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  1. This gives me hope. 

    Biden maintains an advantage over Trump in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania amid signs of a tightening race, according to a poll released Monday by Monmouth University.

    The poll offers two different turnout scenarios.

    In a high-turnout model, Biden draws 51 percent support among likely voters compared with 44 percent for Trump. Under a low turnout model, Biden draws 50 percent support compared with 45 percent for Trump.

    If this holds up D’ump doesn’t have apath to 270. Regardless, we’re about 40 hours from the close of the last polling place (well, except for AK & Hi, but the results in them are foregone conclusions.

  2. Pogo
    I’m thinking the PA poll holds up. All this increased voting just doesn’t seem like the majority of it is for Trump. I mean in 4 years it doesn’t look like he’s grown, supporters. Trump has never cracked 50%.

  3. Tony, the word is that the non-public repug and dem polls show D’ump underperforming by 10 points in PA as compared to his 2016 results. His path to 270 runs through PA & AZ, and he might squeak out a narrow win in AZ, but then again tomorrow he might be wishing he hadn’t been such an asshole about John McCain. 

  4. Much depends on turnout tomorrow in Black majority cities. Alexa says good weather coming in Philadelphia (high 54, partly sunny), Miami (78, intermittent clouds). Atlanta, sunny 66. No rain.

  5. I’m with Craig. 
    IMO…I hear very little talk about how awful a choice Hillary was in ’16.  With her support of trade deals, vertical integration, etc., which resulted in the loss of jobs, lack of  opportunities for our kids, and throw in disrespect (deplorables),  Hillary had nothing for working-class or rural Americans.   Rural America is full of blue dog Democrats.   The ones I know are coming home for Joe. 
    Trump ain’t running against Hillary this time… 

  6. I’m ready for tomorrow to be take out the trash day at the White House.  Now the question is will Biden clean up the Senate in the take over.

    Mud, most of those charges against Hillary were GOP & Bernie Brat inventions plus 30 years of Clinton hatred she inherited from her husband not to mention that Comey crud and media “But Her Emails” horse race nonsense.

    She would have been a great President as apparently we had to learn the hard way.


  7. Right now the  “make it equal for a horse race” reporters are working hard to avoid calling the SFB cult members who are disrupting America to show they are the brown shirts of this time, terrorists.  Since SFB declared himself emperor for life the silly people have gone overboard into a brown sea.  We still have a Constitution and there is no king or emperor or dictator role in it.
    And, (never start a paragraph with an “AND”) so far as I can tell only two reporters have bothered to note that SFB is not running elections, states are.  The federal role is to ensure that people can vote, not who is the winner.

  8. Nice to see ya Mud. And yet, I wonder whether Joe could have been Trump in 2016. A lot voters had to see him as president before realizing what a mistake they made.

  9. 8 U.S. Code § 594.Intimidation of voters
    Whoever intimidates, threatens, coerces, or attempts to intimidate, threaten, or coerce, any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote or to vote as he may choose, or of causing such other person to vote for, or not to vote for, any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner, at any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing such candidate, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

    other info can also be seen at


    and there’s this from an earlier story by WBAL on voter intimidation:
    Complaints about possible violations of the federal voting rights laws can be made directly to the Civil Rights Division in Washington, D.C., by phone at 800-253-3931 or by complaint form on the Justice Department website.

  10. Yesterday I stood on a street corner (busy intersection in New Smyrna Beach on Hway 44) with a group of BLM protesters who started peacefully protesting there after the George Floyd incident.  It was a mixture of Biden supporters and BLM supporters and all on the same team.  The T people started packing the other corners with people, flags, signs, and horns months ago.  They also have a constant stream of T vehicles, trucks, driving around and around coming through the intersection multiple times blowing horns and slinging insults at the Biden/BLM section.  During my 1.5 hour time there, I was called a terrorist, a Demtard, a supporter of a baby killing pedophile, Karen!!!!, and had the finger shown to me a whole bunch. The Trump people had all parked in the Walgreens parking lot and were asked to move their vehicles out of there as they had taken up all the parking spaces.  Those who had to move vehicles had to park in a large lot at the corner where we were all standing, so as they would walk through our group to get back across the street, they would continue the insults, and one fellow got in the face of a BLM supporter and the police had to escort the T supporter away.  I wound up being the final sole person on the Biden/BLM corner around 5:30 so T supporters came over and stood near me, again hurling insults and trying to engage me.  I kept quiet, said nothing to any of them, and a few police officers came over and surrounded me.  (That’s when I kept getting called Karen!!).   A few of the T people gave up when I would not respond or react to them and left.  When I left the police officers told me how impressed they were with my ability to remain calm, and how disgusting watching the T supporters has been.  

