Time For Trump Campaign Death Watch

Out of money, pulling ads in key states, no coherent closing message, down ballot candidates running away, no surrogates other than well-paid family members, on last-minute defense in states won last time, and behind in every battleground poll.

Time for Trump campaign-in-meltdown news coverage. We’d see it if this was happening to Biden.


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  1. Pogo from previous thread

    FWIW, on the Covid-19 front the top 20 states for hospitalized folks per 100K population are all states listed by RCP as Red, leaning red or tossup – and only 3 of those are toss ups.  11 of the bottom 12 are blue or tossup – with only one (PA) listed as a tossup.  Red states are better at putting their folks in the hospital with covid and blue states are better at keeping them out.  


  2. Not exactly on topic, but…
    [Thanks, Jamie]

    On topic – great.  Now if he’d only stay the fuck out of AF One, travelling to gather people for super spreader events.

  3. One of the problems with being a dictator for life is a lot of people do not want you to be the dictator they want.  There is also a problem when you decide you are smarter than everybody else, including the people you rely on to keep you around as dictator for life.  If you fire everybody so you can run everything, just like a mob boss, you might find you forgot something.  Something like how to run a winning campaign by controlling spending.
    However, if your whole scam is to rip all the money available (and a lot that is not) in to your pocket, winning is not often possible.  Money over all is the best according to some.

  4. White House Declares Pandemic Over As It Cites Renowned Scientist Ivanka Trump The president’s daughter, of course, has no training or background as a scientific expert.

    The Trump administration triumphantly declared victory over the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday, one week before the 2020 election and with COVID-19 cases surging across the country.

    The lie came in a news release on a new 62-page report from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy listing what it claims are the scientific and technological accomplishments during President Donald Trump’s first term. The list includes, “ENDING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC.”

    “From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the administration has taken decisive actions to engage scientists and health professionals in academia, industry, and government to understand, treat, and defeat the disease,” the release states.

  5. And in legal news that has to piss D’ump off…

    A federal judge Tuesday rejected the Justice Department’s bid to make the U.S. government the defendant in a defamation lawsuit brought by a woman who says President Trump raped her decades ago, paving the way for the case to again proceed.

    In a 59-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan wrote that Trump did not qualify as a government “employee” under federal law, nor was he acting “within the scope of his employment” when he denied during interviews in 2019 that he had raped journalist E. Jean Carroll in a Manhattan department store during the 1990s.
    * * *

    “The President of the United States is not an ‘employee of the Government’ within the meaning of the relevant statutes,” the judge wrote. “Even if he were such an ‘employee,’ President Trump’s allegedly defamatory statements concerning Ms. Carroll would not have been within the scope of his employment.”

    The case, though, will remain in federal court, and the Justice Department’s maneuver alone by itself stalled proceedings that might have been politically damaging for Trump ahead of next week’s election.

    A month before the Justice Department intervened, a New York judge had rejected Trump’s bid to delay the case. That put Carroll’s team on course to seek a DNA sample for comparison to biological material found on the dress Carroll says she wore the day she was sexually assaulted, as well as an under-oath interview from the president, through a process known as discovery.
    * * *

    Tuesday’s ruling hinged on technical questions having to do with two laws — the Federal Tort Claims Act, or FTCA, and the Westfall Act — which govern how and when federal employees can be sued. The judge wrote that he had to assess first whether Trump, as president, counted as a federal “employee” under the law, and if he did, he had to weigh whether the statements about Carroll came within the scope of that employment.

    “The answer to both questions is ‘no,’ ” the judge wrote. “While the president possesses all of the executive power of the United States, he is not an ‘employee’ within the meaning of the FTCA. The FTCA’s definition of that term does not include presidents. And even if the president were an employee under that statute, his statements concerning Ms. Carroll were not within the scope of his employment under the law of the relevant jurisdiction.”

    Nyah, nyah, fat boys.

