President-Elect Joe Biden

Here at the Trail Mix Decision Desk we have eyes, ears and ten fingers each, so it’s obvious Joe Biden has won Pennsylvania and at least 270 votes in the Electoral College, no matter how you count them. What are the network decision desks waiting for?


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  1. C’mon network decision desks, what are you waiting for? Trump has lost every batch of Pennsylvania mail-in counts for two days, wiping out his Election Day lead, and remaining ballots are coming from counties Biden leads with 60% to over 80% of the vote. He’s even wining the mail ballots in Trump counties. This isn’t a mystery. Nor is it disputable that the state’s 20 Electoral Votes put him over the top. Call it!

  2. Former PA Gov./former Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell: “Joe Biden will carry this state by 60 to 80 thousand votes, somewhere in that margin” (MSNBC)

  3. Trump PA lead 18,229
    Latest batch of mail-in ballot returns from Philadelphia: Trump’s statewide lead drops from 22,576  to 18,229. There are 54,000 ballots left to count in Philly, where Biden has been averaging 90% of the vote.

    At this pace Biden should move ahead early AM.

  4. Trump GA lead 1,479
    Latest returns from Clayton County GA (Atlanta suburb): Trump’s statewide lead drops from 1,709 to 1,479. There are 4,700 votes remaining in Clayton, where Biden leads with 85% of the vote.

    At this pace Biden should move ahead by Noon today.

  5. I woke up feeling pretty good after a few days of gloominess, and then I saw this.

    Twitter permanently suspends Steve Bannon account after talk of beheading

    “Twitter permanently suspended an account belonging to former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon after he suggested Thursday morning that Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray should be beheaded. His comments were made in a video posted to his Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.”

  6. I hope even the MOST conservative of the SCOTUS take that kind of rhetoric into account when hearing the hideous, disgusting, ignorant pf civics orange bucket of lard’s  assorted lawsuits!

  7. wapo:

    The Secret Service is sending reinforcements to Wilmington, Del., starting Friday to help protect former vice president Joe Biden as his campaign prepares for the possibility he may soon claim victory in his bid for the White House, according to two people familiar with the plans.
    The Secret Service summoned a squad of agents to add to the protective bubble around Biden after his campaign alerted the Secret Service the Democratic nominee would continue utilizing a Wilmington convention center at least another day and could make a major speech as early as Friday, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the security protocols.Secret Service spokeswoman Catherine Milhoan declined to comment, stressing that the agency does not publicly discuss security planning for the president or candidates it protects.
    The additional security for Biden that is expected to begin Friday doesn’t give him a full protective detail that accompanies a president-elect, but moves closer in that direction. It remains unclear when the Secret Service would provide that level of security for Biden should he win.
    The agency typically ramps up protection for a president-elect immediately after that person has been declared the winner by assigning a new raft of agents to the incoming president. Historically, that increase in protection has happened late into election night after one candidate has conceded and the other has given a victory speech.

  8. Yahoody‼️

    🎼Georgia, Georgia, A song of you
    Comes as sweet and clear
    As moonlight through the pines. 

    PA is just behind. By noon Biden will be at 306, this will be over and Dumbass’ thumbs will be bleeding. 

    I can’t wait to see how the Ghouliani tries to spin this.

  9. As Stephen Colbert said, if we had any doubt Joe was nearing 270, last night’s little tRUMPsky show was proof.
    Still, we wouldn’t want networks calling it for tTUMPsky until the count was certified. And, as Lester Holt said last night (in response to tRUMPsky telling networks to call it for him),  the networks can’t  officially  do anything.  
    The military votes should be counted, too. Then, we have to make sure the Reougz don’t do anything hinkey with the EC or something else we can’t imagine.
    Republucsns are terrible. They are racists.  They are propping you a wanna-be dictator.  We will not forget. Midterms are in 2 years and our messaging will much clearer because it won’t be offset by the lies of tRUMP-lovin’ Repugz.

  10. Relax….  let all the votes be counted.  Then it will be official…   thank the universe!
    tiptoe…   Steve Bannon was probably drunk off his ass when he tweeted that stuff…. or in other words….  his usual condition.

  11. If it is a forgone fact that Biden is going to win Pa and Ga, then call the freakin race and let’s be done. We need new leadership in house and senate. McConnel is going to make his no 1 priority to kill Biden. Pelosi is such a hated volatile speaker republic say no just to get at her. 

  12. Republicans don’t need Nancy for them to say no……they’ll say no regardless of who is speaker of the house.  Perhaps the focus might be best laid at the feet of asshole Republicans instead of a true and stalwart democratic hero.

