20 thoughts on “Coming Soon at Mar-a-Lago”

  1. NYTimes:

    Behind Trump’s Yearslong Effort to Turn Losing Into Winning


    Even before he was elected in 2016, Donald J. Trump was building a conspiracy theory about voter fraud that took on new energy this year, as his political fortunes ebbed during the coronavirus pandemic.


    In fact, by the time Mr. Trump acknowledged in September 2016 that Mr. Obama was indeed born in the United States, he was well along in promoting a new false narrative that the election was rigged in favor of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

    Facing what he and the entire political world expected to be a loss, Mr. Trump repeated the claim regularly as international and domestic allies backed him up: the ambush-video activist James O’Keefe, Russian troll networks, Sean Hannity and Infowars.

    Roger J. Stone Jr., a longtime adviser to Mr. Trump and a perennial Republican trickster, created an outside group, Stop the Steal, that sought to enlist poll observers to collect evidence of Democratic cheating. Mr. Trump’s advisers readied legal go-teams to jet anywhere he could press a claim.


    When thousands of the president’s supporters demonstrated in Washington on Saturday, the legal losses and electoral implausibilities were irrelevant. As they marched through the streets holding an enormous Trump flag flecked with white stars against a navy backdrop, they repeatedly chanted the phrase planted four years ago by Mr. Stone: “Stop the steal.”

  2. And in the Pennsylvania legal front…

    [Trump’s newly amended federal lawsuit in PA] claims that the officials applied an overly literal reading of a state law that every party and candidate may have a representative in the room while votes are counted.

    Now really, a lawsuit based on the premise that the defendant strictly followed the law?  Not exactly compelling – in fact it sounds more like the defense to a suit. 

  3. And what’s focused on in the PA suit is election officials allowing some few voters to correct their ballots.  But…

    In a statement issued Nov. 12, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, an arm of the Department of Homeland Security, and partners such as the National Association of Secretaries of State declared: “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”

    That doesn’t sound good for the Trump suit. Maybe I’m missing something. 

  4. Craig….  perfect!
    patd….   I LOVED 50 ways to leave the WH!
    So much fun watching the demise of not only trumpty dumpty….  but the rest of his cohorts.
    the popcorn overfloweth…

  5. i see man-baby had a Monday morning Twitter tantrum.  i feel like he makes most of those tweets on the toilet, just a hunch🤷‍♂️

  6. it is interesting how many different people, including reporters, are saying SFB is going to go to Florida and not return to the WH.  Either they are in on real information or are trying to create an overwhelming number that stupid might get the idea and do it.

  7. BB, his  ex-lawyer cohen opined that last week  and he knows him pretty well.

    the hill via msn:

    President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen predicts Trump will not return to the White House after spending Christmas at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.


    Cohen spoke with MSNBC host Ari Melber about the president’s possible endgame plans as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to enter the White House on Jan. 20.

    “After Christmas, he usually comes back January 5th, January 6th. He likes to go to Mar-a-Lago,” said Cohen. “I suspect he doesn’t even come back to Washington. I don’t believe he’s going to go to the inauguration because he himself fundamentally cannot sit in a chair knowing that the cameras are on him and that the world is looking at him as a loser. He cannot do that.”


    Cohen called on Trump to concede the election but voiced doubt that he actually would.

    “He does not have enough inner strength in him to be gracious,” Cohen concluded. “He needs to keep his base rallied around him. He’s going to say for the next 30 years that they stole the election from me. I’m the rightful president. He’s going to keep his MAGA army active and engaged and going to constantly blow this dog whistle and be a menace.”

  8. Bink….  that was exactly my thought when patd first reported what M. Cohen said….  trump can’t avoid prosecution running away to Florida.

  9. One of last night’s tv murders took place in Lubbock, Texas, in 1977.   Dirk owned a barbershop and decided to kill his wife.   So Dirk got his wife Betty drunker’n he’ll and stuck her foot into a box which contained a rattlesnake, which bit her.  She wasn’t dying fast enough so he and his accomplice gave her intravenous eye drops, or whatever the active ingredients of eye drops is.   Then he went back to the shop and later came home, found her dead, and called the cops.   He got the death penalty, the accomplice got 15 years.   

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