  6. Craig
    The latest on Florida
    The RNC is moving in as Trump moves out. So just a money shuffle. Florida is not getting a break from wall to wall trump ads.

  7. KGC, the repubes won’t complete the impeachment. They haven’t said squat about his super spreader events.  Unfortunately, they won’t do anything to stop him now.

  8. Jack, RNC putting $4m into FL ads this week up against Biden’s $17m and Bloomberg’s unlimited cash. Sorry RNC but with 10 FL media markets, 3 in top ten cost nationally, $4m is a pittance. Also, the RNC press release doesn’t match the advertising analytics I follow, their ad buy claim could be a lie.

  9. Trump’s latest tone deaf pitch to women, today at Michigan rally: “Your husbands, they want to get back to work. We’re getting your husbands back to work.”

  10. CNN WH correspondent Jim Acosta: “I’m starting to hear from Trump campaign advisers, even officials inside the White House, who are starting to doubt whether or not the president will win a second term. There is a sinking feeling the president is not going to pull this out”

  11. “If he puts their husbands back to work how will he prevent Corey Booker from raping them? ”    OMG!  LMAO!!!

    First trumpity said vote twice, once by mail & once in person.  Now he’s saying, change your vote.  In a few states people can do that.

  13. trumpity has been raising money for his reelection since the day he was inaugurated.  Many are wondering where all the loot went. History would suggest that it slipped ever so smoothly into his pocket.  Rather than use his own money, he’s happy to raid the rnc. Fine by me. This reelection money should be added to the long list of items to investigate when he’s out of office.

  14. That  Ronna McDaniels chairman of Trumpicans. She has a lot to answer for 

  15. TT – That is a pipe dream. Ha!  They’re smoking something.  One relative asked what I thought of the VP debate and I said I thought Kamala did great.  The response was that we shouldn’t talk about it, then. 
    tRUMP ads have disappeared here for a couple of days.  Bloomberg gave the Dem RR Commissioner candidate money.  She’s everywhere.

  16. ok antebellum shopping done, i’m good for 6 months

    Fuck. Forgot celery. That’s one of the few things you can’t buy frozen, canned, or dried😭

  17. Bink, no. Ian Anderson doesn’t regret the words to Aqualung. Man is an artist. Ex JT members called him a genius. We’re talking about the words to Aqualung 49 years after it was recorded. I bet he loves that song. I do.

  18. “It’s written in Dm: the saddest of all keys.”
    “Oh, really?  What’s it called?”
    “…’Lick My Love Pump.’”

  19. Aqualung sold 7M albums. Anderson had writing credits. Plus, Jesus Christ,  Hymn 43 and Locomotive Breath. Insanely great work. I saw JT live in 1972 promoting Aqualung. It was a transformative concert. Ian, Martin & Jeffrey- absolutely mind blowing. Coulda been a competitor to Live at the Fillmore East as best live album ever (Yeah, yeah, Frampton Comes Alive…) if it’d been recorded live. I just loved it. 

  20. i see Lochel’s is in Hatboro, ultimate battleground state of PA (or at least trump thinks that state is)

  21. What happens when you rally for a campaign out of money… 

  22. The early 70s. I’d argue there’s never been a better time for a rock music lover if going to concerts twisted was your thing. 
    Cookie polls?  Stupid. 

  23. “Let them eat Twinkies”

    …or Lochel’s cookies, i guess. i’m sure they have a complete nutritional profile.

  24. Bloomberg has been great. Name an aircraft carrier after him, The ghwbush could be the USN Bloomberg. Or, change Fort Bragg to Fort Bloomberg. A small man makes the facility seem larger.
    Or, carve Bloomberg’s face on trump’s golf courses, ala Nazca lines, to be seen from space. 
    Or, name the Fed prison that trump will die in, The Bloomberg National Prison Facility and Cemetery.