  13. It’s amazing……every time democrats pull something together, democrats start pecking on—democrats.    

  14. I don’t give a damn what Republicans think of Nancy!! What matters is what Dems think of Nancy and she is loved and appreciated. DONT MESS WITH NANCY :0)

  15. I am really looking forward to Nancy’s plans and moves now that she’s no longer in such an overwhelmed position, with strong youngsters like AOC on board and fighting along with her.  Don’t know about Chuck…..with a guy like yertle holding an iron grip over the senate, there’s not much wiggle room.   But perhaps we can now see some daylight ahead?

  16. Philadelphia must be waiting to release a big batch of numbers. About 2am they stopped putting out incremental numbers every hour. Current difference — 18k — same as then even though they kept counting.

  17. My favorite old texas mafia club owner out in Denver asks me one time, “You ever see a bunch of chickens in a barnyard?”  As it turns out, I had seen them a bunch in my yoot.  “Did you ever see how out of the blue they’ll pick one out amongst em and commence to peckin’ on it?  They’ll peck on it till it’s all bloody and then peck it to death.”  Turns out I’d seen that as well.   “Moo-jicians are just like that,” he says.   

  18. The election gods woke me up just in time to hear Phil Mattingly (CNN) put Biden ahead in Georgia…Decency will prevail!!!🇺🇸

  19. I love it that Jake Tapper just said that if Trump doesn’t accept reality, he will be escorted from the building!

  20. The next few days will be a test as to whether the Republican Party has any spine or decency!

  21. Today would be a good time for every marquee Democrat, even some Republicans, to go big defending the integrity of this election, and validate Biden’s victory.

  22. Yes, George W. Bush needs to release a statement later today! Time to step up…🇺🇸

  23. Also, if Trump is not going to concede, invite Biden to the WH, all the usual stuff, Biden should just ignore the man, claim his victory, announce his transition team, discuss Cabinet prospects, meet with congressional leaders about COVID plans, act as though he’s already in office.

  24. RR, it doesn’t matter Bannon’s condition.  It’s that it was said. And said in the US. Especially in light of a middle school teacher beheaded in France.  It gives moron’s the thought and probably the idea that it’d be OK because it came from Bannon.. All in all, NOT good. Poor ole Dr. Fauci! Just trying to do his job!
    All the news channels are all but saying Biden took PA.  They’re tiptoeing around it so  as not to upset the toddler in the WH nor to give him ammo from a premature announcement.

  25. Do you think the irony will be lost on white supremacists that black people from  Georgia might help save Western Civilization?
    i do.

  26. Oh, and notice going back to the 1950’s isn’t a severe enough regression for Bannon and Pals, they want to go back a full 500 years (to Tudor England, he said).

  27. Harvard should be ashamed that it ever produced something the likes of Bannon!
    Went to breakfast this morning with a friend…  we were both celebrating!

  28. Time for the repubes to step up to support democratic elections in the UNITED STATES!  But the trumpity crime family is threatening them from the other side. The scenario: trumpity almost concedes saying he’s running in 2024 and that starts his MONEY collection drive to fund his hateful rallies (until he’s too old to do them) and ginning up his former base, creating havoc, ad nauseum, etc.  And then he won’t give his golden support to the repubes on the 2024 ballot because they aren’t speaking up now in support of him.  A real twisted sister act!

  29. Bannon was arrested at about 7.15am ET on a yacht off the coast of Connecticut, it was said in court, and he was brought to New York city several hours later.
    Afterhis court appearance,Bannon was released on a $5m bond, backed by $1.75m in cash or real estate. He has until 3 September to get this collateral together.

    I’m wondering what the judge in his fraud case  is thinking. 

  30. Well, in hindsight and after seeing this year’s returns, Mr. Crawford, i owe you an apology for the harshness of my castigation of your false equivalences, four years, ago.
    Half of America knew exactly who trump was, and voted for him anyway, twice, and nothing you said was going to influence them.
    In my defense, that wasn’t clear until this week.  Sorry.

  31. I suspect MSM isn’t talking about Bannon’s hideous comment so as to not incite anything on either side.

  32. Shouldn’t  Bannon be arrested and charged with something for that  threatening, hideous suggestion?  Any lawyers around? 

