dumb.  I’ve appealed, but we will see if it gets reversed.  Considering some of the things I’ve seen on there, it is ridiculous.


  12. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) officially addressed Joe Biden as president-elect on Tuesday, saying in a speech on the Senate floor: “The Electoral College has spoken.”

  13. Poobah,  I am sure you are right about the Christmas rush we will see.  I expect another spike in early to mid January, much like we are seeing now.  I can say this – I don’t care which vaccine is made available to me – I’ll be near the front of the line to get it. BTW, the 7 day average for deaths (2480) is 239 higher than it was at the prior peak in the Spring (2241 on 4/15) and 5.3 times higher than at is low point (463 on 7/6). Disastrous pandemic messaging, guidance and management from the Trump WH & CDC (although I suspect CDC has tried to work with the states to do a better job at the state level).

  14. I’m not just in jail.  My account is totally suspended unless Twitter reverses it.  There must have been a ton of complaints for one cited tweet from the Trumpistas.


  15. My SIL and x-r were I’m sure following all the guidelines.  I want to know how they got it.  My personal guess is the asymptomatic are the spreaders.  Plus the masks are good but need to be part of hand washing and staying 6 feet apart.    I wish we would hear from xr or sweetie

  16. Jaime
    what was the tweet?

    I think the biggest policy error was to abandon the idea universal testing.

  17. Jamie
    Hopefully, Twitter reverses the nonsense they have done to you. It’s all so ridiculous as they allow Trump to spread lies and hate daily.

  18. Jamie, I think the tRUMP troop got Biden’s dogs account suspended, too.

    Where are Bink and Flatus?

  19. jamie, if she’s still locked out from her jail & suspension, ms mc-ninny is a fellow inmate of yours.  warning: when she offers to share her drink in the clink, don’t take it.  there’s a whiff of kool-aid about it.

  20. will he be the 1st openly gay that high up in an administration? 

     kinda ironic:  someone came out of a closet and years later publicly goes into a cabinet

  21. Joe at Atlanta rally attacks Perdue and Loeffler for supporting Texas lawsuit to disenfranchise Georgia voters. “Maybe they should be running in Texas”

  22. Here:
    China and Russia have had a vaccine for months, fuck “giving Trump credit”
    Yay, i did it

  23. …and many of his idiot followers will donate to him “for” the Georgia senate runoffs.  Frankly, I’d rather see this grift work than seethe money to go to Perdue and Loeffler.

  24. Have you seen the Proud Boys?  Thugs, I tell you, thugs. Out looking for a fight.  In Minn. they’re buying old churches to be covered by the 1st Amendment. This movement will continue on like the Tea baggers did but go underground into the holes they live in.
    A coup and overthrow of Democracy is damned scary. But Michigan did the right thing by stripping that guy in their legislature of his committees for implying there’d be violence on a radio show.  Pelosi should should do the same to the 126 in the House that signed on with trumpity. 

  25. Tip, as a man of few words (at rare times) they are white racist assholes. Nothing more, nothing less. 

  26. Tip, they are just the assholes I grew up with 50-60 Years ago. They haven’t changed, and they want to go back there. Scared shitless that Black people are gonna make decisions that they have to live with. They are idiots.

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