  25. “… our farmers do better now than they did when they actually had a farm.”


    tell that to all those family farmers who’ve lost or are losing the only home their families have had for generations due to your miserable tariffs, poor economic skills, pitiful if any aid for recent weather catastrophes and the bungling of coronavirus stimulus package. 

    D’ump, how cruel you be with words like that.

  26. “Most of the early voting has gone to the Democrats. And on the other side, Trump has spent months warning his supporters against voting by mail, so the G.O.P. is essentially betting all of its chips on a strong Election Day. He’s taking all of his chips and putting it all on Black people not voting — but they have already in massive numbers, and the disparity in early voting means that Trump needs a huge turnout on Election Day in the middle of a surging pandemic. It’s the last act of Trump’s death cult.”

    Stephen Colbert

  27. weird ad by lincoln project for 3rd party bledsoe who dropped out of race to back lindsey

    but then there’s this that might explain it by wspa

    SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – South Carolina’s race for U.S. Senate suddenly features a new face. A little-known third party candidate is now being featured in a statewide ad campaign, after he dropped out of the race.
    A start to an average day for Dr. Bill Bledsoe. He’s a veterinarian in Spartanburg but right now, you will find his name in more places than just the exterior of his practice. It’s also on the ballot and TV.
    We’re talking about ads paid for by Democratic Candidate, Jaime Harrison.
    The ads call Bledsoe, ‘too conservative.’ Some of those ads also link to a page funded by the South Carolina Democratic Party with a message saying, ‘we all know Lindsey Graham’s changed, but beware of Bill Bledsoe.’ But while Bledsoe’s name will appear on your ballot, he withdrew his candidacy a couple weeks ago. He’s not running.
    “He’s trying to keep his democrats from peeling off and voting for me while at the same time, encourage Senator Graham’s voters to peel off and vote for me,” said Spartanburg Veterinarian who dropped out of the race for U.S. Senate, Dr. Bill Bledsoe. He was running as the Constitution Party candidate.
    Because those candidate names appear in alphabetical order, Bledsoe’s will actually be at the top of your ballot.
    “Their intentions are obvious to get an unknown democrat elected, and replace and get Senator Lindsey Graham out so there will be no more federal judges,” Bledsoe told 7 News.
    We asked Jaime Harrison’s campaign why they’re running these ads. They told 7 News, Harrison has two opponents on the ballot and they’re making sure voters know the facts about each. As for Senator Graham, he said he appreciates Dr. Bledsoe’s support.
    Dr. Bledsoe told us despite the fact his name is on the ballot, he doesn’t want your vote and is more focused on other matters at hand.

  28. Trump brags about hump and dump, but he took it to new heights in Omaha.  Bused in spectators for his wild monologue were stranded out in the 32 degree cold when there weren’t enough buses to take them back to the distant parking area.


  29. As long as the media keeps covering his super-spreader events, and, he gets to travel on the tax-payers’ dime, does his empty war chest matter?   How ya doin’ tonight, Omaha?  Well, just wait 5 to 10 days. 

  30. No guarantee, but some early indications are that getting a flu vaccine may reduce risk of Covid-19 and may also trigger the body to produce broad infection-fighting molecules. 

    If you haven’t gotten one yet, get a flu shot.


  31. the  hill:

    A federal judge on Tuesday night ordered the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to immediately reverse limitations on mail collection that had been put in place by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, commanding the agency to inform workers of the court’s changes by Wednesday morning.
    Judge Emmet Sullivan of the District Court for the District of Columbia granted an emergency motion against President Trump, according to the detailed order obtained by Politico. Sullivan granted the emergency motion to enforce and monitor compliance with the preliminary injunction issued late last month that prevented the administration from enforcing DeJoy’s operational changes.
    The agency has until 9 a.m. on Wednesday to inform workers that DeJoy’s guidelines, implemented in July, limiting late and extra trips to collect mail, are rescinded.
    “USPS personnel are instructed to perform late and extra trips to the maximum extent necessary to increase on-time mail deliveries, particularly for Election Mail,” Sullivan wrote. “To be clear, late and extra trips should be performed to the same or greater degree than they were performed prior to July 2020 when doing so would increase on-time mail deliveries.”
    Sullivan also instructed the Postal Service to send him daily updates on the number of extra and late trips occurring every day at national, regional and local levels. The judge also requested information about on-time deliveries.
    The agency and the plaintiffs who initially sued the USPS will also meet in daily video conferences at 3 p.m. to discuss how the agency is complying with the judge’s order.
    The new motion comes after Sullivan last week ordered the USPS to restore high-speed mail sorting machines at facilities that cannot process First Class election mail efficiently amid the coronavirus pandemic.  

  32. on how D’ump could end his presidency by politico:

    But even if Trump calmly walks out the door of the White House on the morning of January 20th, a more immediate problem looms: What might Trump do with the final 77 days of his presidency if he loses? There are 1,860 hours between Wednesday, Nov. 4, and noon on Jan. 20, when Trump’s first term expires. And that’s plenty of time for him to upend plenty of presidential traditions.
    The lame duck period is always a time when outgoing presidents feel free to stir up controversy. Even presidents who care deeply about their legacies and abide by democratic norms often take uniquely unpopular actions in the closing weeks of their presidencies: ….
    So, imagine what might happen in a post-election period when Trump — a president who has spent four years demonstrating his lack of interest in norms and practices of a democracy — retains all the powers and authority of the presidency and officially has nothing left to lose?
    Conversations with presidential legal experts, Constitutional scholars and national security officials identified six areas where Trump could do real damage to the country, his successor or presidential traditions — a list informed both by his past executive actions as well as the considerations he’d face as he considered a life outside the White House for him and his family. From a last-minute resignation to guarantee himself legal immunity to destroying historic records to launching a war, there’s reason to wonder if a Trump transition might actually be the start of the wildest chapter of an already controversial presidency.
    […they list and opine here on stuff like a pardon-palooza, revenge on deep state, mass firings, destruction of weapons, military conflict…] 

  33. Jamie,  D’ump flew out of Omaha at 9:06.  The folks waiting for buses did not get cleared from the rally site until as late as 12:30 a.m.  Standing in 32 degree weather for 3 1/2 hours after the event was over.  Police at the site said they needed 30 more busses. Trump – incompetent and uncaring. 

  34. Just like nappy catching the next dog sled outa town.    Sorry bout all you losers.

    “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.”

  35. The monster laying on the slab  won’t even bounce anymore , when they jolt it  with juice. 

  36. I was following that Omaha mess live last night via reporter twitter feeds — those people were stuck in 32degrees for 3 1/2 hours. Campaign claimed their buses were stuck in traffic (for 3 1/2 hours???). Reporters said that was big lie, there were no buses. Yeah, that Omaha midnight traffic must be rough.

    This bus thing is probably the biggest spreader of all at these rallies. Not enough parking at the airport hangers where they do them, so they’re crammed in buses without masks from area parking sites. They’re told to put masks on when they arrive and approach news media cameras.




    2020 ELECTION

    Young voters in swing states are a big part of the early surge. That could boost Biden.

    The 20- to 29-year-olds are making their presence felt in places such as Florida, Texas, Michigan and elsewhere.


    People vote Monday at the L.A. County Arboretum Botanic Garden in Arcadia, Calif. Frederic J. Brown / AFP – Getty Images



    Oct. 28, 2020, 6:19 AM CDT / Updated Oct. 28, 2020, 6:37 AM CDT
    By Allan Smith

    Younger Americans are voting early in droves this cycle, far outpacing their pre-Election Day turnout in several key swing states at this time in 2016.
    So far, voters ages 18 to 29 have cast more than 6 million early votes, according to data from NBC News Decision Desk/Target Smart, a Democratic political data firm. Four years ago at the same time, the number was about 2 million.
    The increase is visible in states such as Ohio, Texas, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina — swing states that saw substantial early voting last time around.





