Sunday Serendipity

I wasn’t certain where to go with this Sunday’s selection. As this is election week my first thought was something patriotic but with a common man theme such as Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man. As I was searching, the youtube algo came through with todays gem.

It is “Cry No More” written by Rhiannon Giddens, produced and arranged by Michael Abels

Giddens is a founding member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops an oldtime Americana string band and one of my favorites. She originally wrote this song after the Charleston church killings in 20 15. This year she added some new lyrics and teamed with Abels for what is in my opinion an instant classic. It is not just her beautiful voice but the whole production just blew me away.

For more of the back story click here

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. jack, thank you. that was great! so now to spoil the mood. sorry ’bout that but it’s become one of those nasty habits come sunday mornings on the trail.

  2. Halloween the way I like it, no spooks, no skulls, no rattling bones.  Looking forward to thanksgiving with fried pork chops, and Biden as president elect.
    Pinche boo.

  3. Craig

    How are Texas and Florida looking to you?  Will Abbott and De Santis commit enough fraud to hand them to Trump?  

  4. Sunday classical music is a good day for this article regarding how classical musicians are looking at the new world.  The comments are very interesting, they were political free the last time I looked.  This conundrum applies to all musicians and artists.  What happens in a live setting does not reproduce when listened to over the intertubes.  I will add to the comments discussion is that most people no longer own the tools to reproduce what is recorded.  A tablet speaker is no match to a three foot tall floor speaker.  A YouTube video is not encoded to provide the full spectrum of sound and will not do give you what you want.  My turntables, A/V receivers, amplifiers and speakers are selected to play vinyl and acetate records, which makes my tools capable of outputing the best sound from electronic files.  Those files are encoded in a way to toss out some of the sounds,  lossy compression will drive audiophiles up the wall.  Just as the gaps in music recorded for CD’s sounds off, so does the stuff coming in over Zoom.

  5. I can ask my phone what’s the humidity and a nice lady comes on and tells me what it is, right here on the island.  (It has to be 70% or less to spray lacquer.)
      If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is.

  6. It’s evident that I should have asked my telephone if it was going to rain.

      Now where did I leave that schnapps…

  7. Jack….   best Sunday Serendipity ever!
    Rick and I chose to watch the new Borat movie for Halloween night.  It was a scream!  Highly recommend it…   on Amazon Prime.

  8. why isn’t more being made of D’ump mass murder of 700 american citizens or at least hold him to account for his outrageous irresponsibility? surely it’s a case of negligent manslaughter (usually defined as “the killing of another person through gross negligence”).  

    plenty of evidence that the rallies were his decision alone, even insistence some sources have reported. his knowing intent to hold them coupled with his acknowledgement (woodward tapes) of highly contagious airborne virus which a reasonable person would know dangerous to unmasked massed crowds add to that evidence of gross negligence.

  9. on that stanford study, at least this guy is talking about it in plain language on social media comparing the trump rally casualties to events like the okla bombing, 911, ‘nam etc.

  10. Rhiannon Giddens   
    She appears in  in a documentary  about banjos  she’s a real master of the history , as well as  her talent .

  11. I got caught in one of dem trumpity caravans yesterday near the food store. Then they surrounded Biden’s bus.  Reminds me of Mad Max.

  12. North Carolina’s Police Attack on Election Marchers Had a Long History Behind It
    A racist sheriff and a system of voter suppression meet in a cloud of pepper spray.
    That sheriff is a real piece of work-

    Johnson has a history of making incredibly racist statements about immigrants—including egregious, nonsensical claimsthat it’s socially acceptable to sexually assault underage girls in Mexico. The sheriff has been vehement about incarcerating “criminal immigrants,” or “taco eaters,” who are coming into the country to “victimize our children, our citizens, with drugs, murders, rapes, robberies, you name it.” In early 2019, he told the Alamance County Board of Commissioners that undocumented “criminals” were “raping our citizens in many, many ways.”


    But data collected by BW Research Partnership Inc. and shared exclusively with Morning Consult indicates that Trump’s picture of robust oil and gas employment threatened by the Democrats’ insistence on transitioning to renewables is not consistent with actual job figures. Since the president took office, the renewables sector has employed nearly three times as many people as the fossil fuels sector; in 2019, they had 3.36 million and 1.19 million workers, respectively.
    And between 2016 and 2019, the renewables sector added more than double the jobs that fossil fuels did, increasing its total workforce by roughly 207,000 people, mostly in energy efficiency. In contrast, the fossil fuels sector added some 98,000 jobs.

