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  1. Could have been old “fade away” MacArthur except for that stylish “Ivy League” cap.    ( That’s what they called them for some reason.)

  2. MacArthur in his post military beatnik phase. 
    And in other news (from WaPo, where else?)

    President Dumdass’ faltering efforts to steal the election results suffered twin blows Friday, as Rethugnicans contended with multiple legal setbacks and as the final state projections in the White House race gave President-elect Joe Biden (unlikely savior of the country’s soul) a resounding 306 electoral votes.

    In court, Rethugs on Friday faced losses in Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania, while another major law firm withdrew from its representation of the “president”.

    Please excuse my ever so slight edits to reflect the realities of our current situation. WaPo tends to use unearned but politically correct references to “president “ Dumbass and his party. 

  3. Had it not been a tsunami they would have stolen it.   And like der bink says, it ain’t over until 1-20-2021……at high noon.

  4. Heading:  Things Sturgeone says that make me go Hmmmm?

    Dating back to 14th century England, the ivy cap is a popular type of flat cap that boasts excellent function with minimalist style.  Ivy caps are generally made from wool, cotton, leather and other high-quality fabric blends. … On some ivy caps, a small snap holds the body of the cap down to the brim.


  5. They’re really comfortable fitting caps, but Christ they look dumb to me.   Daughter went thru a phase with one which made me cringe internally every time I saw it.   Don’t know why.  It passed, and she eventually moved on to the fedora, causing me an internal sigh of relief. My brother got the one in the pic mid-fifties, along with his white loafers which he won by ruining a pair of black penny-loafers by spray painting them white.

  6. The fifties were weird. Elvis hit our screen in fifty-six, and nothing was ever the same. That’s when we became guitarists.

  7. LoL…..I was just another Beaver Cleaver until the guitars showed up.

    “Life’s a funny ole dog.”

  8. i always heard it described as an english gentleman or roadster cap. that style has many a name according to wiki:

    flat cap (sometimes “scally cap”) is a rounded cap with a small stiff brim in front, originating in Great Britain and Ireland. The hat is known in Ireland as a paddy cap, in Scotland as a bunnet, in Wales as a Dai cap, in New Zealand as a cheese-cutter, and in the United States as a driving cap. Cloths used to make the cap include wool, tweed (most common), and cotton. Less common materials may include leather, linen, or corduroy. The inside of the cap is commonly lined for comfort and warmth.

  9. in case you missed this latest from LP who still seem to be fighting the good fight for joe & democracy

    It’s time for Republicans to put America first.

  10. It was actually a lucky and simple twist of fate.   After the guitars showed up there was no more football (what a freakin’ waste of time), a definite decrease of interest in guns, a lotta stuff like that;  and I found that many of my hero’s were black people.   Hard to hate black people when you love black people, even in rural SC.

  11. hah, am not the only one who thinks d’ump will go the pence pardon route

    here’s budowsky op ed at the hill:


    First, President Trump has been defeated for reelection. The campaign is over. The results are in, and decisive. Donald Trump has lost. His chance of succeeding in being reelected through any strategy or tactic is mathematically zero.

    Second, Trump will issue pardons to his immediate family and whoever else he may feel a residual loyalty to.

    Third, Trump will be told by his attorneys that he has no option to pardon himself. He probably has already been told this. The worst case for Trump, both legally and politically, is that he tries to pardon himself, creates a wave of national outrage, and his pardon of himself is overturned by the courts.

    Fourth, Trump will resign from the presidency before his term officially ends, and he will be pardoned by Vice President Pence, when Pence becomes president.

    A presidential pardon by Pence would not offer protection from cases originating in states, but those cases will be far more manageable if they are not sunk into a morass of federal cases that only a federal pardon can protect him from. 

    Fifth, while I suspect we will learn that he is not nearly as wealthy as he claims, Trump can reap extravagant financial rewards from the mother of all business deals which he could conclude shortly after he leaves office.


  12. i disagree with budowsky on d’ump pardoning “whoever else he may feel a residual loyalty to” since can’t imagine him having any “loyalty” feelings.  he’ll only pardon those he thinks it’s in his best interest so that they don’t spill their guts on what they know about him.

  13. By resigning Trump would keep all the perks provided to ex presidents (pension, secret service protection etc.)


    Not sure what Pence would get for being President for 30 days.

  14. No RR, that was a fifties mutt…..Poupon was an eighties kinda girl.     But both happened to be the most intelligent canines I’ve ever seen.