    2020 ELECTION

    Young voters in swing states are a big part of the early surge. That could boost Biden.

    The 20- to 29-year-olds are making their presence felt in places such as Florida, Texas, Michigan and elsewhere.


    People vote Monday at the L.A. County Arboretum Botanic Garden in Arcadia, Calif. Frederic J. Brown / AFP – Getty Images



    Oct. 28, 2020, 6:19 AM CDT / Updated Oct. 28, 2020, 6:37 AM CDT
    By Allan Smith

    Younger Americans are voting early in droves this cycle, far outpacing their pre-Election Day turnout in several key swing states at this time in 2016.
    So far, voters ages 18 to 29 have cast more than 6 million early votes, according to data from NBC News Decision Desk/Target Smart, a Democratic political data firm. Four years ago at the same time, the number was about 2 million.
    The increase is visible in states such as Ohio, Texas, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina — swing states that saw substantial early voting last time around.
    In each state, more than twice the number of young Americans have already voted in the election when compared with 2016.



    ‘I’m committed’: Early voters motivated as they wait in line in Philadelphia
    OCT. 27, 202001:44


    In Florida, for example, about 230,000 younger voters had cast their ballots at least one week ahead of the 2016 election. This time around, more than 514,000 have.
    The numbers are even more dramatic in Texas. Four years ago, roughly 288,000 Texans between 18 and 29 voted by this point. One week ahead of Election Day this cycle, more than 800,000 have.
    The swing is additionally felt in the critical battlegrounds of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, where early voting was greatly expanded this cycle. In Pennsylvania, the early vote among young Americans is more than eight times as large. In Michigan, it’s upward of seven times as big. And Wisconsin has seen their total grow by three and a half times.

  39. So here’s a look at the virus that is a stark one.  Of the top 30 states, as measured by the positivity rate in each state, there are 26 that are red states and 4 that are tossups.  In the bottom 21 (including DC) there are 12 blue states, two red states and 4 tossups.  The conventional wisdom that the more populous states with the largest cities will have the highest infection rates does not hold up.  In fact FL & NY are in the bottom 5 for new cases in the past 7 days (per 100,000) but are in the top 1/3 of states wrt tests per 100,000.

  40. Maybe the militant white supremacists are actually scaring off more reasonable whites who might have voted for dumpster-fire, otherwise🤷‍♂️

  41. The Trump name and those associated have killed the brand.  The next gen trumpets except for Tiffany will end up a third rate shopping channel based in Quatar

  42. LP also runs this in spanish

    545 children will never see their parents again. It’s intentional. It’s cruel. It’s unamerican, but it’s inherently Trump.

  43. Soooo, remember there was this debate last week and during that debate Joe said something like the only thing D’ump could claim about the economy as good is the stock market?  Well, he’s losing that quickly – as a result of fears about the advancing Covid wave, stocks fell 1760 points since Friday.  That’s a 6.2% drop over the past 3 days of trading.  That’s about where stocks were around June 2 on the way back up from the collapse in Feb-Mar. The market is now at the same level it was on Jan. 2, 2018 – with all the gains to 29000+ and roller coaster gains and losses since then wiped out – and the market is not showing signs of a rebound right now.  So D’ump got 1 year of solid gains in the market followed by over 2 1/2 years of a wild ride gaining nothing.  At it’s peak in January, Dumbass could brag that the market had a three year run averaging 15% per year over the period, which would be stellar performance, but now, 8 months later, that average is around 10% per year over the 3 2/3 year period, which is good, but not terrific.  Take compounding into account and it is actually an 8% average gain since he took office – which is what experts will tel you is the average expected long term gain for the Dow.  Put that into context with the reset of the economy, including the manufactured debt from the dumbass tax cuts and the covid relief bills and he’ s done a shitty job with the economy.  As Barry said, he inherited a booming economy and screwed that up, too.