    Throughout the Trump Years, Renewables Sector Has Employed Nearly Three Times as Many People as Fossil Fuels Industry

  14. i wanted to grab a few thing at the store, but the parking lot was full, so i turned right around.  i feel like people might not be paying attention to the rising infection curve😬

  15. Biden’s key advantages are among Black voters (Biden has 87% to Trump’s 5%), voters ages 18-34 (60% to 32%), seniors (58% to 35%), women (57% to 37%), whites with college degrees (56% to 41%) and independents (51% to 36%).
    Trump takes the lead among white voters (51% to 45%) and whites without degrees (58% to 37%). He also takes a narrow 1-point lead among men (48% to 47%).

  16. Yep, the Republicans are trying to steal the Texas election.  Guess who votes curbside? The disabled.  Guess what they have? Pre-existing conditions.  

  17. I tell you one damn thing.  They better be glad I wasnt driving that bus.   I’m an old hand at vehicular tankism, and there’d have been some pretty little trucks needing some major body work had they tried to run me off a road.

  18. Time to quit fretting about 2016 comparisons. Only similarity with 2020 is both years start with Two Zero…

    In 2016, final NBC/WSJ poll showed Clinton up 44/40 (16% undecided/3rd party).

    Final NBC/WSJ poll of 2020: Biden 52/42 (6% undecided).

  19. Chucky was pretty jazzed about that North Carolina  set of numbers , both the senate and Prez races. 

  20. 90%  of Covid deaths are 65 years or older,  the most reliable voting block in the country. 
    seniors (58% to 35%), …………..  Biden

  21. In Georgia, the early vote starts being counted on Election Day morning. If Georgia is indeed close when the first votes pour in or the Democrats have a lead, that suggests the polling showing a tight race in the state was correct. Watch the massive sprawling suburbs around Atlanta. Cobb and Gwinnett counties produced more votes in 2016 and narrowly swung Democratic (by 2 points and 6 points respectively). If those margins grow close to double digits, that’s a bad sign for Trump.
    There is a lot of early voting in North Carolina and those ballots should be tallied and released within the first hour of poll closings. The vote will likely be close with Democrats possibly holding an early vote lead. Watch Wake and Mecklenburg counties. Clinton won them by 20 and 30 points respectively. Biden likely needs at least that to be in the game in North Carolina.

  22. Olbermamm’s Worst Person in the World #17 & #18 is trumpity’s legacy. From these, the historical documentary should be made!

  23. So we we are on the eve  of the death of the “Solid South”. 
    I never dreamed I’d type that. 
    If this thing breaks like I think it will , no small part of it will be  due to George Floyd  .
    American history has this vein  of change that has always been sparked by  the death of a single person. 
    When we hung John Brown , the South went into over drive  to arm for war.  His plan scared the  crap out of the South. 
    Emitt Till’s mother  having an open casket  gave us the 1965 Voting Rights Act. 
    George Floyd’s death  got  the NBA   to speak to young black men,  that voting  is important and it matters.  They opened 20 arenas  for voting, and made it cool to vote. 
    If  Joe wins , he better have George Floyd’s kin  on the steps with him in January. 

  24. The most amazing America death story  –
    The first man to die  building the Hoover Dam  was the father of the last man to die building the Hoover dam. 

  25. It is the Day of the Dead. 
    To an American ear this sounds creepy. 
    Millions of Mexicans are in their cemeteries  tidying up the graves of love ones , having a meal together , telling stories, and just remembering those that they have loved and lost. 
    This goes back long long way. 
    I for one, think it’s one of the most human holidays we ever came up with. 

  26. A New Trump ad  here , sounds like a 1962  car ad. 
    America has a large penis,  vote for me , and you can have a large penis too !

  27. Ah!  Thanks Jamie !
    Of course the roots of all this  are  extremely bloody , and just plain crazy. 
    An Aztec warrior  skinned  his most important foe in battle.  And wore that skin for a month as sign of his prowess.
    But their main goal was not to kill their foes  in battle , but to capture living victims  to feed their God Machine . 
    It took a long time to get  from that  to little skulls made from sugar. 

  28. He’s given MAGAts their marching orders if Joe should win.   
    Nobody wants Bill Clinton’s input. It would mean more if W were to speak out against tRUMPsky, but he’s uselesss/complicit.

  29. Reviving his claim as dictator for life, SFB said he will declare victory Tuesday night, the condition is if the vote is “close”.  He might as well declare it tonight for all the legitimacy his word carries. 
    The Texas Supreme Court rejected the greedy old perverts wish of tossing one hundred twenty-seven thousand votes, without comment.