  33. bob, yeah PA lt gov looked like he really enjoyed answering that question earlier about any evidence of fraud in election.  he dryly answered yes only 1,  a man who tried casting his dead mother’s vote – – adding the guy is a republican.   🙂

  34. As Trump makes up stuff about voter fraud now would be a good time for those NY prosecutors to make some public moves in their tax and bank fraud cases against him.

    The NY AG is doing the tax and bank fraud cases.  Is SDNY still pursuing their cases since they’re at the Fed level or part of the Fed?

  36. And out come the knives –
    Ruddy, a friend of the president’s and a member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, added: “Fox didn’t like Trump, they wanted to get him. I spoke to the president yesterday, and that’s his opinion. He thinks they were definitely out to get him and he’s very upset… He certainly has Irish Alzheimer’s. He forgets everything except the grudges. He definitely remembers all the grudges. It’s not going to be good for Fox either way because Trump, even if he loses, is going to be a force in the media.”
    Ruddy said Newsmax is in a position to capitalize on Trump’s and his acolytes’ anger at Fox News.


  37. Complete moron Santorum on CNN says you have to give Goopers a break because they are concerned about becoming communists.  Asshole

  38. Fetterman was vista volunteer in Bradford and later became mayor.   His family is very supportive of him and I think he can do great things.  For me he is a big supporter of legal pot.   His wife Gisele is great as well.  Sometimes she trolls him on Twitter 

  39. I guess if you are facing going to jail not just losing your job.  You might be inclined to lie and throw fits
    Oh. By the way trump doesn’t own any big boy pants

  40. George Conway in wapo:

    It’s somehow fitting. A presidency launched with lies, and fueled by them ever since, was destined to finish with the worst of them all.
    […recaps here some of the lies at beginning of term…]
    As time passed, Trump self-servingly misled with ever-increasing speed, about subjects of escalating import. By the end of August, when he accepted his nomination for reelection, he’d told more than 22,000 falsehoods in office, barrelling ahead at a clip of more than 50 a day, meaning that he’s probably over 25,000 by now.
    The newer lies are the most serious — for individual citizens and for our democracy. Without hesitation, Trump has said anything about the pandemic he has thought politically helpful, whether it was true or made sense.  [recounts  D’ump lies on COVID]
    As for our democracy, Trump unceasingly and maliciously maligned the electoral process, just as he did when he took office. Facing an uphill reelection fight, he made every false claim he could to delegitimize, or set the stage for challenging, the result — truth, logic and consistency be damned, even at the price of undermining the democratic system he swore an oath to protect.
    [… recaps the voter fraud and rigged election D’ump lies and plots…]
    Trump’s conduct illustrates, as well as anything else over the past four years, his unfitness for office. Trump may lose his lawsuits and the election, but he will never give up on his claims of fraud.
    That was on florid display in the White House briefing room on Thursday night, when Trump claimed, without any basis, that he had won the election. “This is a case where they’re trying to steal an election, they’re trying to rig an election, and we can’t let that happen,” Trump asserted. He said every “legal” vote should count — but, of course, his view of a legal vote is one that is cast for him.
    In the end, his deranged claims of fraud will have accomplished only one thing: He will have squandered his last and best chance to show he could admit the truth and, for once, do something right by the country instead of himself.

  41. beware D’ump’s next ploy the guardian warned us about in sept:

    Could Republicans ignore the popular vote and choose their own pro-Trump electors?
    Donald Trump escalated his efforts to undermine the 2020 election this week.
    Republicans are reportedly considering the possibility of asking state legislatures to ignore the will of the popular vote and appoint electors favorable to the president. Trump also declined to say whether he would accept a peaceful transfer of power this week, comments that many Republicans distanced themselves from. Trump said he needs to put a new supreme court justice in place to resolve election disputes.
    The US constitution gives state legislatures the authority to appoint the 538 electors to the electoral college who ultimately elect the president. States have long used the winner of the popular vote to determine who gets the electoral votes in their states, but Republicans anonymously told the Atlantic the campaign has discussed the possibility of using delays in the vote count as a basis to ask Republican-controlled legislatures to appoint their own electors, regardless of the final vote tally.
    “The state legislatures will say, ‘All right, we’ve been given this constitutional power. We don’t think the results of our own state are accurate, so here’s our slate of electors that we think properly reflect the results of our state,’ ” a Trump campaign legal adviser told the Atlantic.
    It’s also not clear how widespread or serious the Republican effort is. Joseph Kyzer, a spokesman for the North Carolina speaker, Tim Moore, said it wasn’t something being discussed among lawmakers. Andrew Hitt, the chairman of the Wisconsin Republican party, also told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Wednesday it wasn’t something that was being discussed.
    Because of a surge in mail-in balloting, election officials are likely to continue counting votes after the polls close on 3 November. There is nothing unusual about that kind of delay, but experts are increasingly worried Trump could use it to claim victory if vote tallies show him ahead on election night. There is a push to prepare the public to understand such a wait is normal to gird against claims of fraud.
    “Unnecessarily sowing doubt and confusion in voters’ mind can alienate some voters from even participating at all and can fuel anxieties that put people on a razor’s edge,” Pildes said.