  11.  2020 ELECTIONS 2 HOURS AGO Biden Got It Right: The 2020 Race Is About the Soul of the Nation Will American voters beat back the Trump virus?

    It always sounded hokey, but it was an accurate description of the 2020 election: a fight for the nation’s soul.
    Joe Biden adopted this as his catchphrase when he entered the campaign. But whether he were in the race or not, this shorthand would have aptly framed the contest. Since moving into the White House, Donald Trump, the first reality-show president, has debased the country with his bigotry, divisiveness, and demagoguery. And to make literally everything worse, his brazen incompetence, willful ignorance, and pathological narcissism shaped an inept response to a national disaster that has resulted in over 230,000 American deaths and widespread economic calamity affecting millions. The driving question of 2020 had to be: would the voters of the United States accept this? What would it say about the country if they did?

  12. Hi MJ
    I saw the commotion with the Trump supporters in NSB yesterday. I was at WAWAs. Shameful Trump supporters. Those damn trucks and Trump flags. What angers me is they also have the American flag a lot. There’s nothing patriotic about their behavior. 

  13. Let’s try again…
    The myth of the Trump economy laid bare by GDP growth – Obama’s last term and D’ump’s only term.

    If the image doesn’t show (Of course it didn’t), click the link to see it. Hard to credibly claim the best economy in the history of the universe when GDP growth was flat during the 1st 3 years of your term and fell off the fucking cliff when you mismanaged the pandemic.

  14. Tony, WaWa’s – best of the gas/convenience stores in my experience.  Like Sheetz on steroids. The tRumpsters are delusional.  Talked with Uncle Oz yesterday – he’s buying the bullshit.  He’s in an independent living apartment in a private nursing facility and of course they’re shut down to visitors (including private helpers)who don’t test negative, so many folks are refusing to test so they can’t visit.  He was right down the line with D’ump – thinks he’s done a great job with the economy (source – Fox) and that we need to open back up.  I reminded him that even if Alabama’s dumbass governor (Kay Ivey – know nothing idiot) opened up the state and the management of the home followed suit it  would expose him, who has multiple pre-existing conditions that would be comorbidities were he to contract COVID, to family who have contact with god only knows who and who have been god only knows where, and it would put him and the home of 400 or so residents at risk.  I told him that as a lawyer who has represented a hospital and nursing homes that even if Ivey and the State of Alabama – run by deep red D’ump worshipers from bottom to top – opened up the state, the management of the home probably wouldn’t follow suit because their lawyers would advise them that the liability would be through the roof.  All I got in response was Jesus, lord and savior, trump, can’t keep the country closed, and the other bullshit you can see on the channels D’ump reportedly watches. I don’t beat him up for his ignorance – he’s too damn old and sick for that, so I changed the topic to Alabama football – one of the two or three things in this world we agree on.

  15. MJ…   good on you, girl!
    Tony…  when and if things ever get back to sorta normal…. Rick and I have to take another trip down to Daytona.  That was such a fun vacation!
    Can’t wait to go across that gym floor tomorrow!

  16. yeah…  that will be me no matter what….   well…   maybe not dressed so nicely…

  17. Spread the word:

    The US government is not advertising this, because of course not, but enrollment for 2021 Obamacare opened today, and you have to be enrolled by December 15 or you are out of luck. It’s really easy to apply. healthcare.gov

  18.   We live in a vote by mail precinct.   I would say ….just guessing.   It’s 100 per cent. Biden. In the primaries   Yang Gang.   Our house. Amy!

  19. “…throw in disrespect (deplorables)”
    You mean like the kind of people that would run a campaign bus off the road and call MJ a “Demtard”? 

