Done Deal (Again)

The Electoral College has spoken. Biden to deliver “presidential” address to the nation 7:30pm ET.

At 5:26pm ET California cast its electoral votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, giving them a total of 302 electoral votes, making Joe Biden the President-Elect and Kamala Harris Vice President-Elect of the United States.


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  1. Bill Barr sees the underside of the buss

    Just had a very nice meeting with Attorney General Bill Barr at the White House. Our relationship has been a very good one, he has done an outstanding job! As per letter, Bill will be leaving just before Christmas to spend the holidays with his family…

    …Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen, an outstanding person, will become Acting Attorney General. Highly respected Richard Donoghue will be taking over the duties of Deputy Attorney General. Thank you to all!

  2. Jamie – you do  mean “buss” as in he kiss the wrong ass? 
    Will President Biden put a hard ass AG in place?  One who will start filing charges?  One who will not stop even when the SFB party screams and hollars, just like in the past and scared Dems from acting?  Some heavy duty kick ass has to happen to knock down the kkk and white evangical supremacists.

  3. That cracking sound you may here is the more large pieces  of the 20th century falling away .

    A $7 trillion climate change warning to the stock market from its biggest shareholder


    BlackRock, which has significant influence on proxy battles against corporations, signalled this week it would support more shareholder resolutions on issues including climate change.
    The world’s biggest investor has been criticized in the past for not following the words of its CEO Larry Fink, who has said climate will “fundamentally reshape finance,” with enough action.
    In the past week, Exxon Mobil was targeted by activist investors and a $200 billion New York pension fund threatened to divest from fossil fuel companies.

  4. That stones song very strange, never heard that one before……then I google and it’s in  ‘67 and Mick wrote it without Keef……somehow I missed that whole album…..

  5. Home shopping networks exist beyond the critic’s purview. They just sort of do what they do with low production value, living or dying on the charms of their hosts. Plus, it’s widely understood that despite announcers’ assurances that what they’re selling is solid and true, the real deal, much of what they’re hawking is of questionable quality.
    Absorbing hour after hour of Newsmax made me contemplate the great American appeal of home shopping consumerism and its strong attraction to the emotionally vulnerable, people seeking out that unknown item to fill some gap in their life they cannot name. Newsmax mimics that approach, only instead of dealing in sleeved blankets and cut-rate gemstones, it sells concentrated alarmism and far-right extremist fantasy.

  6. Covid Fever  in the body politic –

    After Fox became the first network to call Arizona for President-elect Joe Biden on Nov. 3, Newsmax was ready to welcome defectors who refused to believe the result with open arms. According to a recent New York Times story on the channel, Newsmax’s prime-time ratings averaged 58,000 before election day, but catapulted to 1.1 million for a recent hour hosted by Greg Kelly, one of the channel’s popular voices.

  7. That its product line is redundant and limited in quantity may challenge its viability in the near future. Over the longer term, however, its narrow scope may strengthen Newsmax’s potency as a disinformation source. Look at it as a running experiment that’s testing the limits of the “illusion of truth” effect, which holds that repetition of a statement tends to make said statement be perceived as true even if it is not. This is how Fox persuaded millions of viewers that it is fair and balanced despite its obvious skew, and that was before its primetime lineup’s slide into the land of outright nativism and prevarication.

  8. OM – I keep thinking he is until he is not.  At least we know his bell curve bottom is sooner than others. Of course there are many others of his persuasion that I thought I knew croaked, only to be surprised when they crawl out of the mouldy muck.

  9. For a laugh I just tuned in faux snooz.  The discussion of Biden winning the electoral college vote for president took about thirty seconds to discuss and then back to the snooze.  No talk about trying to destroy these United States on January six.
    May we enjoy a calm for the next three weeks.