  42. “…they are concerned about becoming communists.”  WTF?????  So Santorium admits that trumpity was indeed moving toward communism????? And give them some f’ing slack????  
    I don’t think so!
    Jeezeees…admits what we’ve long suspected!

  43. So, are we doing this tonight?  Just ordered Japanese and would like to have a party. 

  44. Tony, I say they allow the same level of force (when removing the orange stain from the White House) that he used against the peaceful protesters when he held that bible upside down. 

  45. …heard on NPR that Penn’s auto-recount threshold is a 35K margin, so likely no declaration until that #

  46. bink, PA also has a .1 percent recount hurdle to cross, but don’t think it’s an auto-mandate

  47. wapo:

    Legal jockeying in Pennsylvania intensified Friday as Republicans asked the U.S. Supreme Court to ensure county election officials were segregating mail ballots delivered after Election Day, the latest effort by the GOP to use the courts to intervene in the vote count as former vice president Joe Biden’s advantage grew.
    On Friday evening, Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., who received the petition because he is the justice responsible for that region, approved the GOP request for now. He called for a response from state officials by Saturday afternoon.
    Even if the high court were to ultimately side with Republicans, the impact would likely be muted: Pennsylvania officials said they are already setting aside the small number of mail ballots that have arrived since Tuesday.
    But the move was part of a broader scramble in the courts by President Trump’s campaign and other Republican figures as Biden improved his lead in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada.

  48. speaking of elections in GA


    ATLANTA, Ga. — A man working at a vote-counting site in Atlanta earlier this week has gone into hiding after being wrongly accused of discarding a ballot, according to Richard Barron, elections director for Georgia’s largest county, Fulton.

    Mr. Barron made the announcement at a Friday evening press conference during which Fulton officials announced they had finished counting all the county’s more than 500,000 votes, including those cast in person — early or on Election Day — and mail-in ballots. Just a few-thousand provisional, military and overseas ballots are yet to be counted.

    A short video posted on social media showed a man processing ballots, and crumpling and throwing away a piece of paper. A person narrating the video claims that he threw out a ballot. In fact, he was simply tossing out a list of instructions that had been placed in a ballot envelope, Mr. Barron said. After the video went viral, and the election worker’s personal information was posted online, threats were made on his life and he was forced into hiding, Mr. Barron added.


  49. More about Georgia  –
    The turn around for Biden  came out of John Lewis’ district  –

  50. About that “Grand Left Wing Plot to Steal the Election”
    We break into the vault  to steal the presidency , but don’t go ahead and steal the senate as well. 

  51. At the statehouse level the GOP  had a great night.   Why not steal a few of them while we’re in the vault ?
    They’re light , 6 or 7  can be stuffed in a pillow case. 

  52. “On Nov. 4th you won’t be hearing any more about Covid .” 
    The 45th president of the United States.
    Thursday Nov. 5th –
    America reports 125,000 news cases. 

  53. A report earlier today –
    Election lawyers  report that  flipping 500 votes in a recount is a big deal . 

  54. I propose my own “Bat Crap Crazy” theory .
    A.  Trump is the antichrist 
    B . I demand to inspect his entire body for the 3 sixes.  I believe they are hidden on his head. 

  55. Thank-you Jesus. 

    According to the National Weather Service (NWS), Saturday through Monday night will likely bring two to three feet of snow to the southwestern San Juan Mountains, as well as one to two feet to the La Garita Mountains. The heaviest snowfall is currently predicted to drop on Saturday night and Sunday night.

  56. Speaking of 3 feet .
    That much  has fallin’ in the form of rain  in 3 days in Central America. 
    Driving them all deeper into despair. 

  57. David  Brooks  nailed it tonight . 
    The dems can’t speak  to people who never went college.  The rubs are too white to see their new base. 

