Something To Be Thankful For

President Biden is here and now.


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  1. Horsey’s “A virtual Thanksgiving with real blessings”

    The adults are about to take charge again in the White House, and that is something for which we should be very, very thankful.

  2. well, i guess we can break out the snakes, genital mutilations, human sacrificial rituals and witch dunking again thanks to the new SCOTUS decision


    The Supreme Court’s new conservative majority late Wednesday night sided with religious organizations in New York that said they were illegally targeted by pandemic-related restrictions imposed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to combat spiking coronavirus cases.
    The 5 to 4 order was the first show of solidified conservative strength on the court since the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, whom President Trump chose to replace liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg following her death in September. The decision differed from the court’s previous practice of deferring to local officials on pandemic-related restrictions, even in the area of constitutionally protected religious rights.
    “Even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten,” said the unsigned opinion granting a stay of the state’s orders. “The restrictions at issue here, by effectively barring many from attending religious services, strike at the very heart of the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty.”
    The limits were severe, at times limiting worship services to only 10 people. But the state said they were necessary to deal with “hot spots” of virus outbreaks.
    The Supreme Court’s order was issued just before midnight, and five justices wrote separately.

    evidently horsey didn’t know about the court decision before he drew that thanksgiving cartoon about adults being in charge now. seems not to apply to newbies at the court.

  3. Well, then it’s time to get two, more Senate seats in Georgia so Kamala can be the tie-breaker, and, pack the courts.   

  4. Grateful for Biden winning so many times. So many times.
    Bink – Dua will be on SNL 12/19.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.  I got a pie to bake.  Grateful to have a parade to watch on TV; it makes it seem normal.  

  6. Happy Thanksgiving.  I am definitely thankful that Craig has created this wonderful gathering place and all you lovely people.

    Also thankful that 2020 is almost over and we will soon have a President worthy of the title.


  7. There would be more to be grateful if heartless Republicans in the Senate didn’t hate Americans, the economy, and, Christmas.
    Blame Republicans for the lack of stimulus money.
    Republicans are killing Americans.
    Republicans are killing Main Street.
     Republicans are killing Christmas.

  8. Grateful for Dolly Parton and her generosity.  Kinda hope I get her vaccine. Prolly don’t getta order it. I’ll have the Parton and a large glass of orange juice, please.

  9. sorry for the length but too good a story to pass up

    the guardian:

    The turkey locked eyes with her from across the park.
    Like many Oaklanders, sixteen-year-old Jojo Thompson had heard plenty of stories about Gerald, the “feisty” turkey harassing visitors in the city’s rose garden. But before visiting the seven-acre public park with a friend on a recent October afternoon, she thought the tales had been exaggerated.
    After seeing the agitated turkey closing in on some people nearby, Thompson and her friend took refuge behind a tree. But they weren’t safe for long – Gerald soon had the teens in his sight. The bird started stalking them, menacingly, Thompson recalled, then chased them up the hill and out of the park. She lost both her shoes in the process.
    “I had heard of his attacks, but I never thought it would happen to me,” Thompson said. “All we could do was run.”
    Gerald’s unusually aggressive behavior in the rose garden has taken on an almost mythical status in parts of the California city over the past six months. Stories of his reign of terror in the otherwise tranquil spot first spread across town, then sparked national and international headlines.
    The reports were often similar: Gerald would spot an unsuspecting victim from across the garden. He would take off running, either chasing them away or, if they stood their ground, mounting and scratching them until they fled. He often targeted the young and older people – those who could not quickly outrun him. He seemed particularly attracted to wheeled vehicles including, unfortunately, baby strollers.
    When angry, he puffed up his chest, towering over 4ft tall. And despite his bulk, he was swift – a typical adult male turkey can weigh up to 25lbs, run at 25mph, and fly at up to 55mph. Wild turkeys have a 270-degree field of vision and can see three times more clearly than 20/20 – making it easy for Gerald to spot his victims from across the garden.
    Gerald’s antics transfixed the city, with residents hunkered down at home because of the pandemic and wildfire smoke following the saga on social media, blogs and news reports. A fierce debate emerged: what should be done? Ban visitors from the park? Move Gerald to less frequented areas? Should he, perhaps, be euthanized?
    The discussions played out in thousands of online threads that at times turned neighbor against neighbor. At least three city agencies and the state department of fish and wildlife became involved, an expert animal trapper was called in, and an electrical company entered the fray.
    On the surface, it was the story of a ticked-off turkey menacing an otherwise bucolic neighborhood. But beneath, the battle over Gerald’s fate revealed far more about his human neighbors, their response to a historic pandemic, and whether they can coexist with nature – or with each other.
    ‘A winged boogie man, a Cerberus of the rose garden’
    It is unclear how long Gerald had roamed the rose garden, or when he was given his name. Some say they saw the bird fly into the garden about four years ago. Many started recognizing Gerald because of his fanned tail, missing a prominent feather on the left side.
    What is evident, however, is that Gerald began to turn on his human neighbors this year.
    According to a Guardian tally of online reports, Gerald harassed more than 100 people in 2020.