  44. So Trump refuses to concede even in the face of overwhelming defeat.   Does it matter if he concedes or not?

  45. bink, yep when they start making jokes, parodies and satire you know it’s got legs.

    from the new yorker:

    The Borowitz Report)—Donald J. Trump told supporters who were stranded in freezing temperatures when campaign buses failed to materialize on Tuesday night that the buses were “rounding the turn.”
    “The buses will be there very soon,” Trump said. “We are moving very powerfully on buses.”
    “One minute, there are no buses, and then, suddenly, like magic, there are buses,” he said. “It’ll be a miracle.”
    Trump blasted the media for criticizing the absence of buses instead of emphasizing the “fantastic job I’ve done on buses.”
    “The other day, a very smart and respected man called me, and said, ‘Sir, you have the most amazing buses,’ ” Trump said. “But CNN doesn’t report that, because they are horrible people.”
    On Wednesday morning, the Trump campaign Web site added to the list of the President’s first-term accomplishments: “Buses.”

  46. Hah, from the Axios piece:

    White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany labeled Taylor a “low-level, disgruntled former staffer” — a characterization it has used before on former officials and staffers who have spoken out against the president — and said Taylor “is a liar and a coward who chose anonymity over action.

    Funny for the press secretary to call the DHS Chief of Staff a low level staffer.  And about that “chose anonymity” thing – old news, fake news.

  47. Poobah, that CNN poll is down 4 points from the prior CNN poll (10/1-10/4) that virtually everyone took to be an outlier.  However, it is up almost 4 from the CNN poll conducted in the last few days of August. 

  48. On a call w/ reporters WH Senior Advisor Stephen Miller, speaking as an advisor to the Trump campaign, claimed, without evidence, Biden “would incentivize child smuggling and child trafficking on an epic global scale” falsely claiming “This administration kept families together.”

  49. Goldman Sachs said the economy will recover faster under President Biden, because tRUMPsky has no plan to deal with the pandemic…only with the facts about it.
    Cornyn’s new ad is pathetic.  His “bipartisan” effort was to stop selling bubblegum-flavored vaping products to kids.  ~Wow.  That was a wide aisle to straddle. ~

  50. I’m gonna blame the idiots who went to a rally during a pandemic.  I’m from the Midwest; you choose to go out in crappy weather, be prepared to deal with it.  Those watching them stranded in the cold probably feel sorrier for them than most of the strandees do for themselves.

  51. Stephen Miller is a liar and an evil ghoul.  JarJar is his soul-less mate.  What a team.

  52. Amy Barrett sat out her first possible vote on an election decision that went in the Democrats favor.  We will see if she continues in this vein as it wasn’t exactly a recusal.


  53. TX is at 48% of ballots cast as of yesterday.  If Dems voted early (early voting ends Friday), does that mean the other half who show up next Tuesday are Repugz?  I hope they decide to just stay home. 

  54. My Republican coworker is just sure tRUMPsky is going to replace ACA with something better.  Huh? He had years to fix it.  

  55. So as SCOTUS takes a time out in two election cases and Barrett takes a pass, I am of the belief that Robert’s exercised some legacy saving leadership and laid down the law so to speak, not wanting to see is face on a very critical book about the D’ump sycophancy of the Roberts court. 

  56. bink, long legs. two of the better NYTimes best of late night quotes from the comics:

    “That’s how bad it’s getting for Trump — even his supporters are turning blue,” Jimmy Fallon joked in his Wednesday night monologue.
    “I swear, guys, every day, there’s another way that you can die from going to a Trump rally. First you could get corona, now you can get hypothermia? By the end of the weekend, Trump is just going to be tossing snakes out into the crowd.” — TREVOR NOAH

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