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  1. From Sturgeone on last thread

    One of last night’s tv murders took place in Lubbock, Texas, in 1977.   Dirk owned a barbershop and decided to kill his wife.   So Dirk got his wife Betty drunker’n he’ll and stuck her foot into a box which contained a rattlesnake, which bit her.  She wasn’t dying fast enough so he and his accomplice gave her intravenous eye drops, or whatever the active ingredients of eye drops is.   Then he went back to the shop and later came home, found her dead, and called the cops.   He got the death penalty, the accomplice got 15 years.   


  2. “It’s remarkable to say this given the last four years, but I think we’ve now reached a point where Trump is handling the lack of a concession and the lack of transition cooperation as we’re dealing with a once-in-a-century pandemic, as the most reckless and irresponsible thing he’s ever done.” — Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe (MSNBC)

  3. The only people who love them are the people they despise.   Jr, Gums, and Sweatshop got some weird kinda life ahead of them, eh?

  4. The Legal Eagle  looks so lawyerly with 3 piece suit and books.
    trumpity could pardon his family?  Have they been charged with anything yet?  Or can he pardon them for future indictments and charges?

  5. You’d think encouraging vaccine news makes it less depressing to hunker down and wear masks now while we wait. Sucks to skip holiday gatherings but at least a better chance we’re alive to celebrate next year.

  6. Story I heard somewhere – do not fall into the trap of buying lots of good candies to repackage and give as gifts to others for the holidays.  Do not!

  7. Tip Toe

    When you get to the end of the legal eagle episode, he changes into comfort wear.  Apparently he has a contract to advertise the brand. :).  The whole premise is people write in questions for him to answer.  Just because we have our resident POGO doesn’t mean others are so lucky.


  8. Pompeo’s lame duck trip dissed by foreign leaders. NBC’s @KeirSimmons – – “The French have a unique talent for condescension. Macron’s office described the visit as a ‘courtesy meeting'”.

  9. I have to say I am guilty of being a bit politicked out and somewhat lax about commenting. I have been reading the Post and occasionally drop something in the site, but really I’m exhausted. Plus, the trajectory of the post election legal maneuvering is clear; Trump loses. And there’s Rudy out there doing his best Emmett Kelly impression. Stupid motherfucker.  

    Now, as to that pardoning bullshit, there are two schools of thought regarding pardons, one is that he can pardon himself and others, the other is that he cannot pardon himself but can pardon others. Hint, (b). There’s a subset-whether he can pardon someone for any future prosecution, or only from prosecution for acts already committed. There’s very little support for the idea that he could pardon his family for prosecution for acts that they have yet to commit, so (b) again. 

    Jesus H. Christ, Dumbass, get the fuck out of our house.

  10. Pogo

    I think part of the method to Trump’s madness is just to wear you down until you give in from pure exhaustion.  The only thing maintaining any real interest for me is the January 5 Georgia runoffs.  Trump may be an ignorant, arrogant, incompetent, misogynistic  and racist asshole.  McConnell is just pure evil.


  11. …too busy making split-pea soup with the hambone i froze on Easter.  It’s almost done and i’m pretty excited😋

  12. Perdue is afraid to debate Ossoff.  That’s one.  Loeffler has been outed for selling stocks while downplaying the pandemic. That’s two.  
    Why in the heck is a radiologist heading up the Coronavirus task force instead of an epidemiologist?   Because he’s a racist who thinks glomming onto the buttocks of an ousted fascist makes him special.   Someone else with weird, daddy issues, I guess.   

  13. Whatever is physiologically wrong with Yertle might take him down before his next term begins.   

  14. …maybe be worried if he does an appearance on a Kremlin-sponsored propaganda cable channel aimed at the US market🤷‍♂️

  15. When Trump leaves office we should ignore him. That alone will drive him nuts.  I don’t want to hear his obnoxious voice ever again!🇺🇸

  16. Jamie, leave it to you to get it right … using words economically. 

    Trump may be an ignorant, arrogant, incompetent, misogynistic  and racist asshole.  McConnell is just pure evil.

    And good night. 

    Oh, and Jones Day issued a statement saying it doesn’t represent Dumbass and said it won’t be involved in more litigation over this election. Jones fucking Day – 5th largest law firm in the US. I guess Dumbass was paying them like he pays carpenters.

