We the People

This is a great nation. And we are a good people. This is the United States of America. And there has never been anything we haven’t been able to do when we’ve done it together.

In the last days of the campaign, I’ve been thinking about a hymn that means a lot to me and to my family. It captures the faith that sustains me and which I believe sustains America.

And I hope it can provide some comfort and solace to the more than 230,000 families who have lost a loved one to this terrible virus this year. My heart goes out to each and every one of you.

“And He will raise you up on eagle’s wings,
Bear you on the breath of dawn,
Make you to shine like the sun,
And hold you in the palm of His Hand.”

And now, together — on eagle’s wings — we embark on the work that God and history have called upon us to do.

With full hearts and steady hands, with faith in America and in each other, with a love of country — and a thirst for justice — let us be the nation that we know we can be.

A nation united. A nation strengthened. A nation healed.

God bless you. And may God protect our troops.

President Elect Joe Biden


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  1. from the sublime to the silly


    Joe Biden (Jim Carrey) and Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) give speeches after the conclusion of the 2020 presidential election.

  2. For the first time in four years I have left the television on the local news, Baltimore and D.C., for more than the weather report.  It has been just president elect Biden and veep elect Harris.  The big plus is their voices do not grate or make me want to destroy my television.  My pattern has been to time the weather report and then either turn off the television or switch on the Roku for something else.  Happiness.

  3. He won in a three state squeaker and has now lost in much the same way.  What’s his beef?

  4. Joy Reid: Trump Supporters Decided All of His ‘Cruelty’ Was Fine, So ‘Yeah, We’re Gonna Dunk on Y’all’ Today
    Joy’s rant describes perfectly why I don’t give a shit about the 70 million Trump supporter’s feelings. Joe’s tone is right regarding them but I’ll never forgive any of them for their cruelty. The same goes for the people who didn’t vote for Hillary and put us in this 4-year nightmare. Yesterday was the first day in 4 years I’ve felt relief.

  5. Corey = that is a good question.  It should be a Air Force responsibility as it was before the creation.  The DoD will have some different budget next year.  At least they won’t have to do the dictator 4Jul21 waste of time.

  6. Confronting the Damage of Trumpism The road to his presidency was decades long. The road back won’t be easy.

    Mr. Trump’s presidency is the result of a long history of the Republican Party’s descent into moral bankruptcy, but also of a culture of social media-driven alienation involving all of us. The presidency of Barack Obama was startling progress, but the bitter reaction to him on the right came from well-cultivated precincts of media, think tanks, racial nationalism and corporate organizing.

    Overcoming this Trump scar, carved into our consciousness, needs leadership with a chastened sense of history, the knowledge that the beautiful vision of American pluralism is sometimes not as potent as the political weapon of hatred.

  7. Shut up, Mitt Romney!  This was not about saving coal, gas and oil, and, not providing healthcare for everyone.   He’s a very smooth liar, but he’s still a liar. 

    Georgia, on my mind. We MUST win the Senate!

  8. It has been a crazy week, I lost track of the day. It all blended together in a post election “waiting for the net works to grow a set and call it” haze. 
    So what is today Sunday?
    Sorry, maybe things will get back to normal next week. Meanwhile:

    Oh beautiful, for spacious skiesFor amber waves of grain


  9. Yep,  too soon. We have yet to determine the survivors of the Democratic circular firing squad that is forming.

  10. He’s not going away, y’know…….he’s going to HAUNT DC like Casper’s malignant cousin Elmer the Nasty Ghost

  11. Ho boy……..gov’t in exile……..the years of 2 popes…..what fresh hell are we headed for.

  12. Rep. Jim Clyburn, on NBC’s Meet the Press:

    “I believe it’s good to be conservative at times and it’s good to be liberal at times in different ways. You’ve got to balance it out.”

    BTW, I suspect his definition of conservative isn’t the nutball crazy of Trumpism.

  13. This nation has always been a pendulum swaying across a broad middle.  Whenever it goes too far to the right which it has actually been doing for years with even Obama being a tentative pull back before this last hard gasp into madness under Trump.  Now we glide not to wide to the left except for a tip of adjustment to reality in Kamala.  It may or not continue depending on the state of the Senate.  Whether or not it will be enough to undue the damage done to the educational system is still to be seen.  Looking at the Trump voters and their almost total inability to assess a situation armed with even basic civics logic is still terrifying.

