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  1. politico:

    The final polls before the election, released on Monday, continued to show Joe Biden ahead in enough swing states to win. Some of the states are close, but the polls would have to be significantly more inaccurate than they were in 2016 for Trump to prevail.

    Here’s a state-by-state guide to the latest polls at the end of the election in 13 of the 14 states rated either as “Toss Ups,” “Lean Republican” or “Lean Democratic” in POLITICO’s Election Forecast (minus Alaska, where there is little public polling):

    [continues with list]

  2. It will be a very long day.  At least we no longer have the blue laws forcing bars and liquor stores to be closed.  We have COVID-19 to do that.

  3. Poobah, does WordPress or TM use Disqus as a comment platform?
    BTW, let’s hope today is the last day of our national nightmare and that we wake up tomorrow to a 78 day moving day watch at the WH. 

  4. vlad’s little helpers per chance?


    An unidentified robocaller has placed an estimated 10 million calls in the past several weeks warning people to “stay safe and stay home,” spooking some Americans who said they saw it as an attempt to scare them away from the polls on Election Day.
    The barrage of calls all feature the same short, recorded message: A computerized female voice says the message is a “test call” before twice encouraging people to remain inside. The robocalls, which have come from a slew of fake or unknown numbers, began over the summer and intensified in October, and now appear to have affected nearly every Zip code in the United States.
    The reach and timing of the calls recently caught the attention of YouMail, a tech company that offers a robocall-blocking app for smartphones, as well as some of the country’s top telecom carriers, which determined from an investigation that the calls may be foreign in origin and sophisticated in their tactics. Data from YouMail shows that the calls have reached 280 of the country’s 317 area codes since the campaign began in the summer.
    While the robocall does not explicitly mention the 2020 presidential election or issues that might affect voters’ well-being, including the coronavirus pandemic, it still threatens to create confusion, said Alex Quilici, YouMail’s chief executive. And it illustrates worrisome vulnerabilities in the country’s phone system, he said, that sophisticated actors could exploit.
    “If you wanted to cause havoc in America for the elections, one way to do it is clearly robocalling,” Quilici said. “This whole thing is exposing [that] it can be very difficult to react quickly to a large calling volume campaign.”
    The “stay home” robocall appears to have bombarded Americans since the summer, sometimes yielding a roughly estimated half-million calls each day, according to data collected by YouMail.
    USTelecom, a trade association for AT&T, Verizon and other telecom giants, has sought to trace and combat the campaign in recent days, according to Brian Weiss, the group’s spokesman. He said early evidence suggests that the calls are “possibly coming from Europe,” though they are sometimes routed through other foreign telecom providers.

  5. Trump on Fox and Friends sounding drugged and slow but also defeated “Biden won’t be able to handle them” referring to Congress.


  6. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-trump-trains/election-day-trump-train-caravans-may-be-a-security-concern-experts-say-idUSKBN27J1L7

    […] On Sunday, a Trump caravan in Richmond, Virginia left the roadway to drive on the grass near the Lee Monument, Richmond police said here on Facebook. Members allegedly pepper sprayed a woman, police said, and they are investigating reports that an unoccupied car was shot.
    A slew of Trump Train events are planned for Tuesday, the United States’ official Election Day, according to posts on Facebook and interviews with organizers. Several are advertised as ending or going past polling stations. Election security experts say they are concerned the rallies could break laws, intimidate voters or spiral into violent confrontations.
    “The Austin thing shows that it’s not noise,” said Michael Greenberger, the director of the Center for Health and Homeland Security at the University of Maryland.
    A Reuters review of public Facebook events Monday afternoon found about a dozen “Trump Train” caravans planned for Election Day. More are likely to be organized through private groups, experts said.
    Several public itineraries include plans to drive past, or through, polling locations. State and federal laws make voter intimidation illegal, and many states have laws here against campaigning on or near polling stations.
    One such event, organized on Facebook in southeastern Maryland’s Wicomico County, outlines a route that goes past the Civic Center and the “election office.” The organizer, who gave his name as Mark F. when contacted through Facebook, told Reuters the caravan of vehicles plans to slowly drive through the parking lot of the Civic Center, one of the county’s nine voting centers.
    Election officials have asked him to change the route, he said, but as of Monday afternoon he hadn’t decided whether to accede to their request and drive on the road next to the site instead.
    “There’s nobody that can stop us,” he said, arguing that Trump supporters had the right to be on county property making a last-minute appeal to voters. “I’m going to let everybody know that Biden’s not the way to go,” he said.