  17. A Tale of the Times

    Ruffled feathers over fraudulent votes recently reported in the Washington Post:

    A plump, waddling parrot has soared past its competition to claim victory in New Zealand’s Bird of the Year contest, a tense race marked by attempted voter interference during a divisive month of campaigning.
    In what event organizers conceded was “a stunning upset,” the critically endangered kakapo flew into first place to steal the title — ruffling the feathers of those who say the bright-green parrot unfairly secured a second term as chosen bird.
    The bird-of-the-year controversy took flight after data analysts working with Forest & Bird discovered that roughly 1,500 fraudulent votes had been cast.
    The “illegal votes,” which were submitted using a suspicious email account and came from the same IP address in Auckland, briefly pushed the country’s tiny kiwi pukupuku bird into the lead, a brazen meddling attempt that sent officials and campaign managers into a flap. Those votes were immediately disregarded, organizers said.
    “It’s lucky we spotted this little kiwi trying to sneak in an extra 1500 votes under the cover of darkness!” Laura Keown, spokesperson for Bird of the Year, said in a statement Nov. 10, adding that officials did not “want to see any more cheating.”
    Emma Rawson, the kiwi pukupuku campaign manager, said “voter fraud is not the kiwi way” and urged people to uphold the bird’s values of “democracy, fairness, equality and honesty.” The kiwi is symbolic among the people of New Zealand and has been adopted as a national emblem.
    Officials urged voters to play by the rules and only vote once per email. “Be warned, we will find you, and we will be disappointed!” a statement on the competition’s official website read in a bid to deter meddling ahead of the polls closing Sunday.

    Somewhere in this tale of infamy is a moral lesson for us all.  Is the kakapo tale a metaphor for the day?

  18. Here’s the facts about the various D’ump challenges to the votes in 3 of the 5 states -NV, GA & PA – that put Biden over the top, courtesy of WaPo
    The bottom line … good fucking luck loser. Now GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!!

  19. pogo, wouldn’t have been surprised to find in D’ump’s  lawsuit “evidence” those 1500 fraudulent kiwi votes from that kakapo story.  rudy’s not shy about where he finds his evidence nowadays.

  20. huffpo about the above:

    Popular TikTok comedian Sarah Cooper posed as a ditzy Donald Trump campaign lawyer in her latest video Monday, challenging three Democratic votes for President-elect Joe Biden because they had “chocolate sauce” on them.
    That’s a violation of “Amendment 82 … C?” of the Constitution, Cooper’s lawyer declared — hesitantly.
    The spoof was a major change for Cooper, who usually lip-syncs to Trump’s own rambling remarks in her mocking videos.
    In the latest work, she tells an imaginary judge, screwing up her face: “We would also like to deem unredeemable 10 ballots which just don’t smell good … like, patchouli or something. So we should throw those out.”
    Finally the big ask: “Five or six million ballots that were not for Trump. We just want to kind of just get rid of those.” 
    Despite the change in her traditional role as Trump channeler, Cooper quipped to Vanity Fair that she’s ready to resurrect it Jan. 20. 
    “If they need me to stand in for him, I’m happy to do that,” Cooper said. “I think we all know that Trump won’t be at the inauguration.” 
    Twitter fans loved the latest offering.

  21. Yes, I keep reading that the election results will make it all the way up to the Supreme Courtyard by Marriott. 
    We can ignore him after January 20th, but there are a lot of goose-steppers who won’t…also law enforcement officials.
    Did Atlas appear on Russian propaganda channel?  How did a radiologist make it all the way into tRUMPsky’s  inner circle of hell?   Yep.  Media, Please do your actual job.

  22. from same vanity fair story:

    The special, directed by Natasha Lyonne, features a stacked lineup of guest performers, including Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Ben Stiller, and Winona Ryder. It also features an appearance from Helen Mirren, who stars in the special’s crown jewel: a lip sync reenactment of Trump’s lewd Access Hollywood conversation with Billy Bush. Cooper mimics Trump and Mirren gamely mimics Bush, leaning in to the TV host’s lascivious energy and leering her way around the bus. “She was just amazing to work with,” Cooper said of the Oscar winner. The pair endlessly rehearsed their lip sync on Zoom before coming to the set and fully getting into character. “When we got on the bus, she was snapping the towel and just really getting into it…she was able to bring the creepiness level even further.”