  10. more on gerald:

    Attacks from the turkey became so common that some people would not enter the rose garden without a weapon: a stick, a rake, or an umbrella were widely suggested. One person said he used pepper spray. Some people stopped going to the park altogether.
    Even those who stayed out weren’t safe. Julia Williams, who lives nearby, describes a typical encounter with the bird. “I was carrying a basket of laundry to my car when we saw each other,” she recalled.
    “Once we locked eyes he sprinted towards me, wings outstretched. I just barely made it to my car but completely threw my back out in the process. I was in bed unable to walk for over a week.”
    In online accounts, some victims described simply being chased, while others suffered lacerations from his claws and bruises. At least one person claimed to have been sent to the hospital for stitches. Not all accounts of run-ins with Gerald could be verified, but interviews with victims and review of photos and videos of attacks confirmed many.
    “He had this habit of loitering by the stairs of the garden, almost daring you to walk up or down,” said Maria Hunt, who has lived near the garden for more than a decade and was attacked by Gerald two separate times in 2020. “Gerald was like a winged boogie man, a Cerberus of the rose garden who would have been comical if he hadn’t been so menacing.”
    ‘This is not normal behavior’
    Gerald was once a mellow guy, often seen standing in line with people waiting at the casual carpool, a community-driven ride sharing service, or calmly stalking around the fountains of the garden.
    But in late 2019 or early 2020, he started to change. “This is not normal behavior,” said Alan Krakauer, a turkey behavior expert.
    Krakauer explained that male turkeys fight each other for dominance and over flocks of hens. But occasionally, some males misdirect that aggression to include people.
    The big question is why Gerald’s relationship to humans soured.
    [you’ll have to click the link to read the rest]

  11. I have a feeling a nicely aimed whack with a stout tennis racket might adjust Gerald’s outlook a bit.

  12. Well, got up and assembled the stuffing and sweet potato casserole and got the bird washed down and into the oven, all while Mrs. P & LP snoozed.  The rest of the meal (peas & Carrots and pumpkin pie are Mrs. P’s responsibility).  
    I’m thankful for being with the family today and thankful that Dumbass is losing over and over and over again – 3 times in Georgia, 29 times (or so) in court, and counting.  DUMBASS, YOU LOST.  NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR HOUSE.

  13. Although the early history of this day has some serious issues, it has endured as an American holiday.  We have much to be thankful for, one that we have survived a year of this corona virus. Two is so far the coup has failed.
    I look at adding justices to the Supremes as not packing but updating and making the court look more like America and less like the southern states in 1798.

  14. Yup….  I’m thankful for so much.  Most of all… family and friends (and that includes everyone here).  I hope you all have a great and yummy Thanksgiving!

  15. The blessings of a covid thanksgiving, pumpkin pie for breakfast and I don’t have to share.
    menu today, pork loin with cranberry glaze. roasted root veggies, green beans flavored with bits of ham, home made rolls  and broiled ginger pear, smothered with lots of fluff.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

  16. Yep, Trump had a busy day yesterday pardoning all the Turkeys. Let’s see, there was Corn and Cob and Flynn and who else…..

