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  1. sturge, send that photo to gerber’s and you’ll make a star and a mint along the way.

    beautiful baby and picture of joy  

  2. LP latest

    History is being written Senators. And while you cower, the American people are watching.

  3. last of the season for bill… thankfully

    Bill recaps the top stories of the week and gives a new monkier to this period of our history in his final monologue of 2020.

  4. Happiest babies are the ones covered in all sorts of stuff.
    Jan Morris has died.  She wrote many wonderful books, including Pax Britanica.  She was on the first British climb of Mt. Everest as a correspondent.  R.I.P.

  5. Heading out for fruit and juice (the tiny, glass bottle of cranberry concentrate-I’m not paying for water and corn syrup) in a few minutes.
    Is that Iowa 50% infection-rate tests or actual population?  Probably tests, which if they are only testing folks who feel sick, isn’t surprising.

  6. Knock, knock, knock. “Who’s there?”
    “It’s me, Donald; let me in!”
    ”Donald’s not here, man “

  7. a taste of his own medicine


    A group of Michigan voters has sued Donald Trump and his reelection campaign, asserting the president’s legal challenges to the 2020 election violated the rights of Black voters.

    In a lawsuit filed in D.C. federal court Friday, the group alleged the Trump campaign is attempting mass voter suppression — particularly among Black voters — by pressuring election officials into not certifying the election results in their state.

    “Repeating false claims of voter fraud, which have been thoroughly debunked, Defendants are pressuring state and local officials in Michigan not to count votes from Wayne County, Michigan (where Detroit is the county seat), and thereby disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters,” the lawsuit stated. “Defendants’ tactics repeat the worst abuses in our nation’s history, as Black Americans were denied a voice in American democracy for most of the first two centuries of the Republic.”
    The lawsuit aimed to halt any efforts by the Trump campaign and the president to push state officials into canceling their ballots or appointing electors who do not represent the election results in their state. It cited numerous efforts to cast doubt on the election, from Trump’s personal tweets to a White House meeting Friday between Republican state lawmakers and Trump.
    The plaintiffs included three Black residents of Detroit — Teasha K. Jones, Nicole L. Hill and Maureen Taylor — who voted in this year’s election, as well as the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization. The plaintiffs are represented by lawyers from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

  8. Sturg….   OMG he/she is adorable!  Please tell us his/her name.
    I love how babies always look so cute with food all over them.  On adults… we call it being a slob.  Hey kid…  enjoy it while you can!

  9. That piece by Edward Norton I posted last night is on point.  Call his bluff.  SFB has got nothing and he’s just trying to save his ass.

    Grabbed a tiny bottle of Prosecco at the store for NY Eve. I don’t like to drink alone, so it’s been a completely dry year.

  10. “Positivity rate” refers to the percentage of tests that come back positive.  Under 5% is pretty good.  Over 10% is pretty bad.  50% in a rural state means people there are completely irresponsible.

  11. A century ago we switched election of U.S. Senators from state legislatures to direct election by the voters (17th Amendment). Had we extended that change to presidential elections this bizarre Trump plan to coerce legislators wouldn’t even be on the table.

    I hollered and wrote about this after Bush v. Gore correctly ruled Constitution gives us no right to vote for President. We needed to change that then, and the need for an amendment now more clear than ever.

  12. How in the $&@! does the Constitution get amended in this political climate, with the super-majorities required to do so?!
    (rhetorical, there is no answer)

  13. 50% means only those with covid are tested, there is no contact and trace, general testing around hot spots ect. 
    It also means the healthcare system from local health departments to hospitals are overwhelmed and the state is not doing it’s job of containing the virus. But Iowa is Republican so we knew it was just a matter of time.

  14. Sturg – She’s beautiful.
    Is SFB worried about junior’s health?  Nope.  Cheating at golf, like always. 

  15. Just bailed on a church Christmas party I had planned on going to waaaay back when.  There are still 139 others who plan on eating and dancing.  They do things together all the time.  Maybe, somehow, they are their own quarantine pod.  IDK, but they don’t seem to succumb to the virus.  I will stay home and watch BBC Christmas DVDs (The Vicar of Dibley, etc.) and drink my non-dairy nog.  

  16. on the subject of pardons vis a vis D’ump MO, isn’t it likely he would consider transactions which would be personally profitable? 

    1. old buddies of the well-off in fed pens for whom  a pardon could be bought at just the right price of a mar a lago membership or a condo in a d’ump property

    2. swap a speedy peaceful concession, vacate of premises and possible donations of certain realty for pardons or no prosecutions promised by feds and state leaders.  kind of a hostage demand situation

  17. Have been watching over an hour of speakers at Atlanta Maga rally. None have even mentioned the Senate races. In fact several are saying they should abandon rigged elections, to the chant “Walk Away”. Perfect!

  18. Demented creep. Can Rudy be disbarred for that vile garbage?
    Write in SFB, walk away.  January 5th could be fun.

  19. Harsh dismissal. Cold facts are harsh. Rudy’s a clown. ‘nuff said.
    I kinda like the new suit against Dumbass filed in DC district court – for racial discrimination in his voter nullification suits. As if no one knew.
    And finally the 7 day death average has DOUBLED in the past month. But Dumbass plays golf and the white angel of death visits Florida to campaign for two crooked repug senators. WTF?

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