  20. …pretty sure CC’s thread title exactly four years, ago, was “Done Deal” (Hilary winning, that is)

  21. 🎼 Do you remember? That terrible night in November?
    Bah dee yah, voting in a fascist, bah dee yah dee yah dee yah 🎶 

  22. I love gravy.  This year friends gave me gravy for my birthday.  Hope there is lots of gravy tomorrow.

  23. I also have a feeling that the election will not be nearly as close as many think. I hope this is a correct observation! 🇺🇸

  24. When you look at COVID numbers it’s pretty scary to see how many people have not gotten the disease yet.

  25. Dreaming about January 2021 I started to think of the traditional letter one president leaves for his replacement.  I think Predictit should start one on whether SFB even writes one (actually one of his cult members would do it for the illiterate moron).  And, if he does will it be anything useful.

  26. Gravy is a beverage. I could live on a liquid diet of coffee and gravy. Gravy through an NG tube and coffee through the IV. 

  27. Ms Cracker, I hope that you were able to collect ‘enough’ gravy this halloween. 
    not that there’s ever enough. grumble, grumble.

  28. Bink, the thread starter you’re referring to was “Done Deal” on Oct. 20, 2016, following the last debate and 2 1/2 weeks before the election.  A subsequent one was”Still a Done Deal” a week before election day.  Looked like it at that point but the two contests have little in common.  In PA last time D’ump outperformed the polls by 2.6% in PA.  If he repeats he loses by .3% (RCP average), but caveat – Susquehanna, Trafalgar and Insder Advantage are showing a shift  of up to 9 points in October that no other polling reflects – including Rasmussen, the rabbit raisin source of Trump approval rating shenanigans.  There were similar performances in Michigan and he blew the doors off Wisconsin, but assuming the same, this time he’d go down in 2 of the 3 states.  Let’s just hope it’s not deja vu all over again.

  29. Hello Craig. I’m praying you are right. Florida, Florida, Florida may be Pennsylvania, PA, PA. 

  30. XR
    unfortunately for Halloween. It was candy candy candy.  So much so I made myself sick
    I made my first ever rice crispy treat.   Peanut butter rice crispiest ground up and chocolate for dipping.   They are really really good and ez to makeup 

  31. Well, i’d be a fool to dismiss available data, and you’d be one to dismiss the vote-rigger in Chief that is actively trying to foment civil war, with another two months in office to keep trying.
    Republicans suppress votes by throwing them away, Democrats suppress votes by making you complacent.

  32. Bink, I’m not dismissing any possibility – including post-election interference by SCOTUS.  BTW my complacency ended on day 3 of early voting.  

  33. The worst day for me from 4 years ago was Comey day and all the surrounding ickiness

  34. Worth remembering 2016 was a done deal for Hillary before the Comey letter. Was just looking at Florida independent voters Hillary led by 11%, after Comey letter Trump led them by 2pts, was the game changer. Luckily no such factor this time.

    This time early vote close to a draw between Ds and Rs with up to 2.5 million independents in play. If Joe can get close to Hillary’s original 11% lead among them, he can win Florida and probably the election.

  35. Predictions:

    • Biden gets to 270 Tuesday or Wednesday in a squeaker because other states that would have made it a landslide can’t be determined due to legal challenges
    • Biden barely loses a state (Ohio?) that got only a tiny fraction of the attention Pennsylvania got
  36. Ha, my soul mate DaveB as usual more cautiously practical than my bold-assertion-plausible-maintenance approach, which is why we’re a good team in life (also why he’s in charge of our finances). 

  37. The Comey letter and the Bernie and Stein defectors.  Joe doesn’t have anything near that level. 

    Bernie remains at the top of my misogynistic, White Male shit list in perpetuity.  Thank goodness he has a Republican governor since I’m not sure I could forgive Biden for a Cabinet appointment.  

  38. I don’t dispute all the last-minute focus on Pennsylvania but if enough of tomorrow night’s early reporting states – – Arizona, Florida, Georgia or North Carolina, maybe Ohio – – go Biden’s way on election night PA results would be moot, we won’t  have to wait days for PA count.