    Cooper loved the dichotomy of the beloved dame tackling such a wicked part. “[Mirren] was kind of the perfect person to play someone who has so few morals in that moment,” she said, crediting Lyonne for the casting coup. “I think that’s where the humor comes in. You have this Shakespearean actress, she has such an amazing command of every part of her body—and she’s playing this worthless human being.”

  23. Jamie… I’m with Pogo…  I’ve kinda crashed after the election.  Needing to get back to parts of my life that I’ve ignored.
    Craig…  nice cartoon…  but trump will leave.  He’s way too much of a chicken to put up an actual fight.

  24. New Biden senior WH staff: 

    – Mike Donilon, Senior Advisor 

    – Jen O’Malley Dillon, Dep. CoS

    – Steve Ricchetti, Counselor 

    – Cedric Richmond, Senior Advisor+Dir. office of Public Engagement 

    – Julie Rodriguez, Dir. of Intergov. Affairs 

    – Annie Tomasini, Dir. of Oval Office Ops.

  25. Other than Jen O’Malley Dillon…  I’ve never heard of any of these people.  But I trust that they are well known in the DC circle.  It’ll be great to see qualified grown-ups in our government once again.

  26. here’s proof that some covid19 survivors suffer severe neurological problems months later after recovery

    the hill:

     Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says that he would oppose strict coronavirus mitigation efforts if they are put forth by President-elect Joe Biden, pledging to “do everything I can to try to prevent Biden from locking us up and locking us down and forcing us to wear masks forever.”


    Paul also claimed in his interview that current coronavirus mitigation strategies, such as standing 6 feet apart, frequent hand-washing and wearing masks, don’t work, contradicting the advice of most health experts.

  27. Joe is going after this issue “Hammer and Tongs”. 
    Biden Plans to Move Fast With a ‘Climate Administration.’ Here’s How.

    WASHINGTON — President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., eager to elevate climate change throughout his administration, is already drafting orders to reduce planet-warming pollution and seeking nominees who will embed climate policy not only in environmental agencies but in departments from Defense to Treasury to Transportation.
    Top candidates for senior cabinet posts, such as Michèle Flournoy for defense secretary and Lael Brainard for Treasury, have long supported aggressive policies to curb climate change. Mr. Biden’s inner circle routinely asks “is the person climate-ambitious?” of candidates even for lower profile positions like the White House budget and regulatory offices, according to a person advising the transition.
    Transition team members have been instructed to identify policies that can improve pollution levels in Black and Latino communities. And one of Mr. Biden’s early executive orders is expected to require that every federal agency, department and program prepare to address climate change.

    As the Biden administration presses forward with regulations that will very likely end up before the Supreme Court, the Justice Department will have to defend and preserve the rules. To that end, the Justice Department transition team includes Richard J. Lazarus of Harvard Law School, a prominent expert in climate change litigation.
    Among the candidates for attorney general is Xavier Becerra, the attorney general of California, who has spearheaded more than 50 lawsuits against Mr. Trump’s environmental rollbacks. In an interview in September, Mr. Becerra predicted of Mr. Trump: “I don’t think much of what he’s done will stick, because much of what he’s done hasn’t taken hold legally. I believe his legacy will be very short and his tenure will be considered the nadir for environmental policy in the history of this country.”
    Already, legal experts on Mr. Biden’s transition team have begun preparing the legal dismemberment of Mr. Trump’s environmental policies and laying the groundwork for new rules.

  29. I have seen where the Covid  vaccines are being called “a miracle”. 
    Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Miracles are domain of religion , vaccines are the  result of science , and hard work .

  30. About the Film

    Property Brothersco-host and home-renovation expert Jonathan Scott journeys all across the U.S. to uncover why clean, renewable energy isn’t available to all. While traveling to learn both the obstacles and opportunities for achieving energy freedom, Jonathan talks with conservatives fighting for solar freedom; sits down with farmers struggling to make ends meet; engages coal workers desperate for a new, healthy means of making an income; the Navajo Nation who built a utility-scale solar plant; religious leaders who made a desperate attempt to help meet their community’s energy needs; and politicians at the forefront of the battle for energy freedom.  MORE

    Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip

    Premiere: 11/16/2020 | Available until 12/16/2020


    Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip

  31. Grifting along with the grifting  sithering den of thieves –
    Rudy Giuliani Is Asking for $20K a Day to Launch Ridiculous Election Lawsuits

  32. 7-28-2020 –

    (CNN)Nearly three billion animals were killed or displaced by Australia’sdevastating bushfires — almost triple the figure estimated in January — according to a report released Tuesday.

