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  1. [my apologies to don ho]


    tiny troubles

    in the wind
    making him pardon
    more than flynn.

    those tiny troubles

    warn him all’s over
    with a feeling he’s gonna
    serve ’til end of time.

    so there goes the golden toilet

    and there too the silver spoon.
    mostly he’s toast
    and not a minute too soon.

  2. SNL was very prescient feb. 5 2017.  note the tiny desk at 5:56 minutes in at the end and especially the bannon death figure (a seeming premonition of the pandemic to come and kill hundreds of thousands due to trump’s negligence).

  3. Nice bar back, Sturg. Should help see the owners through the winter.
    It is absolutely insane what Dumbass and his coterie of  idiots are doing to try to tear the government down and put money for relief for the sick and dying out of reach for Biden. Having allowed 246,000 people to die and doing goddamn little to lessen that number, Dumbass is too stupid and self absorbed to understand that he is feathering his nest in the hell his evangelical supporters believe in as he prepares to move his toothbrush to a different climate. I hope his hell is an eternity of that suffered by the victims of the torture of the Inquisition, and that would be better than he deserves. 

  4. rather strange and maybe too much info to handle this early in the morning

    from hillreporter:

    Comedian Noel Casler helped to end the speculation regarding Trump’s odd seating posture by teaming up with Meidas Touch, aka the Brothers Meiselas, known for their viral anti-Trump videos. Casler famously worked on Trump’s reality show The Apprentice, and has never once been reprimanded by his former boss no matter how shocking his revelations may be. Trump will go to any lengths to make himself look good, but despite Casler has sharing inside knowledge on everything from Trump’s Adderall use to his adult children’s behavior, the Trump camp remains silent.

    Sometimes, no answer is the answer.

    But when Twitter asks questions like “What am I looking at and why can’t I unsee it?”, Noel Casler is here to help us through it.


    It’s important to acknowledge that incontinence is something that affects millions of Americans for various reasons, and is truly not something to ridicule. However, when the vainest person to ever illegitimately squat in our White House is wearing a girdle over an adult diaper and then wears an ill-fitting suit to attempt to cover it while throwing a tantrum at reporters on camera, he is an isolated exception.

    Listen to Noel Casler explain it all, below.

  5. Very nice breakfast nook.  Can’t wait to see the formal bar.
    Speaking of which.  Next year should be interesting as the minute by minute horse manure parade ends reducing a lot of stress on the general public.  Will drinking at home drop or will it stay the same?  I look forward to going shopping at my local purveyor of spirits and not finding empty shelves.

  6. also from hillreporter today:

    The upcoming Georgia Senate runoff election in January has become the latest political hot button issue now that the Biden-Harris transition team has been allowed to move forward and Trump has acknowledged he’ll be leaving office in January. But his loyal fanbase refuses to give up, as shown by the group that congregated at the Georgia State Capitol to demand a boycott of the runoffs.
    Far-right protesters had been calling for a boycott even before right-wing activist Vincent James Foxx took to the steps of the Georgia Capitol last week to tell “Republican traitors” who are not trying to overturn the election that “we will not be willing to show up for them.”
    Foxx founded Red Elephants, a media platform based in California that the Anti-Defamation League described as promoting “conspiracy theories, anti-Semitic beliefs, and white supremacist mantras.”
    Some Trump supporters are even suggesting people write-in Trump instead of voting for Loeffler or Perdue, which they falsely believe will help overturn the Georgia election results and reward Trump with some desperately needed Electoral College votes. Even Trump himself said Thursday night that they shouldn’t bother voting at all, but then did a 180 on Friday, instead urging voters in the state not to boycott the runoffs, as he plans to visit the state to campaign for both Republican candidates.

  7. As for me, I support all of D’ump’s followers boycotting the Senate runoffs on January 5, 2021.  They should visit their favorite restaurants  in Underground Atlanta.  

  8. Kept expecting the chef to hit it with some ginger, allspice, and paprika but he kept it real simple with just the onion and garlic base.


  9. Probably stopped at the discount liquor store in DC when they drove down
    Wretched excess is just enough!

  10. Amy already said it’s ok to call him nigger it doesn’t make it a hostile workplace

  11. Latest “what the hell is this all about”” rants.  YouTube has been having a poll of products before you watch a video.  One of those a couple months ago I actually knew the names and the products.  Since then it pops up with a set of four names I do not recognize representing some product of which I do not know either.  At least there is a “none of the above” answer.  The poll does not include anything about the product so it is a name recognition test.  What it tells me is that I don’t watch what they want me to see.

  12. Pretty sure we could all get liver damage by just looking at that picture.  If that’s their alcohol supply, I wanna see how much TP they’ve hoarded. 

  13. Tomorrow, thanks in part to Amy Phony, folks will gather in churches.  Many will get sick and some will die.

    Meanwhile, executions are going through, as well, with AG Barr pushing for hangings and firing squads, probably as a dog whistle to racists and neo-nazis. 

    Pro-life, my ass. 

    REPUBLICANS ARE THE DEATH SQUAD.  (Crickets from Senators, so yeah, they condone this and are, therefore, pro-death.)

  14. Diamond and Silk!  OMG!  How did states decide to stop voting at the same time?   How did the vote counts just keep changing?   OMG!   Were they responsible for doing Rudee’s legal research?  Ha!

  15. Hope all y’all are doing well and in good shape. I haven’t been anywhere in weeks, months, seems like years.  And all the folk I talked to today, friends, are very cranky and edgy.  I’m blue funking it around, myself.
    I cooked a turkey dinner for a friend and his family on Wednesday and delivered it to their porch 18 miles away. He’s been a good friend for the 19 long years I’ve lived here, and we’re on the same political page.  I was glad that I am healthy enough to do it.  They all have the virus, a mild version, but are tired & dragging around. Thursday I cleaned myself into a coma. It took all day, needed to be done, and felt good afterward. I don’t remember yesterday. Today I did a little around here and slept. It’s my worst allergy time, November to February. Right now is a mixture of ragweed and cedar (juniper). The last thing I need is a novel virus on top of it. I never had allergies until I moved to North Texas, and I’m ancient!
    I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.  I’m thankful for a lot. For one Biden’s in & pig-face is fired. Now’s the time to pray for Georgia and the 2 senators. 
    I’ve been wearing white surgical masks, nothing fancy. Then I found festive, Christmas, white surgical masks on Amazon. But I’m freaked out by the spread of the virus.  So now I’m wearing KN-95 masks. They’re like N-95’s and a bit harder to breath through, but I think that’s the point.  Recommended.

  16. TT – Nice of you to take care of their Thanksgiving dinner.   Folks at my office still don’t mask up,  even after some have gotten sick.  I’ve resigned myself to the idea that I can’t protect myself since I have to go to an unsafe office.  

  17. Thanks, BiD.  Wear the KN-95 mask and white cotton gloves if you can. 
    NY has zones now.  Red, Yellow, & Green. Sometimes they don’t make a lot of sense, but they’re making a big effort to contain the virus unlike here where it’s like the freakin’ wild west. Everyone’s blowing & going.  Who’s running against Abbott & Patrick?  I wanna volunteer for those 2022 races, assuming I’m still alive & functioning.

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