  30. My Aztec theory  –
    I have been to many of the places where this theory starts. 
    They are akin the  “Tribes of Israel”  story .  In that they are that “Lost Tribe”. 
    That entire  rich culture  we have in the Southwest  produced them . 
    At it’s apex,  we find parrot feathers  at Chaco Canyon.  There was trade with deep into Mexico. 
    In 1276  after  a decade  of drying out,  a real drought took hold.  
    It lasted for 30 years.  This shattered their world.  Most moved to the places we know  the Rio Grande valley.  Acoma, the Zuni Villages. 
    North of Mesa Verde’  before this drought  around 10,000 people were farming. 
    As the drying took hold , in these sites  we see more and more violence  in the record. 
    Now, the local First Americans  hate this entire line of evidence. 
    But it points  people being killed , and eaten. 
    Which brings me to the Aztecs.  I think they formed at this time.  Preying  on a drying  fixed place culture.  The Aztecs were raiders . And they knew about Mexico. 
    In a little over 100 years later,   “they came from the north”  into Mexico. 

  31. from bloomberg’s indepenence usa pac:

    Wednesday, October 28, 2020

    This week, Mike Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC began airing a new Spanish-language ad, “Ellos Lo Son ,” featuring Cuban-born anti-Communist author and journalist Carlos Alberto Montaner. The TV ad will run in the Miami Market on broadcast and cable. The PAC also has a Fox News specific buy in Miami for “Ellos Lo Son ” and previously aired “Somos Patriotas ,” including English subtitles.

    Carlos Alberto Montaner is an ex political prisoner and expert on the rise of socialism and communism. “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not socialists or communists,” Carlos Alberto Montaner says in the ad. “I’ve spent many, many years as an exile, and I recognize perfectly those that are the friends of liberty. Here they are.”

    “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have the right priorities for Florida families,” said former Mayor of Miami Manny Diaz. “Carlos Alberto Montaner knows that Biden and Harris are the ones to vote for in this election – because they value our democratic ideals and will restore America’s place as the global leader for freedom and democracy.”

    This is part of Mike Bloomberg’s commitment to spend $100 million in Florida to support Vice President Joe Biden in defeating Donald Trump through Independence USA as well as other Democratic groups through advertising and a strong ground game to get out the vote. Independence USA PAC’s ads will run daily statewide through Election Day across all ten Florida media markets and are geared towards both persuasion and mobilization in support of Vice President Joe Biden in defeating Donald Trump.

  32. When the monks started sitting , and setting themselves on fire  in Vietnam . I plugged in.  I was 13.  

  33. this is what bloomberg’s pac said thursday about some of their other ads in other states:

    This week, Mike Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC began airing three ads in Ohio, “Like We’ve Never Seen It ,” “Rebuild ” and “Economy .” The TV ads are part of an effort to encourage voters to cast their ballots for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Ohio. All TV ads will run statewide on broadcast and cable.

    Like We’ve Never Seen It ” and “Rebuild ” highlight how Donald Trump has disappointed Ohio voters and why Joe Biden is best fit to lead the country. “Like We’ve Never Seen It ” shines light on Trump’s continued downplaying of COVID-19 and mishandling of the pandemic. “Donald Trump is still ignoring the facts,” the ad says. “With over 220,000 dead, 8 million infected and cases spiking again in Ohio, Trump bashes his own medical experts.”

    Rebuild ” focuses on Job Biden’s plan to improve the economy, including his efforts to win the trade war, increase the minimum wage and rebuild manufacturing. Similarly, “Economy ” notes “As president, Joe Biden will help us get ahead. A tax cut for the middle class, more money in our pockets. A plan to make education more affordable. A president to rebuild our economy. A president for the middle class.”

    This is part of Mike Bloomberg’s commitment to spend $15 million in Texas and Ohio to support Vice President Joe Biden. Independence USA PAC’s ads will run daily statewide through Election Day across all Texas and Ohio media markets and are geared towards both persuasion and mobilization in support of Vice President Joe Biden in defeating Donald Trump.


  34. Just unfollowed @realDonaldTrump and deleted @FoxNews programs from my DVR. Thank you @JoeBiden for winning so I can no longer worry about these idiots.

  35. Setting  one’s self  on fire is a pretty big political  statement . 
    At the time ,  they ran the tape.  Boom! Man dying in a gasoline fire sitting on the street. 
    This censorship  we see today  because  it may “offend”  people.  Offends me. 
    Airbrushing  over horror  is a lie. 