  7. New wall around the White House?  It’s cardboard. 

    Just in: WH indignantly responds: It’s not cardboard, it’s plywood. Very very high quality plywood, made in Vietnam, the very best plywood wall ever erected in the history of the world.

  8. Rick and I are waiting for a snow squall to move on…  then we’ll go to the gym and vote!  I’m so energized today!
    Nothing to forgive Pogo…  I love living in a state that doesn’t have any major cities.  And despite that sometimes they drive me crazy…  I love living among all these weird personalities.

  9. Gaga’s “little monsters” are all probably old enough to vote now.   

    He just ain’t got a lick of sense; if his brain was lard it wouldn’t grease too big a pan.

  10. We did it!  Haven’t seen that many voters in a loooong time.  But we have plenty of booths…  waited maybe 10 minutes.
    oh yeah….  and no broken glass…

  11. OK, the world may be coming to an end, My neighbor across the street, who almost never votes, just called me to ask f I knew where our voting location is.

  12. Missouri only does absentee voting and you have to have a reason. This year one of the acceptable excuses was being old. So I voted last week.


    This video covers about three hours, starting about an hour after the spacecraft dropped out of orbit and approached the surface. You see Bennu rolling by underneath, huge boulders sticking up imposingly. It appears as if the asteroid is shifting around, but it’s actually OSIRIS-REx getting into the right attitude (spacecraft orientation) for the sampling maneuver, and at about 21 seconds into the video the Nightingale landing site hoves into view and things stabilize.


  14. The Harris county jive is just flak to cover something somewhere else even more craven and venal.

  15. Poobah, thanks.  Just curious – got a Disqus email that I was reluctant to respond to – can’t imagine what I have that uses it so I’m letting it pass by.
    BTW, Wapo must be getting deluged today – it is slow ans hell.

  16. For those who don’t know what fun is, better check this out.

    PERDIDO KEY, Fla. — Nothing was going to stop the dead fish from flying.
    Not the governor next door. Not the leftover hurricane damage. And definitely not the pandemic.
    Cameron Price grabbed the mic with one hand and scooped a ray-finned mullet out of a cooler with the other. He turned to the 1,000 or so revelers crowding the shoreline behind the famed beach bar that literally straddles the Florida-Alabama state line.
    “The Flora-Bama is the last bastion of freedom in America,” he said to cheers on a recent Saturday. “It is so awesome to see all of you guys out there without masks, enjoying yourselves in the sunshine, in the salt air, and just having such an awesome time out here.”

    Flora-Bama’s Interstate Mullet Toss has been a springtime tradition for nearly 35 years: People wait in line for hours to test how far they can throw a dead fish across the state line. It’s the bar’s biggest weekend, attracting upward of 30,000 people over its typical three-day run and generating millions for the local economy. Beachfront rentals and hotels from Gulf Shores, Ala., to Pensacola, Fla., are booked up months in advance.
    But this year’s event, pushed into fall by the coronavirus pandemic, was as much a celebration of what’s legal in Florida as what isn’t in Alabama, like lottery tickets, buying liquor on Sunday, and the freedom to attend a massive beach party unconstrained by masks.
    That fierce independence, ingrained in coastal Alabama and Panhandle Florida culture, politics and faith, dovetails with the economic realities that the pandemic has exposed: financial fatigue suffered by small businesses like the Flora-Bama, which depend on tourists to stay afloat.
    A city councilman from the Alabama side of the line, one of the celebrity tossers that day, hammered home that point. He stepped up to the circle, fish in hand, and called on the crowd to stand and join him in celebrating what he called the best country in the world. “USA! USA! USA! USA!” they chanted.
    Most experienced mullet tossers have a method they swear by, such as folding the fish in half. (Emily Kask/For the Washington Post)
    [States with stricter covid-19 restrictions watch lax neighbors warily, knowing the virus does not respect borders]
    Flora-Bama is the mother ship for a collection of more than a dozen bars stacked on top of each other — including one that strung clothesline over its main stage, affixed with roughly 400 bras — a restaurant, yacht club and marina, a liquor and lottery store, and a package store. Formed in 1964 and privately held, its four owners and 24 stockholders take pride in its unvarnished, roadhouse appeal.