  10. That op-ed in the WSJ  was the the first salvo of the next term. Attack the entire family .
    And who did the right get to write it  ? Some white ole’ fool from Northwestern U. 
    Questioning the entire idea of just what a PHD in anything means ,  if one has never delivered a  fucking baby 
    I’m guessing Dr. Jill is not going to take this laying down.  And neither are her co-hearts, who survived grad school , no matter their gender, or field. 
    We live in an age where “stupid”  has a seat at the table . 

  11. One last point  …………….. Donna Shayla   yesterday –
    Speaking about  how to get people to take the shots.  If you want to work at Walmart  you get a shot , if you want to work at Boeing , you get a shot,  If you want to work at  …………..  you get a shot . 
    Biden doesn’t need to say a word.  Boeing is dying to get back to work. 
    The private sector is about to issue that mandate. 
    Donna is a very wise woman , too bad she lost. 

  12. Joe  punches  Don in the nose. 
    Who ever is writing Biden’s speeches , is  very good. 

  13. The Gracchi brothersTiberiusand Gaius, were Romans who both served as tribunes of the plebsbetween 133 and 121 BC. They attempted to redistribute the occupation of the ager publicus—the public land hitherto controlled principally by aristocrats—to the urban poor and veterans, in addition to other social and constitutional reforms. After achieving some early success, both were assassinated by the Optimates, the conservative faction in the senate that opposed these reforms.

  14. OM – for decades the greedy old perverts have emphasized that education is for Dem “elites” and not for republicans.  What we see today is the reverse peak, hole in the ground, of that work. 

  15. Steven Miller. Sumbitch sleeps during the day, upside down, hanging from the rafters. Asshat vampire. 

  16. What Trump fails to grasp , is that for that scrap of sheep skin  at the national archives , Jarred would be bargaining for his life with the praetorian guard . 

  17. The worst thing about age is to have an idea , and realize that your legs may fail you before  get out of the supermarket. 

  18. SNL took on NoiseMax with their SportsMax sketch.   
    Loved hearing Joe call tRUMPsky a lying loser in a matter-of-fact way.
    Any shenanigans from Republicans on January 6th should be met with a charge of treason. 

  19. Two things Joe knows ,  picking a fight  will not help us, the  other is ,  punching  a bully in the face  is good .
    A very fine line. 

  20. OM – Yes.  I lose about every other post, but it’s happened for many months. Nothing new.  I assume it’s my phone/some apple glitch. 

  21. OM – Please don’t think like that.  He’s got a bum foot from his dog tripping him up.  

  22. Still no relief from Congress.  F-ing, heartless Republicans.  Do they understand this will hurt them in Georgia?

  23. If history teaches  us one thing ,  it’s that plagues  destroy the old order.  
    We are  just at the tip of that arrow  in our time.  If you think we are going back , I got news. 
    Normal  is as dead as the Rome Empire. 

  24. The Roman Empire –
    I love the  idea of Trump as emporer , Once they think  he’s dead , the knives cCourasge ome out. 

  25. Fair and Balanced .
    The same could be said about  Fritoes, on a chile pie 
    Wingnut madness  has  a seat,  what to do ?..
    We know where fighting get’s us.  Nearly 700,00o dead,  And at every start , the leaders never dream of pain, and blood. 
    Talk was very cheap , and the blood was really deep. 

  26. OM, that losing a long text thing, yes, and short ones. If the progress bar hangs after I hit “Post Comment” I’ve taken to copying lengthy posts in case I have to reload to post. I blame WordPress – I’d guess it’s lack of bandwidth, but I’m not sure I even know what that means. And “Things We Said Today”?  Takes me back to my music awakening. Thanks. 

  27. Glad to see Barr go. When I heard of the “resignation” I thought the Fat rat is looking for a large scupper to flee the sinking S. S. D’ump. I agree with CREW’s Noah Bookbinder – good riddance. 

  28. Book of the Week:
    The People’s Choice (occasionally titled The People’s Choice: A Cautionary Tale)[1] is a 1995 novel written by Jeff Greenfield. When the United States’ President-elect MacArthur Foyle dies after the general election, but before the Electoral College has a chance to vote him into office, the media and the election process are swung into chaos.[2]

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