    The figure includes an estimated 143 million mammals, 2.46 billion reptiles, 180 million birds, and 51 million frogs, a report commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) found.
    The number of reptiles is significantly higher than the others because there are generally more of them per hectare (10,000 square meters) than mammals or birds.
    “The interim findings are shocking. It’s hard to think of another event anywhere in the world in living memory that has killed or displaced that many animals,” said WWF-Australia CEO Dermot O’Gorman. “This ranks as one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history.”



  33. Giuliani Entertainment Enterprises is not worth $20K per day under any circumstances and certainly not to file frivolous election lawsuits and argue them before judges who know he might as well be talking out of his ass.

  34. ‘Extraordinary’: Iota becomes second category 4 hurricane to strike Central America in past two weeks
    Hurricane Iota moved ashore Nov. 16 just 15 miles south of the location where Hurricane Eta made landfall Nov. 3.
      Hurricane Iota roared ashore in northern Nicaragua as a high-end category 4 storm with 155 mph winds and a central pressure of 920 mb at 10:40 p.m. EST November 16. Iota is the strongest Atlantic landfalling hurricane so late in the year. The previous record was held by the 1932 Cuba Hurricane, which made landfall on Little Cayman Island with 155 mph winds on November 9, 1932.
    Iota made landfall 30 miles south of Puerto Cabezas (population 40,000), just 15 miles south of where Hurricane Eta made landfall as a category 4 storm with 140 mph winds on November 3. In records going back to 1851, it is unprecedented for two Atlantic category 4 hurricanes to make landfall so close together, just two weeks apart. That they did so in November, when category 4 hurricanes are rare, is truly extraordinary. Only six category 4 or stronger hurricanes have ever been recorded in November or December, Eta and Iota in the past two weeks. 

    ‘Extraordinary’: Iota becomes second category 4 hurricane to strike Central America in past two weeks


  35. Well, WaPo is reporting 1373 Covid deaths so far today, and the 7 day average is around 1200; and new cases?  140000 today with a 7 day average of 153000, and rising steeply. I remember the good old days (in October) when it was only 800 or so dead Americans each day on average and 45000 or so new cases per day.  At this rate the 98% of us who survive should reach herd immunity sometime in the next few years (5.7 if 153000 new infections remains the average), with only 2.5 million dying to reach that herd immunity.  Scott Atlas will be smiling and saying, “See, I told you so.”  BTW did you know (a) that Stanford U., his alma mater, said his views do not reflect the views of Stanford and (b) he hasn’t been practicing medicine for 8 years now and his certification in neuroradiology lapsed in 2017?  I did not know that.

  36. Immigration  –
    Nicaragua and Honduras  –
    Either we help them stay home , or we arrest them at the border.  And there will be tens of thousands  coming  if we don’t. 

  37. Orrrrrrrr, we could process their asylum requests, immigration applications and stuff like that.  Nah, too much humanity involved in that.

  38. Pogo –
    Sadly , he’s not the only old white fart  rumbling around in the gut of the “Wing-nut-o-sphere” , waiting to be expelled. 
    My all time winner this the denier petition guy , he got thousands  of  people to sign  his  climate denier petition , he keeps jars of his own urine  in a freezer on his “compound” in Ore. 
    If one has a degree in turf management , on this petition  you are a “scientist” . 

  39. Pogo –
    Either  way ,  we are now facing a rising river of problems from hell.  I see that this is really  coming home to Joe.  He’s starting to sound like the pope.  Measured,  calm , deliberate. 
    His Hamlet period about whether to run or not, really  stuck in my craw.  But ever since that nadar , I think more and more of him.  And unlike Trump , he knows   where the levers of power in the executive are really buried.  

  40. Back to you, Rudy.  From NYT:

    Last Friday, as Mr. Trump’s legal fight in Arizona appeared to peter out when the campaign dropped a lawsuit in Maricopa County, Ariz., that was destined to fail, the president put Mr. Giuliani in charge of all election-related litigation and communications for it.

    On Monday, the day before a key hearing on a lawsuit in federal court in Pennsylvania, Mr. Giuliani forced out a lawyer who had been leading the case, two people briefed on the events said. That left Mr. Trump’s team scrambling for a replacement. The local lawyer now handling the case has referred to Mr. Biden as the winner of the election and has said the lawsuits will not change that outcome.