    None of the above will matter if mankind as a whole manages to destroy the environment that supports the survival of their numbers when we already are in a state where only the wealthiest and most developed nations can exist in any degree of comfort on the existing resources. 


  14. I managed to make it to the grocery, so now I’m going to make a joyful noise unto the lard.

  15. It’s hard to imagine Georgia kicking ass in any meaningful way, but looky yonder, hey howdy.

    Georgia gonna pull this fat right out th’ fire.

  16. An interesting opinion article to read the whole thing
    Yes, We have a problem, Trump has brought it front and center, it is not just racism it is about how we divide and demonize the opposition. The problem is in the very foundation of our country, institutionalized in the constitution.

    There has always been a strong streak of despotism living inside of our democracy like a parasite, weakening our country by making it impossible for millions of Americans to trust the process. It’s our dark side, made most most clear in our legacy with slavery and the racism that came with it.
    This legacy didn’t just disenfranchise black Americans, it corrupted white Americans. It created the fascist, anti-egalitarian ideology that formed the Confederate States of America and pushed us into the Civil War. And after that it allowed the creation of antidemocratic political systems within our democracy, in which white people practiced an American style of fascism in order to hold on to power, especially in the South. That is what Jim Crow was………
    It is important to note that Trump has created an “ism,” because isms can survive individuals. And Trumpism  is not only a set of political beliefs, but also a way to conduct politics — by spreading lies and misinformation, by disenfranchising people who may not be in the clan, by stoking racial divisons, by embracing nepotism and cronyism. Trumpism grasps for power for power’s sake. It is a kind of brutal politics we see in weaker democracies around the world, but the seeds of it have been with us from the founding of the Republic. That is why this election was too close for comfort.

  17. For a road hog moo-jician holed up in motels for weeks at a time Alex was a so welcome sight on the old tv.   

  18. Good lucky prying the car keys outta his hands.   
    What was up with the moving van at the WH?

  19. michael cohen was just on cnn and said that he thinks D’ump will go to mar a lago just before christmas and not come back for the inauguration.  he also says there was always a plan to set up the trump network and that D’ump will make use of that to spread conspiracy theories, hurt the biden admin any way he can and that he will make use of his cult base (which count in the millions) as the loyal audience for that network.  sounds like rash slimeball, murdock & faux friends crew will have a new competitor.  


    cohen also said that D’ump will NOT concede nor ever recognize the Biden win and that there is absolutely no way he will ever admit to being a loser which is (according to MC) the worse thing D’ump fears to be called. 

  20. There isn’t going to be any coming together with the current Goopers. Smash them

  21. business insider:

    Mary Trump, the niece of President Donald Trump, has continued her attacks on her uncle, warning that he is likely to spend the transition period “breaking stuff” with “vengeance” after losing the election to President-elect Joe Biden.
    Writing for The Observer in an article published on Sunday, Mary Trump said that while Trump may not concede to the election, the period that follows will be worse.
    “This is what Donald’s going to do: he’s not going to concede, although who cares. What’s worse is he’s not going to engage in the normal activities that guarantee a peaceful transition,” she wrote in the article.
    “All he’s got now is breaking stuff, and he’s going to do that with a vengeance. I’ve always known how cruel he can be,” Mary Trump added. 
    The president’s niece wrote that she’s worried that he will “go as far” as delegitimizing the new administration, passing pardons that “will demoralize us,” and signing a “flurry of executive orders.”
    “Remember, he will also still be in charge of the US response to the pandemic. There could be a million Americans dead by then under his watch,” Mary Trump said.

  22. repeat for emphasis:

    “All he’s got now is breaking stuff, and he’s going to do that with a vengeance. I’ve always known how cruel he can be” 

  23. Is the LP done once tRUMPsky vacates?  Are they going to help out in Georgia, or, are they going to prop up Moscow Mitch?