    Been there, haven’t done that.

  17. Stayed up for Trump’s last rally last night, this line a doozy, he told Michigan supporters, “You better get out there and vote tomorrow or I’ll be so angry I’ll never come back. I’ll tell Japan to bring all those plants the hell back.”

  18. I’ve had baloney.  I haven’t had stardust – at least not as a standalone dish.  But really, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon and we’ve got to get ourselves past this nightmare.

  19. Rendell says it won’t be tonight, but that Biden will win PA by 5-6% after the early votes are counted.  He said voting is heavy in the Philly ‘burbs and that the early vote will in all likelihood be in Biden’s favor.  As Andrea Mitchell said, no one knows PA voting like Ed Rendell.

  20. Ha…….read between THESE lines


    · 49m

    NEW: Early concern inside Trumpworld about Election Day turnout activities in PA: A person with direct knowledge of the campaign’s operations tells me, “The team in Pennsylvania was not as prepared as it should be in a state that could decide the presidency.”

  21. Me thinks Pennsylvania focus over blown. This thing ends in early reporting Sunbelt states. I’m wondering if Biden cam duped Trumpco into the wrong focus.

  22. Well, looks like Deborah Birx is coming to the end of her rope, and probably the end of her tenure in the WH.

    A top White House coronavirus adviser sounded alarms Monday about a new and deadly phasein the health crisis, pleading with top administration officials for “much more aggressive action,” even as President Trump continues to assure rallygoers that the nation is “rounding the turn” on the pandemic.We are entering the most concerning and most deadly phase of this pandemic … leading to increasing mortality,” said the Nov. 2 report from Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force. “This is not aboutlockdowns — it hasn’t been about lockdowns since March or April. It’s about an aggressive balanced approach that is not being implemented.”

    Birx’s internal report, shared with top White House and agency officials, contradicts Trump on numerous points: While the president holds large campaign events with hundreds of attendees, most without masks,she explicitly warns against them. While the president blames rising cases on more testing, she says testing is “flat or declining” in many areas where cases are rising. And while Trump says the country is “rounding the turn,” Birx notes that the country is entering its most dangerous period yet and will see more than 100,000 new cases a day this week.
    (Continues – of course).

    I figure this will be about the last straw for Birx.  Dumbass doesn’t take being contradicted lightly.

  23. “Biden [camp] duped Trumpco”
    Nitwit is trying to perfectly recreate the circumstances of his 2016 electoral college win.  Unfortunately for nitwit, Hillary isn’t available.

  24. Poobah, PA focus might be overblown at least as far as tonight goes.  It certainly won’t be leading the results tonight, but it is an important state to the ultimate outcome for both parties.  I’m thinking Florida, North Carolina and Texas will be tells tonight.    

  25. Dallas isn’t as big on mariachis as San Antonio & south.
    How many freakin’ walls does trumpity need?  And what is this one for?  He’s having 400 of his closest friends over tonight. Is the wall for when he loses so that he doesn’t leave?
    “White House Barriers, Walls Go Up Before Election Day
    THE WHITE HOUSEBUILD THAT WALL!!!Prep for Election Mayhem

  26. Countries with No U.S. Extradition Treaty


    Afghanistan Ethiopia Nepal
    Algeria Gabon Niger
    Andorra Guinea North Korea
    Angola Guinea-Bissau Oman
    Armenia Indonesia Qatar
    Bahrain Iran Russia
    Bangladesh Kazakhstan Rwanda
    Belarus Kosovo Samoa
    Bhutan Kuwait São Tomé & Príncipe
    Bosnia and Herzegovina Laos Saudi Arabia
    Brunei Lebanon Senegal
    Burkina Faso Libya Serbia
    Burundi Macedonia Somalia
    Cambodia Madagascar Sudan
    Cameroon the Maldives Syria
    Cape Verde Mali Taiwan
    the Central African Republic the Marshall Islands Togo
    Chad Mauritania Tunisia
    China Micronesia Uganda
    Comoros Moldova Ukraine
    Dem. Republic of the Congo Mongolia United Arab Emirates
    Cote d’ Ivoire Montenegro Uzbekistan
    Cuba Morocco Vanuatu
    Djibouti Mozambique the Vatican
    Equatorial Guinea Myanmar Vietnam
    Eritrea Namibia Yemen


    The following countries have been known to refuse U.S. extradition requests, despite having treaties: Bolivia, Ecuador, Iceland, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.