    The judge in the case declined on Monday night to postpone the hearing despite a request from the Trump team.

    On Tuesday, Mr. Giuliani made the opening argument in the Pennsylvania hearing, largely sidestepping whether there was evidence that voting or vote counting in the state had been compromised. Instead, he repeated baseless claims of “widespread nationwide voter fraud.”

    Apparently Rudy has no concept of the requirements of Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure – either that or he doesn’t care that he is making claims with no basis in fact or law or that would be subject to an argument for an extension, modification, etc. of existing law.  He gives lawyers a bad name. (OK, a worse name).

  41. WaPo just reported that ‘assley said he tested positive for C-19.  Pity, that. Thoughts and prayers…

  42. There are rumblings that Joe will not chase down  Trump  after Jan. 20th. 
    I agree , for this one reason ,
    The entire right , carries the red badge of grievance.  They have been wronged  ,  their world has been taken from them . 
    Trump is a loser , don’t make him a victim , that is gas on the fire .
    Let the the State of New York chew on the whole ball of wax. 

  43. CBob… I agree with you on letting the state of NY take care of our con man president.  If Biden’s administration goes after him… look for his loony supporters to start a modern civil war.

  44. RR –
    So much of this moment was played out  155 years ago. I think Lincoln’s , “let em up easy policy “, let the country stop killing each other. 
    But it also let the South off with what they had done , and gave rise to the the romantic rebranding  of the  “Lost Cause”.  Witch still flows in our national veins.  Thank God Jefferson Davis didn’t have a twitter account. 

  45. I keep getting you’ve said this before notices. I change one little part of the comment and a I get a double post.

  46. As the worm turns –
    Senate Blocks President Trump’s Controversial Nominee To The Federal Reserve Board

    The Senate failed to advance President Trump’s controversial pick to the powerful central bank on Tuesday after Republicans Mitt Romney of Utah and Susan Collins of Maine joined the Senate’s Democrats in blocking Shelton’s appointment.

  47. “Get born , get blessed,   try to be a suckcess , 20 years of schoolin’ and they put you on the day shift”. 
    B Dylan 

  48. That  vote  for the Federal Reserve  just  pointed to away forward. 
    If Stacy’s  new Georgia drive can  grow. 

  49. The 47-50 vote also came as Sens. Rick Scott, R-Fla., and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, both supporters of Shelton, were absent from the chamber and unable to vote. They are at home because of exposure to the coronavirus.


  50. Atlas quacked. Quack, quack, quacking along with eye doctor, Rand Paul. Quack, quack, quack. 

  51. This the death of the 20th century , finally .
    Centuries  just don’t stop because we all peel another page off a calendar. 
    There were a lot of  horses  on the streets of New York  in 1915.
    The smooth bore musket  lasted nearly 50 years into the 19th century.  
    Sweeping away the  the past takes a very long time  Unless one has a very big broom. 

  52. Hang your mask on your rear view mirror.  The UV rays from the sun will kill that little beast. 

  53. OK, I understand that some of you may think that pardoning Trump is possibly a positive thing for the country. I disagree. This is not the same, I repeat not the same as the Nixon issue. And I will note that the guy that wrote the article that Bob posted was counsel to the judiciary committee that was looking into Nixon. I’m one of those who believes that you hang people on their own words. Law and order. Ever hear that one before? There are other distinctions as well. It’s very easy for Gerry Ford, the vice president du jour of the Nixon administration to pardon Nixon when he resigned. It’s an entirely different matter for a Democrat to pardon the outgoing criminal Republican president. My question is this – who do you intend to please first? Your voters or the voters of the person whom you beat? I’m tired of fucking death of the Democrats taking the highroad and having it stuffed up their ass at the first opportunity. There’s a distinction between pursuing Trump and letting him be pursued. I say let it roll. 

  54. This is xrepulica’s wife writing to you all. He has been taken to Regions Hospital in St Paul. We have been managing Covid symptoms (both of us) for several days. His blood oxygen level dropped to 83 and that alone is a red flag that he is in distress. He will be off-line with you all for a while, and I am sure he will be delighted to talk with you as soon as he is able. Please intentionally pray for his complete recovery. I appreciate your close ties to one another. What happens in politics is important, and what ultimately matters is that we Love one another as we are Loved in real time and in concrete ways. Go do that with the people you love and with people you are not so fond of. No need to reply.

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