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  1. Jack

    I’ll take a string quartet where or whenever, but this one did have Holiday reunion complete with rehashing of all old grievances 

    It does certainly fit the mood of the times.


  2. Yep. I got a visual of the last four years from this piece.
    Democracy is tied to the train tracks, while SFB, Yertle, Romney, and the rest of the Republicans twirl the ends of their treasonous mustaches.  Voters, thanks in part to to Stacey Abrams and the ghost of John McCain, save the day and vote for decency and democracy in the person of Joe Biden.
    The tRUMPsky administration, based on this listening, ends with a whimper.  Orange Julius is no flaring, Roman candle.  He is a dud. pfffffff

  3. jack, good one. beats mine by a mile.
    if you enlarge the pic or go to the link below you can see the very image of dejection, anger and loser written all over that face.

    that photo comes from this link at the guardian‘s live page which also noted d’ump finally acknowledges joe’s win in this tweet this morning:

    He won because the Election was Rigged. NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a Radical Left privately owned company, Dominion, with a bad reputation & bum equipment that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake & Silent Media, & more!

    they also noted:

    The tweet is tagged with Twitter’s warning about disinformation regarding claims about supposed election fraud. It’s clearly not a concession – for one thing, Trump followed up by advising supporters to “watch Rudy Giuliani interview on Maria Bartiromo this morning at 10am. Doing a great job exposing the Rigged Election Hoax!”

    What it is is evidence that Trump … does not always think before he tweets

  4. I love the way the queen says annus horibilis.  No attempt at “latinizing” it, just typical whitey arrogance when it comes to pronunciation, like whitey love to mangle Spanish:   Vamoose, hoosegow, caboose, cayoose, alligator (el legarto), 

  5. Seems like the white supremers would want to go whole hog for the queen, what with her being the head whitey in the world.

  6. The British empire was at one time chock full of the kind of values these proud boys seem to hold dear.    Seems like they’d groove on it.

  7. Jack…  I enjoyed it… thanks!
    Yeah….  we’ve decided to stay home this year…  just Rick and I.  I’ll make a chicken…  I don’t really feel like eating turkey for 2 weeks even if I cooked a smallish one.  I’ll make sure there’s pecan pie though.

  8. RR
    Turkey parts!   I’m getting a breast and two thighs.   We are three.  Enough for dinner and leftovers

  9. My tub of Tofurky gravy is in the freezer and I have fresh herbs to roast with potatoes and onions.  
    I will miss the parade, though.  I hope they do a parade retrospective on NBC to give some continuity to the day. 

  10. This probably a good opportunity to review Thanksgiving traditions.   We have friends who have a bbq at the beach.  Sausages and oysters 
    I like the traditional foods. All of them. What we do is have courses spread out over the whole day.   Other friends have no appetizers no relish tray. Just the basics I don’t subscribe to that.
    The vegetarians and vegans in my family have every thing but the turkey.  They skip a meat sub and have a million different fruit and vegetable dishes.   They are Indian. The food is really good.
     When I was growing up we had thanksgiving dinner early 12 or 1 and then spent the afternoon outside  lots of lovely places to go in Ohio.

  11. As Turkeys are on sale I bought one, thawed it then cut it up boneing the breast and thighs and refrezing them for later, the back and legs and trimming bones and skin I baked,  I then cleaned the meat off the bones and put the bones and skin in a stock pot and simmered for a couple of hours. Drained then combined the meat and broth put it in freezer containers and froze it. I did keep some  for a pot of turkey and noodles. So I’m basically doing thanksgiving backward, all week I have been doing the left over dishes. 

  12. Randy Rainbow is offering a one half hour telephone chat on Ebay.  The money goes to charity.  I bid a couple of times but was swamped out of the running.  He made this year better.

  13. I’d just like to say for the purposes of the 2020 presidential campaign Biden finally said he no longer supported the Hyde amendment.  I’m concerned that he will make decisions based on his religious beliefs.