  15. Poupon…..one night in a gawja motel, I took her out for her evening poop.   I became impatient her taking so long and put her back in the room, figuring I’d have a smelly package to clean up off the floor when I returned, and off we went to the gig.  When we got back we immediately smelled poop, and Poupon was cowering under the little motel desk wearing a shit-eating grin.   Well, we searched high and low to find the poop and just couldn’t find a trace and gave up, figuring we’d find it in the morning.  I went into the bath and I hear, “I found it”.  I go back in and she had pulled down the covers and there it was…..a huge deposit of really gruesome crap.   Poupon  had not only crapped in the middle of the bed, but she had then chickened out and pulled the covers back over it.   And there she cowered under the desk while we cleaned up shit.  Luckily it was a double bed room.   I was more attentive to her personal hygienes after that.

  16. Here is a picture for the day and Craig this  one is roaming around in your world.
    I think it is the boots that make it work. 

  17. LOL, The Lincoln Project says call my congress people and tell them …to pick America over trumpity.  This is Tejas.  Good video, though.

  18. Not sure what Pence would get for being President for 30 days.

    jamie, i don’t look for impotus to give him that much time as potus.  he’ll be lucky to be prez for a day.  my guess just long enough for swearing oath from clarence thomas or amy, kissing mother and signing the pardon for d’ump from all past and future federal crimes.  maybe just past midnight inauguration morning so he and mother have to handle the greet and meet at the white house later that day.

  19. and then there’s this scenario reported by lawandcrime 2 years ago:

    We know the president has exercised and dangled his pardon power, but one thing that’s debatable is whether he can pardon himself. Nonetheless — plot twist — Vice President Mike Pence could be his only hope, according to a 1974 opinion from the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel. That would be the last year of Richard Nixon‘s presidency. The opinion was written on August 5, 1974 — four days before Nixon resigned in disgrace. That opinion stated that a president cannot pardon themselves, but they do have another option.

    This opinion shows that there is theoretically a scenario where Trump could invoke the 25th Amendment to temporarily remove himself from office and be pardoned by Acting President Mike Pence and either resign or resume the duties of his office. Don’t take our word for it, take the DOJ’s:

    Under the fundamental rule that no one may be a judge in his own case, the President cannot pardon himself.

    If under the Twenty-Fifth Amendment the President declared that he was temporarily unable to perform the duties of the office, the Vice President would become Acting President and as such could pardon the President. Thereafter the President could either resign or resume the duties of his office.

    Although as a general matter Congress cannot enact amnesty or pardoning legislation, because to do so would interfere with the pardoning power vested expressly in the President by the Constitution, it could be argued that a congressional pardon granted to the President would not interfere with the President’s pardoning power because that power does not extend to the President himself.

  20. refreshing to hear again some cross-aisle civility 

    the hill:


    Kelly, who is expected to be sworn in sometime in December, told the Arizona Republic that he had spoken with McCain’s widow, Cindy McCain, about working in her husband’s old office.

    “I mean, this is John McCain, and somebody that I looked up to when I was a 22-year-old pilot in flight school,” Kelly said. “He was the example of how you serve your country under the most challenging circumstances.”

    “He was a hero of mine when I was young, and we often don’t get to meet our heroes. It’s also much less often that you eventually get to call them a friend and to be elected to his United States Senate seat, that – that’s a very big deal for me,” he added.

    Kelly, a former NASA astronaut and Navy combat pilot, defeated incumbent Sen. Martha McSally (R) in a special election last week to finish the rest of McCain’s term through 2022. McSally called Kelly on Friday to concede the race.

    Kelly told the Arizona Republic that the opponents spoke for five to 10 minutes.

    “It was a good call,” he said. “Really very nice and positive, and we were talking about how we can best work together here over the next three to four weeks.”


    Kelly is eligible to take the oath of office as soon as Arizona certifies its election results, which is scheduled for Nov. 30. He told the outlet that he expects to take office in early December.


  21. Small possible problem with Kelly getting McCain’s office:  Who is in it now.  The incoming newbies get to pick offices but only from among those available.  Kelly would have seniority only over those never elected before simply because he would enter slightly earlier.


  22. Fox anchor Eric Shawn, somewhat shaken, responds to his show’s live B-roll of today’s MAGA rally in DC: “We just saw a very disturbing sign, it said ‘Coming for Blacks and Indians, welcome to the New World Order.'”

  23. He seems to think something like Putin has his back while all these petty little men scurry about blathering about “rules” and “votes”.  Something like his daddy bailing him out again.

  24. I found something on the air tv……..last thing I found was I watched westerns until I was saturated with them.  Now it’s the murder channel or True Crime channel as they call it, like those old “True Detective” magazines used to be in the barber shops except it’s on TV.  It’s kind of like a 24 hour a day  “Dateline”.  It’s all murder—all the time, one after the other.  All over the country and parts of Texas….from the likes of Ted Bundy and the Serial Killers all the way down to Jimmie, Jack, and Joe in the next town over.   And the murders……well, you saw “Fargo” right?