  39. If you watched that clip, the best part is where Sarah Paulson’s character screams,”…fucking Nate Silver!!  How could he get it so wrong?!?!”
    Like i said, me, four years, ago😭 

  40. Th’ Ragin’ Cajun was on Andrea Mitchell’s show while I was out to pick up lunch for Mrs. P.  He is focused on NC – his theory is that if Biden wins NC he doesn’t need to know what PA’s outcome is.  He said he’s not at all concerned about Biden losing.  He also talked about GA and the impact on the Senate races there if Biden can pull that off and the potential for FL.  He thinks they are all in play.  I wish I had his confidence.  

  41. Oh, I’m not going to like the nest 4 months – it’s only 430 and the sun has already dipped below the horizon from the viewpoint of my office (facing west).  Too damn early in the year to see darkness start to creep in before 5:00.

  42. Trump’s bizarre closing message to rally goers today is basically “If I lose I’ll steal it”. In other words, you don’t need to stand in line during a pandemic, I’ve got this.

  43. What will the final EC count be?  My guess is tomorrow at 9pm PST Biden will hold something above 272. How much I won’t guess at until tomorrow night about 2330 EST.  We can be assured that SFB is going to do his ugly best to destroy America through the voting systems.
    Movie night.  Amazon Prime “Weekend At Bernies”.

  44. Dem leads in early vote totals, and likelihood he loses early voting independents, indicates Trump has to win 60-65% of tomorrow’s Election Day vote in several battleground states for an Electoral College victory.

  45. Wapo:

    A federal judge has rejected Republicans’ attempt to invalidate tens of thousands of ballots cast via “drive-through” voting in Harris County, which is home to Houston. But he also cautioned those who haven’t yet voted to avoid using drive-through centers on Election Day because of outstanding questions about the method’s legality.

    Meanwhile, President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden traded insults at the outset of a busy day on the campaign trail, with Trump calling Biden “a career politician who hates you” during a stop in North Carolina and Biden calling Trump “a disgrace” during an appearance in Ohio.

    Wait, what?

  46. Vanity Fair: Trump is reportedly very concerned about the prospect of being prosecuted after the election, including for crimes we don’t even know about yet https://t.co/gBEUKWuP7i

    My guess is he goes on a final foreign trip just before inauguration day to a country with no extradition treaty and sends Air Force One back without him. That way he doesn’t have to pay for the air fare.

  47. Of the battleground state polling I’ve seen, D’ump winning 60-65% in any of them will be a huge stretch.

  48. So what’s on the menu for watching fat ass the golfing president get his fat ass kicked out

  49. Now about that Battleground stuff – RCP lists 17 states they call battleground states. Of those, tRump is up in 5 – NC 0.5%, OH 1.4%, IA 1.4%, TX 1.2% and GA 0.2% – all of those are a far cry from being up by 20-25%, which is what he’d need to have a 60-65% vote total.  Yeah, yeah, we’re talking 60-65% of votes cast in those states tomorrow.   In the 11 states Joe is polling ahead in, he is at less than 5% in 5 of them – FL 1.7%, PA 2.9%, MN 4.3% AZ 0.5%, & NV 3.6%.  D’umbass won all of those except NV, which Clinton won by 2.4%.  He’s at double digits in VA, NH, ME, CO & NM. 
    And here’s Sabato’s crystal ball.

  50. Poobah, I hope he likes Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim because the Western Hemisphere doesn’t really have any countries without extradition treaties with the US.

  51. That’s just George P wanting the Republican Party to still exist when he runs for prez.  It’s a dynasty thing.

    I sure feel better about tomorrow since reading this thread, because the evening news made it sound dicey.

    Oh, and little Marco Rubio is front and center on the tRUMPsky train.  Weird.
    ~No, those asshats in TX weren’t trying to run a Biden bus into a ditch, they were being helpful.~  Sadistic fascists. 

  52. So, if it’s clear Biden wins tomorrow night, is tRUMPsky going to start whining and demand that every vote be counted, no matter how long it takes?

