96 thoughts on “Vote Counting Time”

  1. WTF is it with this new wall around the White House?  Unscalable?  I call bullshit.    First, what wall is unscalable? Second, why?  

  2. CNN always has the most resources for elections and natural disasters. My go to channel for both. MSNBC good for Dem wishful thinking. FOX best for delusional GOP denial. 

  3. So the Kentucky returns from the ‘burbs should cause D’ump’s little nuts to go to ice and start melting. 

  4. He talks about losing in front of his campaign staff.  Last night his closing was that babble about losing to Biden .
    Look for Laura Ingraham’s head to auto-rotate  on set  near half time. 

  5. I’m just wondering what crazy things will come out of tRUMPsky and the Repugz before we finally get rid of them & I can relax.  I’m taking tomorrow off work.  Sleep will elude me, no matter what happens. Are we gonna wake up in a blue state, Texans?

  6. Biden overperforming Hillary, leading in Hillsborough County (Tampa) and Pinellas (St. Petersburg). Looks good. Pinellas is Florida’s bellwether. When I saw Trump ahead there in 2016 I knew Hillary had
    lost the election.

  7. oh cool trump winning the electoral college but losing popular vote already
    the Electoral College is so great🤮

  8. “Family Guy”  …………….. Good choice .
    “Peter Joins the Tea Party”
    ” Somalia  did so great with no government , I don’t know why we screwed it up.” 
    Carter was “Joe the Plumber” .

  9. The young kids in Florida said they don’t want handouts and that’s why they wanted tRUMPsky.  Nobody talked to those kids, dammit!

  10. Have PBS on in the other room  . 
    They are stepping up their game.   This is Judy’s last campaign,  and I love Amy Walter. 
    She is the poster girl for why being a nerd  is cool. 
    And David Brooks , that is one troubled man.  My respect has only grow for his words .

  11. “ I’m not feeling good about this at all”
    -then you shouldn’t have supported Jill Stein🤷‍♂️

  12. Poobah, your optimism about TX may be well placed. Joe’s outperforming Clinton by about 4% in the metro areas. 

  13. i haven’t carved a jack-o-lantern since i learned how to make really good pumpkin soup, fun fact

  14. I think it is going great
    Biden may lose Fla but will carry Ohio and Texas

  15. Too early to call in Arkansas?  Whaddaloadashit. I coulda called Arkansas on November 10, 2016. 

  16. Chris Hayes has lost sight of the primary demographic that will win or lose this for one or the other candidate. It’s the female vote. Period. Period. Period. 

  17. Also, Mudcat was exactly right about Hillary yesterday.  She lost it.  And as I was told repeatedly in 2016, my vote in red TX didn’t count.   
    I was hopeful that TX would turn blue, but maybe most of those early voters were Biden’s, some tRUMP, but today’s voters might be all Repug.    I hope I’m wrong.

  18. I was so glad Lady Gaga  brought up grabbing  body parts. 
    This is not dead. 
    If we shave his head their are 3 sixs  on his scalp. 

  19. “Stanley, load that scantron machine faster!”
    ”Imma givin’ ‘er all she’s got, Cap’n!”

  20. Ohio –
    For decades they exported  their best and their brightest. 
    25 years ago I wanted  combat pay  to cross the river. 

  21. They say that election day should be a national holiday, but i’m really hoping tomorrow is.
    Is it?

  22. Man, a certain person who comments chooses tonight to yet again to bash Hillary and justify her vote for Trump. Have i bumped my head? Passive/Aggressive, you bet, it works with the Clinton haters. Only way, never directly address trolls. 

  23. Dammit, Cornyn is winning. The gas & oil jobs got traction and she had way more money/ads.

  24. At least we got Hickenlooper.
    It looks like Lindsey will get another term, the little weasel.

  25. i was thinking about how Lindsey, in multiple contexts, expressed how success is possible with conformity, and it all made sense.  Poor guy.

  26. I am watching PBS…very good coverage…can’t take cable networks…things look good in Arizona!🇺🇸

  27. Pretty sure that what hurt MJ was that the Repugz got rid of the straight-party ballot.  Some folks just voted for prez and didn’t bother with the rest of the races.  

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