  25. Must admit coverage of the Million Moron March is hilarious.
    If * was going to try and foment some sort of civil insurrection, the crowd was big enough to use as a springboard for that, but he went golfing, instead.
    So, that’s encouraging. 

  26. Didn’t need to hear this: Washington Post’s plugged-in foreign affairs columnist David Ignatius says “One thing I’m hearing from people I take seriously is the risk of a military confrontation with Iran in the final days of the Trump Administration is real”. (MSNBC)

  27. Many years ago, a friend staying with me was listening to Charlton Heston speaking at an NRA convention.  He said, “You know what that’s about, right?  Fear of death.”
    That’s what the MAGAts are experiencing.  Fear of death of their identity.   They don’t feel connected to the human race, at large.  Small minds, small world, small hearts who care only for themselves and their clan.  

  28. It’s like real life Jerry Springer.   Real trial video and all the people connected to the murder come on the tv talking about the murder or the non-murder as the case may be.  There’s some really goofy shit going down out there.  

  29. DC MAGAts aren’t wearing masks, for the most part.  Maybe they will mostly die off and that will be the end of the civil war they want to instigate.  Problem solves itself.
    President Biden will get education and green jobs for the survivors and they’ll stop acting like little babies. 

  30. And there’s more weirdness than you can shake a stick at connected to METH.  They talk about opioid crisis, they need to take a gander at the Meth crisis a time or two.  That stuff makes for certified fools running amuck in neighborhoods AND residential districts. 

  31. No, I didn’t see “Breaking Bad”.

    I was probably watching “Night of the Grizzly” with Clint Walker. A terrible movie.

  32. it was overrated

    this isn’t, though:

    …Chappelle’s monologue from last week, dare i say “brilliant “

  33. So I spent the day watching “Grit…………..  TV With Back Bone”.
    First up  “Fort Apache”  . Part of the famous John Ford  trilogy .  All filmed in  the Monument Valley, and nearby .  Years ago , I thought of an idea to research where some of our famous  westerns were shot , and revisit  some of those same places where men like Ford set there cameras. 
    We’ve been doing the same idea  for years with glaciers. 
    I gotta think that Hollywood  kept pretty good records of just where they were shooting  all these westerns, we all used to lap up .
    Like “Night of the Grizzly” with Clint Walker.  He was big and handsome , but he couldn’t act his way out of  wet paper bag. 

  34. Next up was “Red River” , a huge foundation stone  in the “Myth of Texas”.
    John Wayne chases Montgomery Cliff  to Kansas with 9,000 cows in the background.   
    I love this movie because of  Noah Berry . He got a lot of screen time , and he was  in a whole feedlot of movies .  He always wore his hat way back on his head.  Nobody else did that .  How he kept it on I’ll never know.  And always black.  It was like a medieval painting where all the important people have a gold halo,  his was black. 
    He had a great open face,  and it sat right in middle of that  black hat halo.  And a voice like your favorite uncle.  You know , the wise one. 
    One thing about all these ole’ westerns.  The actors got to pick their wardrobe. 
    Randolf Scott  had this stained light brown jacket , and  wore the brim  on his hat  that came to almost a point. 
    But the real masters of this  were Lee Marvin , Strother Martin.  They didn’t need wardrobe . 
    Lee Marvin,  watch his little finger on his “gun hand” .  It’s a genius trick to catch your eye. 
    Strother Martin  built an entire career on stealing scenes  from Paul Newman. 

  35. Last up  “The Train Robbers” with  Ann Margret 
    Ann is at her peak in red pants , John is wearing his toupee .
    It does have Ben Johnson  collecting a workman like  check .

  36. I have a question  about where we are .
    Too invest so much into one charismatic  leader , as never turned out well .  Except when that leader was working to lift people up.  Otherwise , it falls apart.  45 doesn’t have a very long shelf life ,  Given the culture he has built behind him . 
    There is going to be one hell of a fight  for power in the right, the day nature  rebrands him “worm food”.  

  37. Why do we fight each other  ?
    This clip explains it all  …………………  Note your blood pressure as you watch it. 

     Men love this shit . 

  38. We are very near the point that running the world for the benefit of billionaires , ain’t workin out for us. 

  39. “John and I started Parler to provide a neutral platform for free speech,” Rebekah Mercer wrote on Parler on Saturday. She went on to condemn “the ever increasing tyranny and hubris of our tech overlords.”

  40. Army identifies five American soldiers killed in Egypt helicopter crash

    Trump has never said a word about this .

    More suckers and losers.