  24. Mickey C May be correct about how tRUMPsky goes out, however, there will be lawsuits-a-plenty.
     And, if Deutschebank calls in loans and seizes assets when he can’t pay (or is that what what the new, donor money is earmarked for?), how much leverage will he have with anyone but the hardcore racists? 
    All Biden has to do is lead on the pandemic, work on green jobs, retold public education, get policing in hand, and, get healthcare for all under way. Yes, it’s a big list, but if he can start working on those things, anyone who tries to stop it will be seen as UN-American.
    Any moves by Repugz in Congress will be seen as hurting the average American.  No more games that only benefit the 1%.   You’re toast, Republicans.   

  25. If you tweet go to Claudia silver and check out the tiktok video of a young lady talking about the Four Seasons Fiasco. 
    She’s precious.     I can’t make it copy.

  26. Thanks.  Good to see LP is helping out in Georgia.  
    Might SFB help out Dems in GA as retaliation for Repugz not having his back after he lost?  Seems like the vengeful thing to do.

  27. Kings Return – Amazing singers who just asked to please sing at the Inaugural.  Biden/Harris would be hard pressed to find better


  28. I think Fetterman is planning on running for gov but he would be great in the senate

  29. Isn’t it obvious? Trump won’t concede until he’s bilked every last possible dollar from his idiot donors for bogus lawsuits, most of which he’ll keep for himself and maybe some chump change to Rudy et al. Just another swindle.

  30. So funny watching Trump’s stupid lawyers file bogus lawsuits. Soon they’ll find out they’re not getting paid. That’s how he rolls. Will keep the defense fund donations.

  31. how about joe bringing in a goper or 2?  maybe someone like will hurd into one of the intel posts.

  32. Goodbye, Ivanka

    Whereas once I expended anger upon you, now I am simply glad never to be forced to think of you again. Whereas many have contended over the years that you acted valiantly, if secretly, to mitigate and ameliorate the cruelty of your father, the evidence suggests that you instead acted corruptly, if secretly, to coat his viciousness in silky pink pearlescent influencer goo.
    Surely it is unjust to have been born to perform one task: moving Trump product, hawking the Trump brand, filling the Trump coffers, endlessly pitching and selling and managing the Trump units that filled the Trump warehouses, and the Trump wine bottles, and the foreign Trump factory storerooms full to bursting. That was the destiny you should have been left to fulfill, with its empty slogans of feminism and faith, equality and motherhood, globalism and environmentalism. But of course, feminism and faith, equality and motherhood, globalism and environmentalism are real values. When not just being repurposed to help you hawk midpriced kitten heels, each demands the arduous work of justice. Humility, I understand, is not on brand for Trumps but attempts at any of these fundamentals of justice without humility is actually just shilling.

  33. Yang – New position – Sec of Tech?  or Sec o/t Interior

    No need to pick a GOoPer for a cabinet post. That just gives them a resume to run against DEMs in 2024 or beyond.

  34. They’ve said a thousand times that Harris is black and Asian. Which is fine. I love diversity, but the white trumpity folks have a problem with that.  I think Biden needs to pay more attention those white folks.  That seems to be what the Dems have forgotten about over time. 
    There is no old fashioned American Dream anymore. We all have to find a job and work for our keep. I think those white folks have a sense of entitlement and think assorted brown folks are simply taking their jobs. And that those brown folks are getting preference over them. And those white folks don’t want to take just any job. So, there’s a white folks perception problem and trumpity tapped into that.
    Also at the end of the Rick Steve’s piece on Fascist Germany, a German man near the end said, don’t give a simple answer to a complex problem. That’s what trumpity did and won those white folks over who are looking for the American Dream. He told them clean coal would come back along with steel and cars.  Simple answer, even if a lie. It should be Biden who comes up with answers to their problems and then gives them a simple answer to the problems. That’s how he can unite the American people.
    What will annoy me to no end is if he brings in all Goldman Sachs folks again. And if the secretary of education turns out to be an ivy league college president just because the university has a big endowment. 

  35. The C19 report came back yesterday am. They found no evidence of C19 lurking in my snoot. Sweetie tested positive, but I’m negative.  I don’t see how that can be possible.

  36. Congratulations, Mr Pogo !  Your Tide sure rolled. 
    My Gophers and Vikings finally found the keys to success, also. A little late, but welcome changes.

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