  36. Pass Covid Relief bill concentrating on elderly & Families

    13 Appellate Courts require 13 Supreme Justices

    Kill the slave based Electoral College

    The above will keep me happy for awhile

  37. It’d be a good idea to video all the road incidents, particularly to get good pix of the plates and the drivers’ faces.  I’m just guessing, but I think screwing with a presidential campaign bus on an Interstate automatically triggers swarms of federal offence charges. 

  38. I will not miss the unsolicited texts from groups I recognize and others I don’t.  I never answer, never even open them.  Straight to the trash bin.

    Maybe he won’t fight it if we can flip the Senate.  That would hog-tie him.

    Still, I’m really worried about what tRUMsky told his lemmings to do to Joe if he isn’t re-elected.   Go straight to jail. Do not collect $200.

  39. It’s not over until Joe takes the oath and SFB lands at Mar-A-Ego and is promptly taken into custody for high crimes.  Speaking  of high crimes, who supplies coke to the crime  family?   They might have a story to tell when they can’t pay for it with taxpayer money any more. 

  40. The   pool  has been sinking  over the last 4 years. 
    But I what I what answered  is this  –
    When did Laura Ingraham let Trump grab her pussy ?
    Did she enjoy it ?

  41. I want Bill Clinton’s input! Hillary’s as well. Democrats need to be united. I’ll take all the help we can get.  Apparently, some have learned nothing from their 2016 Clinton hate and how they got us to Trump. 

  42. Scoop: Trump's plan to declare premature victory
    President Trump has told confidants he’ll declare victory on Tuesday night if it looks like he’s “ahead,” according to three sources familiar with his private comments. That’s even if the Electoral College outcome still hinges on large numbers of uncounted votes in key states like Pennsylvania.
    The latest: Speaking to reporters on Sunday evening, Trump denied that he would declare victory prematurely, before adding, “I think it’s a terrible thing when ballots can be collected after an election. I think it’s a terrible thing when states are allowed to tabulate ballots for a long period of time after the election is over.”

    He continued: “I think it’s terrible that we can’t know the results of an election the night of the election. … We’re going to go in the night of, as soon as that election’s over, we’re going in with our lawyers.”
    “We don’t want to have Pennsylvania, where you have a political governor, a very partisan guy. … We don’t want to be in a position where he’s allowed, every day, to watch ballots come in. See if we can only find 10,000 more ballots.”

    Behind the scenes: Trump has privately talked through this scenario in some detail in the last few weeks, describing plans to walk up to a podium on election night and declare he has won.

  43. Hillary has been doing a lot of campaigning for Joe and Kamala.   Bill was included during the virtual  Democratic Convention.  He isn’t going to sway voters or even get the decided voters to the polls.  This isn’t his show.

  44. repubs are claiming that ONLY 10,000 Americans have died of C19 because the rest had contributory conditions.
    So, if a movie prostitute uses the desert spoon to disembowel trump tonight, it won’t be an assassination/murder because his heart condition calls for his use of blood thinners. 
    rippers are such rodent brains.

  45. Today the Vikings discovered that they have a ground game. Just sorta remembered that they have a guy named Cook on the team. 

  46. Love how some are experts on who out of our Dem stars will sway voters?????? I just keep thinking back to 2016 when that commenter told me Pence wouldn’t be so bad, well not as bad as Hillary. I begged her pardon then as a gay person and I do to this day! Own Trump they do!

  47. Sieze the trucks. This is the second time ripuplicanthropes have blocked New Jersey traffic as a cheap and dirty political retaliation.
    Hang christ christie.

  48. Man who organized Indianapolis Trump Train says it’s about suppression and inconvenience
    The man who organized the Indianapolis Trump Train this weekend explained that his effort was really an effort to make people “late” to the polls or inconvenience them.
    “Basically, our message is simple, we support the president, we support law enforcement, we believe in God, and we think the best way to show our support is to create traffic,” he explained. “If we can make somebody late for something, then we’ve shown our support.”

  49. Impeding voters is the the opposite of enforcing the law…not that they are law enforcement officers.   Mentally disturbed, white men seem to be the last rats to jump ship and they never will because racism is all they have left.

  50. pogo, thanks for alerting us. i’ll post it next thread for those of us who can’t get it otherwise.  in meantime here’s what daily beast had to say about it:

    “The fact is, the election is now just two days away. And because of that, our show tonight is going to be a little bit different,” John Oliver announced at the top of Sunday’s Last Week Tonight.
    The HBO host broke down his show into two main stories involving the chaotic and deadly Trump administration: the coronavirus and Attorney General William Barr. Oliver began with the coronavirus, a disease that has claimed over 230,000 American lives thus far with little to no sign of slowing down.

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