  17. This sounds promising, eh?
    . Because of its indolent nature, many patients are able to lead active lives, and when treatment is required, may experience years of symptom-free remission.[7]

  18. Flatus – I’m sorry.  Of course, we will all get our WebMD degrees on this now.  Not good, but it sounds treatable.  

  19. flatus, as sturge & BiD said and the internet in its “wisdom” hints at, there are hopeful signs if one gets good medical care and follows doc’s advice.

  20. BB, those “serious issues” you were thinking of in re thanksgiving history perhaps?

    and for dessert



  21. D’umpster turkeys coming home to roost


    A pro-Trump group that promised to challenge the Nov. 3 election results and expose fraud was sued by a North Carolina money manager who donated $2.5 million to the cause but says he didn’t get his money’s worth.
    Fred Eshelman, founder of Eshelman Ventures LLC, wants his money back, saying he “regularly and repeatedly” asked for updates on the project but his “requests were consistently met with vague responses, platitudes, and empty promises,” according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday in Houston federal court.
    Houston-based True the Vote Inc. had promised a multi-pronged plan to “investigate, litigate, and expose suspected illegal balloting and fraud in the 2020 general election,” according to the lawsuit.
    In the weeks after the election, True the Vote filed four lawsuits, but it dropped them all last week. “While we stand by the voters’ testimony that was brought forth, barriers to advancing our arguments, coupled with constraints on time, made it necessary for us to pursue a different path,” the group announced on its website on Nov. 17.
    The money manager said he agreed to support the plan and wired the group $2 million on Nov. 5 and $500,000 a week later after the group’s president told him that more money might be needed to achieve their goals, according to the suit.
    When True the Vote failed to provide any reports on its progress and with certification deadlines approaching, Eshelman said it became obvious the group wouldn’t be able to execute the plan he agreed to support. So, he asked for his money back.
    True the Vote had offered him $1 million if he would drop any plans for a lawsuit, he said in the complaint.
    Eshelman is the former CEO of Pharmaceutical Product Development and founding chairman of Furiex Pharmaceuticals.

  22. Craig
    Looking good! You look like the smart handsome guy I saw years ago on MSNBC. Lol, now I’m trying to remember whether it was KO’s show or Tweeties. 🤣I’m thankful for you and all who comment. Happy Thanksgiving.

  23. Tonight’s murder is happening in little old Charleston S.C.   Man, those guys really get around.   It’s like a geography class on American cities and towns.

  24. Joe and Jill have a nice Thanksgiving message.   A couple who love one another. Refreshing.  She put her hand on his kneee when talking about loss of family, and, he took her hand and held it. 

  25. SFB won’t commit to conceding, but he will leave the WH…after he and the kids lick all the doorknobs.

  26. Ha! SFB holding up two, tiny fists.  Caption:  How many legal cases did you win to overturn states’ votes.  (goose egg)

  27. Good looking bird, that, Poobah.  We did our assault on turkey and trimmings around 2. I woke up from my tryptophan fueled nap at 5 to have a piece of homemade pumpkin pie w/ whipped cream, and only 15 miles from PA. Oh, and am standing on the sidelines of my stupid Republican broth in law’s anti democrat (done for my benefit) rants in the family group texts. Sounds like he’s given up on Faux as too mainstream and and moved on to OANN. The good news – he claims he’s going to move to Italy so he doesn’t pay taxes to support a Biden run government. I’d offer to help him pack and put him in touch with a good immigration attorney but he might think I’m trying to help him instead of acting in an exercise of enlightened self interest. 

  28. Something I am thankful for is what little broadcast television I happen to overhear leads with President-elect Biden followed by “SFB tweeted/said/ranted/fumed blah blah blah” and then back to Biden said.  Many reports are including a few words about the rant being some kind of incorrect statement.
    Thanksgiving dinner at my brother’s place was delicious once again.  Smoked turkey, with yummy sides and homemade pumpkin pie.  Overstuffed blonde here looking forward to seeing toes again in a few months.

  29. Randy Rainbow has a Christmas album.  It’s good…and, thankfully, there’s very little you-know-who.  Some, but not a lot. 

  30. …outdoor socially-distanced pandemic family Thanksgiving successful: a little chilly but the food was good👍

    (no shared tables between households)

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