  53. My cousins (in their early twenties) have now tested positive for COVID for 7 weeks. Both are still very fatigued.  

  54. Pogo
    Agreed, Wawas is the best gas convenience store around. 

    Renee, yes, you’ll get to come back to Daytona Beach again. You’ll have to check out New Smyrna Beach, it’s nice here as well. Very nice beaches like Daytona. Of course, we’ll have to get together again. There’s a restaurant I’ll take you to in Oak Hill, Goodrich’s. Great seafood and outdoor seating on the river. :0)

    If your reading, thanks for the tip on Schitt’s Creek, first episode hooked me :0)

  55. Perhaps we need to utilize the Occam’s Razor theory here.  Maybe this isn’t about a bunch of law suits the second the polls close, but rather one last gasp of “look at me”, “look at me”.  He’s about to get his asked kicked by Biden, so naturally Biden is getting the attention.  What a better way that getting that attention back they by threatening to sue.  A narcissists’ last gasp to be the center of something.
    Do I feel sorry for him?  I do not.  He’s an asshole and has been one his entire life.  I hope that if he is still in this country on January 21st, they arrest his orange ass and put him away for a while.
    BTW – why aren’t we having a betting pool on when Melanie leaves him?
    KGC – we have planned to have sloppy joes tomorrow in celebration of our next President.

  56. “  cousins… tested positive for COVID for 7 weeks… still very fatigued.”

    i got some snickers and sneers, today, for wearing a mask, but i assure you they wouldn’t have been smiling if i had told them what i thought of them. Of course, it’s never worth it, so i settled for “have nice day!”

  57. Poobah, France does indeed have a n extradition treaty with the US, BUT, there’s a loophole for French citizens. From CSM:

    EFrance and the US do have an extradition treaty, and it is Polanski’s French citizenship that seems to be the only thing keeping him secure (France does not extradite its own citizens).

    And so Polanski breathes free.

  58. I’m worried about what his crazy fanboys will do tomorrow and in the weeks that follow.

  59. How do the Senate races look?  I can’t believe Hegar is trailing Cornyn.  I assume part of it is ditching the straight party ballot.  Folks probably stopped at Biden/Harris and didn’t bother with the rest of the ballot.  Her ads have been non-stop.

  60. Jamie, I was just getting ready to ask about those quaint enclaves in NH. You confirmed my fears. I won’t be waiting up to see what the outcome of two rural NH tinytowns’ first in the nation results are, being that they are two tiny towns in a numerically insignificant state.  
    Forgive me, Renee. 

  61. Four years ago I predicted that in 2020 Texas would turn Blue. I made this prediction on the basis of demographics and racial oppression. First, 2020 would be the first year since the 1800s when whites would be a minority. Second, the % of Hispanics pissed off at trump and repubs for anti-Hispanic oppression would cause a huge turnout of non-whites.
    Not quite what I figured, but close enough to scare the fertilizer out of repubs.

  62. Mr Pogo, MN is not a battleground state. It was not a trump state in ’16.  Stop lying about MN, or I’ll be forced to root for UGA. 

  63. XR, in truth the 5 states Joe has double digit leads in aren’t battleground states. But let RCP have its day and pretend… UGA? Haven’t we played them already? (But then again didn’t LSU say that before?)
    So dumbass is ending the 2020 campaign the way he started it – with a super spreader event for idiots who still believe his BS. Fuckhim. Fuckthem. 

  64. if you watch cell-phone videos from trump rally attendees, they seem really low-energy and boring, TV must put microphones right in front of the loudest yo-yos

  65. I love Hell’s Bells. Bryan Johnson nailed it.   As to Dumbass, the Dumbass events and the idiots who go to them … Fuck’im…Fuck’em.  (But I repeat myself, sort of).

  66. Dixville waning?  It was 4-2-1-1 in 2016. 3 people die, move away or just don’t give a shit after the last 4 years?

  67. I have said for a month that this will be a Biden landslide.  James Carville switched from a 10:30 call to a 10:00 call.  And that army of lawyers of Trump’s will be sorely dissed as their cases to stop vote counting are thrown in their faces immediately.  The Night Watchman has signed in.  I have been scarce around the Trail because all I could do is post hatred of this administration.  I firmly believe we are about to see the sunlight.  🙂  

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