  41. Watch the new senator from Alabama , Tommy Tuberville,  he was a football coach ( And not very good at that )
    Most bags of hammers have a better understanding  of history than this guy. 

  42. The # 19  continues  to grind on our  fat happy life. 
    Our health care workers are at the end of their ropes.  The deniers  should work in the wards of the “hoax” , emptying bedpans , and changing cathard bags. 
    Or digging graves  by hand. 

  43. What little  I saw of the crowd today  in DC.  made perfect sense. 
    This thing has it’s roots  in the climate denial  movement.  Which was built on other wing nut think tank bullshit.  
    The virus and the climate  denial  go hand in hand.  The latter is the spawn  of the former. 
    This goes back along way. 

  44. OM – After today’s Nazi rally in DC, many of them will get to know the ‘rona up close and personal.  It’s just too bad that they will spread it to others.   The dumbasses don’t understand that tRUMPsky despises them.  

  45. The coup  will not be televised. 

    Republican leaders in four critical states won by President-elect Joe Biden say they won’t participate in a legally dubious scheme to flip their state’s electors to vote for President Donald Trump. Their comments effectively shut down a half-baked plot some Republicans floated as a last chance to keep Trump in the White House.


  46. The Tik-Tokkers who screwed up the Tulsa rally for tRUMPsky are at it, again.  They are flooding the # for the MAGAt march with pics of pancakes. Ha! 

  47. Elon Musk  tests  P .  He will not get to be  where he wants to be. 
    “Life is a funny ole’ dog” 

  48. Blink  –
    Wrong , it’s headed for the collapse of nature , which no one ever dreamed of that long ago. 
     Except me and Neil Young.

  49. Eh, people adapt🤷‍♂️

    That is to say, we’ll nuke ourselves before Earth gets too hot to survive

  50. Life only adapts  if given enough time .  Otherwise it dies,  the current pace of change  is in warp drive. 

  51. Humans are remarkably resilient, though, in the aggregate.  Individually, not so much, but very cockroach-like, in general.
    You white American boomers got the best life this Earth can offer, it seems🤷‍♂️

    I’m posting this, again, cuz it’s Saturday night and Biden won.  It was called a week ago and it feels like two months, but it did happen.  
    Jacob Collier is amazing and he’s about all I listen to these days. 
    ”Here Comes The Sun” …on January 20th.

  53. Old guy, a lot of Auburnites didn’t much like Toobervile when he was coach there, except for the SEC west wins and the wins over Bama. Had a great year in 2004, though. Other than that, just a decent coach. 

  54. Have you noticed these *istanis, for all their posturing, get their asses kicked, a lot?
    …less worried.

  55. Pogo 
    He came here  as well  to Texas  Tech,  his chain of goose eggs  soon fallowed. 
    Not hard to understand  why he ran for senate  in Alabama.  He’s halfway between a bag of  hammers, and the voting public in Alabama.  

  56. Like, you see these “boogaloo” rallies, and the big bearded guys in internet-ordered tactical gear with AR-15s are scary, but they never do shit, and one of them always gets their face punched-in.  Just an observation🤷‍♂️

  57. So, when i post a youtube, i get the vid in one tab, click the rightward arrow icon under the video, copy the link it generates, come here, make a short comment, post it, then edit it, then paste that copied link into the edited comment- only way i can consistently embed youtubes onto this forum.
    Laborious, relatively, i understand.  Wordpress🤷‍♂️

  58. Anger, and hate  never won anything.  It only corrodes your soul, a blinds your sight, and wounds your heart. 

  59. Ok, my pups are looking at me thinking “just put on a netflix show and go to bed, please”, so i will- good chattin’, peeps✌️❤️🇺🇸

  60. Bink –
    Look for the second line  below  the  screen  title,  look for the arrow pointing to the word Share.  Lick that.  It’s just right of the thumbs. 

  61. (i sent a heart emoji in response to a Republican male friend, recently- haven’t heard from him, since😆)
    [it’s THAT easy- had i known!😉]

    ✌️ for realz😴

  62. They wash off 
     That’s really sweet,  clearly you never moved into an apartment with about several million living in the carpet.  

  63. Fleas –
    After the Corps of Discovery  made its way out of the “Bitteroots” , and found the Columbia, they saw empty  villages  along it’s banks.  When they landed , to investigate, they found fleas.  Lot’s of fleas, 
    One does not “wash them off”. 

  64. Dude, i can wash anything off of anything- you just get all the molecules that aren’t off of all the molecules that are.

  65. Fleas?   Sprinkle  Mothball Flakes.   Fleas over and out.  Then vacuum.  The smell persists for a bit, but that’s better than fleas.

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