  14. We’re doing family Thanksgiving outside, weather permitting, and i will be supervising safety protocol adherence.  i need a whistle for violations

  15. Just watched a video of a gang Proud Boys assault a lone woman in D.C. last night, real tough guys

  16. I heard an engineer who has been studying COVID transmission say will no longer go to the grocery store.   I go about every two weeks now I’m thinking about pick up

  17. I go early Sunday if I need anything.  It’s a good time.  Everybody here wears the mask any time they’re inside somewhere.

     Thank you, Mask Man.
    —Lenny Bruce

  18. The slug really thought he’d be able to steal it.   He’s still pushing with all he’s got, but all that’s left is ashes.    The only way he’s not a LOSER now is eat shit for 4 years and try to run again.   Fat chance, fat boy.  

  19. d’ump is milking this for as long as he can rake in funds from his devotees.  he’ll dangle the 2024 run threat after he gives up on the “stop the steal” lawsuit charade.   it’s all about $$$ and it always has been.    remember the title of his niece’s book Too Much and Never Enough… ‘nuf said

    he’ll also sell secrets (or so he’ll promise) to highest bidder if he can.

  20. I think Bink said it yesterday.  If only we could ignore him —- he might just explode

  21. That the Ivanka/Jared kids were thrown out of (private) school I hope is an indication that people are backing away from the crime family in general. Their kids put other rational kids at medical risk. I doubt that that would have happened if trumpity got in for 4 more.
    I hope that Biden doesn’t do the  Ford thing of pardoning the trumpity crime family in any way. They need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Otherwise it says they’re above the law and sets a dire president going forward.  Obama did the same thing with Bush. Bush, Chemey, and John Yoo, who  authorized the Torture Memos, should have been prosecuted for torture and human rights violations in the Black Ops areas.

  22. KC, some say he can, some say he can’t.  Constitution isn’t clear on it – but  the founders probably never considered that anyone would try to pardon themselves.
    Thanksgiving – ah, yes.  it will be traditional for me, Mrs. P & LP.  LP is flirting with vegetarianism so he might pass on the turkey.  Haven’t seen anywhere around here we can get parts of a bird – other than the breast (least favorite part of the bird for me).  Will continue to look. The feature each year is my mom’s sweet potato casserole – topped with pecans.  It’s really good.  
    Had a 100 or so year old maple blow down in our front yard this afternoon.  Big sumbitch with some happy bugs in the middle of the trunk at ground level.  It’s beyond me and my stuff to cut up and dispose of – Gonna be a 2 grand disappearance.  Ouch.  Irony is I was watching the Browns beat the Texans and listening to fierce wind blowing and to an announcement about 40+ mile per hour winds in the mountains and got a text from a neighbor telling me a big tree was down in my front yard and across the road.  Walked out front and neighbors had already cut limbs lying across the road and buddy down the street was headed up the hill with a bobcat to move them into the yard. I didn’t hear a thing.  

  23. Covid kills 4-year-old boy's mom and dad in San Antonio

    The 4-year-old’s mother died in October of Covid-19, a few months after the disease also killed his father.


    “He misses his mom since he was a mama’s boy,” his grandmother, Rozie Salinas, told NBC News on Saturday. “Just this morning he told me that he wishes he had his mom back and he just wanted her back.”


    “I mean, what do I tell him? You know, so I just told him that they’re now angels watching over us and protecting us,” said Salinas, who was the mother of Mariah, Raiden’s mom. 

  24. How do his followers calm down, though?  Every tweet from wherever will keep the hem amped up?  Inciting riots?  Treason? Even if his account gets shut down (that might make it worse), his surrogates will continue with their fascist garbage.  

  25. My thinking is that SFB is in an alternative reality.  The approach to getting him out is to tell him that McDonalds only serves to the Florida swamps and he needs to fly down there to get lunch.
    And, Biden better not pardon the orange pile.  History does not provide a good ending to presidents who pardon criminals.

  26. Pence would pardon him.  2024, ya know.  He’s not gonna go against him in case he gets power, again.

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