  58. This most important thing he said –
    We are not going to banish our opponents  we are  50/50. 

  59. As Joe Biden’s vote count climbed ever upward above Donald Trump’s this week, denizens of one of the most notorious pro-Trump forums convened to ask an important question: how can we blame this on Libertarians?
    Regulars on 4chan’s Politically Incorrect (/pol/) board credited themselves (somewhat dubiously) for memeing Trump to the presidency in 2016. But with Trump’s reelection prospects looking dimmer by the hour, this hotbed for conspiracy theories and casual Nazism went looking for a scapegoat. Some members appeared to find it in people who voted for Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen instead of Trump.

  60. There  are 14 million minks being killed  in Denmark , because the virus  has mutated  in them , over a dozen workers  have caught  that “new strain” . 
    What the right does not understand , SARS, H1N1 ,  Covid, Ebola, are just the beginning. 
    Viruses  never sleep, they are like rust, and gravity. 

  61. And Now Everybody  !
    The knives  come out for the entire  family .  He’s a Loser.   And they are about to hire hundreds of lawyers. 
    And that giant pimple on the butt  of the nation  get’s his walking papers.  Yes, Att. Gen.   Barr. 

  62. Make no mistake- trump won.  He won by infecting the entire world with his narcissism and etched himself into the history books: the only goal of a narcissist.
    We just need to be rid of him.

  63. …and now that the polls are closed:
    Dear Portland,
    Rein in your moron anarchists.
    A Concerned Citizen.

  64. Bink –
    So sorry  to hear that .  
    We die, because “germ theory”  is beyond  the  thinking of the right. 
    This is why they are on their knees in front of voting centers.  And the virus is wiping out the health care  infrastructure, in every Trump state. 
    Science , not kneeling  will  saved us .  

  65. Bink –
    Trump  did not win .
    In a context of world history  he’s running between  Nero, and Caligula.

  66. Will Repugz ever let another tRUMP be their nominee?  Nope.  They’re locking up that liquor cabinet.   Poor Eric doesn’t understand that there is no honor among thieves.  

  67. No condolences necessary- only shared, and reluctantly so, to reinforce the reality of it.  Thanks, though❤️

  68. The good news is that i’m functioning at near-pre-COVID normality, i just do it with a mask on (actually two masks, a surgical mask under a cotton fashionable mask) and hand-sanitizer in my pocket (and a lot of dodging and weaving).
    i can’t say for certain i haven’t had COVID, it’s possible i have, but i’m still here🤷‍♂️
    As i understand it, severity of complications may be a consequence of  the amount of viral load received at the time of infection, so all responsible conduct helps.
    Ok, my goal was to help you all live long enough to vote, and we did it!  i’ll curtail my protocol advice, henceforth.
    Thanks, also, to Pogo, for convincing me to refrain from undermining the candidacy of the eventual President-Elect, back in primary season.  Good call, esteemed Sir👍❤️🇺🇸

  69. Here, trailmix pro-tip:
    ”Germ-X” is the good hand-sanitizer, kills everything, no weird bullshit on your hands after it dries😉

  70. If Biben doesn’t give Stacey her pick  in his new  cabinet , he’s a fool .
    If he does , those  senate  elections there really really matter. 
    The democratic party   has to pull off a hat trick in  Georgia. 
    And Stacey  is in the drivers seat. 
    I love her odds.  Stacey could hand the US  Senate to Biden.
    And she knows it. 

  71. i think he should give her his Corvette😆
    (Presidents and Ex-Presidents are forbidden from driving, or so i’ve read)

  72. Who says there’s no god?

    Election 2020 live updates: White House chief of staff Meadows tests positive for coronavirus

    Karrrrrma is such a lovely word… and mostly what I need from you. (Apologies to Billy)

    Bink, no thanks necessary, and I’m happy you’re still kicking.

  73. If the GA Senate votes are delayed past Jan 3d, and IF the Dems have their Senate in order, moscow midge will lose his majority leader position by virtue VP Harris breaking the tie vote, and her replacement having been already sworn in. 

    So, screw mcconnell.

  74. Ok, it’s late, it’s Friday, i may be compromising my liver, but verily i say unto thee:
    Do not dismiss the impact your wisdom can have, Gen Z needs and wants it, i promise thee.

    (millions upon millions of kids in this country that wish just one single adult gave a single fuck about them- make your mark)

  75. Re Mr Man’s of 9:44 pm : the rippers are also too anti-female and too full of religious bigotry to take effective advantage of the non-college workers. 

  76. Next time the Pentagon gives the stable genius a ride to Marla’s Ego, they can just leave him. 
    He has nothing more to say to anyone. That is, not after,
    “Stop counting the votes. We need a recount ! “

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