    [above from doug casey’s international man article titled “The best countries for your escape plan”]

  27. So the Countries with No U.S. Extradition Treaty might be where trumpity will flee to when he loses so he doesn’t have to go to prison? 

  28.  “You better get out there and vote tomorrow or I’ll be so angry I’ll never come back. I’ll tell Japan to bring all those plants the hell back.”

    “those plants”?  sounds like D’ump doesn’t like cherry blossoms.  also sounds like he’s definitely considering a one-way trip abroad.   better check the silverware, the china and that andy jackson portrait.

    Image result for Trump Andrew Jackson

    D’ump and his fav prez soul mate according to salon story last year

  29. I’m willing to sign on to 325  I think it is possible.   Mr C is freaking out  he thinks that SFB will win.  I may have to sedate him.

  30. Biden could get to 400   that would put an end to an attempts to fight the outcome

    Shouldn’t there be some exit polls by now hear there are a lot of vacancies at the Villages in Fla now.

  31. The confederate states of the thousand year reich.     Yawn.   Just another day in the 21st century.

  32. I know…….a giant wooden Big Mac  with G-men inside it and we leave it outside the main gate………..ah,  crap, that’d never work.

  33. In 2016 I remember getting scared when Jake Tapper was clearly shocked by what he was seeing in exit polls, even though he couldn’t be specific before polls closed.

  34. Secret Agent Number Six




    The people who vote for Trump are the same people who think the stripper likes them.
    I was intimately acquainted with “the strippers” while in my youth, and I can affirm that the strippers do not like them.
    Couldn’t begin to tell you how much fun it is to be a kid sitting in the wings watching the strippers and their customers all the while knowing the strippers’ side of the story. My god, those women knew how to laugh.

  35. Imagine my chagrin at finding,  upon my return to the house,  that the bottle of hearking-back peppermint schnapps I purchased on the run was actually 100 proof.  Undrinkable stuff.   

    My new goal is to see how many BB’s that pond can hold. It’s the only thing to shoot at.

  36. Sturg – That’s the stuff you splash into hot chocolate.
    I’ll relax when SFB concedes. 
    The entire crime family must go.  No future run for any of the spawn. 

  37. And pure wow, much of the time the low- end strippers worked to the Wurlitzer and Rock-Ola.

  38. Well, Ms Blue…..tonight there is no hot chocolate and a man must do what needs be done. 

  39. I can’t cheer for the lock em up stuff cause that’s what they wanted to do with “us”.  

    That’s entirely too Roman.

  40. Anticipating tonight, here’s Wapo’s guide to poll closings and early results.

    The lists and charts etc. in the article don’t copy for crap, so you’ll need to read it or just let whatever comes across on the tube wash over you.

  41. Craig –
    The Texas forecast , I’m in too .  It don’t get more “Trumpy” than the sand billies  out here.
    There are no heavy lines at the polls here. 
    Trump may have brought a knife to a gun fight.  They’ve been counting early votes here since  early voting closed .  That Big Biscuit  will pop out of the oven early in the evening. 

  42. Digging deep to bring out Mitch Miller.
    2016 I was exhausted and fell asleep before nine pm.  Tonight will probably be the same.  The animals got me up at one thirty am and I am barely awake now.  Another five hours will not happen.

  43. Bill Kristol made an interesting point .
    Two Republican judges  have throw out that Harris County action to throw out 127,000 ballots. 
    A signal that  this plan to have them rubber stamp suits may not be so  successful. 

  44. Jamie –
    Deutsche Bank ……………………
    has a giant pile of his dirty laundry in their vault

  45. In this rare case  chewing fingernails , may be classified as a “finger food”  in the dietary  chart. 

  46. The New York DA s  are on a fight to Frankfurt . To have a heart to heart with those folks. 

  47. I wonder if Mexico will pay for that new wall we had to build around the White House?
    “The Green Zone” comes to America. 

  48. WTF is it with this new wall around the White House?  Unscalable?  I call bullshit.    First, what wall is unscalable? Second, why?  

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